Dan and Tina were neighbors living in the same apartment building. Even though they had lived on the same floor for the past year they had never really had the chance to get to know each other.

Tina was the kind of woman you wouldn’t necessarily notice in a crowd. She was short and round with a cuddly disposition. She had golden honey blonde hair and wore round gold rimmed glasses. She was always smiling. For the lucky suitors who took the time to get to know Tina they found a very appealing person with a very bubbly personality.

One such person was Dan – He was a former New Englander creeping up on his fifth decade of life. Tall and somewhat lumbering he sometimes reminded strangers of their favorite uncle. He had sandy brown hair with streaks of gray, warm hazel eyes and boyish dimples that came to life with each jolly smile. Dan was kind and generous. He always took the time to help his fellow tenants and lent a hand whenever an occasion would arise.

Such an occasion was how he had finally met Tina. Dan was in his favorite blue recliner watching football on a Sunday afternoon. He had just cracked open a cold beer and a bag of chips when he noticed Tina struggling to stretch her short arms around the box of her new TV. He was wondering how she was going to manage to drag it to her second floor apartment all by herself. He quickly slipped on his shoes, grabbed his jacket and raced down to the parking lot to offer his assistance.

Tina greeted him with a warm smile and a sigh of relief as she graciously accepted his offer and ran ahead of him to open the doors as he hauled the awkward box up to her apartment. By the time Dan had finished installing her TV, TIVO and stereo system their first date had been arranged. Tina would prepare a meal for them to share during next Sunday’s Eagles – Dallas game. She mused that if things went well she might be sharing more than a meal.

As it would happen, Dan was having the same thoughts. Sunday could not come soon enough for him because Tina had suddenly become the focal point of his daily ruminations. The week had finally ended and Dan found himself relaxing in Tina’s cozy living room. They had just shared a toast at the beginning of the game clanging their chilled beers together as they snacked on tortilla chips with homemade salsa. Tina had prepared a Mexican feast .She had barbecued steak burritos warming in the oven, spicy Mexican rice, corn cakes and three cheese enchiladas. For dessert She had prepared her favorite Italian cookies with sprinkles that her grandmother used to make for her when she was young.

The game and the weather both turned out to be abysmal, if you were a Dallas fan needing to drive anywhere. By the end of the Dallas trouncing 16 inches of snow had fallen with drifts covering many of the cars in the parking lot. Being from Maine Dan looked at the snow as an opportunity rather then an inconvenience. They had plenty of good food prepared lots of cold drinks and a nice cozy fire, which offset the fact that they had just lost their electricity. One drink led to many and before Tina knew it she had accepted her role as Dallas’s constantly sacked quarterback. In their version of the game every sack resulted escort gaziantep bayan numaraları in an article of clothing being removed or some silly task being performed.

With Tina having very little clothing left to lose and suddenly feeling a bit shy after happily being sacked and rolling on the floor with Dan numerous times, she suggested they run out for a little tryst in the snow. Since they figured they wouldn’t be out long, they dressed rather light and headed out into the glistening snow. The cold air stung their cheeks and Dan immediately sacked Tina. After several minutes of laughing and rolling like teenagers in the snowy landscape they were both wet enough to highlight their body’s features.

Dan’s wet jeans were bulging from the excitement he wasn’t able to hide after rolling against Tina’s rubenesque figure. She looked so sexy with the curls springing up in her wet snow filled hair outlining her beautiful face. Water droplets were sliding down her glasses, her cheeks were rosy-red and her fully erect nipples were glaring boldly at him through her soaking wet shirt. He wandered if she was just cold or had their bodies rubbing together in the frigid air aroused her as much as it had him.

After about a half an hour of rolling in the snow they’re whole bodies were soaked. Their noses were bright red and their hands and feet had begun to feel numb. They both agreed they were ready to head in for some dry clothes and a warm fire. Darkness had begun to fall. So Tina, teeth chattering, quickly lit a few candles as soon as they got in the apartment.

Tina and Dan were both shivering from head to toe and couldn’t wait any longer to remove their cold, wet clothing. They both raced to the fire and began rubbing their hands together for warmth. They both began peeling off their clothing and laying it in front of the fire to dry.

Dan was undressing so quickly before he knew it he was down to his boxers which were tightly outlining his very swollen manhood. He looked up and caught a glimpse of Tina’s beautifully curved body. Her skin was all bright pink from the cold and she was wearing nothing but her black satin bra and matching panties. Both of which were glued to her body outlining every delectable inch they were trying to hide.

Tina looked up and caught Dan staring at her. She suddenly felt her face flush and her hard nipples began to tingle sending waves of electricity through her body. Tina knew Dan must be at least fifteen years older then her. She was shocked at how hairy his chest was all the way down to the top of his boxers and was amazed at the package anxious to escape from behind it’s damp covering.

The gentle look she saw in Dan’s eyes made her feel so comfortable. On impulse she leaned over and placed her cold hands on his hairy nipples, stood on her tip toes and gently pressed her soft pink lips against his. She felt a rush through her body as his mustache gently tickled her nose. She tenderly rubbed her thumbs in circles over his hard nipples and then gently began nibbling on them.

Dan was fully erect and had pre cum dripping in his already wet boxers. He reached up and wrapped escort gaziantep pornoları his long arms around her warm, plump body and pulled her tight against his chest as he began hungrily tasting her lips and sliding his tongue deep inside of her mouth and rolling his tongue with hers. He traced his fingers along the back of her neck. The fire crackled romantically in the background as the shadows of their now entwined bodies danced on the wall.

Dan took a free hand and finally removed his boxers. As they fell to the floor his thick throbbing cock sprung out against Tina’s soft body. She felt a rush as his sticky liquid slid across her belly.

Still hungrily devouring her sweet full lips he reached around and unhooked her bra. He could feel his heart racing and his hands shook with excitement. He slowly slid her bra straps off of her shoulders and watched her voluptuous breasts fall as her bra hit the floor. He let out a moan and immediately brought his hands up to feel her soft flesh. He kneaded her delicate tissue in his now very warm hands. Outlining her light pinkish brown areolas with his thumbs and teasing her as her lightly brushed against her throbbing nipples.

Tina looked up at Dan and their hazel eyes locked. The flicker of light from the fire danced on her glasses. The only sounds were their deep heavy breathing, their hearts thumping and the crackle of burning wood. Dan grabbed a tan afghan off of the couch and spread it in front of the fire. He dropped to his knees and gently pulled Tina down towards him. Her curvaceous body had him yearning to explore every inch.

He carefully guided her to the floor as the shadows from the candles danced on the walls. He tenderly kissed her lips and began sliding down her neck leaving a trail of soft kisses across her shoulders and then down her arms. He gently sucked on the tip of each and every finger.

Tina’s body was aching for Dan to bring his kisses down to her now soaking wet, swollen flower petals. She was slowly rubbing her hands all over his hairy body as he satisfied his curiosity and explored every inch of her. Dan worked his way back to her full breasts and began flicking his tongue teasingly on her tender nipples, back and forth from one to the other and rolling the opposite between his thumb and fingers. She couldn’t believe she was already having her first orgasm.

Dan felt Tina’s body tense as she let out a purr and immediately began sliding his hands over her soft belly down around her curvy hips as he kissed her naval. He slowly traced his hands up and down the inside of her thighs teasing as he slid his fingers across lightly hairy bush. He could feel her wetness and had to explore it for himself. He put his hands between her legs and spread them wide open. Tina instantly lifted her ass up in the air putting her dripping cunt right under his tongue.

Dan excitedly dove right in flicking his tongue on her clit. His swollen cock throbbed harder as he got his first taste of her sweet juice. He quickly ran his tongue up and down from her clit to her ass slurping up every warm drop. Tina gasped and squirmed as she felt his tongue slide into escort gaziantep portalı her tight ass. She had never had that experience before and wanted more.

Dan slid three fingers deep inside of her tight pussy and started searching for her sweet spot. She moaned excitedly as he found the perfect spot and he could feel her contracting her muscles around his fingers. He was grunting with pleasure as he continued to devour her sweet juice. Tina’s body shook as she exploded into her second orgasm. She clamped her legs shut around his hands unable to allow him to touch her throbbing pink flower petals any longer.

Dan slid his hand out from between her legs. Tina sat up felling her creamy liquid pouring out of her pussy and sliding down towards her sweet round ass. She climbed up and straddled herself over Dan’s long body her heaving breasts brushed against his hairy chest causing her nipples to harden again.

Dan’s cock was pulsing so hard now. She took the head of his shaft that was covered with pearly drops and rolled it against her hard nipples. She then bent down grasping his cock with both hands and squeezing more of his pre cum out as she flicked her tongue licking up every drop.

Tina had begun sliding her tongue up and down his shaft massaging his hairy balls with one hand and the other working on the base of his stiff rod. She opened her mouth wide and wrapped her sweet pink lips tight around the head of his cock sliding it deep into her mouth sucking furiously as she massaged his manliness. Dan was squirming with pleasure and moaning rocking his ass up and down as he moved his big dick in and out of her mouth.

Tina’s body was on fire; she was ready to feel him deep inside of her cunt. She released his cock and reached up to kiss his sweet lips and pressed her full breasts against his bare skin. Their nipples rubbing together. Electric shocks were running through both of their bodies as she again spread her legs wide, straddled his body and pushed her warm, wet pussy down over his cock thrusting him deep inside of her tight hole. Dan was now able to finally feel the true depth of the sweet pussy that he had so hungrily explored with his fingers and tongue.

Tina rocked hard on top of Dan her clit screaming with excitement every time their bodies slammed together. Dan stretched his long arms out tightly grasping her ass to push himself deeper into her warm, wet pussy that she was squeezing tight around his cock. Tina’s breasts were heaving with each deep breath she took. She let out a scream of pleasure just as Dan was letting out a deep moan. They exploded together. Cum dripping from her swollen cunt. She laid her head against his chest, beads of sweat from their bodies running together. She gently rubbed her body against his until his now soft cock slid from her body and their combined juices continued to run from her body down to her ass.

Dan and Tina both starry eyed kissed gently and intertwined their bodies collapsing in front of the glowing fire. They both fell asleep exhausted. Tina awoke the next morning and a feeling of warmth rushed though her as she felt Dan’s long arms still wrapped around her. Their naked bodies pressed tightly together. She could feel his deep steady breathing on her neck. She wiggled in a little closer and closed her eyes. Never wanting to leave this special place.

Thanks for reading. We truly hope you enjoyed the story. We are both new to submitting stories. This is only our second submission. We would really appreciate some feedback. So if you have a moment please drop us a line. Thanks!


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