Friday night found me back at Dottie’s Body Shop trolling for business. Dottie’s was a bit rougher dyke bar than I usually frequented, but it had been a tough week trying to close a deal on a new building and I was looking for some particularly hardcore fun to work out my stress.

Jane is working the door and she knows what sort of business I am there to do and she is going to charge me her own personal little tax. Jane is not unattractive, but she isn’t pretty either. She has a harsh angular face which is only made harsher by the buzz cut she favors. She is dressed in black leather, as most of Dottie’s customers prefer, including leather pants, a leather vest that gapes open in the front, and some chunky knee high boots. At about 5’9″ she is shorter than me by about an inch, but the boots make up the difference.

“Well look what we have here.” She says in a half sneer, and she looks at the other woman working the door, who I don’t recognize and tells her “You keep checking IDs. This bitch needs to be frisked before she gets in.”

I know her attitude is mostly for show, as is what comes next. If I hadn’t come along, she would have found somebody else she knew to put up against the wall and have a little fun….. entertaining, and providing a slight air of danger, for those still waiting to get in. But, if I am being honest, I didn’t mind. Think if it as a little foreplay. An appetizer, if you will, for what I hoped to find later.

She takes me by the arm and makes a show of dragging me about ten feet down the sidewalk, but still in full view of those waiting to get in. When we are a bit further down the sidewalk she whispers in a much more congenial tone, “You are looking particularly good tonight.” And she wasn’t wrong. I had on a bustier dress in white linen. The skirt was long, but had a slit in the side that came up high enough for even a casual observer to be pretty sure I wasn’t wearing any panties underneath. The top of the dress had laces up the back and fit tightly, providing some lift to my moderately sized breasts. Giving them the appearance of being a bit larger than they actually were.

I also had a small white purse on a gold chain to hold what little bit of accessories I might need this evening. It included my alter-ego ID, a cash card, also in the alter-egos name, with a couple hundred dollars on it, lip gloss, car key, and a small bottle of lube.

Dottie’s had something of a dress code. I don’t mean you had to be dressed well to get in, but rather most regulars wore specific colors to signal their interests or status. I wore white, which told everyone that I was submissive. Jane’s black generally indicated a domme into S&M, where as red tended toward domme into bondage.

When we got about ten feet from the doors, Jane resumes her act, pushing me up against the wall and announcing loud enough for everyone to hear “Lets see if this slut is packing! Spread, Bitch!” and I played my part, leaned against the wall, and spread for her. With the slit in the skirt it only took a simple flick of her hand to push it aside and my ass was bare for all to see. I knew they would all be looking but I didn’t care in the slightest.

Jane stepped toward my side to give everyone a better view and I felt her hand on my ass. Then her hand started sliding slowly down my ass, her fingers between my cheeks, until she found the rosebud she was seeking. I had anticipated this eventuality and before getting out of my car had added a bit of the lube from my purse to my ass. That, and the generally practiced, accommodating nature of my ass meant her middle finger slide smoothly into me all the way to the hilt. When she realized I had come prepared she immediately added a second finger into my ass and gave a few long deliberate thrusts that would be visible to the crowd. I played my part and hung my head like the embarrassed cunt I was supposed to be.

In reality, I was enjoying the fondling and exhibitionism and was a bit disappointed when she withdrew her fingers and gave me a firm slap on my exposed ass. She loudly announced, presumably to the other bouncer, “She’s clean, you can let her in” and led whatsapp escort me back to the door with a hand gripping my arm and escorted me into the building. When we were through the doors and out of sight of the crowd outside, she gave me a quick kiss and said “Good Hunting” before returning to her duties.

Dottie’s was already filling up and I didn’t think it was going to be any problem finding some evening entertainment. I made my way to the bar, caught the eye of one of the bartenders I knew and when she came over, ordered a Sprite with a twist of lime. I paid for the drink, with a very generous tip, and asked if anybody had been looking for me. She shook her head, then leaned in close to be head over the music and said no one had asked for me specifically, but one woman had asked if there was anyone whose company she might be able to rent for the evening. She said at the time the answer was no, but now that I was here I might want to check her out. She pointed across the bar toward a table on the left side of the room and said “The blonde sitting by herself. Short hair, black jacked.”

I saw the indicated table, said “Thanks.” and headed that way. Her back was to me so it was hard to make much of an assessment as I approached, and about all I could discern from her back was that she was about average height. I walked wide around the table so I could get a look before I approached. As I came around, I realized she appeared to be mid to late 20’s and would be considered attractive on just about any scale. She had a fairly lean, angular face, but the jacket hid most other details. Under the jacket she had on a gray or green t-shirt, and a long skirt that covered the tops of what appeared to be combat boots.

I decided to approach and walked up into her line of sight. When she looked up, I leaned in and asked “May I sit. Molly, at the bar, said you might be interested in me.”

She made a motion inviting me to sit and I took a seat in the chair next to her rather than across the table. I placed my hand on her thigh and said, “My name is Samantha, or Sam if you prefer”. She didn’t flinch or pull away at my touch, which told me she probably had some experience and wasn’t just a tourist. She replied her name was Cat and suggested we go to one of the back rooms where it was a little quieter so we could talk.

She stood and I followed. We wove our way through the crowd and found a booth in a back corner. As I followed her I noted she walked a little awkwardly, like she was being very careful not to stumble. She must have been here a while waiting on someone to meet her needs and had a drink or two too many.

She found an empty table in the back and we sat down across from each other to have a little chat about a few specifics. I gave her the standard spiel, “$500 for the night, no bondage till we got to know each other, no permanent marks and no scat. Most everything else was negotiable. “

She looked at me a long moment, thinking it over, then nodded her head and made a move to reach into a pocket. I grabbed her wrist and shook my head, “Not now, after.” She nodded and I felt her relax a little. So this was likely her first time with a pro, which I found interesting, but I was also pretty sure she had experience with women, so now I am even more intrigued. Next best guess is she wants something she isn’t getting at home. If she just wanted somebody to fuck, she was attractive enough to take home any of a dozen women in the bar. So she is either worried about romantic entanglements, which isn’t actually much of a concern in a place like Dottie’s, or she wants something she isn’t getting from her partner for whatever reason, or she wants something fairly specific that she doesn’t think she can get from a random hook-up.

To get the conversation started, I asked her, “So what exactly can I do for you?”, almost like I was asking her if I could help her with some mundane chore, rather than my intent of ‘how do you want to fuck me.’

“Are all these questions really necessary?” she asked. And went on, “It has been a while since I have been with anyone and I istanbul escort bayan am coming to you to avoid questions and entanglements.”

“Fine.” I replied. “As long as you agree to my terms, we have a deal. But if you want to get your moneys worth out of me, you will eventually have to give me a clue.”

“Like I said, its been a while since anybody but me took care of that business, and a lack of questions is more than worth the cost.”

“As you wish. Your place or do you want to pay for a hotel?”

“My place will be fine, and its not far”, she answered and pushed herself to her feet.

I followed her through the bar and out the front door where she led me to dark colored mid-sized SUV. I was a bit concerned about the unsteadiness I had notice earlier and whether she should be driving, but she seemed fine now.

She got in the driver’s side while I went around to the passenger. As I got in I let the slit in the skirt show my leg up to my hip and was gratified when Cat snuck a quick glance. I reached a hand toward her thigh, but she caught my hand and said, “When we get to my place”.

She had the radio on low, tuned to a classic rock station, but otherwise we rode in silence. We left the business district and headed west, across the river to a newer residential neighborhood. As we wound our way through the winding streets the houses grew in size until she pulled into the circular drive of a rather large house. Large, that is, by ordinary standards. It was probably only a quarter the size of my own, but it was still more than I had expected.

We got out and she led the way to the ornately carved wooden front door. But rather than a key, she entered a code on a keypad beside the door. It was a curious mixture of antique style and modern technology. We entered into a tiled foyer and though an archway I could see what appeared to be a living room appointed in dark leather furniture.

She led the way into the living room and motioning toward one of the couches, asking me to please sit. I did as she wished, but she remained standing. There was a thick rug on the floor between the two couches and she paced back and forth a couple times before she appeared to come to a decision and stopped in front of me. She said, “I guess there is no putting it off any longer. If you decide not to stay I will pay you for your time and take you back to Dottie’s.”

Now I was quite confused, and as I stared at her trying to work it out, she removed the leather jacket and for the first time I got a bit of a look at the body that she had kept hidden. You need to understand, I am fit, I hit the gym several times a week, and I work hard at it, but she was something else entirely. I am into fitness, but she looked like a professional bodybuilder. Her arms were twice the size of mine! She pulled the t-shirt over her head, first revealing defined abs and then small, nearly flat breasts with small pale nipples. As she lifted the shirt over her head I could literally see the muscles in her arms swell and bulge.

Now I was even more confused about her hesitancy. Her body was incredible and I couldn’t wait to touch it. Feel the muscles ripple under my hands.

I continued to stare at her exposed body as she reached behind her and I heard a zipper. She let the skirt fall and it was a natural reaction for my eyes to follow it down. Down passed the ripped abs to a pair of black panties, then on down her tanned, thickly muscled thighs, until I paused. It was only for an instant and even as it happened, I regretted it.

Starting just above her left knee and just below the right she had prosthetic legs. They were primarily of what appeared to be some sort of black composite material and ended in her black boots. My eyes went back up to hers and she was watching me intently. I stared into her eyes for several long moments. She probably thought I was going to look away and ask to be taken back to Dottie’s. But in reality I was just trying to decide how to proceed. The logistics of things. But then I realized I didn’t have to figure it out. She would show me the way.

Maintaining eye contact özbek escort I slid off the couch, onto my knees and crawled over to her. My hands went to her thighs and at my touch she tilted her had back and let out the tiniest of moans. I slid my hands up her thighs and around her firm ass till I found the top of the panties. I carefully slid them over her hips, not sure of her balance, until I could let them drop to the floor. Then I moved my face up toward her shaved pussy and slid my tongue between the labia to find her small, hard clit. Apparently this was all the reassurance she needed and she put her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face harder into her pussy.

Her pussy was surprisingly wet considering I had barely touched her yet. Likely due to the anticipation she had surely been feeling throughout the drive here. I did my best to slide my tongue into her, but its actually kind of hard to get the right angle when you’re kneeling in front of someone. I contented myself (and her) with lapping at her firm little clit and sucking her pussy.

I felt he wobble unsteadily and I held onto her legs tighter to help her stay upright, but she pulled away and took a step back. I stayed kneeling in front of her, looking up into her face, waiting for her to make the next move and show me what she wanted me to do.

She held both hands out to me. I reached up to take them in mine, and she pulled me up to face her. She took me into her arms. One of her hands high on the middle of my back, and the other on my ass. She pulled me into her and I felt the strength in her arms. The kiss wasn’t long but there was heat in it.

She broke the embrace and turned me around. I felt her untie the lacing on my dress and loosen it to let it fall to the floor. Then her arms were back around me, her hands on my breasts, squeezing them firmly, her fingers on my nipples. Her mouth was kissing and biting my shoulder. She made a move to turn me back around and we faced each other once again. Then she took my hand in hers and led me through the house to a bedroom. No more words had been necessary.

It did not look like the master bedroom. It was large enough, but it didn’t look lived in. Maybe the master bedroom was a little too personal for her. Some women I went home with were like that. She led me to the bed and I sat on the edge. She said, “Wait here” and walked out of the room. I watched her go.

I was amazed as I watched her walk out of the room. It was easy to imagine she had two normal legs. There was barely any noticeable effect. But what my eyes lingered on as she left the room was not her artificial legs, but her incredible ass.

While she was gone I took off my shoes and leaned back against the headboard. My mind wondering where things were going from here. But then she returned with literally an arm load of sex toys and such. She dropped the toys on the bed and sat on the edge. I watched her as she removed the prosthetic legs, dropping them to the floor. Then she rolled over onto the bed, grabbed my legs and pulled me toward her. She pushed my legs apart and lowered her face to my bare pussy. At first her tongue was tentative, but then more forceful and she pushed my legs wider apart.

Her tongue found my clit and she lapped at it with increasing pressure. She was a good pussy licker, further confirming my earlier assessment that this wasn’t her first time. Her left hand went to my breast and she squeezed firmly, kneading it as her tongue moved faster and harder on my hard little clit. My pussy was wet and gave no resistance when her left hand left my other leg and she thrust two fingers into my pussy. She found my g-spot and that, combined with her tongue, wasn’t going to take long to make me cum.

The hand on my breast let go and then there was a tentative slap on my tit. “Harder”, I said and the next slap came with a bit more force. “Harder! And then she gave me a real slap. A practiced slap. The pain was almost electric, straight to my cunt. The next slap was squarely on my nipple and it was what I needed to push me over the edge. My pussy gripped her fingers and I arched my hips up into her face. She kept her tongue on my clit, sending little jolts of lightening through me until she pulled her head away and stared up at me. Obvious pleasure and relief on her face.

She crawled up next to me. Her arm across my chest, and she whispered in my ear “My turn”.

To Be Continued…

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