If this chapter feels different from the rest, I apologize. I lost my spark halfway through and it was difficult to write my way to a better point.


They arrived back into Sierra Falls about lunch time, splitting up to clean up from a week in the woods, agreeing to meet at Rebecca’s dads for a light dinner and planning.

It wasn’t until they came back with a full week of activities planned that JJ realized Ashley was acting a bit distant. She still cuddled into JJ on the couch, still stood next to her and made goofy faces while they brushed their teeth, even initiated sex. She was quiet and almost withdrawn between their normal activities and interactions, something JJ had at first assumed was due to the new plans, their week chock full. Now, lying in bed with a dozing Ashley snuggled close, JJ began to rethink things. Was she still upset over Veronica? JJ hadn’t responded to her ex yet, at a loss for words. JJ sighed and laid her hand over Ashley’s, set low on JJ’s belly. She needed to deal with Ronnie before anything else could escalate.

JJ woke suddenly, unsure what had startled her, her eyes adjusted to the faint light of an early sunrise. Must be very early, the backyard clearly visible through the sliding glass doors not yet washed with color, just a simple hint of light.

She rolled over, shifting carefully to not disturb Ashley, only to roll into an empty space. JJ raised up on an elbow, fully and instantly awake. Her eyes caught the light under the bathroom door, realized Ashley had probably snuck away to pee. Her heart still raced, her pulse fast and loud in her ears. JJ flopped back into the pillows, exhaling deeply.

Five minutes later Ashley still hadn’t emerged and JJ was not going back to sleep. Another sigh escaped as JJ slowly pulled herself from bed and snagged her cigarettes on the way to the back door.

Ashley left the bathroom and tip toed back to JJ’s bedroom. She was surprised to see JJ’s bed empty, but a quick look around revealed the sliding glass door, cracked open. Ashley ruffled her hair, unsure what to do. She’d woken up at 4, her usual morning wake up, needing to run. She’d been neglecting her regimen and was starting to feel it. She hadn’t intended to wake JJ, hoping to get out and run, maybe clear her head of some of the thoughts that had plagued her the evening before. Now she wasn’t sure leaving was a good idea without telling JJ. Ashley twisted a curl around her finger, watching the smoke drifting across the quiet backyard.

She stepped through the door, cocking her head with a small smile. JJ was leaning against the porch railing smoking, completely naked. Feeling impish, Ashley pulled out her phone and snapped a picture. The click-click of the shutter got JJ’s attention, her head turning to face Ashley for a second picture. Her expression smoothed out quickly, but Ashley had seen the crease between those dark eyebrows. JJ was thinking hard.

“That’s real mature.” JJ’s voice was raspy from sleep and smoke.

“What? You’re the one outside naked. Besides, I’m going to need something to take back to school for those long, lonely nights. Would you rather I raided your sweatshirts and panties?”

“Leave me my leather jacket. Take whatever else strikes your fancy.” JJ looked Ashley up and down. “Going somewhere?”

Ashley nodded, already dressed in a tank top and loose running shorts. She held her shoes in hand. “Just for a run. I’ve been slacking. I gotta pick it up now or Coach will kill me. Literally run me to death.”

JJ nodded and took a drag, exhaling the smoke away from Ashley. “Don’t leave just yet.” JJ set the half smoked cigarette on the porch railing and disappeared into the house.

Not sure what JJ wanted her to wait for, Ashley sat and put her socks and shoes on, tying the laces tightly. She began to stretch, loosening her muscles and beginning to warm up.

A minute later Ashley was bouncing up and down, accelerating her heartbeat and getting her blood flowing a little faster. JJ came back out, still naked, holding a key. Ashley stopped bouncing, her heart racing faster than her warm-up allowed.

“I had this made after the house was finished. I’ve been debating when to give it to you and now seems like a good time.” JJ offered the key to Ashley who took it, looking down at the small silver object with quite a bit of awe. Her own key to JJ’s house. This was a big step for them, one she hadn’t been expecting any time soon. It wasn’t so much a sign of how much JJ loved her as an open invitation into her home. Into her space, something Ashley didn’t want to crowd or take from the older girl. Not to mention, they’d only been dating for 5 weeks. She didn’t even leave clothes behind, packing an overnight bag for nights at JJ’s.

“This is for me?” Ashley couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Yes.” JJ picked her cigarette back up, flicking away the ash that had accumulated. She took a long drag, watching Ashley watch her.

Ashley flung herself at JJ, who caught her with one arm, the bursa escort other holding the still lit cigarette away from them. She kissed the corner of JJ’s mouth and squeezed her tight. “Thank you.”

JJ hummed, exhaling the smoke she’d been holding. “You’re welcome. Go run. I’m going back to bed.” JJ patted Ashley’s bottom and took one last drag off the cigarette before pitching it into the butt can.

Ashley left and JJ went back inside, but instead of laying down, she retrieved her phone from its charger and sat in the rumpled sheets. Opening her messages she selected Veronica and began typing.

“We need to talk face to face. Pick a day and a time that works for you, then send me your Skype details. If you don’t have one, make one. I’m not buying a plane ticket.” JJ sent the message after reading it over, not taking too long so she couldn’t have second thoughts.

Her phone buzzed seconds later anyway. She opened the text and read, “Wow. Too scared to meet up in person?” JJ sighed. This is what she was hoping to avoid, Veronica’s attitude.

“No. I don’t feel our conversation requires us to be in the same room.” JJ sent back.

It took Ronnie longer to respond, but when she did it was simply with a skype username, next Wednesday’s date at noon. JJ added a reminder to her phone’s calendar and laid down. She didn’t know what to say to Ronnie, but she’d figure that out when they talked. For now, she could focus on Ashley and their relationship.


The plan for the evening was to go out dancing at the club. It was one of the many nights with no theme, no cover charge. Everyone had agreed to meet at Rebecca’s dads for pre drinks, so JJ drove herself and Ashley over after a quiet dinner with Debra.

The entire night passed in a colorful blur for JJ. Nathan, Sarah’s boyfriend, tagged along as a designated driver to let the girls have a night out. They even borrowed an suv from Rebecca’s dad to fit everyone in the same vehicle.

Once they got to the club Chloe put herself in charge of drinks, which ensured everyone got drunk fast and stayed that way. The dancing was fast and fun, the music loud and heavy on the bass. Chloe led the charge whenever she felt it was time for another round, the whole group returning to the table Nathan held for them. They sat just long enough to down a shot or slam a drink before they were back out dancing.

Before JJ knew it, Rebecca was rounding everyone up and herding the group back out to the car.

In the car, Nathan driving them back to Rebecca’s dads, Chloe and Brenda decided to stand up through the moon roof to cat call anyone walking along the sidewalk. JJ almost missed Ashley climbing up to join them, hauling the giggly blonde back down at the last second.

Her lap was suddenly full of drunk blonde, something she usually enjoyed. JJ wrapped her arms around Ashley to keep her upright when they made a right turn. Ashley laughed at the way they leaned into the g force of the turn, playfully exaggerating the motion. JJ giggled too, squeezing Ashley tighter and resting her chin on Ashley’s shoulder.

They arrived safely at the small mansion that was Mr. Martin’s home. JJ had recently learned how Rebecca’s parents had divorced while the girls were in middle school. Her father had given up the house to move into this place, a monument to wealth and, in JJs opinion, over compensation. Tree lined drive, a huge manicured lawn with perfectly potted flowers and shaped bushes. The front pathway and porch were laid in massive slabs of stone, while the front door stood at least ten feet tall, heavy and adorned with rustic wrought iron. Inside it had seven bedrooms with as many bathrooms, a den, formal dining room, and huge kitchen equipped with state of the art appliances. JJ hadn’t seen the backyard, but Ashley had mentioned it’s pool with an attached spa and separate hot tub. While the house was beautiful it made JJ love hers all the more for it’s small size and warmth.

After bidding Nathan and Sarah a loud and slurred farewell, they all wobbled to their respective rooms, Rebecca leading Amy down a long hall to her room, everyone else breaking off to the various guest rooms. JJ paused briefly in the doorway to the bedroom she and Ashley would share, watching Chloe dance into her room while Brenda ricocheted off a corner and into her room.

“Jordyn.” Ashley’s loud whisper turned JJ’s attention back to the girl in her arms.

“Hmm?” JJ walked them into the room until Ashley’s legs bumped the bed. She brushed a curl away from Ashley’s cheek, the creamy skin flushed from alcohol and dancing.

Instead of speaking Ashley nudged her hips into JJ’s, pressing into the strap on JJ had worn out of habit. The pressure and the needy pout on Ashley’s face pulled a growl from JJ’s throat.

Ashley resisted when JJ tried to lift her onto the bed. She pushed JJ’s hands away, quickly unbuttoning her shirt and pulling it halfway down the older girl’s arms, temporarily trapping her. Running her fingers up JJ’s escort bursa torso Ashley flicked at the eager nipples peaking the fabric of JJs undershirt. “You’re teasing me with your cock again.”

Tossing blonde hair back over her shoulder Ashley made quick work of JJ’s pants, opening them with only one fumble. She pulled underwear out of the way, humming at the sight of the cock bulging the sky blue briefs. When the dildo hung free and huge, Ashley hoisted herself up onto the bed. Time to tease JJ.

JJ watched as Ashley pulled her top off, tossing the skimpy tank away. Underneath she was bare, no bra to shield her excited pink nipples from view. JJ tugged her left arm up, her attempt to free it foiled by the cuff still buttoned around her wrist. Any further work at freeing her hands was stopped when Ashley leaned back and spread her legs, the short black skirt bunched at her waist exposing an equally bare pussy to JJ’s eyes. Golden blonde curls were darkened by copious amounts of liquid excitement.

Ashley smirked at the way JJs eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly. She lowered a hand between her legs and drew a single finger through the wetness that had accumulated all evening. “This is what you did to me, dancing so close with that big hard thing in your pants. Rubbing on me, against me, teasing.” Ashley lifted her finger, a sticky string stretching between finger and sex.

JJ moaned, struggling to sort her shirt out so she could unbutton the cuffs. She wasn’t having much luck, her eyes glued to Ashley’s finger. Her struggling had her shoulders and biceps flexing, something Ashley appreciated.

“I love your shoulders. They’re perfect. Just enough muscle to give some curve, definition. Not enough to turn you into a linebacker. It turns me on to watch them.” Ashley whispered, her wet fingers slipping up to her clit and flicking back and forth lazily. “I love all your muscles, really. The way they, like, bulge against your skin. Reminds me how strong you are, how solid.” Ashley bit her lip, her fingers moving slow and steady.

JJ stepped closer, panting while a faint pink flush crept over her chest and stained her cheekbones.

Ashley stopped her progress with a heeled foot. “You only get to watch. It’s my turn to tease you.” JJ’s swallow was both visible and audible.

“When I say solid,” Ashley continued, “I mean how you press me into the bed when you’re on top. How even when I try to overpower you, it’s pointless. You’re so much stronger and I really love that. It’s why you can fuck me so hard. Fucking dominate me so easily. Just…pin me down and take me.” Ashley huffed, her head falling back as her fingers moved faster and faster.

JJ stood and watched, Ashley’s high heel still pressed to her belly. She wanted so badly to do exactly what Ashley was describing. Her pussy was clenching in time to her racing heart, her clit throbbing beneath the exposed harness. Sweat trickled down her back at the effort to stay put.

Ashley was getting close but she kept talking, almost unable to stop. “The way you fucked me that day…in the armchair, god. You were soo deep. It almost hurt, like you were…hitting something. But you were also rubbing against so many yummy good spots.” Ashley looked up at JJ, holding her intense gaze.

“All I could think about tonight was fucking you. In the booth, against that back wall, in the bathroom…it didn’t matter where.” she paused to whimper and jog her hips under the stimulation of her own hand. “I need it so bad, JJ.”

JJ growled, leaning in so hard Ashley’s heel was leaving an imprint. That fucking whimper when Ashley said her name was too much. JJ moved her wrists behind her back and began working on the cuff buttons.

Ashley didn’t see JJ move, her head having fallen back to the bed as she kept her hand moving frantically between her legs. Words were beyond her at this point, panted breaths and needy sounds all she could manage. She could hear how wet she was, a soft liquid sound as she frigged her excited clit. Ashley closed her eyes and bit her lip to keep a scream from escaping, her orgasm finally reaching the peak.

JJ freed her arms just as Ashley came, throwing the shirt to the ground and leaping onto the bed. She didn’t bother to wait for Ashley to calm, effortlessly lining the tip of her cock with the soaked, pulsing entrance to Ashley’s pussy and burying the entire length in one lunge.

“Oh fuck!” Ashley yelped, surprised by JJ’s move. She held on tightly while JJ pumped into her like a mad woman, sweat dripping from her hair onto Ashley’s cheek. The rough onslaught felt deliciously good, rubbing and nudging exactly as she’d described moments ago. Ashley groaned and lifted her head to lick JJ’s chin, overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensations pinging through her.

JJ shifted, tossing Ashley’s legs onto her shoulders and pressing herself over the blonde, began using deep, hard strokes. Every time she bottomed out, Ashley grunted happily and JJ’s clit got the pressure it needed. bursa escort bayan She gritted her teeth and looked down between their bodies, watching the glistening cock sink into Ashley’s pussy. Damn, that was a hot sight. Both girls were so absorbed in their fucking that neither of them noticed the figures in the doorway.

Chloe clamped a hand over Brenda’s mouth, stopping the taller girl from loudly interrupting. She held a finger to her own lips to tell Brenda to be silent. She wanted to perv out on them, find out what the big deal was, and see what they were being so secretive about.

Brenda nodded and pulled Chloe’s hand away. They both turned back to the action and watched as JJ pulled away from Ashley, flipped the blonde onto her hands and knees, and proceeded to fuck her even harder, the slapping of their bodies easily heard. Ashley was babbling and moaning, hair flying as she tossed her head. Chloe bit her lip and groaned quietly when JJ grabbed a handful of wild blonde curls and tugged Ashley’s head up, forcing a deep arch. JJ was muttering something, but Chloe couldn’t quite catch the words.

Brenda shifted, not used to watching people fucking. She was getting turned on, which made her a little uncomfortable. The excitement wasn’t the problem, but its source disturbed her on a basic level. These were her best friends turning her on with their unintentional show. She jumped when Chloe leaned into her side, the contact sparking her skin. Brenda looked down and jerked away from Chloe when she realized the petite blonde had a hand stuffed in her panties.

Chloe bit her lip, slowly rubbing her swollen labia over her equally swollen clit. Watching JJ overpower Ashley was thrilling. Chloe was starting to think about inching into the room and potentially join the girls on the bed when she was hoisted into the air and hauled back down the hallway.

When Brenda dropped her onto the bed Chloe finally spoke up. “The fuck Brenda? I was enjoying that.”

“You’re invading on their privacy. We both were.” Brenda kicked at piles of clothing Chloe had scattered on the floor.

Chloe rolled her eyes. “So? They didn’t even see us! Too busy playing hide the salami.” She cupped her pussy again, calming its unsatisfied need.

“That doesn’t make it okay and you know it.” Brenda crossed her arms over her chest and glared down at Chloe.

“How am I supposed to not watch when they keep making those sounds?” Chloe asked as a loud warbled moan echoed into the room.

“You behave yourself! Respect their privacy! Quit playing with yourself, geez.” Brenda pointedly looked away from Chloe, the latter’s hand back inside her panties.

Chloe huffed, leaning back on her free hand. “It’s my room. Feel free to leave if you don’t wanna watch.”

“Yeah. Stay in here tonight. Kay?” Brenda gave Chloe a squinty eye look.

“Yes, mother.” The sarcasm of the retort died out in a whimper that sent Brenda to the doorway.

“I mean it, Chloe.” Brenda sighed at the yelp from down the hall and Chloe’s needy groan in response. “Goodnight, Chloe.”


Breakfast was a quiet affair, everyone suffering from some degree of a hangover. Showers and coffee seemed to perk everyone up enough for Amy to confirm their plans for mini golf.

Everyone drove separately to the amusement park, mini golf the only real plans for the day. Sarah met them there, looking like she’d had to recover from a nasty hangover too.

A full game was purchased, clubs and balls selected. Brenda kept the score cards to herself, determined to keep track. Ashley clucked her tongue and took all but one scorecard, chucking the rest in the nearest trash bin.

“This game is strictly for fun. No score keeping.” she teasingly scolded the taller girl.

“Keeping score is fun! Especially when I’m winning!” Brenda kissed her golfball, green like her favorite lucky swimming cap.

“And when I’m winning?” Amy asked, strolling behind them, hand in hand with Rebecca.

“That’s when I have to step up my game. Work on strategy. Angles and such.” Brenda tucked the empty card into her jeans pocket and marched to the first hole.

The first 9 holes were played with relaxed competitive banter amongst the girls. Lots of jabs about form, forcefulness, and aim. There were just as many retorts about sunlight in eyes, low blowing cross breezes, and unauthorized dents in both the green and the balls.

By the 11th hole, there was a marked change, both Amy and Brenda taking more care in their shots, Rebecca sneaking looks at the scorecard. JJ decided to nose her way in while neither one was paying attention, keeping her shots under par and slowly gaining on them.

Ashley, Chloe, and Sarah caught on quickly, Sarah having been delegated to honorary score keeper when her ball bounced off the course into the water. The bespectacled brunette very slyly kept the two competing against each other, neglecting to mention when JJ took the lead by a slim margin at the 16th hole.

Rebecca realized what was up when, at the next hole, Ashley gave JJ a good luck kiss and Chloe commented that JJ didn’t need any extra luck, she was doing just fine. The redhead snuck a look over Sarah’s head, her indignant gasp almost messing up JJ’s shot.

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