Relishing Babyhood Pt. 02

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As usual and always, thanks to Steve (CiaoSteve) for making my story so lively.

Most importantly, all characters involved in sexual intercourse are above eighteen years of age.

Lastly, comments are always welcome if they can help me in writing better stories in future.


Some two months had gone by since our last meeting. It was the night of pleasure. Suckling at her breasts like a baby was all that I could have ever wished for. Yes there were many more wishes borne within me but one slap had made me realize there could be no sexual relationship between us. Other than the slap‚ the entire night had been a memorable experience. As I had left early the next morning‚ the last words she had uttered rang through my mind.

“Baby‚ I will call you back.”

It wasn’t a totally personal evening either. I had prescribed medicines to increase her milk supply but I could never have known the effect of those medicines on her. Yes‚ I had been waiting for her call to hear the effect of those galactagogues. On more than one occasion, I dared to pick up the phone and scribble my contacts up to her name, but never had the courage to call her. Yeah‚ that would break the deal and I would be derived of her breasts forever.

My craving for her had reached its peak. I was like some kind of an addict who was suffering from bizarre withdrawal symptoms. I switched on to watching lactation videos on porn sites but still that was no substitute for real life milk-laden breasts filling one’s mouth.

And then the phone call happened.

I was attending my patients at the out-patient department, when my phone rang. I gave a casual glance down at my phone. On seeing the caller’s name on the display‚ my expression transformed into one of joy. With a patient still sitting at my side‚ I picked up the phone. I was so excited, yet I knew that I had to hide my feelings both to those around me and to the one on the other side of the phone.

“Hello‚” I said in the most normal way.

“We need to talk doctor. Can you come over to my house in the evening?”

Nafissa’s voice sounded serious and she had used the word doctor instead of baby.

“Is anything wrong?” I sounded undisturbed by her voice.

“Why don’t you come over? We can talk then. I know you must be busy with your patients. But hope you can spare time for me.”

“Okay‚ I will.” I tried to sound professional.

Those were my parting words as the call was disconnected as soon as I agreed.

My mind moved around regarding all the possibilities. Why did she sound so serious? Was her baby okay? Or‚ did her husband come to know of our mini affair? We hadn’t met in two months so the last option seemed implausible. Whatever since she had called me‚ it was my duty to dispel her worries. I moved on with my routine of attending patients without any display of concern.

The evening soon arrived and not before long‚ I found myself parking my bike up against her house. The doorbell was answered soon and there I found Nafissa standing. Oh, it was the same attractive face I was longing to see for so long. Her beautiful face was clouded with tension but that could not even in the least hamper her beauty. I had to hide my joy of seeing her after so long. I brought a little smile over my face, one that I usually present with while talking to a patient, to sound unperturbed by her disturbance. She was wearing a white t-shirt and trousers. She was carrying her baby on her shoulders. It seemed the baby had climbed the curves of the growth chart quiet normally. So the sick child option was rejected.

“Come inside‚” she ordered and I obeyed her.

“Sit here‚” she said pointing to the sofa.

I sat down and she sat opposite me.

“Mom‚ your tone seemed so serious.” I broke the silence.

“Yeah‚ I needed some advice regarding breastfeeding.”

“You can ask me anything.” I sounded well composed.

“Can I stop breastfeeding now?”

The baby started crying on her shoulders and I prepared myself to have the first glimpse of her luscious breasts.

“Sorry‚ I was feeding him before you rang the doorbell. Hope you don’t mind if I feed him here.”

She was neither using the word ‘baby’ nor sounding familiar. It was more of a doctor patient talk.This was not the Nafissa I had met two months back.

“Yeah‚ you can.”

She brought the baby to her lap and turned to one side to avoid me having a peek. I watched as she put on the towel over her chest and raised her shirt. As the baby latched on‚ she faced me again. Yeah, I remembered her words. She always hid her chest while feeding to avoid evil eyes from draining the health of her baby. I made a desperate prayer to the Lord to make me a baby and place me in her lap. I could feel my organ start to harden.

“Why do you want to stop breastfeeding by the way? Just see how comfortable he is there.”

My eyes moved over to her chest. Did I see wet spots over the opposite side? Before I could be sure‚ she spoke and I had to look to her eyes again.

“Because I feel like a cow who mardin escort has no world of her own and her only duty is to produce milk.”

As she spoke, Nafissa started to cry.

I could not bear to see her upset and stood up to comfort her. I moved to her side and said in an assuring tone.

“Six months of exclusive breastfeeding. So that makes only three months more.”

“Three months is a lot of time.”

“What’s the matter‚ Nafissa? Why do you think yourself a cow?”

This time I deliberately avoided the word mom to study her reaction.

Maybe‚ no one had comforted her previously as I did. Her tears were now uncontrollable. I sat in front of her with my head at the level of her chest but keeping my eyes still fixed on her face.

“Why are you crying‚ Nafissa? Please speak to me.”

It took her a whole minute to compose herself before she let her words flow like her milk.

“I don’t know if I should be discussing this with you but my husband thinks so. He has lost interest in me. He ridicules me all the time and says that I am a cow.”

Building my courage, I asked the big question.

“Do you have sex?”

She looked up to my eyes and stared at me for some time. The look was more of depression than anger. I had her answer and she confirmed it by a shake of her head.

I came back to my seat. I so wanted to place a hand on her shoulders but I didn’t wish her to break the feeding process. It was the right of her baby to be breastfed.

“Do you want me to talk with him?”

“No‚ it will anger him.”

“How can I help you?”

“I just wanted your suggestion as to how can I stop breastfeeding without affecting the baby’s health.”

“If you look for my suggestion‚ then as a pediatrician I think you should not stop breastfeeding him. It is your husband’s fault for making fun of such a beautiful girl as you.”

“What should I do then?”

She looked at me for a solution and I had one.

“You should do sex with someone else as a revenge against him. “

“I don’t think I should betray him.”

“Do you think he is not betraying you especially since you both don’t have sex? Why don’t you come to a conclusion that he must be having someone else to gratify his needs?”

She stared at me for some time.

“May be you are correct. Still then‚ how do I search for someone who will like my body and treat these udders as a part of me.”

“The search will be difficult. So‚ I have a deal for you. The way you breastfed me‚ left me spellbound. For the last two months‚ I have been thinking about nothing other than you. I allowed you to wear me a diaper because I wanted to be nude in front of you. My deal is simple. You take away my virginity and I will see that you do not feel ashamed of your breasts. Yeah I am selfish because every man will die to have you in bed and I am no exception. Your husband is just an exception and not the rule.”

Nafissa’s seriousness vanished to a smile.

“You want to sleep with me and you are presenting it in the most audacious way.”

“Look at yourself and see how your seriousness has just vanished. May be, sex is all you need to regain your former self.”

She fell silent again and asked me.

“What if my husband isn’t deceiving me at all? Or‚ if it is the milk that is actually playing spoilsport?”

“The last time we met you said that he didn’t touch your breasts but the reality is he isn’t taking interest in you. If he is avoiding you, he must be having something else, don’t you think? If you don’t agree, dip back into your seriousness again and allow me to go. As a doctor my only advice is don’t stop breastfeeding.”

My erection was lost, and I got up in the direction of the door. As I was about to open the door‚ she called out to me.

“If you really want to do something‚ why don’t you take my baby from my lap?”

Did I just hear those golden words from her mouth? I was a very lucky man‚ I thought. I thanked her husband a million times before turning my back to the door. Yes‚ she was smiling at me. I rushed to her side to pick up the baby. She handed me her baby and said slowly.

“Now place him gently in the cradle. He wakes up at the slightest disturbance. And then‚ come back quickly to me. There are a lot of things I need to teach you. Since you are a virgin‚ I will teach you how to please a woman.”

Once I was sure that the baby was not waking up in the cradle‚ I came back to the drawing room.

“So, how do we start?”

“Come and sit here first,” she asked me to sit by her side and I settled myself close to her on the sofa.

“Kiss me‚” she ordered as she stabbed those beautiful eyes into mine.

I moved my lips to her cheeks and gave a light kiss.

“Grow up‚ baby. A man kisses a woman on her lips.”

Yeah‚ I too meant to kiss her on the lips but I thought what if she wouldn’t like it? I brought my lips to her as we kissed gently at first. We locked our lips for some time before she pulled away.

“You are a good kisser, but you can always nevşehir escort improve.”

“If you wish to arouse me‚ you must kiss my whole body. You have to undress me slowly and caress my nakedness with your soft lips.”

“I am so dying for it‚” the hunger building within echoed out these words.

I turned her back to me and pushed her gently over one arm of the sofa. I pulled her shirt to expose her bare back. I knelt behind her as she held on to the arm. I let my tongue roll over her smooth skin as I moved up above her body. My hands simultaneously traced the skin over her belly to her breast. Indeed‚ she was without a brassiere. It was now or never. The breasts that had made me gone insane were finally within my grasp. I cuddled the soft treasures gently.

“Aaahh‚ I was dying for this since long‚” she uttered in sheer excitement.

I was quick to pull the shirt over her head. My hands continued playing with the milky pads as my lips played over her back.

“The left one is paining a bit as it is full. Why don’t you empty it?”

I pulled her up and it was then that we both lost balance and fell to the floor. Thankfully‚ we didn’t hurt ourselves.

“You are so in haste for everything. Am I going away anywhere? How could you lose your balance?”

She wasn’t complaining as her face had crafted a smile. I pulled her over my body and held her tightly. My fingers brushed the curls over her face.

“I lost my mind the day I saw you. Losing balance is such a petty thing.”

“Now would you mind relieving me? And don’t forget to use your tongue how you did the other day.”

“Did you like it?”

“Oh‚ it was so lovely‚” she said gifting another smile.

“Then why did you slap me?”

“Because had I left you going your way‚ you could have ended up undressing me like you are doing it today.”

“You were so confident on my skills!” I exclaimed. “Then relax and enjoy. I will make you happy anyways.”

I rolled her over spreading my legs across her lower torso to pin her down. My eyes were fixated on those huge attractive mounds. Already, drops of milk were seeping out of her enlarged nipples. Tiny white droplets formed, building in size, before flowing quietly down her curves. The thought of lapping up those creamy droplets was too much to resist. Tentative at first, I lowered my head on her motherly chest as the rubbery bud finally disappeared within the confines of my mouth.

The bout of lust had no clear winner. It was her turn now to rise up. As the sweet warm liquid brushed my taste buds‚ I relaxed a bit. She brushed my hair and then pushed me to the floor as we reversed our positions. All the while‚ her cherished nipple still rested in my mouth.

“This will increase the flow‚” she declared.

True to her words and in accordance with the laws of physics‚ the milk flow increased in pace. I suckled more and more and gulped down the nectar with more force. She smiled again into my eyes. It was not of the mother that I had witnessed two months back but of the empress who had finally won a battle.

Her fingers moved over my pants.

“Hey‚ you seem to be hiding some weapon in here. How didn’t I notice it?”

She moved her fingers to my belt and unbuckled it. The buttons and the zip didn’t disappoint her either and very soon her fingers ran teasingly over my hardness.

“Oh‚ this is what I missed so much‚” she exclaimed in a laborious tone. “And you say that it is untouched by a woman’s sex? I would love to take it in.”

She moved her hands into my underwear.

I felt her touch, rubbing softly over my hard shaft before moving upwards. Slowly she teased the foreskin down revealing my sensitive head. Inside my heart was beating, just at the feel of her touch. Oh, the tingle inside as she toyed with my cock. I just couldn’t prevent droplets of pre-cum from leaking out.

“Not bad at all‚” she announced. “I need more of this. My breasts now feel relaxed. Spare them and I have a surprise for you.”

I let off the fleshy dunes as she worked her hands to release my hardness from the confines of my underwear. She slid her body below and adjusted her mouth against my weapon of lust. I raised my head with the support of my elbows and watched as she placed a tender kiss on the top of my cock, her tongue lapping at what was left of my precum

“It is your first time so let me make this memorable‚” she said bearing a mischievous smile.

I was in heaven. With her hand, Nafissa stroked my shaft. That was fantastic but when her tongue joined the fun I swore I could have died in joy. As her tongue trundled over my penis‚ a sudden vibration shook my whole body. The feeling was maddening something so far beyond the joys of masturbation. She had caught hold of my erection in one hand and coated her saliva all over my hardness. If I hadn’t been careful, I would have cum there and then. I punched on the floor to prolong my upcoming climax.

“Mmmm,” I moaned as Nafissa’s warm mouth smothered my bulbous head.

“You’re fantastic,” niğde escort I cried trying to steady my voice amid all the excitement.

It could have been every man’s fantasy. The most beautiful woman in the world had just welcomed my manhood into her mouth. The loose hair that fell over her face made her look even more sexy. As she bobbed gently over my erection‚ I edged closer and closer to my impending climax. A tell-tale warmth was building down below, and I knew it was only a matter of time. It was only good and proper that I gave fair warning of the present I would soon gift to her.

“Nafissa‚” I called out, my voice now rising and falling in time with her mouth. “I can’t hold it any more. I am going to cum.”

It was just a gesture to her to take me out of her mouth. She didn’t. Instead she smiled at me and gave a wink in her eye. . I closed my eyes as she doubled her efforts on my waiting cock, sucking hard as she rose before plunging down again.

“Aghhh,” I moaned as the first spasm racked my cock.

Clenching tight I somehow held off the inevitable, but her torment was never ending. Up and down her head bobbed, once, twice, three times and then—

With a grunt, I unloaded the first squirt into her mouth and as she pulled off my cock‚ another three squirts hit her face. She closed her eyes as her hand pumped on my rod till the last drop dribbled out. I was spent, that single orgasm draining me completely. I lay there, totally still bar for my heavy breaths. What had just happened was far beyond anything in my imagination.

“Oh, my poor doctor! I feel so sad in seeing your condition. I don’t think will be ready anytime soon to have sex with me. Okay‚ let me wash my face and come back to you.”

I watched as Nafissa stood up and headed for the bathroom. She was just in her trousers, the material clinging tightly around her plentiful ass. Her long black hair cascaded down to her waist. The navel on her smooth belly dignified her beauty. Her breasts hung on freely over her chest and the dark long nipples protruded delicately from her shaded areola. Oh yes, my Nafissa was an angel. Everything was perfect, her smooth skin, her ample bust and her most luscious curves. Maybe this was heaven itself. Then there was that smile. It was enough to melt any heart, and she had control of mine. I watched as she walked away, the swagger in her hips having me wonder just what was under those trousers. The more I wondered, the more I imagined them falling to the floor. In my mind, I could see her every curve coming to life and with it the first quiver of excitement down below.

“What if I am ready for sex now?” I asked.

“Then I will leave my husband and marry you.”

The words gave an adrenaline rush in my body. I shot up immediately to a seated posture and looked at her in surprise.

“Are you serious?”

She didn’t reply a word, just walked away with that smile on her face. Once more Nafissa had bowled me over and I collapsed back on the floor again. I closed my eyes and dreamed of her nakedness. How long had she left me there? I wasn’t sure, but when I roused myself, I could already sense the blood rushing into my flaccid organ, my body seemingly reinvigorated with a new leash of energy. Respect a non-consenting lady but don’t spare a consenting one, especially if she is so close to your heart‚ my heart echoed. I got up and threw off my last remaining clothes.

I followed her trail to the wash basin. She had bent her head and was busy cleaning my stuff from her sweet face. What were visible were her sexy full buttocks. I tiptoed and stood behind her. Just as she stood up‚ I wrapped my arms across her body one across her shoulders and the other round her belly. All I made sure was to caress my hardness against her fleshy butts.

I swept her dark locks aside and nestled my mouth up against her smooth skin. Gently I nibbled on her neck and ear, blowing softly as I whispered my message.

“I love you, Nafissa. You are the everything I could ever want.”

An arm swept round, and Nafissa grasped at my now unclothed buttocks. . Sensing my nakedness and desire‚ she was quick to foresee the impending fornication.

“Kill me‚ my man. I am all yours.” She declared as she threw her head back onto my shoulders.

My hand was quick to navigate a path from her breasts, down across her smooth stomach, and into her trousers. Still I continued, meeting no resistance, as I squeezed into the front of her hidden panties. What a pleasant surprise, my hand running across bare skin as I inched my way towards her waiting sex.

“It feels so nice‚” she cooed softly.

I had to agree. Just the feel of her warm bare skin had my heart beating. Reaching further, I ran fingers over her apex, feeling her puffy lips. Nafissa, spread her legs slightly and I took full advantage. I brushed a finger across her lips and followed with another. With gentle circles, I teased her sex, eliciting moans from my lover. I could feel the tremble in her body and the moisture down below. Easing her lips apart, I slowly inserted my fingers one after the other into her damp depths. My free hand was now busy fondling her boobs, as my lips still teased her neck. I listened to Nafissa’s breathing becoming just a little ragged, her chest rising and falling quickly the more I worked her sex.

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