Naked Thirst Ch. 09

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This chapter picks up right where the last one left off. I recommend starting from the beginning, but if you want to jump into the action go back at least to chapter 8. Enjoy!


The rest of the afternoon preceded much like any day at the beach. They shared the lunch Keiko had prepared—for which Sam discovered she still had plenty of appetite—waded in the chilly surf, lounged in the sun, and people watched. Arden played more volleyball, and after introducing Sam to a few more of the regulars, even talked her and Keiko into joining some games. Sam discovered that she wasn’t too bad, even though she hadn’t played in so many years. She was nowhere near the level of Arden or some of the others who played regularly, but she discovered a freedom in her body that she hadn’t allowed herself since puberty. Her breasts bounced and swayed, and her butt jiggled, but she focused on the game and didn’t pay any attention. And if anyone else was watching, and a lot of people were, she didn’t care about that either.

It was mid-afternoon when the three of them collapsed on their towels and blanket in a sweaty, sandy heap to rehydrate. Sam was glad Arden had packed lots of water. As she drank, Sam noticed Keiko feeling her breasts in a now familiar gesture. She had evidently filled up again.

“Hmm,” she said. “Time for the cave again I think. Arden, you thirsty? It’s your turn.”

Sam was a little disappointed it wasn’t her turn again, but when she saw Arden’s hungry smile, she reminded herself not to be greedy. Arden asked his friend Maya to keep an eye on their stuff again and she agreed, giving Arden a look that was also a little hungry, then the trio set out for the secluded grotto.

The beach had filled up since the last time they’d made the trek, and they made for the water line to avoid stepping around everyone and their stuff. They still had to thread their way through kids splashing in the surf, two guys playing Frisbee, and a couple of dozen other people walking or standing near the water.

Sam was again amazed at the variety of people who had come here specifically to go without clothes. Before coming to work for Angela she had thought nudists were weirdoes, but everyone Arden and Keiko had introduced her to were very nice and almost boringly normal. The only one who really stood out in her mind was Maya. She had noticed the chemistry between Arden and his tattooed friend all day, and as they stepped around a guy working on an elaborate sand sculpture of a mermaid, she finally worked up the courage to ask him about it. “So what’s the story with you and Maya?”

He shrugged, innocent. “We’re friends.”

“I saw the way she looked at you, it was more than friendly. She’s got the hots.”

He grinned. “Yeah, I guess so. We’ve played a few times. They’re a fun couple.”

Sam was confused. “I know they like to play. I was there. Remember?”

Now it was Arden’s turn to look confused. “Um, I’m pretty sure I’d remember that.”

Keiko started to crack up.

Sam turned red. “I’m misunderstanding something aren’t I?”

Keiko came to the rescue. “He isn’t talking about volleyball. When swingers get together to have sex, they call it playing.”

“Oh,” Sam said, and then it sunk in, “Ohhh.” She turned even redder. She was walking on a nude beach, and just hours ago she’d masturbated in a public place, sucking Keiko’s milk while Arden had kept watch. She was doing things she couldn’t have imagined a couple of weeks ago. Yet, realizing that Arden had had casual sex with the couple they’d been chatting with that afternoon still managed to shock her.

Arden tried to sooth her embarrassment. “Sorry,” he said, “I should have been clearer. I know this is all still new to you. It’s still kind of new to me actually. I didn’t jump into the lifestyle until last year. I’d kind of figured out what my parent’s parties were about by the time I was fifteen or sixteen, but I didn’t try doing something like it myself until I was eighteen.”

Sam sometimes forgot how young Arden was. In many ways he had more life experience than she did. At twenty two she was only three years older than he was and Keiko was only a year older than that. Still, looking back it seemed like it had been a long time since she’d been nineteen.

“Do you get together with them regularly?”

“No, just if I happen to be down here, and they happen to be here, and they invite me back to their place. It’s casual. A lot of couples aren’t into single guys, but Maya really digs having two dudes at once.”

Sam tried to imagine being with two guys at the same time. She supposed it could be fun, but it sounded too intimidating.

The crowd was thinning as the beach narrowed, but not quickly. Sam worried that they wouldn’t find the privacy they’d had before. They were all relieved when they saw the little cave was empty, but they had to mill around near the water for a bit while an older guy with a paunchy belly, wearing a T-shirt and no pants hovered near-by, possibly waiting to see what they would do. Arden lost patience balıkesir escort after a few minutes and fixed the man with an unfriendly stare. Sam had never thought of Arden as intimidating, but at six two, with solid muscles, and an aggressive posture, she decided she wouldn’t want to mess with him. Their unwanted shadow apparently thought the same thing and wandered back down the beach to stare at someone less threatening.

“I hate guys like that,” Arden muttered.

“Aww, don’t be too hard on him. You guys are hot. I’d want to watch too.” Sam grinned.

“You keep your eye out for creeps like that.” Keiko said, seriously.

“Yeah, you give those guys an inch and they take a mile, before you know it they’re taking video with their cell phones and jacking off at the same time. Then someone spots them and the local news lights up with stories about perverts on the beach.”

Sam was a little taken aback by how seriously the other two were taking the incident. “Umm, aren’t we perverts on the beach.”

Keiko gave Sam a flat look. “Yes, but we’re discreet perverts who aren’t getting in anyone else’s space, and will have an alert lookout to make sure we don’t accidentally offend anyone.”

Sam raised her hands in surrender. “Okay, okay. I’ll be a good little deviant and keep my eyes open for trouble. How do I signal you if someone is coming. I assume you don’t want me to shout it out. I couldn’t see what Arden was doing.”

Arden smiled and reached up with both hands and fluffed his long, blond hair with his fingers, and then shook his head. It was a natural enough gesture, but not something she’d ever noticed him actually doing.

“Okay,” she said, “That works.”

Arden and Keiko retreated to their hidden spot and Sam sat on the beach. She hadn’t brought a towel and the wet sand was on odd sensation on her bare behind. The sun was hot though, so the cool sand actually felt good. She checked to each side to see if the coast was clear. To her left the shoreline was narrow and rocky. The college guys had gone that way last time so, evidently, it led to another beach or populated area, but she didn’t see anyone there now. To her right was the nude beach. There were a few people with their towels somewhat nearby, but no one seemed to be heading in their direction at the moment.

Sam had promised to be good and keep watch, but she couldn’t stop herself from stealing a glance over her shoulder. Arden was half turned away from her, head bent to Keiko’s breast. He had one leg tucked under him and the other stretched, and she could see his cock was already at full attention. Keiko noticed her looking and cocked her head in a “what are you doing” gesture and Sam turned around and looked up and down the beach again. The coast was still clear. She imagined she could hear slurping noises behind her, but knew it was probably just the burbling of the waves rushing back out to sea.

Sam examined the abandoned section of coast to her left and saw no one, so she angled herself so she could see the populated area and watch the other two from the corner of her eye. Arden was still bent over Keiko’s chest, but now she had his cock in hand and was stroking him gently. Sam felt a surge of adrenalin and looked back and forth to make sure no one was coming before she let herself study the scene more fully. Keiko made eye contact, but didn’t give her a scolding look this time, evidently satisfied that she was doing an adequate job of watching out for interruptions.

Keiko started stroking Arden more quickly and he slipped a hand between her legs, his fingers matching her rhythm. The sight sent warm pulses to Sam’s core, and she wished she could put her fingers on her own clit. But she remembered Arden’s description of pervy guys drawing unwanted attention to the beach, and managed to behave herself. She kept glancing back over her shoulder and scanning for anyone who might be coming their way. She was sure she looked far more furtive and suspicious than Arden had, but between her arousal over what was happening back in the rocks and her nervousness about being caught, she just couldn’t manage Arden’s cool demeanor.

Arden seemed to take a long time emptying the first breast, but that was probably a result of Sam’s anxiety and lust fevered brain. Finally, Arden shifted and switched sides. Keiko’s hand didn’t stop stroking him for a moment. Sam thought Arden had a gorgeous dick—long, but not scary long, medium thickness, and straight with a tapered head. She imagined what it would be like to feel that cock inside her, and again had to fight the urge to touch herself.

Eventually, Keiko increased her pace on Arden’s member and he responded by fucking her hard and fast with his fingers. Sam watched the petite woman’s eyes close and her back arch, while she redoubled her jerking of the young man’s cock. Sam’s hand drifted involuntarily to her pussy as Arden began to thrust into Keiko’s fist. Keiko’s hips were bucking too and she had her fingers on her clit while Arden’s digits pumped in and out. Finally, with a grunt that Sam could hear over the sound of the waves, she saw a glistening arc of come shoot from Arden’s purple headed member, mostly clearing the span of Keiko’s straining hips.

“See, I told you this was the nude beach.”

The unfamiliar female voice nearly made Sam jump out of her skin. She whirled to see a young couple making their way towards her from the direction of the rocky shoreline. The tall, slim, blonde-haired woman already had her top off and was pointing in Sam’s direction.

Sam began to frantically fluff her hair with her fingers and coughed at the same time in a desperate effort to warn her friends. She thought she must look like an idiot, but the woman didn’t seem to notice and the guy was too busy staring at her tits to care. Sam chanced a look over her shoulder and saw both of her friends casually draw their knees up towards their chests, effectively blocking his semi-hard penis and her milky breasts.

“We made it to the clothing optional section right?” the blonde asked Sam from about ten feet away, untying one side of her tiny string bikini.

Sam just stared, rattled into dumbness, but Keiko spoke up.

“Yeah, for the last fifty yards or so. There’s a little iron post marking the boundary, but it’s hard to spot if you don’t know where to look.”

By the surprised look on their faces, it was clear the couple hadn’t noticed Keiko and Arden earlier.

“The nicer part of the beach is that way,” Keiko pointed, giving them directions and a subtle hint, “That’s where all the people are.”

The young woman nodded and said, “Thanks,” and then to the man with her, “Well?”

He looked a little sheepish, but at his companion’s expectant look, slipped out of his shorts. His almost-erect dick bobbed as he stood on one leg and then the other to get his pants off and Sam realized why he had hesitated. His friend just grinned as she added her tiny swim suit bottom to the towel and water bottle she was carrying and the two of them headed for the more populated part of the shore.

Sam watched them go and then heard Keiko laughing behind her.

“Some lookout you are,” she called.

Sam gave her an apologetic look, “Sorry,” and then carefully looked up and down the beach. When she turned to give them a thumbs-up, Arden had already straightened his legs and Keiko was lowering her mouth to his flagging erection. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes as the beautiful brunette cleaned the last drops of pearly ejaculate from his cock. When she was finished she sat up and Arden bent to her breast. Sam turned and kept a more careful watch as the two of them finished, though her heart was still beating hard. Partly from fear, but mostly from frustrated desire.

No one else disturbed them, and when Sam sensed movement behind her she turned and saw her friends standing, Keiko wiping something off her hip and leg with a towel. Arden’s semen she supposed. When they joined her the teasing started immediately.

“Arden, I think we should call her Ice Cube, because she’s so cool and slick.”

“Shut up!” Sam protested, doing a full-body blush.

“How about Eagle-Eye?” Arden suggested.

Sam raised her chin, trying to recapture some dignity. “There’s nothing wrong with my eyesight, you two were just distracting me.”

“Miss Peepers?” Keiko offered.

“I’m ignoring you.”

“Which you were supposed to do before.” Keiko scolded, though her tone was light.

Sam stuck out her lip in a pout.

Arden put a companionable arm around her shoulder. “Aww, don’t worry about it. What’s the fun of public sex if there’s no chance of getting caught?”

Sam perked up, partly from the soothing words, but mostly from the feel of Arden’s hand on her skin.

They returned to their spot for more food, volleyball, and hanging out with the regulars. Now that Sam knew the kind of relationship Arden had with Maya and Jim, she couldn’t help imagining what it would look like to see the tattooed woman with Arden. She also had to wonder if any of the other women in the group had been with Arden too.

They had just finished a game when Keiko reached into the cooler and took out a water bottle. “Last one,” she announced. “I think that’s a sign. I’ve had about as much fun in the sun as I can handle for one day.”

Sam reluctantly agreed. She was having a good time but they had been there for most of the day, and between the long walks and volleyball games she was beat. And they still had a two mile hike back to the car, and the drive home. Plus, she really needed to pee.

Arden looked like he would like to stay longer, but didn’t argue with them. “If you can handle the porta potty,” Arden said when Sam mentioned needing a bathroom, “you two can go up to the glider port, and I can bring the car to get you.”

Sam gave Keiko a questioning look.

“It’s steep, but the trail doesn’t seem quite as scary going up as coming down and it is a lot closer.”

Sam nodded, and they began gathering their things. They said their goodbyes. Arden grabbed his shorts out of one of the bags and jogged off down the beach. Sam and Keiko divided the burdens between them, and headed towards the sheer bluff and the switchback trail that zigzagged up its face. When they reached the base Sam saw a sign that read, NO NUDITY BEYOND THIS POINT.

“They’re serious about it,” Keiko said, handing Sam her dress. “It’s not unusual to find a park ranger sitting in his truck at the top handing out citations.”

That seemed like a pretty stupid use of taxpayer funds to Sam, but she pulled the dress over her head. The trail was steep and the women had to pause a couple of times going up, but Keiko was right, it wasn’t too scary as long as Sam focused on going up and not looking down.

They finally made it to the top, used the smelly restrooms, and then waited in the dusty parking lot for Arden. They filled the time watching hang gliders launch from the nearby port, and before long the SUV arrived. Sam was glad to get into the air conditioning.

Arden had already stripped out of his shorts and Keiko was pulling the dress over her head before they even started moving. Sam didn’t hesitate to join them this time and sprawled naked in the backseat, exhausted and elated after her first public nudity adventure.

“I’m hungry,” Keiko announced, “And I’m too tired to cook. Anybody want pizza?”

Sam, who had been dosing off and on in the back seat, perked up. Keiko’s cooking was incredible, but it did tend to be on the low cal, healthy side. It needed to be to offset all the full fat milk on the menu. Pizza sounded like a real indulgence.

“Sounds good to me,” Sam said.

Arden picked his cell phone out of a holder between the seats. “Any preferences on toppings?”

“Nah, I’m easy.” Sam said before she realized how it sounded. She was still a little groggy from napping in the car.

Keiko laughed, “We’ll see about that.”

Arden called the pizza place and made the order. Sam was getting so used to being nude that she didn’t even get alarmed until they were pulling into the takeout lane and noticed her friends in the front weren’t making any efforts to get dressed.

“We’re going to flash whoever is at the drive-up window?” Sam shouldn’t have been shocked at this point, but she still was.

“Dave would be disappointed if we didn’t. He asked if Keiko was with me, but you can be a surprise.” Arden looked at Sam in the rear view mirror and smiled.

Sam wondered for a moment if she wanted to provide entertainment for some pimply faced teenager working at the pizza shop. Then she thought, “why not?” and a little charge went through her at the thought of thrilling someone else.

Dave, it turned out, might or might not still have been a teenager, but he was not pimply faced. He was tall and lean, with dark hair and eyes, and very handsome features. He gave a dazzling smile when he saw Keiko, who leaned across Arden to take the pizza box, giving him a good show while Arden paid for the pizza.

“Say ‘hi’ to Samantha.” Keiko said sitting back.

The tall young man leaned a little out of the window to see into the back, while Sam sat forward, between the front seats.

“Hi, Samantha.”

“Hi, yourself.” Sam could feel her heart beat all the way down to her groin. Somehow flashing the pizza guy was as big a thrill as being nude in front of hundreds of people earlier in the day.

They grinned at each other for a minute and then Arden said, “See you next time.”

Dave tore himself from staring at the very shapely redhead, “Uh, yeah. Come back anytime. Every day that I’m working, for instance.”

Arden laughed and rolled up the window as they drove away.

“Wow, do you guys go around flashing everyone in town?”

“Just spreading joy in the world,” said Keiko. “Now get us home Jeeves,” she said, squeezing Arden’s knee, “I’m starving.”

When they pulled into the garage Keiko and Arden jumped out, Keiko carrying the pizza. Sam grabbed her dress off the seat next to her, then saw Keiko’s and called, “Hey aren’t you guys going to put on your clothes?”

“Why?” asked Keiko, opening the door across from Sam to grab her beach bag. “The neighbors can’t see the front of the house from across the street, and drivers on the street aren’t going to notice.” She picked up her dress and put it in her bag. “Come on, we have pizza to eat.”

Sam sighed. She should have known that Keiko and Arden wouldn’t put on clothes unless they had too. And Keiko was probably right. The road and the tree-lined median were elevated compared to the houses built on either side, mostly blocking the view, and drivers needed to keep a sharp eye on the curving street. They wouldn’t be looking for nudists walking out of their garages. So, she grabbed her dress and followed the other two.

They were waiting for her so Arden could close the door, and seemed utterly unconcerned about standing naked out in the open. Sam tried to imitate their cool and not hurry to the front door. Inside Keiko grabbed a six pack of beer from the fridge, while Arden gathered up paper plates and napkins, before they made their way out the back to eat by the pool.

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