Grace let the warm water of the shower run over her body, enjoying the hot prickle of the jets as they hit her skin. Normally she would spend an age in there, enjoying the sensations it brought, just the thought of what she normally got up too made her nipples harden, the small brown nubs growing erect and sensitive under the spray. She was tempted to let her hand wander down between her legs and explore the clean shaved mound that hid there…but not today, she had to get ready she was starting her first proper job since she had graduated university and did not want to get in trouble.

Stepping out of the shower she felt the cool air hit her skin as she walked naked through to the bedroom, her outfit for the day already laid out on the bed-a sensible blouse and ankle length skirt.

“I want to make a good impression and dress in an appropriate manner,” she thought with a sigh as she opened her underwear job.

“Well at least on the outside,” she added with a wicked grin looking at the skimpy selection in front of her.

She selected a matching set of lacey panties and bra that were anything but conservative in appearance: both were made from thin lace material that clung tightly to her bodies curves as she slipped them on amplifying their appeal. The light weave of the fabric was gossamer thin almost allowing the eye to see the treasures underneath. The tantalising sight of her pert breasts and equally pert behind were quickly covered by the dowdy clothes she had to wear to work, but she had to obey the dress code especially on her first day.

Coming downstairs into the kitchen she saw her boyfriend was already seated at the dining table, he surveyed her from top to bottom with a critical Ankara travesti eye.

“Very attractive,” he quipped with a smile, commenting on the frumpy blouse and full-length skirt combo.

He knew what was underneath though, having explored every inch of it with his mouth last night: from the brown nipple peaks of her breasts to the most secret of places between her legs, how Grace had writhed and moan as he sucked on her clit, even her little rosebud had known the probing attention of his questing tongue.

Their religious upbringing meant they believed in no sex before marriage…sex was for making babies. However, anything that didn’t make babies was well and truly on the cards. It just meant that Grace would have to wait till her wedding night to feel his hard shaft slide deep into her pussy and blowing a load into her womb, till then there was other fun to be had.

Standing from the table he walks over and kisses her passionately, cupping a breast through her blouse, the thin material of the bra allowing him to feel her nipple hardening under his firm touch. Breaking from the kiss he looks her in the eye.

“There’s just one thing you need to complete the outfit and you cannot leave the house without it; it just wouldn’t be right,” his meaning hanging heavy in the air.

Grace nods her head knowing exactly what he means, this was something they had done many times before, especially for big occasions. She moves past him to stand with her bum resting on the table, she lifts her ankle length skirt all the way up giving him a clear view of the lacey panties she had chosen to wear, she knew she had made a good choice by the guttural moan he made and the way Antalya travesti his cock hardened in his pants. He stood in front of her close enough for her to reach out and touch.

“Get it out,” he commands softly.

Nodding, she unzips his trousers and lets them fall to his ankles, reaching into his boxers she wraps her fingers around his hard cock, and takes it out so she can see it jutting straight out, pointing almost accusingly at her. Grace stares at the throbbing phallus for a few seconds biting on her lower lip as she thinking about how much pleasure it has brought her.

“Well don’t just look at it, you will be late if you don’t get a move on,” he teases in his deep voice, the lust clear in his tone.

Using a reverse grip, Grace takes his hard cock in her hand begins to stroke it, they stand there facing each other, his hands by his sides, not touching her in any way. Their eyes lock onto one another but neither says a word nor betrays any emotion on their face. In her mind Grace is lost in joy of working his cock, admiring his thickness, the heat, feeling the veins pulsate and throb under her touch.

Using long slow strokes to start, Grace is fixated by the way that as she pulls back with every stroke the thick bulbous head of his uncut cock is revealed looking more engorged and a deeper red each time. Over time her stimulation grows slightly faster and faster, she can feel the weight of his cum heavy balls knocking against her hand as she reaches the bottom of each stroke, using her free hand she cups them and begins to slowly massage them.

This draws an intake of breath from him, he was close to his peak, reaching out for the first time since Grace İstanbul travesti had started to jerk his cock, he pulls on the waist band of her panties at the front, pulling them down ever so slightly and out towards him whilst at the same time stepping closer to Grace, closing what distance there was between them, so now as she stroked him the tip of his cock was rubbing against the very top of her smooth hairless cunt.

With small motions of her hips, Grace began to grind herself against the throbbing staff, with a moan she whispers, “cum for me, please cum I need it so much.”

With a grunt he erupts in her hand, pulsating jets of hot sticky spunk coating pussy mound and lips, filling her panties with a pool of his warm seed. She withdraws her hands from his cock and pulls her panties up, the warm jizz plastering the material across her pussy lips, some of the precious seed running down her leg. As grace stands, she allows her ankle length skirt to drop down into place and smooths it flat.

“I had best run otherwise I am going to be late for school and that will never do as my first day as the new teacher,” she states flatly, almost as if she had slept in, not just jerked her boyfriends swollen balls into her underwear.

She leans in and kisses him delicately on the cheek acting like the demure teacher she is dressed as, but at the last second, she allows her hand to gently brush the still throbbing head of his cock, with a wink she brings it to her lips she licks the salty cum off. Without another word she turns and walks away picking up her keys and bag from by the door, she exits the house leaving him standing in the kitchen trousers round his ankles, his cock still dripping cum.

As she walks to the car, she can feel his wetness making her panties cling to her as she moves, reaching her phone from her bag she texts him, “Next week perhaps you had best drop your good luck load in my ass instead as this is going leave a terrible mess. XXX.”

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