Big Tits

Why would anyone buy a plastic frog sprinkler brand new, much less put it in a yard sale? I set the thing back in the box and stood up. No one had come out of the house yet and judging by the things laid out for sale, I wondered if it was a sale at all. I looked back at the street, then at the house. No one had stopped here yet but me. There were just a few tables.

“Oh! Hello.”

I turned to see a stunning blonde house wife come out of the garage carrying two plastic bags.

“Hello.” I smiled warmly, trying be nonchalant. This was one of those moments where you feel that little jab in your guts and your cock stirs in your shorts like a hibernating bear. To run into a woman like this outside of an aerobics class was a rarity. And at a yard sale, of all places. She was decked out in white and blue sports wear. A white top with blue piping that matched her dark blue running shorts, with a simple sweater, and white socks and tennis shoes. In fact, she looked like she was ready to play tennis, her hair pinned back and framing a stunning face. She had the smallish breasts of an athlete, and I had to resist drinking in those curvy legs that her shorts complimented so well. Immediately my mind willed her to twirl in a circle so I could take it all in, but she did the next best thing and turned her back to me to empty the bags into some boxes on one of the tables.

Now that was a treat. Thank you.

Her running shorts were snugged up the crack of her ass and her legs were beautifully defined without a mark on them, the sweep of them drawing your eyes down to her calves. This is what passed for a house wife around here? I need to move.

I looked away before she finished, and indeed she turned back to me, wrapping her sweater around herself without zipping it, and crossing her arms. It was just a touch chilly, being a bit early in the day still.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Umm.” I looked back at the street. “Am I wrong, or is this a yard sale?”

She laughed, stopping close to me and looking out at the neighborhood.

“It will be in a few hours. I didn’t expect someone so early.”

She uncrossed her arms, putting her hands on her hips, and looked around at the meager pickings.

“That’s why I’m not really set up yet.”

You know, a woman putting her hands on her hips is an erotic thing. It must harken back to earlier times, because it sends a subconscious signal to a man that this woman is openly presenting herself. The motion draws attention to her waist, and put her breasts on display, to say nothing of her flat tummy. Look at this, it says. Cocking your hip doesn’t help, either. That says to a man, what do you think? Plus, her sweater fell back open to once again show the curves of her high, tight tits and for a moment I squeezed my eyes shut behind my sunglasses, willing myself not to pop a boner right in front of her.

“I understand. I’m sorry, I can come back later.”

She made a dismissive gesture and smiled brightly, sparing me glance.

“Don’t be silly! You’re here now, you can look around if you like.”

I already was.

“I’m going to keep unpacking out here, but I know my husband has some tools in the back of the garage.” She hooked a cute little thumb in the air. “Probably more your speed?”

“Oh. Is he home?”

“No, he and my son left like, two minutes ago to go put up signs. That’s why I was surprised to see you. We’re kinda out of the way back here and people get the streets mixed up.”

“Just lucky I guess.” I smiled and she smiled back.

“Would you…help me move that table?”

I have to admit, I was a little crestfallen. An offer to give her a hand has two outcomes. She’s being inviting, or she’s being all business. In this case, it was business, and I got that vibe she intended to stay busy out here while I went and looked at those tools.

“Thanks!” she said, and turned away again. I didn’t want to walk away from her, but I strolled off, looking over what things there were and seeing nothing better than what my eyes had feasted on already. I sighed a little now. There really wasn’t much else to see. Kid clothes and toys, knick-knacks and assorted extra stuff that every house had. That meant I would have to leave all the sooner. I stuck my hands in my pockets and walked into the cool, dry garage.

I was looking for some tools, though. I didn’t expect much, and for a moment I didn’t notice anything else as I checked out this nice drill which was piled up with other brick a brack on a card table in the back. To my surprise, I realized the card table next to this one held more than just a pile of baby clothes.

I lowered the drill in one hand and without thinking reached over and picked up a black lace pair of panties. The kind with a little cotton triangle for the crotch and the rest all delicate lace. I held them in a stupor, my thumb caressing that soft little bit of fabric that would so demurely try to cover the pussy while the rest of the panties escort gaziantep bayan haberleri just enhanced everything around it. Lace panties. One of the world’s greatest inventions.

I swallowed, my mouth a little dry and turned more fully to the table full of clothes. Was is it really possible? A woman like this was selling her panties? I could see from here there were all kinds of them mixed in among the other things. No way! How the Hell could I justify that? Buying panties? Walking over there to the sale table where her change box and lemonade sat and saying I’ll take these? Imagine that conversation.

Excuse me? Oh, your panties? Well, they come in handy out in the tool shed. How? Well, I jerk off about you and cum in them because you’re hot and it’s even better to imagine your pussy was right here. Where? This little spot right here. How many time was the crotch of these panties nestled up against your pussy all day? Say, do you mind if I stand here with them in my mouth and think about licking your slit? I’ll take this drill, too, and that pack of pencils.

I shook my head out of my daydream, reluctant to set them down, but before I could, she was suddenly in the garage and coming towards me.

“Did you find anything you like?” she asked, and in that moment, she caught sight of me holding her underwear.

“Oh my God!” she gasped, coming to a dead stop.

The blood soared to my face and I hefted the drill in one hand as if to explain myself.

“Um, yeah, I was just looking at this and saw…well…I mean…it’s just that…” I literally stammered at her.

To my surprise, when she flung her hands up to her face, it wasn’t from shock, it was from laughter. She came up to the card table then, her eyes sparkling, and laughed even harder as she started picking through the pile of scattered clothes.

“My son! He must have brought the clean laundry out here when he was helping me. He’s only five. I suppose he thought everything in the house was for sale!” she laughed some more, looking at me to see if I appreciated the humor in the situation. I noticed she appeared not to be all that bothered by me still holding her panties, nor did she make any attempt to take them from me. I laughed a little, despite myself, my mouth still dry.

“You’re blushing!” she laughed again. “I am so sorry! I’ll have to get a basket and take these back inside.”

“Are they for sale?” I asked quickly before she could gather them off the table.

She gave me a scolding little look and actually reached over to give my arm a playful slap.

“Oh, don’t be silly!”

I had to stop her from gathering up her underwear and taking them in the house. I had to do something, even though I had no idea what. It just seemed like there was an opportunity here, although I wasn’t quite sure what it was.

“I’m serious.” I said, and when she looked at me again, she could tell I was. It was written all over my face. This was that make or break moment. Before she could speak again, I rushed ahead.

“I’d take them. Every single pair.” I swallowed.

She paused just for the slightest moment, and even though I was taking a chance, I was hoping maybe now she could see the bulge in the front of my shorts. She wasn’t angry. She actually seemed to be mulling it over.

“Are you serious?” she finally said. “My underwear?” she laughed a little at the end, trying to make light of what was being said, but I wasn’t the only one suddenly blushing a little.

“Oh, yes. Considering where they have been.” I said in a husky voice, my thumb subconsciously caressing that little cotton triangle of the pair I still held. “How could I resist?”

She looked a little uncomfortable, and even glanced over her shoulder. Turning back, she took in how I was still holding her panties, my fingers caressing the fabric softly where her pussy would have been. She was visualizing it herself, or I was a fool. She glanced past that, to my obvious bulge. A little subdued, she then looked back down at the pile of clothes and picked through it halfheartedly, keeping her eyes down. The energy around us took a marked turn.

“Why?” she said in a low voice, not so perky now, and even little shaken. Her voice had changed it’s tone. “Why do you want them?”

“I just told you. I think it would be incredibly erotic.” I sighed, looking down and admiring the pair I held.

She was sifting through the pile and for a minute we studied her obviously extensive collection of sexy panties. She wasn’t just going through them idly. She was sorting them out, but arranging them in a way I could see the individual styles. All of them hinting at what they must look like on her. My cock strained at the crotch of my shorts. I ached. We looked at each other, but she quickly looked back down. Risking everything, I took the pair I held in my hand and raised them to my face, pressing them softly to my nose and breathing escort gaziantep hikayeleri in. She bit her lip, just watching me with wide, bright eyes.

“Why is that erotic? What would you do with them?” she asked quietly. I set the drill down and ran a hand back through my hair, lowering her underwear from my face.

“I would…I would masturbate with them. A lot. the idea…it’s intoxicating.”

She gave me a teasing smile.

“You’re not one of those perverts who would wear them, are you?”

I laughed a little.

“No, but seeing as how you are the sexiest woman I have ever laid eyes on, I’m the kind of pervert that would make love to them. Every single pair. Feeling almost drunk with where they have been. The touch, the scent, the taste…” I trailed off and holding those lace panties with both hands now, smelled them again. All I could smell was the fresh scent of the laundry room, but we both knew better.

She looked down again, smoothing out a few small tank tops. She kept watching me me, fondling the one pair of her underwear, and also looking down at the bulge in my shorts.

“My bras, too?” she asked.

“Bras too.” I replied. “…it’s…it’s the intimacy. They’ve touched your body. Touched you.” I swallowed hard again. “…it would even be better to buy what you have on right now.”

She blushed a little harder and wouldn’t look at me, fussing with the clothes and making little piles.

“You really are horny for it, aren’t you?” she said mildly, with a small smile.

“I can’t help it. You’re too stunning. For that matter, can you blame me for wanting to jerk off about you the moment I leave here?”

She looked back and me and took a deep breath.

“No.” she said simply, even though I could tell she was excited for being told how hot she was and listening to me stand here and go on about it.

“Show me what you would do. Do it quick.” she said in a whisper, glancing over her shoulder again. We were partially hidden by some clothes on hangers and tucked in the back of the garage here, so it was easy for me to step around a little and out of sight of the street. Still holding her panties, I just reached down and worked my throbbing hard cock out of my shorts, exposing myself to her as she stood there watching.

I was light headed and my hands were shaking as I put my hand around my dick, wrapping her black panties around my length.

“Like this.” I panted, and started stroking myself in front of her. This was risky in the extreme. She could have screamed and ran inside and called the cops and all manner of things. Instead she stood there, her eyes glued to my cock and the naughtiness we were up to.

“You look real good.” she said.

“It’s for you. All for you.” I moaned a little, amazed at my own boldness as I my hand s[ed up, jerking my cock across the card table from her, with her panties. She pressed her thighs into the edge of the table, balancing herself on her manicured fingers, and watched my little show.

“You must think me some kind of a slut for letting you do this.” Another glance over her shoulder.

“I think…I think you’re amazing!” I was into it now, gasping a bit and breathing hard. My fist hummed, the friction of the fabric heating me faster than I would have liked. She kept right on watching, just biting one nail and looking over her shoulder from time to time. She turned back, reaching one hand up and brushing her open sweater aside, to close it around her left breast.

“I’m so wet watching this.” she sighed, hunching her shoulders into the pleasure she was feeling from her own hand. She was pressing her thighs together and gripping her breast hard, her other nipple stretching into an incredible hard point through her tank top. Feeling this, she grabbed her other breast with her free hand as well, and we stood there like that together, watching each other, me stroking my cock with her panties, and her fondling her perky tits with both hands and playing with her nipples with two fingers through the fabric.

“Your pussy is perfect. I know it is.” I groaned.

“Won’t it hurt doing it like this?” she inclined her head a little at my hand, her eyes heavy and her face flushing a little. She was tweaking and rolling her nipples the whole time, and she was even pirouetting her one foot back and forth on the toe of her shoe, staring at my engorged dick wrapped up in her underwear. We were running away the moment and didn’t even care.

“I…I don’t care.” I announced, going hard at myself. You could even hear the scuff of the fabric, in time with our heavy breathing.

“Am I really that hot?” she sighed. All I could do was nod. Then she reached across the table to touch me. The table itself wasn’t very sturdy, and she couldn’t exactly fit me in her fist like this, but she was touching my cock, right on my tip, and that was all that mattered. Her warm fingers were sending lightning through escort gaziantep bayan ilanları my body as she dragged her pretty nails up and down and around my cock, so I just groaned and let her work me as best she could. I held myself still for her, with her panties still wrapped around my shaft in my fist.

She played with me and played with her breasts, and as I looked up at her, and she at me, with her free hand, she pulled her white tank top to the side, showing me her bare tit. She had perfect, erect little nipples surrounded by a slightly darker, cream colored areola that didn’t dominate her breast, but demurely enhanced the perky athletic appeal of them.

“I want to eat your pussy.” I groaned at her, shuddering with electricity from where I stood.

“We can’t. I can’t.” she said, her fingernails still grazing and playing with my cock head.

She had put her one foot back down flat, with her legs straight, and she was actually grinding the corner of the card table into her crotch, her cheeks flushed and breathing hard herself, locked in place, teasing my tip, her breast exposed. I was humping my hips at her now. She had more or less made a little cone with her fingertips and it was in this way I thrust my cock into her hand as she held it there for me. I wanted her fist, but this was surprisingly hot, too. My tip was striking her palm and I could feel how I left wet streaks of precum across her fingers.

“What would to do to my pussy?” she asked suddenly.

“I want to lick it. I want to taste it. Everything.” I breathed out, gently daring to take hold of her wrist. I had to steady myself. I didn’t dare let go of the card table. My legs felt like jelly. “I would sit you on my face and just lick your for hours.”

“And my ass?” she teased.

“Everything. Anything!” I repeated.

“Oh God, that’s so naughty.” her voice had a little catch to it. She was all but leaning on the corner of this shaky little table now with me steadying myself with it, and so did we hold each other upright as we grew hotter and hotter, masturbating ourselves in front of each other.

“Yes, your sweet ass.” I groaned, panting a little and my heart hammering.

“I love how you want to lick it. So hot. You want to eat my ass.” she declared, purring, licking her lips. “Just think of that. My naughty little asshole.”

I started to spurt directly into her hand, without warning. Taken by surprise, I gasped and looked down, amazed at how erotic those perfect fingers looked as she held them closed around the end of my spasming dick. I looked up at her, shuddering, spasming, with my cum already running through her fingers and dripping onto the table. Together, we watched me finish my orgasm, her creamy fingertips just grazing the edges of my steaming tip a I spasmed one last time towards her. I pulled back slightly, a little dazed, and she slowly straightened up with a shiver, sliding her tank top back into place and covering herself, lifting her crotch off the corner of the table.

With that ever present look over her shoulder, she then picked up another pair of panties, this time pink, and wiped off her hand. Then she wiped off the table. It was an awkward moment and we looked at each other rather embarrassed.

“Sorry.” I said.

“Don’t be.” she smiled.

I thought maybe now this is where things went bad, but her face betrayed nothing but a glowing excitement that was slowly cooling down. I felt myself relax as we came back down to Earth and tucked myself back into my shorts.

“That was fucking amazing.” I gulped and she smiled again, glancing at me with a mischievous little grin. I ran my free hand over my face and took a deep breath.

“I just want you to know it has to end here, all right?” she said, her smile fading. Her face held no argument and I just nodded in agreement.

“I’ve never been more sorry to leave a yard sale, though.” I said and she laughed.

“Well, let’s see if we can do something about that.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

I walked down the driveway on quivering legs, all thoughts of the rest of the day forgotten and more than a little stunned. Behind me, she made small talk as I walked off, standing at the end of the garage as if nothing had happened. Probably for the benefit of any neighbors lurking around. In my bag, I now had what must be over a dozen pairs of panties that at one time had been wrapped around this incredible woman’s body. Snugged up to her pussy and ass. All day, in any way. Too bad they were all clean.

As for the pair I had stroked with and the pink pair she had used to wipe up my cum, she stood there again with her hands on her hips, holding them both in one fist. Later, when I would jerk off about her again and again, I would wonder if she did anything naughty with them. Did it excite her? Having my cum in hand? Did she dare lick it a little from the crotch of her own underwear? I like to think she did. If her earlier dirty talk had been any indicator, she had a wild side. A kinky one for sure. Don’t they all? All sunshine and giggles during the day, and wild fuck bunnies at night. I didn’t even know her name.

I reached my car, and sure enough, some old man came tottering out of his house, headed for his mail box and newspaper. I sighed, deciding then and there that somehow I had to come back here at a better time and find out.

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