Our Evolving Relationship

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When this happened, my girlfriend, Sheila, and I had been going out for about three years.

We met on the job, both of us recently out of school. We did the normal stuff and always had great sex. We were committed to each other enough to move in together, but being young, just didn’t want to get married right away.

We ended up living beside an interesting couple, Mike and Anne. He was in his mid 30’s and she was a few years younger. He was an engineer and Army Reservist and she worked in some administrative capacity at a local university. It turns out he’d been in the Army full time, but after a couple of tours they wanted to dial it down and so he went into the reserves.

We ended up spending many evenings with them, getting tipsy and sharing stories. His were interesting, mine, not so much. Anne and Sheila became very good friends. One day they went to a spa and in the steam room Anne told Sheila that Mike wanted her to sleep with other men. The whole conversation came up because she invited Sheila to “go dancing” the following weekend, girls only. It turned out Mike would be gone for a weekend drill and he didn’t mind if she hit the town. We were pretty naive then and thought the whole idea sounded “odd”.

Needless to say, I found it exciting. I encouraged her to go, but in a way that made it seem as if it was a joke. In truth a big part of me was thrilled. Since we’d become serious, the idea of her going to a bar was absurd unless we went together and even then, it was to meet friends. Long story short, we made it happen. That evening Anne came over and I was a little shocked. She was HOT. Don’t get me wrong, I knew she was pretty, but she was dressed to kill. Both of them left. That night I did chores and contemplated what was happening. I felt jealous but aroused.

Nothing actually happened, but the weeks turned into months and Anne would update Sheila on her progress. The “breakthrough” occurred when she confessed that Mike had driven her to a swinger club in the city, as a surprise, and she ended up fucking another man. Anne said it wasn’t horrible, but she really wasn’t into it. Both Sheila and I thought that scenario was absurd. As she described Anne’s story we looked at each other in disbelief. Were there really people like this?

Keep in mind my hands were all over her Sheila as she filled me in on this latest news. We’re on the couch, I’m rubbing her legs, trying to spread them, pulling her close to me. She reached over and felt my hard cock in my jeans. She pulled out my cock and started to stroke it.

Our conversation took a turn I will never forget. It was cat and mouse, hide and seek type conversation. My eyes were in the back of my head as I asked her if she wanted to be like Anne. She said I really wouldn’t want that. I told her not to be so sure. She stopped stroking and I gulped as a waited for her response. She go up and pulled up her skirt. I pulled down her panties and inhaled. She told me if she did something like this, there would be no undoing it. I pushed her back onto the couch. I entered her.

I felt 15 again. My cock was extremely van escort sensitive and as hard as it could be. This was the best sex I’d ever had with her. She said she didn’t think she could have sex with some stranger from the bar. I understand, I said, somewhat disappointed. Then she added, maybe I wanted to see her with Mike? I immediately pounded her and squirted deep into her. I was almost ashamed of what I’d done. With my balls drained and the orgasm finished, I felt weird. I didn’t want Sheila to fuck somebody else! What was I, crazy?

She didn’t pick up on this. She was quite happy with the fuck. She got up and got ready for bed and 20 minutes later as we crawled into bed, my little head logic had returned. I was horny.

To tell the truth, at that point I wasn’t just aroused at the idea of Sheila with another man. A big part of my thinking was that maybe I could angle this into a situation where if I could fuck Anne. It was funny, because Sheila began to bring up Mike in our sex play, but I was too ashamed to admit I wanted to fuck another woman. Complicated yet stupid, huh?

From here on out, our drinking nights acquired a new erotic dimension. The possibilities thrilled me. We went the rest of the summer like this. Just when I thought Sheila would go through with it, put the moves on Mike, she’d seem to get cold feet. Sometimes she blamed her period. Sometimes she blamed being tired from work. Something always interfered. The most she ever did was give a sultry strip tease, pulling down her pants so Mike could see her ass up close. Why didn’t it go further? I don’t know. She ended it and grabbed me and we kissed, but I was getting frustrated. I had visions of fucking Anne while my wife got railed, and honestly the reality of the situation just made me mad. I felt like I had exposed myself to her, and was getting nothing to show for it. Regular sex with a pretty girlfriend and I’m getting angry. I never said I was smart.

We were sort of racing the clock, too. Mike was scheduled to go on a short six month deployment, helping to build housing at Gitmo. He had it in his head that he had to make some life decisions, and they decided to move to Nevada to take advantage of the cheap cost of living. They moved most of their furniture right before he deployed. Anne lived in a mostly empty house and was to drive out once she finished up with work at the end of the month.

One night there was a knock on the door and it was Anne. She looked dressed up, ready to go out. It turned out she had a date with her landlord that night, and she admitted she wanted to have sex with him. This was the first time I’d heard something like this from her mouth, I guess because Mike wasn’t there. She just talked to Sheila freely and openly. It was great.

She was bored and wanted to have a drink before he picked her up. She eventually left, and the next day she filled Sheila in on the details. They’d had dinner, then returned and fucked in the mostly empty house. I was blown away. I was also jealous. How did I not get to fuck this tramp? She was beautiful and seemed so easy.

Life yalova escort went on. Sheila found a better job and Anne and Mike were now out of our everyday lives. One day she comes home and says there is a guy at work who is continuously flirting with her. Being somewhat dense to where she was going with this, I immediately got angry. She just looked at me and said he could be “another Mike”. I smiled awkwardly and could have kicked myself. Wait a second, was this just a test or for real? For real, she told me, it was Steve, her manager.

I had a dilemma. I thought it was a dumb idea on her part. But it wasn’t as if we were married. If it messed up her career, well, she’d just have to find another job. No skin off my back. Yes, this was cock logic. I was hard as I mentally ran through the scenarios.

I decided to tease her. I told her he will be like Mike, nothing will happen. She replied that the biggest issue with Mike was I and Anne were always there. She asked me if she could go out on a date with him?

I couldn’t believe how this conversation had progressed. Okay, let’s do this, I said. But I had a couple of rules. One, he has to wear a condom. Two, I wanted to be there. She was on the pill, but thought the condom idea was reasonable. She thought the second rule was crazy, she couldn’t be expected to have that conversation with Steve? She admitted that she hadn’t even told Steve that she had a boyfriend.

This worried me. Why hadn’t she told him? She told me it was just easier that way. She knew right off the bat that he was a candidate and didn’t want to complicate anything. She had a point, but it really made me realize how dangerous this game could be.

She was cuddled up next to me as we plotted, and she unzipped my jeans and held my rock hard cock in her hand asked me one last time if I was sure I could handle it. Once something happened, there would be no undoing it. I told her I didn’t care.

She stopped stroking me and texted him. He was a bit surprised, but they agreed to go out that weekend. The few days until the first “date” were agonizing but we had great sex every day.

It was surreal, watching Sheila prepare for her date. She was fully intent on fucking him, and it showed. She wore a short cocktail dress and had full makeup done. She’d even taken care of her hair and nails earlier that day. He knocked, she opened the door, and all he could do was say wow, as they pecked each other’s cheek. She introduced me as a room-mate, but he had no idea I was her boyfriend. When the door closed, I stood there in stunned silence. The guy was tall, maybe 6 foot 3 and he looked down at me. He was her manager. I looked out the window as his BMW took her away. He had physical presence, money and power.

I was incredibly stressed out. Fuck. I couldn’t eat. My cock was leaking pre-cum constantly. I couldn’t help myself and I masturbated.

I waited in pure agony until midnight. I got a text asking me if I minded sleeping in the guest bedroom. Oh fuck. As I heard them at the door I tried to play it cool, watching TV in the tiny extra yozgat escort bedroom. I felt like a child left to hear the adults.

I will be honest. Hearing my girlfriend get fucked as I sat in my room beating my little pecker was fucking humiliating. And that is exactly what happened. For 45 minutes I heard her moan to orgasm at least three times, with some inaudible conversation and laughter thrown in. But when the bed started shaking and her rhythmic moaning started, I swear I wanted to puke. No, I wanted to cum, then I wanted to puke. I swear the floor shook. It took everything in my power not to break it up. My wonderful girlfriend had another man’s cock in her.

Imagine my surprise when a few minutes later she’s knocking on my door. She came over to my bed and crawled in. Suddenly all quiet like, she’s telling me she did a bad, bad thing. I’m like, no kidding, I heard it. She tells me to be quiet and she gets into a 69 position and starts jacking me off as I stare at her pussy. It was wrecked. The hole was obviously expanded. The lips were red, almost raw. Her beautiful pubic hair was matted and tangled. Cum was smeared everywhere. Her pussy was shiny and slick.

She lowered herself onto me as I ate her out. The more I couldn’t breath, the closer I’d come to orgasm. She’d shift and I’d get a breath, and repeat. I had to. I wanted to. She tasted magnificent. I couldn’t believe a cream pie could be this good. Condoms? I didn’t care.

I then asked her if we could fuck and she agreed. As I’m fucking her she doesn’t even make a sound. Her pussy was a cavern. My dick slid all the way in with no effort. I came in about two minutes. She hushed me because she didn’t want him to know we were making love. She didn’t come at all. She just closed her eyes. Honestly, I thought at that moment that maybe I’d lost her, but it made me even more possessive.

The reason for her cavernous pussy became clear the next day. When Steve and Sheila went into the bathroom to clean up, and I raced in to set my camera on a dresser, the video turned on. Later on I must have watched the video of him crossing the room, his huge dong hanging out, about a thousand times. Honestly, I did jack off to it more than once.

I’d love to have some sort of awesome ending for you. The truth is Sheila banged him a few more times, but they weren’t really a good match and they called it off. She told me she never wanted to do that again, it was too intense. She said she loved only me and eventually we married.

Fast forward a bunch of years, we’d had two kids and moved to another country where I took a new job. One evening Sheila acts very horny when I got home. As we were in bed, she admits to me that one of the other expat wives was over that day. They drank a little too much wine and she “over-shared” our history. I was titillated but embarrassed.

She told me the reason she mentioned it was because the other wife was interested in going on a mini-vacation and invited her along. She had also told my wife that she and her husband occasionally gave each other “hall passes”, letting each other be free to do whatever they wanted. My dick was rock hard as she told me this.

She asked me if I would be against the idea of giving her a hall pass if she went with her friend. Of course she stroked my cock as she said this. The trollop, I love her so.

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