Reluctant Cuckold Ch. 01

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Tony sat at the bar taking one last sip of his beer. He decided he wanted out of there. Absolutely nothing going on or at least coming his way. Another wasted night for Tony. This really sucked. He looked at a pretty blonde who was talking to this black guy at the opposite end of the bar. Well, good for them Tony thought. At least he was going to get some fresh pussy tonight.

Tony sat his beer glass down on the bar than tossed a five dollar tip down for the bartender and made his way out of the bar. He got into his car and looked into the rear view mirror before starting the engine. He could see a couple making out in a truck that was parked across the way.

This place had always been known for a good pickup bar but Tony wasn’t having any luck. This was the forth weekend in a roll. God knows how many women he approached, danced with, bought drinks for and so on. Tony just lost his touch when it came to picking up women these days.

He started the engine and drove off making his way back home for the evening. The drive only took about twenty minutes. He turned down his street and saw a white car parked out in front of his house. He pulled into the driveway pushing the garage door opener as he pulled up and into the garage. He got out and looked over at that white car. The engine was running but Tony couldn’t see inside the car. It was almost pitch dark out. Besides, it looked like the windows were tinted.

Tony unlocked the house door as he pushed the down button for the garage door. He turned on the kitchen light. Everything looked the same as when he left it this evening. He started walking toward the master bedroom as he unbuttoned his shirt. He popped the bedroom door open. The bed was still made. Cindy wasn’t home yet.

He tossed his shirt over onto a chair and pulled his pants down. The faint smell of Cindy’s perfume still lingered in the room. After brushing his teeth and taking a piss, Tony splashed his face with cold water and dried it off before crawling into bed.

His dick was semi-hard so he started playing with it making it come to life. He fantasized about that blonde woman at the bar tonight. Tony remembered the red dress she was wearing. She certainly felt good when they danced tonight. After buying her a drink and a short talk, she had somehow ran into that black guy when she made a trip to the ladies room. She never came back. Last time Tony saw her was when he was leaving the bar tonight.

Tony kept stroking his cock making it hard feeling his balls churning with cum. He really needed to cum tonight and was hoping to score with one of the sluts at the bar tonight. He stroked his cock feeling the wetness around the head. Tony wasn’t huge, perhaps a little over six inches in length. Kind of a skinny cock too but Tony never got any complaints. Cindy was always satisfied when they fucked.

God, how long has it been? Three months? He sure wish Cindy were home now. He’s ask her to fuck. Tony kept stroking his cock wondering about Cindy. It couldn’t have been ten seconds when Tony heard the lock on the front door click.

Tony stoked his cock a little longer than stopped and pulled the blanket up to his waist. He positioned himself on the pillow and quietly laid there until Cindy walked into the room. He could barely see her in the dark but heard Cindy kicking her heels off in the corner of the room. Next came the purse which she threw in the chair. The sound of the zipper at the back of her dress could be heard next.

Tony could see her arms twisted back pulling the zipper down. He could see her shadow stepping out of her dress. Tony barely saw her ass wiggle and knew she was lowering her black thong. Tony remembered seeing it out on the chair this evening.

Cindy walked into the bathroom closing the door. Tony heard the light click on in there as he laid quietly on the bed. He could hear the water running at the sink. An idea hit him suddenly as he quickly got out of bed reaching down for that black thong.

Tony put the little garment kilis escort next to his nose and sniffed. His heart was racing as he smelled the thong. It smelled of sex. Perfume mixed with a masculine smell. Damn, Tony thought. He moved his fingers to the crotch area. It was still wet. He put the tip of his nose right into the crotch taking a deep whiff. It was definitely male cum. Tony kept sniffing and squeezed the thong in his hands. He than put the thong back down on the floor and went for the dress next.

He picked it up smelling it in several places. Perfume, that masculine smell and a little masculine smelling cologne. He quickly put the dress back down on the chair but didn’t get any further when the bathroom door opened. Cindy saw Tony standing at the foot of the bed just before she was about to click off the bathroom light. Cindy was still naked.

“Your still awake?”

Tony looked like the cat that just swallowed the bird. “Uh. Yeah. Had to go pee. How was your night?”

Cindy sighed deeply. “Uh….Tired.”

Tony walked closer starring at Cindy in the glow of the bathroom light. Tony stepped past her on his way into the bathroom.

Sandy finally asked. “How was your evening?”

Tony stood in front of the toilet trying to pee again after telling her a lie. “Fine. Kind of hung out at the bar for a while.”

Cindy was still standing in the doorway. Her long blonde hair looked like she had just brushed it. Tony tried not to stare but took a double take when he saw nibble marks around her tits. Tony couldn’t help but comment on them.

“Who is this guy? A vampire?”

Cindy had that look like, what are you talking about until she saw where Tony was starring. She turned to look into the bathroom mirror. “Oh God.” She said as she rubbed the area just above her hard pink nipples.

All Tony could get out was a fee dribbles since he’d peed just before Cindy got home. Still hard and still horny. All Tony could think about was to fuck right now so he quickly grabbed Cindy by the shoulders and twisted her around grabbing her waist putting her ass on the sink counter.

“Tony! What the fuck are you doing….?”

That’s all Cindy got out when Tony pressed his lips against hers and pushed his tongue deep inside her parted lips. She tried backing away at first but let him kiss her fully for a minute or so even kissing him back briefly. Tony finally pulled away leaving Cindy gasping for air.

Still holding onto her waist and trying to catch his breath as well. Tony asked. “You got fucked good didn’t you?”

Cindy shook her head back and forth. “I don’t think that’s any of your business.”

Tony pressed his lips to Cindy’s again. It was turning him on thinking about who his wife was fucking. Cindy was able to move her head a little getting out a short sentence.

“Tony…….That’s enough…….Stop…..”

Tony lowered his face to her tits kissing around her nipples and all around those little red bit marks. He than started kissing his way up toward her neck and soon discovered hickeys on her neck. Tony couldn’t resist kissing and licking her neck and chin area. Cindy was trying to push him away without any lick as Tony worked his lips around covering her lips with his again.

Within moments Cindy finally gave in holding onto Tony’s shoulders as their tongues mingled together.

Things were getting more passionate by the second as Tony lowered his lips to one of her pink hard nipples and began sucking and biting the tiny hard orb with his teeth. Cindy cupped the back of Tony’s head enjoying his mouth on her breast.

She rubbed her hand around playing with his hair as he moved from one tit to the other leaving a wet trial in between. Tony than lifted Cindy’s legs as she arched her back placing her hands directly behind her as Tony lifted her ass and dropped to his knees. He dove his face between her open smooth thighs taking in the smell of recent sex which was driving him more kırıkkale escort insane.

Tony began pushing his tongue between Cindy’s pink pussy lips tasting her sex and what Tony thought was male cum. Cindy held one hand on the back of his head still propping herself up with the other hand behind her back.

“Oh God Tony….Your tongue feels hot….”

Tony licked and sucked trying to absorb as much of the creamy nectar he could. It didn’t matter if he was licking and eating another man’s sperm right now. He was too horny to even think about what he was doing.

A few minutes perhaps and Tony stopped pulling his underwear down his legs.

He positioned himself between Cindy’s legs pressing the head of his cock between her wet pink pussy lips. They looked rather puffy already but that only drove Tony more insane as he pushed forward slicing into her wet waiting pussy.

Cindy felt hot and wet. It wasn’t until he got fully inside her when he realized she felt more loose than usual. Cindy was always tight for him but her pussy felt like she’d just had a baby. Tony started to fuck her anyway ramming his cock in and out of her like a jack rabbit in heat.

Cindy put her hands on Tony’s shoulders. Although she sat with her mouth wide open enjoying the fuck Tony was giving her. Tony could tell it wasn’t the same for her but continued pushing in and out of her wet pussy anyway. White foam started to form around his cock. Tony figured it was a mixture of her lovers cum and Cindy’s cum.

“Can you cum?” Tony asked.

Cindy was breathing heavy with her eyes closed as she replied. “I don’t think I can……So tired……”

That was her excuse. Tony wasn’t buying it but he kept fucking Cindy until he came sending his cum as far up inside her as he possibly could.

Cindy didn’t cum. It seemed as if she was just giving him the pleasure of allowing him to cum tonight. Perhaps she could sense Tony was horny and didn’t have any luck tonight. She was just doing him a favor.

Tony backed away allowing Cindy’s legs to drop down so she stood up allowing his cum to fall down to the floor with a plop.

Tony walked back to bed while Cindy cleaned up a little and soon joined him. It had been four months since they decided to have an open relationship. They weren’t getting along too well and it all started with the subject of having children. It was Tony’s fault they couldn’t have any and he blamed himself.

Arguments arouse into shouting matches and one day they decided to take a break from their marriage. At least in a sense of a normal marriage. They still were in love but things weren’t the same right now. Tony knew Cindy had been seeing someone. He’s spotted the birth control pills about two weeks ago when she left her purse wide open in the kitchen. He remembered the way he felt that day. Kind of made his heart drop and skip a beat but at the same time it aroused him to make his dick get hard knowing Cindy bought those pills to have sex with another man.

He never confronted her about them nor did he ask any questions about the person she was seeing. He wanted to know now and planned to ask her as he waited for the bathroom light to go out. Cindy crawled into bed along side him. Tony didn’t waste a second before putting his hand over onto Cindy’s pussy mound. He took his fingers and pulled on her inner thigh trying to move her legs apart just enough to poke a finer into her wet pussy slit.

“Ouch……Not so rough Tony. I’m sore down there.”

Tony responded. “Gosh baby, how big is this guy your going out with?”

Cindy half moaned trying to pretend she was too tired to answer his question. “I don’t know…..”

Tony wasn’t that observant tonight when she first came home other than noticing the wet thong and the smell of her dress but he could tell she was drinking tonight from the smell of her breath. A light bulb just lit in Tony’s head. Cindy’s pussy was shaved smooth. She hadn’t done that since kırklareli escort the first couple years they were married. Tony decided to ask questions. He knew Cindy always talked the most when she had been drinking.

“So baby. What’s this guys name anyway?”

“Dan.” Cindy replied in a low voice.

“Do I know him?”

“I don’t think so?” Cindy sighed.

Tony was still poking his finger between her pussy lips only being real gentle in doing so. He poked the tip of his finger against her clit making her body tense up.

“Feel good baby?”

“Yes but I’m so sore there…”

“I’ll be gentle. I promise.” Tony kept playing with her clit getting more response from her body. She was actually squirming around a little as he gently played with her clit.

“Did he fuck you more than once tonight.”

In a light moan like sound Cindy replied softly. “Yes……”

Tony was getting hard and wanted to know more.

“How does he fuck you? Do you ride him or does he get on top?”

“Both ” Cindy purred and added “Dan likes doggy style too.” She giggled taking a deep breath as Tony played with her clit and added more. “Dan likes to see my tits swing back and forth when he fucks me doggy.”

“That sounds so hot baby, I can almost see you pushing your sweet little ass back against him.. Tell me more about Dan baby. How tall is he?”

Cindy moaned as Tony kept playing with her clit. She replied softly. “He’s tall…..Six-Seven. He’s really muscular. Very strong.”

In almost a trance like she were sleep talking Cindy added with a giggle and a low sexy voice. “Dan held me up and bounced me on his cock.”

This was driving Tony crazy. “Sounds so hot the way you tell me baby. He’s got to be hung pretty big isn’t he?”

Cindy moaned as Tony kept working on her clit. He wanted to know how big this guy was she was fucking and she was just about ready to tell him he thought.

“Oh….That feels Good…….” Cindy put her hand down over Tony’s pushing his fingers more tight around her pussy.

“How big do you think he is baby?”

Cindy purred. “Big…..Thick…..”

Tony egged her on. “You think he’s eight inches?”

“Bigger.” Cindy purred

Tony replied. “Nine maybe?”

“Oh God that feels so good. Keep rubbing my clit like that.”

Tony’s fingers were getting wet from Cindy’s pussy. She was dripping now as he played with her clit. He still wanted to know the size of her lovers cock.

“How big is he baby. Tell me.”

Cindy was arching her back now ready to cum but she finally gave Tony his answer.

“Over ten inches and as thick as my wrist. I know because I compared my wrist to his cock.”

Tony went off when he heard Cindy’s reply. He almost popped his nuts trying to imagine a guy that big fucking his wife. No wonder she felt so loose tonight. Cindy always loved it when he licked her pussy to make her cum so he quickly crawled up between her legs and started working his tongue on her pussy.

“Oh God your so good with your tongue Tony. You do it the best.” Tony skillfully worked his tongue on her pussy working the tip of his tongue on her clitoris. He knew what she liked orally even though it has been months since he did oral with her.

Cindy came good and hard against his face kicking her legs out high in the air as she came. She let out a loud scream at the same time. Tony figured she was fantasizing about this guy named Dan. Tony made her cum one more time before Cindy lay there totally exhausted and limp as a dead fish.

Tony was hoping they could fuck again but Cindy fell asleep almost instantly after the second orgasm. He at least got Cindy to talk a little about her lovers vitals. He laid his head on his pillow thinking about how aroused he got listening to Cindy answer his questions.

He’s love to watch them fuck. He started wondering about the relationship he had with Cindy. He loved this woman so much but it turned him on listening to her talk about fucking another man. He knew all about these things from reading stories on the internet. Could he be a cuckold? All sorts of things entered his head. Was Cindy in love with this guy or was he just fulfilling her sexual needs? Tony had all sorts of thoughts going through his mind. Took him an hour to fall asleep.

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