Chapter 18

Readers, this a fictional road story set in the 1980’s, before cell phones and the internet as we know it today. There is pot smoking and use of “Magic Mushrooms” in this story. All sexualized characters are fictional and over 18. This is part eighteen of a many part series. The end of this chapter parallels events in end of Road Tripping 16.5, Time Tripping 5 I hope all have enjoyed it so far. Any constructive feedback is appreciated, Thank You S. L.

The crowded campground was buzzing early, and Lou and Molly were quick to get to the showers knowing hot water would not last on a day like this. By seven-thirty they had water for coffee and tea heating and Gina was passing out doughnuts she had bought yesterday on sale for all. All were awake early and soon Joe was back with a small sample of the good weed he had been talking about.

“Lou does this stuff look familiar to you?”

Lou took a good look at it and called Molly over. “This looks like the purple weed you got in Philly the day we met Sara, and you got some from that couple next to you.”

Molly took look at it and a quick sniff of the bud. “I am almost certain this is the same and I would love to see it next to the little bit we have left but that stuff if buried deeply in Andromeda.”

Joe knew they had their sample collection and agreed it would be good to see the two next to the other but understood about having things buried and not wanting to dig things like that out with everyone in the campground watching.

Joe talked with their other friends in the group and soon he had an order for four ounces of weed for all looking for some. Lou put up money for an ounce for Molly and him and for another half for Hailey and Irv. They arrived later, just before ten in the morning after having driven since before midnight to get here. Lou told of the weed and helped set up their tent and after Hailey and Irv went to lie down for an hour before getting ready to go to the show.

The caravan of cars out of the lot was huge and just stretched out over a mile on the way to the concert. Lou and Molly were back a way in the line but were able to keep up with Joe and the rest and were soon all lined up on “Shakedown Street” and had the grills going within ten minutes of shutting the car off.

It was a warm and sunny day, giving Molly a chance to wear her favorite skirt and one of her blue/green tie-dyes with it, and little else under it on the warm day. Lou was in his usual shorts and a one of their building collections of tie-dye shirts. Some of the nicest were for the show only and the worn ones were for cooking during the day.

They were busy from the start, and it was a very crowded and active first half of the day. The four cases of beer did not last two hours and by four pm the last of the meatballs were going in the pot with four people waiting for more. Star and her family had a good and busy day. All had not had much income for the last week and many needed to start off with a good day.

Lou and Molly knew they were ok out here and could have just sat back on tour, but they were trying to make this the start of something more for themselves in the long run. They had already found ways to make money beside the food sales and more of that could help secure a future for themselves and a family when they decided to start one. Plus, they met so many wonderful people they would not change a thing.

Donna and Maggie’s van had been the smoking center for most of the day and Lou and Hailey were in there with Maggie and Janet when Joe came to the door and squeezed in with the four ounces of the purple weed. One good bud was broken up for Lou’s pipe, and they smoked with Maggie and Janet, who had never seen pot like this, and was excited for the quarter her and Tommy had put all their spare money in for.

Five minutes later Lou, Hailey, Janet, and Maggie all stumbled out of the van and Donna, Molly, Irv, and Gina, went in to continue the weed division and bake Joe into almost unconsciousness. After Maggie went back for seconds with Ed, Val, and Tommy, Joe went to go lay down for twenty minutes and enjoy the high, while Star laughed at his “beady, red, eyes”, and handed him a root beer and the last of Lou and Molly’s meatball sandwiches.

Star could not smoke for several months but she took a couple of good buds and hid them deeply in her personal stuff for when she could smoke again. This pot was different from any she had seen except for a small bag she had received eight years ago as payment for some items.

Everyone was excited to see the band after over a week off and all were trooping in as a large group before they split up to their scattered seats. Lou and Molly were close enough to make their way over to Hailey and Irv and get a chance to talk with them, with a little more privacy in the crowd. Katy had called Hailey the night after they left. The night before Katy said she fell asleep before eight, after all the fun they had together.

“She sends her Love and said she would meet us at our house görükle escort bayan on Thursday night, the seventh, and spend what we hope is a really fun night and then she will go with you guys to the show on the eighth and set up. Irv and I will be there on the morning of the show, since he will have to do some work on the Friday before we can leave.”

Molly had told Hailey they were keeping Katy’s coming with them a surprise to all those she had met before and was going to try and find a ticket for the second show and then Katy would go back with them so Lou and Molly could head for their meeting in Arizona with Marta and Felix.

They danced the first set away with their dear friends and shared many joints and bowls with the people around them. All ran for the bathrooms, refills on water and to say hi to all their friends they could find, before the second set was ready.

Everyone agreed that this weed was among the best anyone had seen in a long time. The closest was some of the pot found in Chicago. It was a fun night for all and soon they were back dancing for the second set and enjoying the music and fellowship they had missed for the days between shows.

After the show all were back in the lot, grilling a few left-over hot dogs and just relaxing under the stars and comfortable night. It had been heard that it would be ok tomorrow during the day, but it would rain at night, and many were already making plans to head out right after the show. Lou had the reservations for the next night already paid for and they figured they would be good it their tent and Star’s family was staying there too so it would be a good night all could go out for breakfast the next day. Lou and Molly had not made any real plans for days between the shows, other than going to see the Redwoods in the nearby National Park.

Once back at the campground everyone hung out talking and smoking for a while before exhaustion took over and all headed for their tents or van. Lou and Molly decided to wait on trying for a shower with it being crowded since they came back. We will bring out towels to the three am pit stop Molly and have a quieter shower, unless half the campground has the same idea, Lou laughed as they kissed after brushing their teeth in the tent and snuggling in for the next four hours.


Star and Joe had gotten the kids in their beds when they got back and enjoyed hanging out with everyone. Star did not smoke any of the purple weed but had gotten enough secondhand smoke she could feel some of the effects on herself since her tolerance was so low from not smoking for months.

Inside her voices told her that there was an important journey and message waiting for her tonight. She took a small purple bud and popped it in her mouth when Joe was out of the tent. It was the smoke that was the danger to her unborn twins, not the pot itself and she felt reassured that the Gods had something to communicate to her, but they would not do it in a way that would endanger her children or herself.

In her dreams that night Star saw herself in the time of the distant past, leading a ceremony joining the one called Myrine to the one who resembled a thinner Lou, with a full beard and was called Leandros in this time. She was shown images by the Gods and told of what she needed to do to help begin a process where these two worlds could work as one through them and others to preserve what had been learned here to help bring about a more peaceful and understanding world in the future.

It was complex and Star really needed week to think on what she had learned overnight, but the Gods made it clear that the next night was important, and that Lou and Molly were to be assisted with the purple mushrooms in their journey.

With the morning Star went to dig deep in her belongings for the special container she kept the mushrooms of insight in.

Joe had felt her awake in the middle of the night twice and watched her scribble furiously in her notebook before going back to sleep, without telling him what had happened other than a series of profound dreams. He knew he would know soon enough. Her one strange question was. “Do you think you can drive Andromeda Joe?”

“Yes Star, I have driven station wagons like that before. Did they ask us to drive them somewhere in your dream?”

“No Joe but I will have a task for them, and you will need to drive them back here tonight after the show for all to work right and their safety. I will explain all when we see them and have a private moment for the four of us to talk as one.”


Lou and Molly went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night to a still awake campground. They took their towels and at least they did not have to wait to shower but it was still too busy after three in the morning for any discreet fun in the campground with late but for the most part quiet partiers.

They had hung out with Hailey and Irv for a time and made a few discreet jokes between themselves about their fun together last week and all altıparmak eskort promised to be there on the seventh for another fun time with Katy joining in.

“I have an extra strap-on rig for her, so you guys are going to all have some fun that night.” Hailey laughingly told them.

It was too crowded for them to have a fun time in the tent together, but it was good to get together and hang out for a while. Irv had been busy with his consulting job, but Hailey had some free time and had taken the shovel and wok into the woods and done a little more discreet exploring and she told them he had found some more likely gold in both of the small streams. Lou would know what they had actually found within the month when he got back to Delaware.

It was another early morning at the camp with people getting moving around seven and many packing up to head out after the show. Lou and Molly had slept well and were up soon after the sun rose. One of the few quiet tents was Hailey and Irv’s who had said they would try and sleep in until nine since they were going home too after the show.

Not long after getting the water on, Star came back from a trip to the bathroom with Europa and Celesta and got an early tea and said she would be over to talk shortly. Once the kids were all fed and Joe and her had gotten their day set both came over and asked to talk to them in their tent for a few minutes.

Star sat in the folding chair while Lou, Joe and Molly all sat on the bed to listen to what she had to tell them. “As Joe already knows, I had a pair of profound dreams last night and we need to talk about them today Myrine, Leandros, and Jonas, my beloved.”

All three on the bed had their mouths open wide and wore looks of astonishment at what she had just said to them.

Molly looked into Star’s green eyes deeply and asked her in a quiet voice. “What do we need to know….Zephyra?”

Star smiled at Molly. “I had dreams last night involving all four of us last night deep in the past, where the women known as Myrine. She gestured at Molly, and myself in the time where my soul was known as Zephyra. What was different was that Lou and Joe were there with the names of Leandros and Jonas. I cannot explain much more of what happened in my dream, but I can say we are all deeply connected, and I was informed that there is a task that You, Lou and Molly need to perform tonight.”

Lou looked at Molly, then Star with a look of astonishment and some confusion. “I cannot speak for Molly, but I will do whatever needs to be done if it is something right. What is required of us and is it safe?”

“I will do whatever you ask Star, Molly said, still deeply lost in her eyes, but I am curious to know what is required and who asked this?”

“What is required is the easy part to explain my loves.” Star reached into her skirt pocket and produced a familiar pouch to them, which they had last seen in Hartford the day after Lou and Molly met and Star gave them three of the purple mushrooms each and a Tai Stick joint to share and explore each other with during the show and more deeply after it a great storm. It had been the most profound night of either of their lives, so far.

There were eight of the purple mushroom caps in the box this time along with a long and fat joint rolled with the purple weed with some of the hash Lou had given them the day before without telling them where they had gotten it. “I have smoked this purple pot long ago and it is close to the Tai Stick I had before, but that was the last one of several Joe found and that I’ve seen. It was months old when you two smoked it.”

“We still have the roach.” Lou joked.

Star laughed and spoke. “We will have to smoke that after the twins are born. I have heard about your roach collection and one day that will be a party. Maybe with the Winter Solstice or New Year.” I have some of the purple pot hidden away for after I have given birth so I can smoke some directly.”

Now bringing the focus back to the matter at hand Star cleared her throat and straightened up in the chair. “Molly and Lou, I have been asked by those who teach me from outside this world and time to ask something important of you two!”

Molly’s right eyebrow shot up and her gaze into Star’s eyes tightened, but she knew when to listen. Lou tiled his head to one side and wore a somewhat more quizzical expression on his face but a kept a serious look across his lips while trying to understand fully what she was saying and going to ask of them.

“Lou, you know the least of all of us directly about what is going on, but you do understand that you and Molly are profoundly connected over thousands of years and your souls have been joined several and likely many times over many thousands of years. Molly and I are also connected deeply both as friends and lovers over time as are Joe and me.”

“I Understand Star, and I have seen some of this in some dreams I have had, before I met all of you and one very strange dream joined with Sara who nilüfer escort saw both you Star and Molly in a place likely thousands of years ago. I saw her being auctioned off as a slave and went to stop it or I don’t know what since the dream was ended by the phone in the hotel ringing.”

“Molly told me of this and if she had slept five minutes more that morning, she likely would have been there too, seeing the world of that place and time. You said the phone was noticed by all there. That must have been frightening to everyone there if it was that loud. I hope one day one of us dreams of Sara again in that time and know she is safe somewhere. The place we live in that time does not have slaves and if you acquired her, she would be set free, and you would have bought her freedom Lou.”

“I have studied a lot of history and between classes, books, and documentaries I have a fair Idea of the worlds of that time. It was not Egypt but again Sara said you were walking next to an Egyptian being carried on a chair and all three of us looked to be important people since she said all of us were clean and well dressed. I am curious to learn more of this time and one of these days I am going to spend some time in a good Library and see what I can find in bookstores on that area in that time.”

“That is a good idea Lou, and I would deeply encourage you and Molly to do things like that when you have some time, and Lou, like I said before, you are a finder of things. I think there is a chance you both may learn more of this time or some others. I have been informed that it would be best you eat two caps at the very start of the show tonight and then when you arrive here at the end of the show you are to eat the other two caps and smoke this joint and enjoy the night, make love, and sleep well.”

“Just that Star? Just go to sleep??” Molly asked in her best Ta’Pau voice and expression.

“Yes, I suspect that the mushrooms and being closely joined will allow you to journey together. I hope this does not scare either of you.”

“As all of you know I have been to this time and place several times over the years and Star and I have been together in this time, so if that is the journey tonight, I am ready for it.” How about you Lou are you ready to time trip with me?” Molly asked with a half serious grin on her face at Lou while she squeezed his hand a little.

“I am not frightened and now that we have all talked like this, I will be more conscious of my actions while also not trying to disturb things too much. I have a question Star.”

“What is it Lou.?”

“If either of us see Zephyra or Jonas there, should we let them know discretely that we are out of our time and visiting theirs for lack of a better way of putting it?

“That is a really good question, Lou. I was wondering that too?” Molly added while Star thought for a moment and silently asked for some guidance to this very profound question.

Star held her crystal for a moment before speaking. “If you speak to people there you will talk in their language, but you will not get the accent right. I have spoken with Myrine in that time, and she could tell something was not right and when Zephyra visited my home in Vermont my mother said she spoke with an unusual almost Greek accent. Maggie said the same thing of how we greeted each other Molly, in Worcester, after all the chaos there.”

Pausing again to gather her thoughts Star continued. “If you see either Jonas or Zephyra, get them alone to talk or have Jonas take you to Zephyra. If you see a woman who looks like my mother, Gina with long hair also have her get you to Zephyra quietly. She may have been informed of some of this already and either way she will help you find her I suspect.”

“There is one last thing I have to ask of you guys. Neither of you will be in any shape to drive Andromeda safely after the show and I would like to ask you to have Joe drive you back here safely after the show. I would love to myself, but I think at least two of the kids would insist on joining us then and that might be a little much for you at that point.

Thank you and we know Joe has driven just about anything on wheels so Andromeda will be no problem, and I would not want to drive a car on mushrooms. I do want to do bumper cars on them, however.

Joe looked over at him, grinned widely, and said “Hell Yes and I know a good place near Denver we can trip and go to in a few months and I will bribe my honey to drive us and put up with us silly creatures that day.

Star laughed and spoke. “I agree on one condition. You take me back there in a year and we can all trip and do that. That sounds like too much fun, and I want to.”

“Ok back to the serious stuff. Do you guys all understand what may happen here tonight. I cannot guarantee anything or what will happen. I can only guess and give you the information I can and have been told I can.”

“Some things I do not have answers for either. Joe if you have any dreams like this, please let me know too since you are as deeply connected to all of this, and I will give you a couple of your purple friends for later tonight too after we are all back safe if you like so we may join too deeply.” Star was so deeply joined with Joe that they would be as one, mindful of the twins, but almost as deeply joined as Lou and Molly would be.

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