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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.


I was lead into a room where I saw him – on all fours, panting, collared, chastised, and a dumb smile across his face.

I bent over, and ruffled my hand through his hair as he pressed against my hand, eyes closed, panting increasing.

“What’s his breed?” I asked, examining his body.

“He was a horribly stupid soccer jock I was tutoring,” the breeder began, showing me his past belongings. “It didn’t take much to dumb him down to what he is now, I’d say just 2 month. He’s only been trained to sit as well, so there’s still more to do for whoever buys him.”

“I don’t mind a project, is he really that small?” I take a look and play with his chastity, a mere 2″ cock in the plastic.

“Take a look at this.” The breeder unlocks anime porno the cage and scratches his belly, immediately his cock gets erected to 3.2″ “I’m not sure how he was so popular with nothing packing down there.”

“Looks good. 5’6″, 135lbs, nice calves, cute nose, full head of hair, and a great body. Not too muscular, so there’s still some fat to pinch.” I pinch is belly, and he yelps.

“He’s discounted since he isn’t trained, a mutt, and not too bright.” I listen as I examine him more, and he drips precum onto the floor.

“I’ll take him.” I say, taking out my checkbook, filling it out and handing a check to the breeder.

“Here’s some forms.” I take a look at them, and see ‘NAME OF PET’

“Hmm, Danny, how about, Spike?” I suggest, and he wags his ass. “Spike it is.” I say, anne porno writing it down and finishing the forms.

I walk out, with a kennel, a palette of dog food, various accessories, and a binder on Spike’s background information. I load it it all into my car, and drive off to my home.

In the house, Spike is reluctant at first to leave the kennel. I lead him out with bacon, which he happily chomps down.

“Who’s a good boy!” I praise as his cock strains against his cage. As I present him with another treat, and he comes up to take it, I get behind him and lube up his hairy hole. “We’re going to have to do some shaving.” I say as I slip a finger into his ass, and grin at his yelp. As I spread his cheeks, I push a tail in, and am greeted with cries of pain before it slips in. As I test out the various arap porno vibrations, I enjoy his many facial expressions and struggle.

“Does someone want to hump daddy’s leg?” I ask, as he looks at me, cocking his head to the side. I come over and remove the chastity, and almost instantly, his little cock springs to life as his face looks at me with stupid pleasure. I keep the cock ring on him, and sit down, patting my knee for him to come over. As if it were instinct, he mounts my leg and begins humping, his tongue lolling out, panting increasing, and eyes rolling back into his head. He’d probably of came in seconds if it weren’t for the cock ring. I take my finger and scoop up the precum, and bring it to his lips as he laps it up happily. I notice a strong odor and realize it’s how much he’s sweating, and how his body is shining just from the past few minutes of excitement. I decide it’s well deserved as I’m not sure what he had to endure when being broken to this mindset. I turn on the television, and for a brief moment, he turns his attention to the bright screen, before returning to my leg.

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