Sarah’s Games Ch. 03

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I guess things kinda started getting out of control once I got the camera.

I liked being exposed and pushed to my limit. I wanted Melissa to help me do dirty things. Make me do dirty things. Giving up control was such a rush!

In my shameful picture she is really attractive – a little taller than me, a few years older, certainly heavier, with nice tan skin and thin wispy auburn hair. In her dark blue suit she looks confident and stern and respectable and… umph, so hot.

I didn’t think I had a thing for women. Maybe it’s the naughtiness of it all. The thought that she might touch me – again! Or that I might have to raise my skirt for her – again! Or that she might have to punish me. Or even…maybe…hmm… I got really turned on thinking about the things she might make me do.

She called and left me a message four agonizing days after the “incident” in the store. I played it like a zillion times, “Hi Sarah, this is Melissa from the camera store. I don’t usually call people who come into the store, but we seemed to get along so well that I thought I’d have you meet me for coffee one night after work. Coffee-Cart on 3rd. 8pm Thursday. OK? Call me back if you can’t make it. My number is 82…”

Her voice was rich and smooth. I was melting by the 3rd time I played the message. She wasn’t really asking me if I wanted to meet her, she was telling me to meet her and that totally turned me on. What else might she tell me to do? Would I do it? Fuck. I knew I would when I looked down at my hand buried tightly down the front of my panties, stretching the elastic, frigging myself while I replayed her message, over and over.

Her voice was so assertive. I wanted her to make me do things. Naughty things. Embarrassing things. I wanted her to take pictures of me. I wanted to let her use me.

And she did. Right after we met she started feeding my need for attention.

But she also became a sort of mentor to me. I helped her at the camera store with some basic engineering problems and in exchange she helped me with my networking and business skills. With her help, I even landed a project lead role at work! Also, with her help, I got to act out some of my dirtiest, most embarrassing fantasies.

Melissa made me confess all of the naughty things I did. Things that no one knew about! I told her about stripping in my room with the blinds open; and hiking up my skirt at work; and making myself wear a thong; and washing my mouth out with soap; and spanking myself for being naughty. I even told her about the clothespins and the handcuffs! I explained how nervous I would get and how turned on it made me. And then I mentioned my boring boyfriend.

“You never give him blowjobs?”

“Uh, no, I think that’s gross.” I’m more of a hand-job-girl. I mean, sure, a few times in college when I was drunk I went down but I was definitely a spitter not a swallower. And if I could time it right I made sure aldatma porno it was my hand, not my face, that got all sticky.

“Well then I think we have your next assignment.”

I cringed. “No, please, I can’t do that. It’s disgusting.”

“I know,” she said with a wicked grin, “That’s why you’ll do it. The whole time you’ll be thinking about what a dirty thing it is – what a dirty girl it will make you. I’ll give you until Monday. Swallow it all! Don’t miss a drop. Call me when you’re done. Don’t disappoint me Sarah.”

Umph. “Yes ma’am.” I knew my boyfriend would just LOVE this assignment. Fuck.

I put it off until Sunday night when we were watching a video. We started messing around on the couch and soon enough his hands were down my sweat pants and my hands were in his jeans. We were stroking each other and I was getting really turned on and nervous thinking about what I had to do.

I kissed my way down his washboard stomach. He moaned when I got to his dick. I was stroking it lightly in one hand. I brushed my long blond hair back and I gave it a tentative lick around the head. I felt really silly. I was such an amateur. What if I wasn’t good enough? What if I couldn’t get him off and I failed my naughty little assignment? Umph. I was stalling.

“Think about what a dirty girl it will make you.” Mmm, I wanted to be dirty. I started sucking, moving my hand down his shaft with my mouth following. I would bottom out on my own fist when his dick was hitting the back of my throat. I almost gagged but managed to keep going. He started moaning. I’d never done this before.

My mouth and my pussy were watering like crazy. I slobbered all over his dick and thought about what a little whore I was becoming – on my knees sucking off my boyfriend – trying to get him to cum in my dirty little mouth so I could swallow it, because Melissa asked me to do it.

I dipped my other hand into my baggy sweat pants and started to rub myself. I maneuvered my hand around the edge of my underwear and teased myself. Mmmm I hummed onto his dick and he arched a bit in response. Mmmm I was getting so close just thinking about how bad this was going to taste and how I had promised I would lick it up anyway. So dirty.

I was sucking shamelessly for my first real mouthful of cum. Mmm. Mmmfff. I let my fingers brush my clit. Umph. So sensitive. I rubbed faster. Ummmmph. Oh God, I brought myself off in a long warm dizzy rush with his dick still in my moaning mouth. Aaaaaghm. I gulped a little deeper and choked a bit. I wanted to gag but I didn’t.

My eyes were watering, my legs were shaking and my jaw began to ache. I hummed again and rudely spit on his dick, rubbing up and down really fast, trying to give the best, sloppiest blowjob I could. Back in my mouth, his dick was getting really big and hard and I knew he was about to cum. I didn’t pull it out. I let him stay it in ensest porno my virgin mouth.

Finally his dick twitched – more times than I could count – and a flood of hot nasty spunk splashed into my mouth. I tried to swallow: once, twice, but more and more cum was still filling up my mouth and coating my tongue. It was too much. I slobbered out the rest down his dick onto my fist. Gross. I swallowed again trying to clear the nasty taste from my mouth. It didn’t fade. I coughed. I felt sticky and dirty all over.

My boyfriend actually laughed at me and I felt a wave of utter embarrassment flow right to my clit. I looked up at him for sympathy, disheveled and dizzy at his feet on the floor, with his horrible taste in my mouth and cum-covered hands. He laughed again and began pulling himself together. He was looking at me like I was the kind of girl that gives blowjobs and swallows. I felt degraded. And wet. I just sat there and basked in the humiliation with a shy grin still flicking my clit leisurely.

I called Melissa Monday afternoon.

“So, did come complete your weekend assignment?”

“Well, yes; sort of,” it was hard to talk at work so I was borrowing an empty conference room with a speaker phone. I locked the door of course.

“Did you let him put his big dick in you mouth.”

“Um hmm.” Grin.

“And did you suck on it like a good little slut… until he came in your mouth?”

“Yes…I did.” I stood up and leaned over the table, whispering into the speaker phone. I squeezed my legs together remembering last night.

“And did you enjoy it?”

“Well…” I unbuttoned my jeans so I could get one hand down the front of my cotton underwear, “Um, no, it tasted really bad.” Squish. The back of my hand hit the wet spot on my panties, I curled a finger into my slit, “And I tried to swallow. I mean I did swallow some of it, but he just kept cumming and there was so much that I sort of spilled some of it back out – all over my hand.” The same hand I was rocking on now, bent over the table, at work. I whispered, “He was AMAZED that I swallowed. It was totally… humiliating.”

“Did you lick up the rest like a good little girlfriend?”

Fuck. I realized right then I was in trouble. “No!” A feeling the guilt ran straight to my greedy pussy. I pushed a second finger inside.

“Oh, well then you didn’t do what I told you to do.”

“But I…um… ” I was close to cumming now. My face was flushed.

“Listen Missy, I thought we agreed on a very simple assignment – tell me what you think it was.”

Fuck. I leaned onto the table with my head in one hand, the other hand was still tightly shoved down the front of my jeans. I glanced again at the locked door. Defeated, I told Melissa what she wanted to hear, “I promised to suck his dick. To give him a blowjob and to let him cum in my mouth and to swallow it all. Fuck. I was supposed to, mmm…” escort porno my left hand was twisting roughly in and out – so close now – “swallow it all. I was supposed to lick it all up.”

“Right. You failed. There should be consequences, but I’ll tell you what. Just like when you were in school. I’ll give you an extension on your assignment and then you can do some extra work to make it up, ok? You have until tomorrow to complete your original assignment or else – and trust me on this little girl – you will not like the consequences. Am I clear? You have one extra day.”

Oh God. Her voice was getting me off. Fuck. I couldn’t suck him off again – tonight! He would expect me to do it all the time. I wanted to get past this as a freak event. If I go down on him two nights in a row it will look like a routine. He’ll think I like it. I’ll be swallowing cum every-fucking day!

“Ugh huh.” Just then I could imagine the taste again and I started to feel nervous and sweaty all over. It’s so disgusting. I didn’t want to be a blowjob girl… but I didn’t want to face the consequences of letting Melissa down either. What nasty things could she make me do that would be worse than swallowing a mouthful of cum?

I stopped my masturbation, just short of cumming, torturing myself with the delay, “Um, what is the extra work?”

“Simple. I want you to blow him wearing only your naughty little thong and I want him fully clothed when you do it. Don’t spill any on his pants, ok? Look I’ve gotta run. Be a good girl and get your homework done on time, ok?”

Oh fuck. He doesn’t even know I have that kind of underwear! I hate wearing a thong. And how am I going to get myself nearly-naked in the first place? Strip for him? This is going to be so degrading for me. So… nasty… embarrassing… mmm… umph… cumming… hard now… on my hand… down my pants… so hard… bent over the table… panting into the phone. “Ungh huh… thank you mmmMelissa…”

So… ok, look, I did it, ok. I don’t even want to explain how embarrassing it was to let him use me like that. I had to keep him from taking off his clothes (which was a pain in the ass). And when I stripped and shimmied out of my shorts he gave a demeaning little whistle at my thong, “Whoo! Nice ass babe!” I blushed several shades of red. I do have a great ass by the way. And then I had to push him back onto the couch and kneel in front of him and service him like some sort of thirsty servant whore.

I could feel the thong rubbing in my ass while I sucked him off. I felt totally exposed – worse than being naked. My pussy was trembling from the exposure. When he was getting close he grabbed my hair and held my head down! I guess he expected me to swallow every time now. I wanted to pull up, but I had to let him force me down and I gulped and gulped vigorously for all I was worth. I didn’t want to miss a drop. Ugh, it tasted so bad. So gross!

I swallowed eagerly, like a good girlfriend, like Melissa’s little whore.

I’ve never felt dirtier than at that moment: on my knees desperately swallowing a huge load of salty cum with a queasy look on my face.

My thong was soaked.

I faked a smile… and licked him clean.

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