Put Down

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I grabbed my coat and hustled out of the hotel room I had called my home for the last five months. I was running late and new that my trainer Dave hated tardiness. We were meeting to discuss the last week of my training before I finally got placed in my permanent position as a mid level manager. Dave wanted to meet at a bar and grill on the south side of town that had great food and a quiet comfortable ambiance. The problem was that this restaurant was on the other side of the city and there was no way I was going to make it before seven.

I glanced at my watch and groaned loudly, it was a quarter till seven, Dave was going to be a total prick about me being late. Dave was generally a total prick anyways, but he always took it to a new level whenever I made a simple mistake. The most infuriating part about it was that I couldn’t do a damn thing to call him on his attitude. He held my career in his massive hands, and could squash my hopes and dreams with a simple phone call. On top of that, Dave was a god damn monster. He was easily 6’7″, and well over three hundred pounds. The man was built like a statue of Zeus, only larger and more imposing.

Now I’m a big guy, six foot tall and well over two hundred thirty pounds. Thanks to my days of football I was no slouch physically and had intimidated my fair share of men in the past. However, Dave knew he was the alpha male in our relationship, hell in almost every relationship, and he used his authority like a club.

I started my car and slammed out onto the streets driving with an abandon that was neither safe nor very intelligent. I thought of excuses in my head as to why I was late but abandoned them in my head almost immediately. Dave didn’t respond well to excuses, not that he responded very well to anything I had done in the past five months.

With my watch blinking five minutes till seven, I pulled into the restaurant parking lot slipping into a great spot near the front of the building. I rushed inside and quickly spotted Dave sitting at a bar table towards the back of the room. He motioned for me to come over and I did so, frustrated by my own meek acceptance of whatever he asked of me. This job better be worth this shit, I thought angrily as I fell into the seat across from Dave.

Dave watched me quietly as he sipped on what I could only guess was his usual Rum and Coke. His face was stoic, his dark brown eyes held a kind of mocking excitement. Part of me wanted to step up and pop him in the face but I instead stared right back at him. Our stare down was broken a moment later by a gorgeous waitress who asked me what I’d like to drink.

“I’ll have a Long Island Iced Tea please,” I said smiling widely as my eyes soaked up the beauty before me. She was curvaceous with long blonde hair, and a pair of lips that made my cock stir in my pants. She eyed me as she wrote down my drink order on a little pad, and then turned and walked towards the bar. I watched her go, admiring the way her ass swayed in the tight black skirt she wore. She glanced back as I watched and smiled mischievously at me, knowing exactly what I was doing and showing that she didn’t mind.

“If you’re done eye fucking our waitress maybe we can get down to business. It’s bad enough you were late.” Dave said his gruff voice breaking me from my sexual hazed mind.

“I wasn’t late, I got in right at seven,” I protested.

“In the business world Tyler, you try and show up early. If someone say’s seven then you need to be there at 6:45, not right at seven you moron. Have you not paid attention to any of the shit I’ve been trying to teach you over the last five months?” He asked it in the most condescending tone possible.

“I’m sorry Dave I am trying to learn everything you teach me.” I said through gritted teeth.

“I’m sure you are.” he waved me off dismissively as the waitress returned with my drink. I could feel her full breasts on my arm as she leaned over to place the drink in front of me. She winked as she stood back up and then walked back towards the bar. I could feel my dick become fully stiff and I fought the desire to reach down and give my cock a firm grab.

We drank in silence for the next few moments, and even ordered our meals without saying more than two words to each other. We had very little in common and it had showed over the last five months. Dave was into survival shows and hunting, and I was into sports and easy women. He was a business man based on years of service and I was a hot shot bullshit artist that was going to eventually run him out of a job.

“So the reason I called you down here was to tell you that I finalized your contract and you’ll start next week in Atlanta.” He said it quietly in between bites of the appetizers that had just been delivered by the flirty young waitress.

I sat stunned, not even comprehending what he had just said to me. I grabbed my drink and tossed it back in one fell swoop and then shook my head to clear my suddenly fuzzy mind.

“You did what? I mean Thank you, but I thought we still had another week of training?” I stammered.

“You altyazılı porno don’t need another week, you’ll stay here while they set up your office in Atlanta, but your done with anymore training. I know I haven’t made this an easy couple of months but I had to make sure you could handle the job. You did well, and I wanted to bring you out here and have a few drinks to celebrate. I think we’ve both earned it.” he said his tone relaxing more than I had ever heard it in the past.

“Well thank you Dave, I really appreciate that. All this time I thought you hated me and weren’t going to pass me on the training.” I said.

“No you did well, I’m hard on everyone like that. It’s just how I do it and it seems to work pretty damn well for the company and my reputation.” he smiled as he said the last.

The conversation went on for a few hours as we ate our meal and had our first ever genuine conversation. The booze flowed freely and we began to laugh and joke about each other as we finished our meals and sat back finishing another round of drinks.

The waitresses shift had ended but she had given me her number and told me to call her after we were done with our meals. I tucked it away in my wallet and let my mind wander to what I would do to her later this evening. We finished another round and Dave decided it might be in our best interest to go back to the hotel.

He called a cab for us and in a matter of no time we were stumbling into our room drunk and laughing. Dave grabbed two cigars out of the night stand by his bed and we walked out on the patio to smoke them in celebration. It was cold as hell outside but the alcohol had me feeling just right as I took a couple of exaggerated pulls off of my stogie.

“I need to piss in the worst way,” Dave said setting his cigar down and walking back to the bathroom. I heard him lift the lid and then heard the familiar sound of urine hitting toilet. It made me giggle like an idiot and I turned to say something to Dave about it.

I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw Dave standing in the bathroom, door wide open, with his cock in his hand. It wasn’t the first cock I’d ever seen in person but it had to have been the biggest. It was thick and tan with a massive purple head on it that made me gasp in amazement. Dave looked over at me and saw my expression and laughed uproariously. I started to turn away but he just laughed harder. He finished up and flushed the toilet and walked over to the window with that monster cock still hanging out of his jeans. I turned away from him now in embarrassment, hoping he’d put his cock away.

“What’s a matter Tyler you didn’t seem to mind looking at it a few seconds ago?” he said teasingly.

“I wasn’t looking at it, I just didn’t expect for the door to be open and it caught me off guard.” I said coolly.

“I’m sure that was it, it had nothing to do with the enormous cock I have hanging out of my jeans then?” He asked.

“No it had nothing to do with any cock Dave, I’m not into that gay shit.” I said starting to get angry.

“Calm down I know, I’m just fucking with you Tyler. I saw you with our waitress.”

I took another puff off of my cigar and then smothered it on the floor of the patio. The Long Island’s were starting to catch up with me and I didn’t want this conversation to continue on any longer. I turned towards Dave looking him straight in the face. My eyes flickered to his crotch once and I was happy to see his cock was no longer hanging out.

“I’m going to bed Dave, my heads starting to swim a bit and I haven’t been sleeping that well for the last few weeks.” I said.

He nodded and then walked back out on the patio to finish his cigar. I stripped out of everything but my boxers and then climbed into bed. I lay there for what seemed like hours falling in and out of the place right next to sleep. My brain was racing and I kept seeing Dave’s giant member in my head. I was by no means gay, but I couldn’t shake the impressive sight from my head. His dick had dwarfed my own and I was sure it could make a few porn stars envious.

I finally blacked it out of my head and fell into a deep comfortable sleep. My dreams were odd and uncomfortable as I kept seeing a giant dick bouncing in front of my face. My eyes popped open as I felt something on my butt and thigh. I didn’t move at first not sure what it was. I was still half asleep and thought maybe I had tossed a pillow onto my back in my sleep. I reached back with my hand in a daze and gripped the heavy…

My eyes opened fully and suddenly all my sleep addled wits came crashing down on me. My hand had closed on Dave’s cock, which was mysteriously laying on my butt and thigh. I could feel the heat of it in my hand and was amazed at how soft it felt there. Finally realizing what I was doing I snatched my hand away and turned over staring up at Dave who was completely naked in front of me.

“What the fuck are you doing Dave. This shit isn’t funny I told you I’m not into any Gay…” He cut me off as he stepped forward and amatör porno dropped his cock right on my mouth. I sputtered immediately and tried to reel back but he grabbed me by my hair and forced me to sit there with his cock on my lips.

“Now listen Tyler, you can either do what I want and make this easy, or I can beat the fuck out of you and then make it much harder. Either way you’re getting fucked tonight. The question is do you want to enjoy it or hate it?” he asked his voice deathly calm.

A thousand different responses bubbled into my head but I could not say any of them. Dave really could murder me here and there was no way I could stop him. I could either give in and get raped or I could fight it and get beaten nearly to death and still get raped. I hated myself for doing it but I nodded weakly, the motion making the head of his cock rub up and down on my lips.

“Good, I’d hate to hurt you right before your big promotion. Now open your mouth and start sucking my dick bitch.” He commanded me.

It was disgusting, and humiliating but I opened my moth and slowly started to suck the head of his cock. I was hoping that I could do a good job and make him finish before he got any other ideas. It felt weird having a dick in my mouth, but it wasn’t nearly as revolting as I assumed it would be. Dave was very clean and well groomed and had almost no scent. It tasted a bit salty but no worse than anything else I had tried in my life.

I sucked slowly taking no more than the head in my mouth for fear that he would drown me with the rest of his cock. I ran my tongue up the slit a few times and heard Dave groan a bit at that. Maybe I would get out of this alive if I kept up just like this.

Dave however had other plans, he reached over and grabbed my head and pulled me down farther on his cock. I felt the head hit the back of my throat and I chocked and coughed on his dick.

“That’s a good slut right there, choke on my dick baby.” he moaned as he started thoroughly face fucking me. I felt warm tears leak out of my eyes at the ridiculousness of this entire affair, and new that some of the tears were from the choking, but even more were from the sudden hardness in my pants.

He was face fucking me and I was getting hard because of it. I felt dirty in a way I had never felt before and it made me forget about what was going on in my mouth. Was I enjoying this? Or was my body just responding to the sexual nature of this whole encounter?

I could feel his dick getting farther and farther down my throat and I wanted it to stop, I tried to cry out but all that came out was a muffled whine.

“What are you getting tired baby? Daddy knows what you want.” He pulled out of my mouth and motioned for me to flip over onto my stomach. I complied shamefully not knowing what else to do. He pulled my hips up so that I was on all fours and then deftly ripped my boxers clean off. I shuddered not knowing what to think, was he going to just impale me with that cock?

“Please don’t hurt me Dave.” I said meekly.

“That’s daddy to you bitch, but I won’t hurt you. I’m going to show you how much of a little slut you really are.” No sooner were the words out of his mouth than I felt his mouth close on my exposed ass hole. I tried to buck away in surprise but he held on and buried his wet slithering tongue inside of me.

I’d like to lie and say it was terrible and disgusting. I’d like to say it had no affect on me and that I handled it stoically, but that would be bullshit. The feel of his tongue on my asshole made me go crazy. My dick became as hard as a rock, and I found myself backing into his gyrating tongue. He was eating my ass like a savant and I was loving it. The mix of booze, and his whirlwind tongue had me out of my mind. I stopped thinking like a regular person and started just reacting to the pleasure that was pouring over me.

I reached back for his cock and grasped onto it with my right hand. I began jerking it fast and hard wanting to return the favor of pleasure he was giving me. He immediately pulled away and flipped me onto my back. He rolled me up like a little ball so that my mouth was right next to his cock while he ate my ass. I dove onto his heavy member and started to suck it with abandon. I was trying to take it all into my throat, but kept coughing and sputtering with each extra inch I took.

He continued to work my ass like a pro with his tongue for what seemed like forever. He would flick his tongue along the outside of my anal ring and then every so often plunge his tongue inside of me. The sheer ecstasy of it had me shaking with exhaustion and my mouth was starting to hurt from the size and girth of his cock. He pulled away and I nearly cried out as his cock left my throat. I didn’t want him to stop so soon, I could feel the tension in my balls growing and I wanted us to both cum.

He stepped over to his bed for just a moment and then was back in seconds with a big tube of lube in his hands. I watched him spread the lube onto his fingers with an intensity I had never felt anal porno before. I could feel myself growing nervous at the idea of him putting anything in my ass. In seconds I was back on my hands and knees and I could feel him slipping a single finger into my tight virgin ass.

He was moving fast now the finger slid in and was quickly joined by a second. I could tell he knew what he was doing cause both bingers slipped in with little to no resistance. The tongue lashing he had given me had already loosened me up pretty damn well, and now he was finger fucking me with steady thrusts. I could feel him stretching his fingers inside of me and it made my cock bounce with each insertion. This felt nice, not as good as his tongue had felt, but nice. The third finger went in with a little more work but it still didn’t hurt me at all. Then all three fingers were gone and I heard Dave slathering his cock with lube.

I wanted to protest, he couldn’t possibly fit that thing inside of me. I wanted to scream and fight and say that this was wrong, but instead I just whimpered as I felt the heavy head make first contact with my hole.

“Just relax and push, I promise that my little slut will love this.” he said it so assuredly that I just closed my eyes and nodded. Was I really his little slut?

He pushed slow and steady, and I screamed into the pillow as the mushroom head began stretching me out in ways I had never felt before. The pain was intense and I couldn’t help but shake and scream as he continued to push his cock inside of me. I heard and felt a pop as the head of his cock finally crested my ring. He sat motionless allowing me to get used to the huge invader in my ass. It hurt like a son of a bitch, but something about it made me feel…slutty.

He pulled out just a bit and then pushed forward burying even more of his dick in my ass. Then he would back out a few inches and push a little farther forward than the time before. This went on for some time until I finally felt his balls resting against my things. He was fully inside of me and I couldn’t place the feeling yet in my ass. The pain was still intense and pulsating but it was not as bad as it had been initially.

We sat there for a few moments and I was surprised to feel him kneading my ass cheeks with his huge hands. He pulled his hips back so that just the head of his cock was inside of me and then he pushed all the way into me. The thrust nearly made me pass out, it had hurt but that wasn’t what had caught me. It was the feel of his entire cock thrusting into me that sent off endorphins in my head like the fourth of July.

I moaned uncontrollably and he took that as a sign to start fucking me, which he did with slow full thrusts that filled me up to my teeth. Each stroke made my body shutter with pleasure and I knew I was exactly what he said I was. I was his slut.

He began to speed up his and I could feel his balls bounce off my own with each thrust. He was fucking me hard and I found myself slamming back to meet each thrust of his perfect cock. He leaned down on me and I could feel his mouth on my ear as he continued to impale me.

“Do you like this Tyler, do you like when your daddy fucks your slutty ass?” his voice in my ear sent me into the deep end, I couldn’t control myself any longer with the assault he was putting on my senses.

“Yes daddy fuck me, I’m your nasty slut.. I love your cock inside me daddy. Fuck me and cum in my dirty whore mouth.” I screamed back at him as I drove my hips backs to meet his own. We fucked hard like this, his hands caressing my ass and chest as he fucked me like a dirty slut on all fours.

He pulled out of me and I almost screamed at him not to stop, but he quickly flipped me over and rolled me onto my back. His cock was back inside me in moments and moaned and sighed in the same breath. He continued to pound my ass with fast hard strokes and I suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to kiss him. I reached up grabbed his head and pulled him into a kiss. The feel of his cock inside of me and his tongue darting in and out of my mouth was the perfect combination. I felt my cock jerk and I was blowing my load between us, as he continued to slam into me. I felt my asshole contract and he moaned loud biting down on my lip in sudden surprise.

“O, baby that ass is so good. I need to come where do you want it slut?” he asked his voice heavy with need.

“On my face daddy, cum on my face.” I said it, and was surprised to find that I meant it. Sluts took cum on their faces and I was his slut through and through.

He slammed into me two more times and then pulled his cock out of my ass with a loud slurping pop. I fell down off of the bed on all fours and much to my surprise grabbed his dick and shoved it in my mouth. This shocked him just as much and he moaned loudly his hands falling on my head. I took about half of his cock down my throat this time and was really getting into it when I felt him push me off of his dick. He pulled it out of my mouth and began to beat it furiously right in front of my face. I saw it start to spasm and on a whim decided to open my mouth as the first hot spurt of cum exploded from his cock. It shot into my mouth and was quickly followed by four more thick shots of cum. Most of it went in my mouth but a few globs hung off my lips and I knew I must look like a total cock whore.

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