12:17 PM

“What are you doing?”

E whined. My lips nuzzled her neck, tracing the curve of her jaw up to her earlobe. My hands had been wrapped around her waist but now they roamed. My fingers trailed lower, down to where the top fold of her wrap dress lay and slipped underneath.

“Jay, stop”

The cinch around her midriff kept my hand from traveling up her body. But as my fingers found the bow-tied knot holding the belt together, my other hand slipped down between her legs. I pulled on the knot, while resting my hand on her mound. My earlier explorations had figured that she was wearing a thong underneath the dress. I wanted to know if it was the same one we had held up the trial room at Sephora for, two weeks ago.


E’s face was flushing. She tried to push my hands away, but not before I pulled the knot loose. I grabbed a hold of the cinches and began pulling. E held on to the two ends with one hand, trying to push my wrist away with the other. She tried to step out but I pulled her back into me, my palm resting on her belly right below her navel. Her hips twisted this way and that, but my hand held her in place. Just as I felt her losing her grip on the cinches, the front door opened.

“Mama!” E cried out.


I let go of her and E rushed into her mum’s arms. The two women held each other in a long, warm embrace. I stood back a couple of paces, watching as the two straps holding up E’s dress slowly slithered away from each other over her waist. I stepped in and caught the ends just as they were about to unravel their final length. And my timing was perfect, because a moment later the two separated. If I hadn’t been holding the straps together behind E’s back, her mum would’ve found out the colour of her thong before I did.

“Mama, this is Jay. We’re dating.”

Discretely passing the straps to E behind her back, I stepped out in front of her and held my hand out to her mum.

“How do you, Miz Dominguez?”

“Oh sweetheart, we’re a hugging family”, she said as she held her arms out and pulled me into an embrace as intimate as the one she had shared with her daughter. She was about a foot shorter than me, and had to stand up on her tip-toes for her chin to rest on my shoulder. I hugged her back, unable to help but laugh.

“I grew up in a hugging family myself.” I told her.

“I can tell”, she replied, before extricating herself from me. She stepped back to take me in.

“Although I don’t know why Esa hasn’t told you that by now.”

E mumbled something behind my back. Her mum and I didn’t break eye contact for the next few seconds, smiling at each other.

“Well, can’t stand out here the whole day. You better come in.” Mrs. Dominguez said.

I picked up the two suitcases which had been resting on the front porch next to us all this while. I carried them into the house, with E leading the way to her upstairs bedroom. The college semester was over, and I was giving her a lift home, on the way to mine. Setting off early in the morning, we had driven all of yesterday and a good part of today, to get to her hometown up in the Western hills. I was going to crash at hers for the night, before leaving for my home, another twelve hours of driving away.

Yesterday’s drive had been fun. Both of us took turns driving, stopping at nature parks and other places of interest along the way. We had gone on a hike in some woods before lunch, and swum in a water hole in the late afternoon. We had stayed at a highway-side motel for the night, both of us too exhausted for anything apart from dinner and a shower. This morning, ten minutes before we hit the road again, E had stepped out of the bathroom wearing that stunning wrap dress, and the whole day from that point had turned into a tease-fest, right until the moment her mum had opened the front door.

E had a great body, one that I had become very familiar with over the past semester — pale skin, slender frame, pert tits, a juicy bubble butt and thick legs. Legs which had been hiked up on the dash for the better part of the drive today, with the hem of her dress bunched up underneath. E made only half-hearted attempts to pull the flimsy material back up, and whenever my hands made their way over her side of the car, she swatted them away. At the rest stops and gas stations, she’d practically run out of the car, making an excuse to snap some photos or use the loo. Back in the car, it would begin all over again. Parting her legs slightly, shifting her weight, bending over to pick something up from the floor. At one point she had her legs tucked underneath her on the seat while she leaned against the passenger side door, and it was a small miracle that she didn’t flash her panties at me.

Not that she needed to do that in order to get a reaction out of me. My nature had been rising since the moment I saw her step out in that dress, and had been building up throughout the morning to where as soon Hd Porno as we crossed the threshold of her bedroom, I threw the suitcases on her bed, whipped around and slammed her up against the wall. My hands gripped her hips, preventing her escape.

“Gotchu now” I growled in her ear. E groaned, before meeting my lips in a fiery kiss. Her hands cupped the sides of my face as she pulled me into her. Our tongues played with each other in wild hunger. My hands slipped behind her waist and cupped a luscious asscheek in each palm. I squeezed and kneaded them, panting in her mouth. When we separated, she gripped my forearms and looked at me with smoky eyes.

“Show me what you got” she whispered. She let go of my arms and turned around. Her hands reached back and pulled open the knot in her belt that she had hastily tied on her mum’s doorstep five minutes ago. The two ends fell away, and an instant later her dress, now unencumbered, slid off her shoulders and fell in a heap at her legs. I had to choke back a gasp.

“You’re not… wearing panties”

She turned and punched me in the arm.

“That’s why I didn’t want you screwing around with me dress, asshole”

But I could only think of how incredibly hot it would’ve been to see her naked, right on the front porch of the house she’d grown up in. The tightness in my pants worsened immediately. I regarded her tight, bare college-girl body. Her nipples already stood in attention on her chest, and as my eyes wandered down I saw that she had trimmed her bush just the way she knew I liked it. E let me ogle her for a bit before she cupped my face in her hand again and pulled my head up to look her in the eyes.

“Hey, focus.”

“You’re making it very hard.”

She grinned, the sly little fox. She glanced down at my crotch.

“I can see that.”

Her hands slid down to my shoulders and she gently but firmly pushed me to the floor.

“Now, like I said, show me what you got”

Now kneeling, her mound was right in my face. I grabbed hold of her thighs and kissed her just below the belly button. She moaned and shivered as I kissed my way down to her trimmed pubes. I could smell her excitement. She had obviously been looking forward to this for as long as I had been. I traced my mouth over her puffy outer lips. When I kissed her delicate folds, E hissed and gripped my scalp.

“Oh fuck”

I placed my mouth right over her entrance and flicked the tip of my tongue up her slit. I felt her hips jerk, but I kept my lips planted over hers as I tasted her for the first time in the fortnight since the exams began. I ran the flat of my tongue against her sex this time, deliberately slower. I knew I was driving her wild. I did this a couple more times until her fingers dug into the skin of my scalp and the side of my face, desperate. Then I dove into her with my tongue.

“Hhhaaahhh!” she hissed through her teeth. I heard her mom ambling about in the house below. E needed to be quiet, but I wasn’t going to make it easy on her. I licked, lapped and laboured away at her sex with my tongue — and I had grown quite good at it over the past five months that we’d been dating — while she cupped her mouth with her hand, whining and whimpering her encouragement. I stroked her thighs as I ate her out. I came up for air for a moment, and she whined as my tongue slipped out of her. I saw the raw hunger in her eyes as she protested with her expression. Her hand pulled my head back to her. I grinned and licked my lips, resisting her hand.

“Please” she mouthed. “please please please”

One of my hands left her thigh and cupped her pussy, thumb rubbing the hood over her sensitive nub, while the index and ring fingers stroked her engorged mound. Her legs tensed and trapped my hand between her crotch and thighs, but I didn’t stop with the digital stimulation. E’s face turned up towards the ceiling, her hand still firmly cupped over her mouth. I kept rubbing her clit with my thumb, edging her for what must’ve felt like hours to her. Her sex was now positively drooling all over my fingers, making delicious wet sounds as my fingers massaged her labia.

Shlick shlick shlick

I decided I hadn’t had enough of her juices yet and dove right back in with my mouth, my lips and tongue replacing my tongue. I kissed and sucked on her button, lapping up her honey from the folds all around it. My fingers finally slipped inside her-

-just as there was a loud knock on the door right behind her.


E’s eyes flew open and she looked at me, stark fear on her face. My hand paused and I pulled my head back. The door wasn’t locked, and the doorknob began to turn. E was too quick and her hand gripped the knob, stopping the door from opening.

“Esa?” her mum called out again.

“Mama I’m unpacking!” she bleated out.

“What’s taking you so long? I called you down for lunch three times already.”

“We didn’t hear you, sorry.”

E’s voice Türkçe Altyazılı Porno was hoarse. Again, the devilish streak in me reared its head, and I resumed my ministrations on her pussy. E looked down at me, horrified. Her thighs clenched again and she tried to push my wrist away with her free hand. I gripped her hand in my own, pushing it against the wall, trapping it. Meanwhile, E’s mum was listing everything she’d made for the homecoming of her dear daughter.

“… and for dessert we have flan with heaps of syrup, just like you like it.”

Speaking of syrup, I dived back onto E’s clit. My tongue began lapping away at her nub like it was the tastiest, ripest, juiciest fruit, and I was starving.

“I REALLY DO love it mama!” E’s voice hitched in her throat as she tried to fight her impulse to raise her voice. In the past when I had been this voracious with oral, she had screamed the whole residence hall down. “I can’t wait to FUCKING EAT MY GOD”

“Esabella!” Her mother growled. “You’re back home now and you’ll watch your language under my roof!”

“Sorry… sorry sorry I’m so ffffffhhhhhhhh sorry”

I knew E was close. She was trembling, and her eyes were unfocused. Her mouth hung open and she panted. I pumped two fingers inside her as I kept up my oral assault on her body.

“Is Jay with you?”

“He’s in… bathroom… shower…” E was just about staring out over the edge, looking at the near-vertical cliff face under her feet, and the rocks submerged underwater, hundreds of feet below.

“Well you better take a shower yourself before coming down. I could see the sheen of grime on your face from your drive this morning.”

With that, her mum’s steps receded down the corridor to the staircase.

“I will… I swear… shower…”

Famous last words. As soon as E’s mum stepped down the first stair, E began trembling all over. Her pussy clamped around my fingers tight as a vice, and a low mewling erupted from her throat. E hunched over, her torso bent over my head as I pushed her to the ocean below, strapped with a jetpack. E’s naked ass thrashed against the wooden door behind her, until her legs went limp. I felt her weight beginning to press down on me and pulled my mouth off her. She slowly sank to her knees. Her head lolled and I pulled her into an embrace, with my fingers still inside her.

She panted against me, her arms hanging by her sides. Eventually her sex pushed my fingers out. I stroked her back.

“Nina!” her mother called out again.

“Five minutes Miz Dominguez!” I yelled back.

“We need to get you in the shower”, I told my girlfriend.


7:23 PM

I sat over the edge of the swimming pool, feet submerged underwater. The sky was a purple-orange, characteristic of a spring dusk. Faint stars dotted the sky, waiting for the sun to exit the stage so they could commence their act. Birdcalls and cicada-songs had begun to die down, as if in anticipation of the change in set-pieces. The pool’s underwater lights had come on five minutes ago. I saw the speckled-blue tiled bottom reflected a hundred different ways in the ripples my legs made in the water.

I heard foot-steps behind me and I turned my head. It was E’s mom.

“Hey Miz Dominguez”

“Uh uh,” she replied, a touch sternly. “What did we discuss at the lunch table?”

I grinned and scratched the back of my neck.

“That I was to call you Rina and not Miz Dominguez.”

“I thought you’d remember things better, given that you just sat four exams back to back.” She said, hands on her hips.”

I shrugged and laughed awkwardly.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t be. I could tell you were distracted at lunch.”

My eyebrows shot up and I searched for a reply. Rina beat me to it.

“Young men like you think they’re being discreet when they make eyes at young girls like Esa.” She smirked. “They’re all so smug. But the girls can tell.”

Rina bent a little and rubbed my back.

“And so can their mothers.”

“Uhhhhh…” I let out another awkward laugh, dropping my gaze to the bottom of the swimming pool. Rina was really putting me in a spot there. But she put me at ease with her following words.

“It’s okay. You two are dating. You are allowed to ogle at her.”

I turned to Rina and saw that she was grinning.

“Really?” I blurted out before she burst out laughing. She seemed quite tickled by my discomfort, and it was only a minute later that her outburst ended.

“Oh my god…” she said, wiping tears from her eyes. “I’m going to remember the look on your face for a very long time. It was almost like I caught you with your pants down.”

She rubbed my shoulder again.

“By the way, dinner is in the oven, cooking away. I have an hour before we can start setting the dining table.” Rina stood up. “Which means I have time to finally take a dip in the pool”.

With Brazzers that, she pulled the string tie on the front of her crochet cover up. The knot briskly undone, the two halves of the dress fell away and she shrugged the cover up off her shoulders. Throwing the garment on top of a nearby deck chair, she gathered her shoulder-length hair and tied it up in a bun. She was wearing a white one-piece swimsuit which had a scooped low back. She walked over to the other side of the pool and used the steps there to descend into the water. She waded the water with her arms outstretched, and once she was up to her shoulders in water she relaxed and leaned back. Her legs left the pool floor and she floated on her back.

I got up and went inside the kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge. Over lunch, Rina had declared the contents of the fridge freely available for me to take from as I wished. I had already taken and finished three beers. Now, just as I was about to shut the fridge door I noticed a half-finished bottle of white wine on one of the shelves. I pulled it out popped the cork off before setting it on the table. I fished for a wine glass from the overhead cabinets and poured out a measure of the blanco. I carried both the beer and the wine glass out onto the deck, where I set the glass down on a low table next to the deck chairs. I settled on a deck chair myself and sat watching Rina, taking occasional swigs of the beer.

I had arrived at the lunch table before E did, helping Rina set up the table. We chatted idly, and my immediate impression of E’s mum was that she had a bright, vivid personality like her daughter. Only, she had a lot more to offer in terms of the cynical sense of humor that comes with age. She made dry, piercingly funny jokes and observations right off the bat, and I felt like I had known her company for years already. In fact, E caught me in the middle of a belly laugh as she came down the stairs.

I and Rina ended up seated on one end of the table, not because I planned to sit next to her, but because we were already in our chairs by the time E rolled around. After her shower, E had changed into a grey tank top and a short denim skirt, and throughout lunch all I could think about was whether she had, like earlier in the day, even bothered with panties. From the glances I kept stealing at her tank top, I knew she hadn’t with a bra. I thought I was being discreet, but apparently not. Rina led and kept the conversation in high spirits throughout the meal, even if she — and supposedly her daughter — had caught me ogling.

After lunch, we had lounged in the living room for a while. Rina gave me a quick tour of the house while E finished her plate of flan. It was almost half past three when E and I had gone back up the stairs to her room. As she closed the bedroom door, I slid up behind E and ran my hands up her sides, from her hips up to her tits. I ground my cock against her denim-clad ass.

“Time for my dessert.” I whispered in her ear as my hands roamed her body. I wasn’t prepared for her reaction. E mumbled something and I didn’t catch it.

“Say that again?”

“I said, you left her downstairs.” She replied, louder. She turned around in my arms and there was a rare venom in her eyes. “Your dessert is currently loading the fucking dishwasher.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh stop pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about, Jay.” E pushed my arms away and walked out of my embrace. She walked over to the window and stared outside, arms crossed, her back turned towards me.

“E…” I began.

“I saw you checking her out, Jay. When she opened the door. When she brought over the dishes from the kitchen. Throughout lunch. And I was right. fucking. there.” She spat.

“Come off it, E.” I replied. I still thought that she was kidding. Like this was the beginning to one of her elaborate role-plays which we had enjoyed ever so often in the past semester. But then she turned around, and I saw the beginnings of tears in her eyes as she looked straight at me.

“You couldn’t get enough of her fat tits, could you? You had to keep staring down her blouse every time she bent over to heap food on the plates. When she got up to bring us dessert and you offered to help, only to stand above her and perv out over her cleavage as she knelt to pull the ramekins from the oven.”

“E, that’s enough.”

“Hey, it’s fine, I get it.” E replied, her voice shaky. “I know she’s hot. And she let everyone know, too, when I was growing up. Wearing flimsy shirts at PTA meetings, high cut bikinis at backyard barbecues, short skirts at bowling alleys, braless tank tops at the sports meets. I grew up with all the neighbourhood dads and teenage boys drooling over my mum, and a lot of the teenage girls, too.”

E took a couple of steps towards me.

“But you know what really hurt? That you laughed at her lame-ass jokes, that you didn’t defend me when she casually made fun of me over lunch, didn’t even say a word when she all but called me a slut.”

“I don’t know wha-“

“-because she knew, Jay, she knew that you had your fingers buried deep inside my pussy when she came up to my door. And if she had come five minutes later, it would’ve been your cock down my throat.”

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