I couldn’t stop looking at her.

My roommate’s best friend’s fiancé. Sitting at the end of the table in a tight red dress, knowing how hot she looked. And every opportunity I got, I had to take a peek. A perfect pair of tits, just wanting to come out, just one part of her excellent body. When she’d got up to go to the bathroom earlier, I couldn’t stop looking at her ass either, wondering if she had any panties on at all. I wanted her. Badly.

But, she’s my roommate’s fiancé. It just had the recipe for disaster. As the lunch went on I kept talking to others. Then she moved seats and we got talking. I got the sense she wanted the same as me. That, of course, being naked with my cock sliding in and out of her perfect, wet pussy.

I snapped out of it as we had the usual, mundane conversation when at a lunch with 10 other people around,not wanting to truly let on what we wanted.

And so on it went like that for a few hours, all the way back to the city when we decided to go to another bar. And that was when I had to at least show her what I really wanted. I had to be bold.

Some of us sat at a table to take a load off. Victoria sat next to me. I didn’t take much time to make my intentions clear. Slowly, while making sure everyone was completely oblivious, I rubbed my hand up and down her thigh. Her bare thigh. Was that a moan I heard? She smiled, she knew she’d been caught. Not by anyone else fortunately, but she knew I knew I was turning her on. And she was loving it.

Victoria got up to go to the bathroom. Part of me wondered if it was because she was already so wet. Who knows. I waited. I just had to make a move. I gave her a couple of minutes then got up and made my way towards the bathrooms. The timing couldn’t have been better.

“I want you out of that red dress.”

She smirked. “Is that right?”

I slowly grabbed her perfect ass to show her it was indeed right.

Victoria moaned. I kept rubbing her ass and gently squeezing it, realising she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“No panties is it? You’re a very naughty girl aren’t you?” I said teasingly. “I love it though, it gives me easier access to have my tongue in your pussy. Oh, and your ass.” I said those last words while I had one hand on her ass and the other lightly rubbing up and down the outside of her panties.

We made our way back to our table. Everyone, including her fiancé, none the wiser.

I can’t explain how hard I was. I needed her so badly. But it wouldn’t be that night. She had to leave. Her soon-to-be husband wanted to go, so we all gathered around and said our goodbyes. I just needed one more chance to feel her perfect body. I reached up again and massaged her ass. Victoria smirked. And looked straight in my eyes. She wanted this. We would just have to wait.


Wait I did. She was always at our flat. And there were always Hd Porno others hanging around. All I wanted was to kiss her. Taste her sweet, wet, I’m assuming bare, pussy. Oh and her tight little ass. Fuck I wanted my tongue in there.

We had the odd quick feel. But nothing more. Until one night.

Victoria had been out with my roommate and some of her friends. She couldn’t be bothered paying the fairly large taxi fare back to her place half an hour north of the city, so she slept on our couch.

I knew this was my chance. In the morning, when my girlfriend had left home (I know, I’m just as bad), I decided I’d go downstairs and surprise her. I thought about going completely naked. Fuck that would be hot. But the fear of being caught with nowhere to go and with no clothes to cover up with was too high. So, I went down in just my undies. My tight, undies. And I was as hard as I’ve ever been at the prospect of knowing she was there. I went down and, to my delight, she was awake. Playing on her phone. But it didn’t take her long to take her eyes off that and look in my direction instead. First in my eyes, then quickly to the large bulge indicating how hard I was. I started walking towards her. And as soon as I got there, we kissed. There I am, in just my undies, my cock throbbing hard and kissing Victoria. So forbidden for both of us, but so incredibly hot. Then, she did something I had wanted since I saw her in that red dress. She slowly pulled down my undies. My cock sprung out and she straight away took it in her mouth.

“Oh fuck, Victoria,” I whispered while closing my eyes and tilting my head back. The feeling was incredible. Nobody had ever sucked my cock like it. I stood completely naked, the fear of being caught was gone, nothing mattered other than the feeling of her mouth wrapped around me. I could not believe how hot she looked doing it. That glint in her eyes while she savoured all the precum dripping out of my hard eight inches.

I wasn’t going to last. She was just so good.

“Oh baby, I’m going to cum. Oh fuck, keep sucking my cock. Where do you want my cum?”

She didn’t answer. Instead, she just kept taking me deep in her mouth. All the way down my length

And then I erupted.

“Oh fuuuuuck. Victoria, fuuuuuck.”

I have never cum like it in my life. And she took every, single drop with a big smile on her face. She swallowed it and we kissed. I could taste me in her still and it was electrifying.

But I wanted to taste something else. Her pussy. But, just as I started to push her back on the couch so I could start to take her cute little white g-string off, we heard a noise. I was so close. But it just wasn’t going to happen. I quickly picked up my undies and quietly rushed back upstairs with my still semi-hard cock standing out in front of me.

We had just avoided being caught. But it made everything even Türkçe Altyazılı Porno hotter. I had to have her to myself. Fully. This was not enough.

Then my phone pinged. It was Victoria. I’m not sure how she got my number, but that didn’t matter in the slightest.

“You might just have the most perfect cock I’ve ever seen Max. Definitely the best I’ve ever had in my mouth. I can still taste you and I want more of it. I also think you owe me.”

“Oh don’t worry, I know I owe you. You are going to have the best orgasm of your life after I’ve licked from your dripping wet pussy all the way down to your tight, waiting ass. And it won’t just be my tongue either. I want my cock buried in your pussy, then I want to use your soaking dripping cum as lube for when I fuck your ass.”

I didn’t know if she liked or was even open to anal. But I was about to find out.

“Oh fuck Max. I’m quietly playing with myself on the couch at the thought of your cock buried deep in my ass. I need this.”

If this was what happened after waiting since our first little rendezvous, I think I could manage a little longer for the real treat.

A couple of months later, we got a call from our landlord that we’d have to move out of our flat as they wanted to sell our place..

Long story short, we were given two months to find somewhere new. We all decided to stay together. Fortunately, it only took a month before we had somewhere to go and a week after that we were on the move. Staying together meant I’d still see Victoria. And, to my delight, my roommate asked if we would like her best friend and Victoria to help us move. This couldn’t play into our hands better.

So, moving day comes along and we’re all packing everything up and taking trips to our new flat, when it’s announced someone will have to wait at the new place for a few hours while the power is installed and the internet people come. I am volunteered to do that as I’ve been the one contacting them. Victoria, very smartly, says she can stay and help put utensils and plates away for us to make the settling-in period easier. I know exactly what she’s doing though, and my cock twitches at the cunning plan and what’s about to happen. She’s dressed in the most sexy, tight exercise pants that accentuate her perfect, sculpted, strong ass and also show off her thigh gap that just makes me imagine what her pussy will be like.

After what feels like hours, the other roommates start going back to our old flat to clean up, while we stay. It’s my chance. And I do not waste any time.

While Victoria’s putting cutlery in one of the drawers, I stand right behind her and grab her ass while saying in her ear, “I have been wanting this all day and I can’t wait any longer.”

I squeeze her ass and she moans the sexiest, most horny moan I’ve heard. “Oh fuck Max.”

I have to have her. Brazzers Right now. I pull down those tight exercise pants and see, for the first time, that ass that I’ve been stroking my hard cock over. I bend her over straight away and slide my tongue right into her little nub. The taste is indescribably incredible. Her moan is loud and unmistakable. So I keep my tongue going, this time all the way to her pussy. Just as I hoped, Victoria is freshly bare and absolutely dripping wet. I move her into the bathroom where she has to hold onto the sink for balance because she’s enjoying it so much. I bury my tongue as deep in her pussy as I can while I play with her ass cheeks. She begs me for more and she begs me for my cock.

“I can’t do this any longer, get your cock in me right now. We don’t need a condom, I want to feel what you are truly like inside me.”

I keep her bent over and give her one last lick from her clit right up to my favourite little ass. I don’t want to stop. But I also want to feel what she’s like.

I line my cock up at her pussy and start to ask her if she’s sure.

“Max, stop it. Fuck me. I want nothing more than your cock inside me. Please.”

She’s so hot when she begs. I can’t wait any longer though. I push my cock into her, although it doesn’t take much effort. She is so wet I just slide right in. We both moan. I kiss her neck before I say, “This feels as good as I imagined it would.”

“Please just fuck me hard. I want you to slam your cock in me as hard as you can.”

I do not need a second invitation. Her warm, tight pussy feels perfect as it pulses around my cock. She is an expert and she knows how to turn me on. “This time I want all your cum deep inside me, I don’t want any of it anywhere else. Please cum inside me Max. Please.”

The words encourage me to pick up my pace. I thrust in her hard and fast and her moans are so loud. They echo around the house as I don’t hold back.

“Oh fuck Max, I’ve never had a cock like yours. This is the best I’ve ever felt. You’re going to make me cum and I want you to cum in me. Oh Max, fuuuuuuuck.”

I am right on the edge now.

“Oh Victoria I’m going to cum. The feel of your pussy is incredible. Fuck Victoria, fuuuuuuuuuck.”

My cock pulses and I can feel stream after stream of cum flying into her pussy. It’s the most incredible feeling. And just as I cum she screams as well. She doesn’t squirt, but I can definitely feel her pussy leaking around my cock. I can’t get enough.

Just when I think it’s all over and I pull out of her, she turns around and kisses me. I kiss back. But it doesn’t last long as she does something that I know will be in my memory forever.

She kneels down, looks up at me and takes my still hard cock in her mouth. She licks every bit of her off me. I didn’t think I could take anymore, but this proves I definitely can. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

Then she stands up again and kisses me. This time I taste our cum together and it’s just perfect. I need more of it.

But before I go back for another taste of her, the gate opens. Everyone’s returning.

The second taste and the feel of that little ass will have to wait.

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