My Stupid Fantasy

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I was 32 years old when it all started, my name is Tony. My wife Jane was 25, we had been married 5 years and our sex life was virtually non-existent. I’m 5’8″ tall, with a slim build, blond hair and blue eyes. I’m quite fit at 150 lbs. Jane is a stunner blond blue eyes 120lbs 35c very sexy.

I guess part of our sex problem is my cock, or lack of it, it only reaches 4″ when really hard, its cut quite thin and I also have small balls. To make things worse on the times we did have sex I used to cum virtually as soon as I put it in her. After the first few months in order to reduce her frustration I agreed to go down on her after I came, even though I found it repulsive at first, I got used to sucking my cum from her, and at least she used to reach orgasm, it reached the stage when we never had sex without me using my mouth on her.

The number of occurrences reduced to once a month then once every 2 or 3 months, I reverted to jerking off a lot, using a hidden pile of porno magazines and videos, as well as Internet. I found myself drifting more and more into perversion. I had a fantasy of wearing girls clothes, being tied, ass whipped, and used by men. It was of course just my fantasy. More and more my mind was filled with such fantasy as I jerked off until I couldn’t cum without being used.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and travelled regularly interstate to Sydney. Sydney is Australia’s gay capital, has lots of porno and video shops, which I began visiting regularly when I went there. I started using shops with glory holes, although I couldn’t bring myself to suck another cock, I was sucked a few times myself. I also went to sex cinemas where I masturbated not just myself but sometimes other men’s cocks as well. Mine was always smaller which I constantly found to be embarrassing, even had guys laugh now and then.

I hadn’t had sex for months and was in Sydney more and more, and I decided to try and act out my fantasy. One thing I knew was that I always chickened out of anything serious at the last minute, and once I came, I found the whole idea disgusting and wanted nothing further of it. Anyway, this visit I had planned it all. Our sex was such that we no longer saw each other naked at all, sex was always in the dark, and she never touched me at all.

I was in Sydney for the week, so on the first day I purchased a dilapidating cream, I didn’t really have much body hair anyway, but I removed it all and used it on my face, I hadn’t shaved for four days, so when I was finished I was smooth as baby the only hair being on my head. I planned to stay away from the gym I used for a few weeks so that colleagues wouldn’t see my hairless state.

Then came the next level of my fantasy, I put on track suit pants and top with runners jocks and socks, I took my wallet and some Velcro cuffs that I had made. I designed the cuffs so that using some pieces of string I was able to tie my wrists behind me, pull out the string and then be helpless, requiring someone else to release me. Then I visited a lingerie shop, the shop assistant was quite young, barely 20 I would have guessed. I was extremely nervous and embarrassed.

As soon as I went in, she asked if she could help, and I told her I needed panties, matching bra and suspenders and some stockings. She asked what size, I took a deep breath and a gulp and told her they were for me. She grinned and asked what colour I’d prefer, and I said that I’d leave it up to her. She came back with bright red lace thong panties and bra and suspenders with some black nylons.

She suggested that I remove all my clothing and try them on and give a call when I was ready so she could check it for me. I could hardly remove my clothes I was trembling that much. Somehow, I managed, and it felt incredible on my smooth skin. Whilst I am fit, I also have smallish breasts that are quite feminine, not requiring a bra of course but with feminine thick nipples.

I uşak escort had it all on, and with trembling voice, I called the assistant. She opened the door with that same grin on her face and told me to step out as the light was better. I nearly passed out when I did as there was a sophisticated looking lady with probably her daughter staring at me. The girl giggled the lady looked at me in disgust and turned the girl away.

The assistant told me the fit was good, but I needed padding and she left me standing there in the aisle while she found a couple of pads. She stuffed them in my bra and adjusted my panties, pushing her fingers under the gusset. She giggled and told me she thought I had had the sex change at first. I had a raging erection, but it was so small that even with the skimpy panties it wasn’t obvious.

I told the assistant I would take it all and to throw out my jocks and socks – I was determined to go through with my fantasy and didn’t want the chance of changing my mind. They were quite expensive, but I felt really sexy. My next stop was a hardware store, where I purchased some bamboo canes, and my final preparation was to buy some makeup.

I was ready, my heart was pounding. I kept three of the bundle of bamboo canes, threw the rest away, and put the three down my tracksuit bottoms. I went to Kingsteam, a steam baths used by bi and gays to pick up each other. I paid and was given a locker key with a wrist strap and a towel. I first went into the toilet and using the mirror that was with the makeup kit I painted my lips bright red, used rouge on my cheeks and mascara on my eyes. I then went into the change area and found my locker. One other guy was starting to change he was a huge man, overweight didn’t seem to be too clean about 6’2″ maybe close to 60 but still had blond hair. He was quite ugly with a big bulbous nose and looked like he hadn’t shaved for days.

I was so turned on in that he was looking at me, I opened the locker and very quickly removed my tracksuit top and bottom and placed the bamboo canes on the bench. His eyes were fixed on me as I took my time to fold the track suit and place it in the locker standing in front of him close enough for him almost to touch me in girls underwear and wearing makeup.

I felt my cock harden. I took my time removing my runners, by which time 2 other guys came in, I was physically shaking. They knew the older guy but were a lot younger than him, one was about my age the other looked too young to be in the place. The one my age looked Indian and was just as overweight as the older man. The younger guy was much more my size and looked quite fit.

They were passing comments calling me a slut pussy making me even harder. I tried to concentrate on removing my stockings slowly undoing the suspenders and sliding the silk off my hairless legs. I then stood up and put them in the locker by which time the three men were naked with what seemed to be to be huge cocks semi-erect. I removed the bra and suspenders and finally slid down my panties, showing my hairless little cock to them. They giggled and one remarked that I had a cute clit. The embarrassment made my cock twitch.

I grabbed the Velcro and the bamboo canes, quickly placed the towel around me with the canes semi-hidden under the towel, locked the locker put the key on my wrist and went out into the general area. There were lots of cubicles, a video area, gym, sauna, steam baths a pool and spas. There seemed to be quite a few people about, but I managed to find larger cubicle with glory holes on three sides, and went in pushing the door closed.

Still trembling I managed to put my Velcro cuffs on, which I had practiced many times except that previously I never removed the string, thus enabling me to free myself. I quickly removed the string leaving me helpless before I could change my mind.

Using my tied hands to remove my towel I stuffed it though a glory hole until it dropped though the hole leaving me naked. I managed to pick up the bamboo canes, opened the door a little, checking no one was about in the immediate vicinity. Then I pulled the door wide open quickly lay myself face down on the bench with the bamboo canes resting on my naked ass.

I felt like my cock was going to explode. I heard voices I looked towards the wall not daring to see who it was. I heard bare feet pattering near me, and this was followed by the door being closed. At the same time I saw someone looking through the glory hole where I had pushed the towel. Then I heard, “Well, well. It’s our little sissy slut, guys!”

I realised it must have been the men that saw me change, immediately I wanted to leave and forget the whole thing but I knew my fantasy was now fast becoming irreversible reality. A hand grabbed my hair and pulled me up, it was

Frank, the name of the older guy. He pulled me to feet, the other two guys were also in the cubicle and faces were at each of the three glory holes staring in.

Frank pulled my face to his and kissed me hard scrubbing his rough beard on my smooth face. I was repulsed his breath stank and I was quite nauseous, this I certainly hadn’t planned for I wasn’t gay I just wanted my fantasy. He grabbed my cock and balls which amazed me in that I was still hard, and he squeezed very hard making me yelp, but my yelp was stifled by his tongue filling my mouth. He told me if I didn’t kiss like the slut, I was he would rip off my clit. The watchers giggled and I kissed him back hard. As we kissed, I felt a hand on my cock putting a condom on, other hands pinched my nipples and poked into my tight virgin ass.

I was terrified, but despite that when a mouth engulfed my covered cock it only took seconds for me to ejaculate. My cock shrunk at the speed of light and my mind cleared immediately and I was absolutely desperate to get out. The cum filled condom was slipped off my cock, Frank stepped back laughing and pointing and my disappearing cock, which when soft is barely one inch long, and my balls always disappear into my body when I cum. He told me to open my mouth wide as the Indian guy lifted the cum filled condom. I shuddered and turned my head, as soon as I did, I yelped again as Frank squeezed my box hard. My mouth flew open and Ravi, the Indian, poured the cum into my mouth and ordered me to swallow.

Helplessly I obeyed, and watched as Pete, the young guy, sat on the end of the bench and removed his towel smiling. He had a beautiful looking cock about 8″ long and quite fat. Frank bundled me onto the bench laying me face down, and Pete took my head and pulled my mouth to his cock which I sucked, the first time a man’s cock had ever entered my mouth.

It was difficult to take it, being totally lacking in experience and I was concentrating on trying my best despite my revulsion and then my world erupted. Frank was using a bamboo cane on my bare exposed ass. I screamed onto the cock only to have it pushed further into my open mouth, choking me. The next few minutes seemed like hours I was sure I would die, Frank whipped me over and over, to be replaced by Ravi when he tired.

When Ravi finished I felt something cold and wet on my ass crack it was a mix of feelings I was still finding it hard to breathe, my ass was on fire, but the cold felt soothing until a finger was forced into my ass. Then another I wanted to die. All my breath was pushed from my body as I felt the weight of Frank crush me, I gasped onto the bloated cock that filled my throat, and silently screamed in terror and pain onto the raping cock as I felt my ass cherry get taken by Frank.

Pete grabbed my ears and fucked my face fast as Frank pushed his huge fat cock deeper into my bowels. I choked on Pete’s cum as Frank increased his tempo pulling his 9″ fat cock right out of me then ploughing it to the hilt back in. I swallowed the cum as best I could as the men fulfilled my fantasy of being used as a girl, but this wasn’t what I was planning at all, this wasn’t fantasy, this was a nightmare of reality.

Pete was replaced by Ravi, who explained to me, as Frank buggered my virgin ass, that he had a piss hard on. He asked me if I knew what the was, I gasped agreement as I hoped I would live through the ordeal. He was pleased and told me in that case I would understand his need to unload before I could suck him, so I had better not spill any piss, and he would be slow to help, if I was good.

My eyes flew wide open and it wasn’t because of Frank raping me, Ravi slid a long thin black cock between my lips, then I tasted hot bitter piss for the first time in my life. I gulped and swallowed on and on and on. His pubes stank and his fat belly squashed my face as his urine flooded my throat. Somehow, I managed to drink it all, which excited Frank and he started ramming in and out making me almost sick up the piss. Then I felt the mancock grow and explode its load into my bowels. For the first time in my life I felt myself get hard within an hour of cumming. I cried with embarrassment.

Frank pulled off me, only to be replaced by Ravi’s black cock. I put my head to the side gasping breath with my eyes closed. I felt a cock stuff my mouth, and realised it was Frank I could taste cum, blood and shit, my shit and quite bit of it. I gasped my mouth open to vomit, but it was just filled more by Frank’s cock. I managed to settle down and accept the fate getting fucked both ends, feeling my hardon increase.

I was surprised at Frank’s cock get hard in no time they were both sweating and pounding me and got into unison filling both ends of me with their vile cum. I had gone from a heterosexual male to a cum slut pussy in no time at all. Ravi also had me suck him clean while Pete took his turn in fucking me. I was terribly sore from my ass whipping and the rape of my virgin ass, but they all fucked me once more, after Ravi and Pete came. When they finally finished they made me suck any cocks that were put through the holes, I gave up counting after I was soaked and swallowed twelve more loads.

Frank announced it was almost time to go, I was covered from head to toes with cum. He dragged me to my feet and pulled me still helpless, to the change area. He opened my locker and I realised that somehow he had taken my key. My tracksuit was gone, in its place was a thin pair of white shorts and a short thin white tee.

Other men watched as the three guys dressed me, putting on my panties, suspenders, and stockings, then the shorts and runners, then they removed the Velcro put on my bra and the tee. The shorts were very short, my stocking tops were totally visible, and the shorts didn’t reach the top of my ass crack making the suspenders and bright red girlie thong panties also totally visible. The tee didn’t even cover the bra. I felt the panties soak quickly with cum and the shorts and tee became transparent with the cum that was covering me.

Frank had my wallet and told me that it was good there are two spellings of Toni and in future I would use the feminine one. I blushed with fear as I realised he knew who I was and my address. I had to tell them when I would be next in Sydney, helpless with fear I blurted out that I would be back the same time the next week, he smiled and told me I would be contacted, as he smiled he waved a camera in my face. He returned my wallet and they escorted me from the building giving me no chance to clean up.

Tears messed my mascara as I walked back to my hotel wondering how I would manage to get back to my room unseen, it hadn’t even reached midnight, I sobbed realising my world had changed forever because of a stupid fantasy! I passed a shop with a mirror in the window, and what I saw was disgusting making me sob even more. People avoided me in the street or laughed and jeered calling me names. I went as quickly as possible, with my head down in shame. My fantasy, my stupid, stupid fantasy!

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