The day had started out normal enough….I was out running errands, caught up in getting things done. I needed a new dress for my husband’s company party and I stopped by one of my favorite stores to see if they had something sexy for me to wear. Walking into the store, I was bombarded by all the colors, textures and sexy clothing. I was looking around taking everything in, when my eye caught someone familiar. I looked up and made eye contact with Claudette, a woman I had known in an intimate fashion. My face immediately grew flushed, instant memories flooding my body. Our eyes locked, each of us feeling the waves of heat crashing between us. I looked down, overwhelmed by lust, images of her body and smell assaulting my mind. I glanced back up and she was gone….I wondered if I had imagined her as my hands absently shuffled through the dresses. I was now distracted, trying to concentrate on the task at hand, sensual memories running through me. I could feel my lust settle into my cunt, wetness beginning to gush through the material of my panties. I somehow managed to pick out some dresses and wandered to the dressing room in a sensual haze. I put the dresses on the hook and began to undress. I pulled my shirt over my head and shimmied out of my jeans. I stood there in my bra and panties, loving the curves of my body. I noticed my long, dark hair and full sensual lips. My generous breasts filled out the cups of my bra as I traced my palms over their lusciousness. I ran my hands down my form, feeling the soft skin and moved my palm over my pussy, the heat and wetness pulsating through my panties. I closed my eyes, caught up in the moment. I reached my hand out to pull a dress off the hanger, when a hand closed over mine, making me gasp. I turned around and there was Claudette standing in the dressing room with me.

“What are you doing here?” I whispered indignantly, trying to mask my desire.

“I could ask the same thing of you.” She countered, not bothering to mask her lustful gaze as it flickered up and down my half-naked form.

Her fingers now cradled my wrist, her thumb moving back and forth sensually across my pulse point. I’m sure she could feel how hard my heart was beating.

“We can’t do anything here…why don’t I meet you somewhere?” I suggested, not really sure I wanted her to agree with me.

“You and I both know that you aren’t getting out of this dressing room without my mouth being buried in your cunt and making you cum long and hard. ”

My sharp intake of breath belayed my desire and her hand moved quickly, rubbing against my soaked panties.

“Yes, you’re already wet aren’t you? I know you like to pretend you are good girl, but you are such a bad girl.” She confidently assessed, her eyes and hands stroking the embers of my raging lust. A weak nod of my head was bursa escort all I managed before her mouth descended on mine, possessing me in a moment, all thought of propriety went out the window. She pushed me against the wall and began to kiss her way down my body. Her deft hands removing my bra quickly. Her mouth licking and sucking at my nipples, my back arching, biting my lip, trying not cry out. She quickly moved on. I felt the kisses lower and lower on my tummy, my body beginning to shake with this forbidden desire. I felt my panties pulled to one side as she kissed my inner thighs. I could sense the cold air on my pussy, somehow it magnified the moment, slowing time down. I watched her on her knees, her bent head and auburn hair swinging as her mouth moved. I imagined what her full lips looked like as they latched onto my clit, expertly hitting the right spots for maximum pleasure. My thoughts were forgotten as she made first contact, her tongue sliding along my slit, probing deeply into my cunt. Her mouth began to open me up, running up and down my wet labia.

“You smell so good and you taste even better.” She murmured as she dove into my muff. The flat of her tongue slid up and down the length of my vagina, rimming my hole and making my belly quiver. I reached behind me, trying to find something to hold onto as she pulled me under in a sea of pleasure. Her tongue wanted to greet every part of my quim, finding out what places made me gasp the most. She continued to smear honey around, the lapping and sucking sounds of her mouth along with my groans filling the small room. I briefly wondered what the sales people must be thinking. Anyone could have walked by and seen a woman’s form kneeling down and the unmistakable sounds of sex….ooohhh….I gave up thinking as another wave of pleasure hit me. Her finger began finding it’s way up my tight sheath, steadily moving as her mouth clamped down on my clit. I arched my back against the wall and bit my lip. She quickly moved her head from side to side, wringing a deep moan from me as I felt her tongue rapidly move over my engorged love button. I spread my legs wider and put my hands on her head, driving her deeper within me. I felt her finger sliding in and out easily, soon another finger was circling my hole and making its way inside to join the first. She began to perform a come hither motion on my g-spot as she doubled her efforts with her mouth. I bit down on my hand, trying to stifle the load moan beginning to erupt from deep within me. My hips began to buck, overcome with the need to move against her mouth and fingers. She once again moved her head rapidly against me and her digits worked in and out of my hungry cunt, driving me wild. She pulled her face out of my pussy and looked at my face etched in delicious pleasure. Her hand continued to pump inside escort bursa of me.

“Let me see you fuck those fingers.” She encouraged as I plunged up and down, my juices coating her fingers. Her eyes feasted on the succulent sight in between my thighs.

“God, that is so hot! You are such a nasty girl. Now suck my fingers and taste your juice.” She seductively instructed

I grabbed her hand and slowly began licking up one finger, wanting to preserve this moment as I looked into her eyes, her mouth opening in ecstasy as my mouth engulfed her honey coated fingers. I loved the taste of myself on her and sucked every drop of sweet marrow off her manicured hand. Kissing it, I put her hand on her perky, rounded breast and covered it with mine, kneading the soft tissue and making her nipple pucker out. She pushed my hand away, determined to carry out her plan. She grabbed my panties and yanked them down and I stepped out of them. My scent waifed through the air as panties and cunt were separated.

“Now get on that seat and spread those legs. Hold your pussy open for me and let me see you stroke your clit.” She purred in a voice laced with power. I pushed off the wall and obediently went to the small bench. Sitting on my derriere, my feet perched on the ledge of the seat and I spread my legs eagle wide. My throbbing pussy glistened under the fluorescent light and beckoned her to her knees in front of me. My fingers traveled down my upper body and found their way to my twat, and per her instructions, one hand held my quim open and I slowly began to touch myself. My cunt, already sensitive and hungry demanded release, but I knew that more exquisite pressure would rise before orgasm swept me out to sea. I slowly ran my fingers up and down, as her mouth licked and kissed my inner thighs. The slurping noises intensified as she hit my wet cunt and latched onto to it with her mouth, feasting on me like I was a gourmet meal. Her fingers, once again, plunged into me, hitting many sensitive points and came to my g-spot and rubbed it as she drew my climax closer….a constant pressure rising steadily within me. My fingers continued to stroke my clit as her mouth moved around them. Her tongue darted through my fingers, providing a unique sensation as we worked together. Her mouth abruptly left my groin and began kissing my torso, licking and laving until she reached my tits. She played with them for a moment, her eyes taking in their abundance and she began sucking on the nipples. This caused my uterus to contract, both sets of fingers still working me over and I started unraveling on the cusp of orgasm. My breathing was shallow and I began to pant and moan in quick succession. I suddenly felt her fingers and mouth leave me and she removed my fingers as well, lapping at the juice dripping from them.

No..No….I bursa escort bayan am going to make you cum….get your fingers out of there, my little slut…it is my turn to make you scream.” And with that, she used every bit of knowledge and talent she possessed finding spots that I didn’t know existed. I surrendered entirely, not caring that I was in public or could be caught in an awkward situation, waves of pleasure begin to crash over me, one after another, I couldn’t catch my breath, as she hit spot after spot, a deep scream was coming from depths unknown, she listened to my constant moaning, now uncensored and rising in decibel level as she charted a trail from trigger point to trigger point.

She buried her tongue on the underside of my clit instinctively knowing that would produce the biggest orgasm and pressed hard with her tongue, her fingers stroking my g-spot…..I suddenly came unglued, the world stopped..her tongue, mouth and hands were the only thing that existed and I erupted, a long, deep scream that started at my toes erupted, high pitched tones came out of my mouth as my body shattered…I grabbed the back of her head and she sucked harder, driving my orgasm deeper…I whimpered and writhed, screams so deep coming out of me that I wasn’t making any noise, just a tiny squeal eking out as she continued her beautiful assault on my convulsing pussy. Tears rose from my eyes as my body released a sea of fluid, gushing all over her face, splattering on the cement floor and coating my inner thighs.

I continued to cum, my extremities purring with pleasure as I rode out this magnificent high. She lapped gently at me, bringing me back to earth. I ran my hands along her hair, undone after all that had happened. She gently brought her lips to mine and I licked all of my juices off her face…still in shock over my body’s reactions to her amazing ministrations. I suddenly wondered what was awaiting outside the door, but decided whatever it was, was worth the price of that tremendous orgasm. We shared a quiet giggle as we contemplated our fates and I quickly dressed, forgetting why I had even come to this store.

We shared a quick kiss and she slipped out the door before I could even get it together enough to thank her, and left me to my humming body and wandering thoughts. Wait a minute, I thought, I didn’t even really touch her, I didn’t even get a chance to pleasure her and then I knew, I knew this wasn’t over and that someday and someday soon I would return the favor she had bestowed upon me. I walked out of the store, swinging my hips and dared anyone to say anything, my confident posture was ready to handle any problems. I caught the eye of a saleswoman as I reached the door and she smiled wickedly she asked me if I had found what I was looking for and I replied that I found more than that and my eyes suggestively traveled the length of her attractive body as she stood there in wanton invitation, I smiled playfully at her and left the store…..perhaps, I thought, I would come back to this store again and have another adventure.

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