Rediscovering Mike Ch. 02

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A man rediscovers the suppressed faggot cock-sucker he was as a teenager, and explores every hidden kink and desire along the way. This story will become increasingly more graphic and more kinky. Kind of like me.

The taste of the stranger’s cum slowly dissipated. Mike was left with but the memory. That, and a few dribbles of man juice on his shirt, he noticed as he looked down. That’s when the sounds of men fucking, of men making other men cum, came back to him. When the kid started to unload warm salty cum in his mouth, his mind transported him somewhere else. A place, or time, or dimension, where there was only Mike and a cock.

A cock attached to a complete stranger who used Mike’s mouth to get off and deposit his seed. Mike smiled. He liked that. He felt good replaying in his mind what happened. But the sound of the two men fucking brought him back to the here and now, to the forest, the gay cruising ground. He stood and turned, fixing his gaze on the beauty of two men engulfed in lust. One man giving himself over to the raw desire to pump his load of cum into another man’s ass, and the need of the other man to have his man hole used by a stranger, to have another man’s cock inside him. Mike knew instantly that he wanted to be the second man, even though his sole thought on entering the woods was sucking cock. His hand easily slid into his pants, down to his cock, his still hard cock, and he began to stroke.

To his left he saw the other two men, one on his knees as Mike had been, sucking dick. Another middle-age, probably married, cock whore. Probably married, because Mike made out that he had a dog on a leash—having used the excuse of walking the dog to get out of the house and swallow some cum before bed. Then he could make out other guys, beyond the two closest. One, another college kid, was walking towards Mike, with a grin on his face, and his hard cock hanging out of his zipper.

Before the kid got to him, Mike was on his knees, his back to the two guys fucking. He wanted his dude to enjoy the fuck show, and he wanted to concentrate oral seks porno on what he now saw was a meaty uncut cock, slightly longer than his own six inches, but nearly twice as thick. Mike didn’t know much about uncut dick, but he was overcome with lust, with a driving need to have this dick in his mouth.

He grabbed the base of the cock in his fist, opened his mouth, and forcefully drove his lips down the shaft to where his fist was. It was firm, but not completely hard yet, so Mike stroked and sucked at the same time. As his head pulled back and his lips pulled away, leaving his tongue against the piss slit, his fist pulled the skin of the cock over the head, getting the skin and his fist coated with his spit. His fist squeezed on the cock head and then pulled the skin back down to the base of the cock, as his mouth followed right behind. By about the tenth stroke, this dude’s was hard.

On the next down stroke, Mike pulled his fist off, and he shoved his face all the way to this guy’s pubic hair, forcing the cock to pop down his throat. He left the cock buried in his mouth like this, using the back of his tongue muscle to massage the cock head. He savored the feel of the cock fucked into his throat until he could no longer hold his breath. He eased his face off of the cock and gasped for air. Before he could catch his breath, the guy leaned forward, once again pushing the cock into Mike’s mouth.

He needed no more cajoling; he simply opened his throat and rammed his face all the way to the base of the cock once again. This time, though, he did not linger. He started to fuck the cock with his mouth and throat. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. Pulling his mouth almost off of the fat head and then ramming his lips back down the rigid shaft. Faster and faster. He slobbered spit from the corners of his mouth, all over the hunk of man meat he was sucking on, but, like a good slut, he did not stop. He continued over and over and over again, faster and faster, until the felt the cum gushing into his mouth. This time, the dick playboy porno was not down his throat, and he could take the time to taste this man’s seed, letting it coat his tongue and mouth, spurt after spurt after spurt, until he finally had to swallow to make room for even more man juice.

The guy did not move. He stood there, leaving his dick in Mike’s mouth. Mike enjoyed being able to suck, and suck hard, trying to suck every last sperm from the guy’s balls and out of his cock. When the final gelatinous chunk of cum slid out of the piss slit, Mike released his suction. The guy put his hands on the sides of Mike’s head, and, as his bent over, the cock popped out of Mike’s mouth.

The guy softly said in his ear, “What a talented little cock sucker. Thanks dude.”

Mike stood, with a shit eating grin on his face, as the man walked away. But before he made it ten feet, another guy dropped to his knees in front of Mike. It hadn’t occurred to him that he would get serviced, but e was so fucking horned up that he didn’t even think about it. He unzipped, pulled his still hard cock out of his pants. It only took a couple of minutes of replaying the scenes in his head, seeing himself on the ground, whoring his mouth out for strangers, and he came. He felt the power of his orgasm from his toes to the hair on his head, like a bolt of electricity shooting through him. Undoubtedly the longest, fullest, and strongest climax he could remember.

It took him only a few minutes to bust his nut, but it took even less time to come down from the sex high. Usually with his wife, in less than a minute after cumming he was done, ready to turn over and sleep or get out of bed and get started with grass cutting and all of life’s other responsibilities. But this was different. He had never had such a prolonged rush from hetro sex like he just had fagging out. And he never had felt such a rapid and hard crash afterwards.

He thought to himself, “Jesus, fucking christ. What the fuck am I doing out here? Oh fuck, I’ve really fucked up. I’m a dad. I’m pornhub porno married. How can I look my wife in the face and fuck her ever again. What if I caught something.”

“Oh sweet fucking jesus, I am only a quarter mile from home. What if the neighbors see me. What if they say something to Lisa. Oh jesus fucking christ!”

He didn’t look at the guy who sucked him off, didn’t thank him for taking his load. He just looked away, put his dick in his pants, and quickly walked away, face down, not looking at anyone. He got to the edge of the woods, looked at each house, each window, and, when he thought he might be safe, he sneaked back to his house, like a teenager sneaking back in after curfew.

Joey was slamming this dude hard. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought that he was doing real damage to this boy’s innards. Oh how he loved fucking these horny faggot college boys that ventured into the woods looking for sex. Looking to find a real man with a real cock to fill their boy cunts, as though that would fill some void inside of them.

Shit, he could care less about their psychological development needs, their issues. He just loved to fuck. Loved to bury is cock in any hole, willing or not so willing. Loved to fuck his seed deep inside sluts. If he made them hurt a little, made them scream, so much the better. And this fucking faggot was whimpering and screaming in pain from the rough hard thrusts of Joey’s fat cock in and out of his tight fucking boy ass.

That’s when Joey noticed him, his neighbor, the quiet accountant. Mike. It was only for an instant, when the moonlight hit his face just right. He couldn’t be sure, but he was kind of sure. The next time he looked over his shoulder, Mike was on his knees sucking dick like a pro. Like a faggot whore. The next time he looked over, he saw the cock sucking accounting rushing away.

Joey couldn’t let this fish get away. He pulled out, slapped the boy hard on his ass and told him, none to quietly, “Thanks faggot. But you ain’t getting my seed tonight you fucking queer.” And in half a moment Joey was on the path, following Mike, trying to put his pants and shirt on while he walked.

From the edge of the woods, Joey watched Mike sneaking back home. He felt satisfaction knowing that he had caught his neighbor. And anticipation of fucking his faggot cunt hole.

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