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On the day after my eighteenth birthday I was working in the drugstore where I bought a box of a dozen Trojans. The druggist, Mr. Waldner, saw me checking out my own purchase and asked what I was buying while already looking in the bag. “Good idea kid. Be prepared and better to be prepared than sorry right?” He was friends with both my mom and I just prayed he didn’t tell.

About a month later I was buying a third box of Trojans. When Mr. Waldner saw me he asked me how those were working for me. I told him that I guessed they worked fine but seemed short and very tight. He was a little taken aback but suggested another brand and told me that it was on the house because he had forgotten my birthday. I ran them out to my car and put the box in the glove box and one in my wallet.

Business was kind of slow that evening and I suggested I could leave. He responded, “You can, but I have a delivery, if you’d like to take care of it on the way home. It’s at the “Pond House.” I told him I’d be glad to. Everyone in town knew where the house was. It was built on an island in the middle of a small pond at the end of a long street. It was the only home on the street. “Just give me a minute to put a message in the bag for the customer.” He was back in a second. “She’s kind of lonely so please give her a few minutes to chit-chat.”

It was about a five minute drive and then a one minute walk across the bridge to the home. I vaguely remembered when the home was built. Everyone snickered at the idea of putting a house on that island but when it was featured in an issue of some magazine they all shut up. It was almost all glass and cedar. I had never seen the couple who owned it other than their pictures in the paper.

I walked the bridge and rang the doorbell. The woman who answered the door opened it with a smile but when she saw me it turned into a pout. “Where is T… I mean Mr. Waldner?” I told her that he asked me to make the delivery because he was way behind on his paperwork but did have a message for her in her parcel. She invited me in while she opened her bag. She pulled out a single pill bottle and inside it was a slip of paper and nothing else. She read it and a smile slowly erupted on her face.

She had on the most sheer robe I had ever seen; even in the Sears, Wards, or Penny’s catalogs I perused when my folks were gone. Hers was a pale green color that just amplified her curly, flaming red hair and her emerald eyes. Only a thin sash of the same material held it closed, and the robe did little to hide her large tits or nipples. When I say large tits, they weren’t nearly as big as my friend Lolita’s, but even the filtered view through the robe made me start to get hard. The sash was pulled tight and showed off her tiny waist.

“Mr. Waldner’s note said “Happy Birthday and Enjoy”. Do know what he meant?” I told her I didn’t, but wished her a happy birthday. She continued, “Please come sit down so we can chat a bit. It gets very lonely out here, especially on your fiftieth birthday. You can call me Red.” She had a bit of an accent I couldn’t place, but she was fifty? I would have maybe figured her for thirty.

I told her I thought she had a husband. She lost a few tears and I apologized for being so insensitive. “He died about nine months ago. It happened one evening during a rather intimate moment and was quite sudden. I was devastated and afraid that I had caused it but I have been assured by a few doctors that it was just his time to go. At least he died with a smile on his face. Mr. Waldner has been a great comfort to me for the last six months.” I was speechless. “Please come sit with me and tell me about yourself.”

She led me to a long and wide settee and we sat a few feet apart but semi-facing each other. Please tell me about yourself. I gave her the mundane details of growing up in this small town and my ambitions to become a pharmacist at some point. “Do you mind if I’m a bit direct,” she asked. I just shrugged. “What is your age?” I told her I was eighteen. “Are you a virgin?” That question made me blush, but I answered honestly that I wasn’t. “How many girls have you fucked?” The directness of that question shocked me. I had never heard a women or girl use that word, but I told her eight. I didn’t count Lolita.

“Hmm; so you’re not a virgin and actually have some experience. When did you turn eighteen?” I told her it was only a month or two ago. “You’re a good looking young man but how and where did you manage to find that many girls willing to fuck that fast?” I told her I worked weekends as a bartender.

“That explains it. Every woman, including myself, thinks the bartender is the best fuck in town! We’re often right. Experience almost always displays itself. As she talked the knot on her flimsy robe sash started to slip. I could just see the edge of her bright pink areola. She followed my gaze and moved just enough to expose a bit more.

“Have any of your conquests been old horny women ısparta escort like me? I shook my head in the negative. I had a hard time taking my eyes off her tits as the knot continued to slip and she showed more. “Have you ever fucked a redhead?” I muttered no. “What have you heard about sex with a redhead?” I told her that an older friend had told me that the fire inside was just as strong as the one in their hair. “I love that! I’ve never heard that one!”

“Do you know how to tell if a women is a true redhead?” I told her I guessed that everything should match. She smiled and opened her robe to reveal her bright red curly bush. Her hands went down and stroked and fingered her pussy. She brought her fingers to her lips and licked them clean. I asked if I could have a taste. She looked surprised but spread her legs for me and guided my hand. I slipped my middle finger back and forth in her warm, very wet slit and licked my fingers. Her bush was more like fur.

“Come into the kitchen.” I followed her and for some reason was infatuated with her swaying ass. On the counter there was a bottle of Cuervo Gold, two shot glasses, a salt shaker, and a small dish with lime slices. “Do you drink?” I told her just a bit and mostly beer. “This will put hair on your chest.” She poured two generous shots, took my hand and licked the back of it before sprinkling it with a bit of salt. I followed her lead as we downed the shots together and sucked the lime and the salt from our hands. She poured two more and we repeated the process, but this time she wiped the back of both our hands on her now dripping pussy. It’s a taste I still relish.

She unbuttoned my shirt and ran her fingers through the down-like hair on my chest. “See; it’s already working! I have three more questions: What did Mr. Waldner mean by ‘enjoy’ if I wasn’t deflowering a virgin? How late can you stay? And would you like to fuck me?” To answer, I got up and moved to where she was as she sat down. She reached out, unzipped, and unsnapped my jeans. My hard on spilled out on her face. She grabbed it and fairly shrieked. I told her my dad gets nervous if I’m out after three and what I was presenting to her certainly answered the last. She kissed the end of my cock, almost just as Debbie had, but dug her tongue into my pee slit. She stood and dragged me to the bedroom where she shed her robe and laid on the bed with her legs spread wide. “Fuck me with that young monster.” I reached for my wallet and she told me I didn’t need one. “I had that fixed years ago. Just fuck me and let me feel all that hot flesh in my cunt!”

I had already learned that patience and perseverance would eventually be rewarded. I laid on top of her with my hard cock pressed against her thigh. She groped for it but I made sure it was just out of her grasp. I kissed her mouth and unleashed my tongue as far as I could. She sucked it hard. I slid down and kissed and sucked those warm soft tits and hard hot nipples that were now brick red and throbbing. She began to beg me to fuck her and I slid up a bit and rubbed my cock head up and down her slit, paying special attention to her hard and exposed clit. She was now screaming for me to fuck her, but I slid further down and began to lick her slit from her cunt to her clit. She came almost immediately. Her climax was unlike any of the others I had experienced. If theirs had been tremors, hers was a volcanic eruption, replete with hot lava spewing out of her cunt.

I sucked her juices and slid up enough to feed them to her as I jammed my cock into her hot cunt. She came twice again and I could feel more hot juice wetting my balls. I blew hard inside her. Confident that she was satiated. I started to pull out when she wrapped her legs around me and held me in place.

“Wait, feel, and enjoy how old sluts like me know what they’re doing.” I did what she said and ground my pelvis into hers as hard as I could. I started to harden and wanted to begin stroking but she stopped me.

“Just lay still my young stud.” I began to feel her cunt muscles contract and relax around my hardening cock. It only took a few minutes of that until I was at full staff. She pushed me off and rolled over on her knees with her ass facing me. “Fuck me from behind. I want every bit of it in my cunt and I need it hard and fast.”

This was new to me. Every other experience had been in the back seat of my car and always in the standard missionary position. I jammed my cock in again and for the first time I was able to immerse it totally in a hot welcoming cunt. I reached around with both hands and grabbed her tits hard. She moaned and pulled one of my hands down to her crotch. I got the message and as I pinched one nipple hard I pinched her engorged clit. Once again her juices spewed from her cunt and soaked my balls. Her cunt squeezed and pulsed so hard on my cock that she made me blow hard and quickly. I held it in as tightly as I could as her cunt muscles milked kastamonu escort out what I thought had to be the last few drops. I now understood the “fire of a redhead” and was hooked for life.

I held in as tightly as I could and admired her beautiful ass. It would be a few years before I would rule one and I’ve always regretted not exploring that possibility with her. My soft cock slipped out of her steamy cunt and I rolled over onto my back. She presented her nice soft tits to my mouth, pressing then together so I could suck both nipples at the same time. I thought of Lolita and wondered if she would like that. “Had this yet?” She didn’t wait for an answer but slithered down my body and took my cum-soaked and spent cock in her mouth. I was super sensitive but she was gentle and kind until I began to stir. Her tongue did the most miraculous things and I started to harden again. I told her how good it felt and she pulled back and asked if I’d like to join her in mutual oral pleasure. I didn’t quite know what she meant but when she did a 180 turn and pressed her dripping pussy to my lips as she sucked me again, I got the idea.

It seemed a little gross at first but smelling the steam that emanated from her cunt and hearing her whimpers and moans made it all worthwhile. I squeezed her clit with my lips. She blasted my face with a mix of our mixed juices and I took in all I could. I came deep in her throat. She turned again and I rolled her over and let the juices flow to her mouth. “Fucking amazing! Best birthday present ever! Next time I see Mr. Waldner I’ll be sure to thank him properly.”

She got a wash cloth and between that and her mouth cleaned me up considerably. “Let’s see. First redhead, first old slut, first 69. Any other firsts tonight?” I told her it was actually my first time on a bed and that all the rest had been in the back of my car. I also told her that the second and third time had been a new position for me but I thought I’d try it more in the future since it was the first total penetration for me.

She pouted, “It wasn’t the first time in a woman’s mouth?” I told her that I had a friend who was saving her virginity for marriage but enjoyed satisfying me as long as I did her first. Red told me to always do my partner first and that it’s sort of the golden rule of good sex.” “Do others and they will do you”

I told her I was sorry I wasn’t her virgin offering. “Believe me; you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. That was probably the best fuck I’ve ever had. A virgin couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to satisfy me in the ways you did. I still have fucking a virgin on my list of things to do though. Do you have any suggestions?”

I told her about my friend Roy who was too shy to even ask a girl to dance much less invite sex. “If you’re not working Wednesday afternoon perhaps the two of you could come by and help me rearrange some furniture? I might be able to tick two things off my list. I’ve always wanted to have one cock cum in my mouth at the same time my cunt was being flooded. Do you think you and your friend are up for that?”

I told her that I was but I couldn’t be sure about Roy because he was so shy. She told me to not worry about it and let her draw him out of his shell. She would plan the ambush.

When I got home at about midnight my father was still up. He told me he knew the drugstore closed hours ago and asked where I had been. I told him I had made a delivery after closing. “Do you mean Waldner let you take his weekly Monday night delivery to the Pond House? He must really like you. I assume you had a good time? She’s quite a fine specimen of a woman.” I stammered a bit.

“Look son, this is a small town. There are very few secrets and everyone knows he goes there every Monday night and leaves about four hours later. He’s divorced and she’s a very attractive widow. I hope you made her happy. Now take a shower son. You reek of sex.”

I didn’t tell Roy what to expect but we made arrangements to meet at my house and go to hers to move some furniture. He called at the last minute and canceled. He said it was a family emergency. I thought about calling her but decided to go in person. I got to the front door and there was a note taped to it that said it was open and just come on in. I didn’t see her anywhere until I looked out the back door. She was laying on a hammock with her knees spread and her fingers stroking her red bush. I watched with interest as the hammock began to shake and rock. When she calmed I went out to see her.

“You’re over-dressed and where’s my first virgin?” I explained that he couldn’t make it and hoped we could reschedule. “Sunday would work but you’re still over-dressed!” I pulled off my shirt and pulled down my shorts and briefs. She beckoned me to come closer and reached out to gently stroke my cock. “My husband and I chose this property because of the seclusion. We used to come out here and fuck in this hammock often kayseri escort in the summer. It took us a while to learn how to make each other happy and not roll over and land on the grass. Sound like fun?” I assured her that it did and went to lay between her legs and lick her clit. “I don’t need any warm-up I just need to be fucked nice and slowly.” She came deep and silent. I did too, right along with her.

Roy finally showed up on Sunday and it was raining so I knew she wouldn’t be in the back yard. We went in the front door and she was laying on the setee in her flimsy robe. I introduced Roy and he gulped at the sight of her. She was all business and directed us to move about a dozen items of furniture. As she pointed out each task her sash slipped more and pretty soon Roy had a clear view of what were probably the first live and bare tits he had ever seen. When she gave the last directive his “Yes Mamn” came out more like “Yyyes Mmmaam”. She turned and left the room and told us she had something for us to do in the bedroom. I wondered if Roy had cum in his pants.

She had shed her robe, not that it covered much, and was kneeling on a pillow as we walked in. “I’ve always wanted two cocks in my mouth at one time. Indulge me please.” It seemed like a strange idea to me and felt even stranger when we pushed both of our cocks in at the same time. Roy was too numb to object but not too numb to cum almost immediately. To feel another guys cum on my cock felt stranger still but she cleaned us both up individually.

She got up and on the bed, on her knees, with her head facing the foot. “Roy, I want you to shove that virgin cock into my cunt, and Bob, you know what I’m going to do for you. You’re the captain of this slutty whore and I expect you to hold back until you know he’s cumming.” It took about ten minutes before I saw Roy’s eyes begin to roll up and I relaxed to let it go. Apparently the timing was perfect based on Red’s response. When we were done she let my cock free from her mouth and turned around to clean up Roy. He seemed horrified.

We left her happy, but on the way back to my house where Roy could pick up his car, he began to cry. “I always wanted my first time to be my wife’s first time too. I can’t believe you led me down that path!” I was speechless. I thought I had just done the guy a favor. We never were really friends after that.

I went away to college but on breaks and vacations always came home and worked at the tavern and the drug store. At the end of my freshman year I learned that Mr. Waldner and Red had married. I was surprised to have him ask me to make a delivery to her one evening. “You made her so very happy. I can barely keep up with her. The woman will kill me eventually. Please go and make her happy.”

When I got to the pond-house the door was unlocked and there was a note on the screen that simply said BR. I walked in and to the bedroom. She was laying there with legs spread and wearing the same flimsy robe. After eating her for a bit I took her long and hard both from the front and back and she eventually sucked me off for my last go. “She licked her lips and just said, “Welcome Home, I’ve obviously missed you.”

I “visited” her about once a week when I was home on breaks. I always left her satisfied and she did the same for me.

When I graduated, I went home for one last visit before delving into the real world. I learned that Mr. Waldner had passed away and Red had quickly sold both the drug store and the pond house. My dad told me she bought into a 55+ community near Orlando. I’d heard in a public health class that those places were hotbeds of sexual activity. The thought made me smile. I asked Dad how Mr. Waldner had passed. “With a smile, son. With a smile on his face.”

Every time I’ve been with a woman since Red I’ve always compared them to her. Some have been great in technique but they all lag behind Red in their sheer hunger and passion. She is the gold standard that will probably never be met, let alone surpassed.

Forty years after my first delivery to Red, I got a registered letter in the mail. It was from a lawyer in Florida. It informed me that Red had died, at the age of ninety, and had left me everything including her villa at the Villages. I was astounded. I called his office asked if he was sure there wasn’t any mistake. He told me that he had a letter for me from her but that it was too personal to read over the phone. I was there in three days. He handed me the letter and gave me some privacy to read it.


“My Dearest Bob,

I hope you enjoy this place as much as I have. Your Dad has kept me informed of your whereabouts and accomplishments. I was proud of your accomplishments from that first night. You were always my best lover and even though I tried to wear that old cunt out here, I always thought of you and wished it were you.

You should be just about ready to retire and I hope you do so here. The women of the place could really use a man of your talents and skills.

Please think of me when you are fucking some woman in that bed that I once occupied.




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