My Son’s Girlfriend Ch. 03

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The story of a mid aged man and his son’s girlfriend need to continue. The bike ride was a beginning of a path, leading them on into a shared sexual adventure.

All sexually involved characters are eighteen years old or older!

This story is written in first person… and a continue to the first two chapters in this series.


Part three: Exploring a young body.

I stayed up late night to watch some late night movie, not a naughty pornographic one for a change. I had the volume set low to let the other sleeping members of my family not to get disturbed, at a commercial break I went to the bathroom to take a leak when I heard some noise from my son’s room. Veronica his girlfriend was moaning, loud enough for me to hear, and for me to know that they were fucking.

I listened to her delighted cries as they were banging on a few feet down the hall, even tho his door was closed I was able to hear her sheer young voice repeatedly begging my son to fuck her harder and faster. Bodies making slapping noise sounded in the silenced night, increasing in speed and thrust as he did as she demanded.

“Awwwww… Ohhhhhh… Yesssss…” Via panted out her words, cheering him on.

As I listened on the other side of the door, suddenly a deep throaty grunt silenced her pleasure moans and I knew my son had blown his load, probably in one of those frequently bought condoms he keeps on buying to be able to fuck her safely. A recommendation from me, his old dad.

I reminded myself not hearing her climax, so they would either continue to fuck or she would stay unsatisfied. I left the hallway stiff and horny by listening to them fucking, I didn’t want to get caught outside of his room unless it was Veronica exiting their love-chamber. I couldn’t stay and hope on her coming out, I had to hide and wait to see.

I heard his door open and in the shield of the darkness inside the living room, I saw Via leave and go inside the bathroom. I stayed put for a few minutes to see if my son would follow her in the shower I heard her start, but without anything else then my racing heartbeats pounding in my ears I heard nothing but the sprinkling water from the shower-head.

Slowly I sneak up to the bathroom door to find it unclosed, nearly a feel wide slit of clear view inside the bright lighted room. I looked inside to see Veronica clean herself off in the steamy shower booth, if I had been a few minutes faster to get where I was now standing, I would have seen her naked in all her youthful glory. Now it was too misty and I could only trace her curved shape thru the hazy glass wall’s.

I took the chance at this very moment, and pulled my t-shirt over my head, pulling my sweat-pants and briefs down my legs in one swift motion. Stepping out of my clothes, bunched up around my feet, leaving them in a pile on the tiled floor, I was as naked as the day I was born, but way bigger and a hell of a lot more hornier. My cock standing straight up stiff and hard by excitement, I neared myself quickly to the shower booth.

I slid the door sideways to open it, I stepped inside and closed the door behind me, it took about five seconds to get inside the booth were she stood washing her soapy skin off. I turned to her backside and felt her naked flesh brush against mine, she didn’t say a word when my skin pressed on hers as I grabbed her hip from behind and held her tight. As my hard cock parted her butt-cheeks I begun to grind my boner in the crack of her ass, my right hand left her hip to reach for her big firm soaped up breast. I cupped her ample boob in my hand feeling Veronica’s aroused nipple poke hard at the palm of my hand.

“Ahhhhh.” a deep sigh of pleasure left her throat.

I parted my fingers and slid her raspberry sized hard nipple in the V between my fingers in a tenderly squeeze. Veronica moaned in pure felicity by my soft touch as I rolled her nipple in a bit tighter grip between my fingers, her delightful moaning response echoed in the bathroom.


Her hips begun to move back and forth as she had caught my hard cock between her legs, sliding her slippery pussy on the full length of my cock, I felt her slick shaved teen pussy on the tip of my cock. Veronica slid herself from my bloated head to the point when her protruding sexy ass pushed hard at my stomach, her soaking wet pussy coated my cock with her flowing juices.

I was so lucky to feel her young naked smooth skin pressed tight to mine, to feel her shaved swelled pussy lips slide on my cock. I was enjoying this moment but wanted to feel more of her, or should I say, eager to feel myself deep inside of her wanton slit.

I grabbed her shoulders and turned her around, face to face I planted a kiss on her pouty lips, tracing her slowly parting lips with the tip of my tongue. Her tip against mine fondling each other, I held her neck in a gentle but firm grip as I stuck my tongue deep in her panting mouth sharing our joint breath in a deep Alanya Zenci Escort french kiss. Our tongues tasting and caressing in a wrestling dance teasing each other on.

I took a grip at her knee to lift it up to my hip, my cock hard and standing proud finding its own way in her warm wet slit. I lingered at the orifice of her teenage pussy relishing the very moment before I would impale her teenage body on my hard cock. Veronica was eager to feel me inside of her so she kneeled her other leg and I slid inside, I pressed my hand at the small of her back to hold her body tight to mine. I was deeply inside of her divine, wide stretched pussy, tightly wrapped around my throbbing cock. Oh fucking hell… how unbelievable grate she feels on my cock I thought.

I would sell my own soul to the Devil for any opportunity to fuck her pussy the way I did, With Via’s voluptuous body in a firm grip I pounded her flesh deep and hard. Smoothing out the velvety folds of her labia, stretched tight around the swelled girth of my hard member. My hands all over her bouncing breasts kneading her firm flesh, stroking my cock in and out of her teen pussy in a rapid pace.

“Ahhhh… Ohhhh… Mmmmm…” tiny sounds of pleasure escaped her lips.

Veronica wrapped her legs around my waist as I kept fucking her deep and fast, my hands on her butt squeezing her firm cheeks as I bottomed out within her pussy. Her pleasured moans, her cries of lust for more, kept me banging my son’s hot and naughty girlfriend in the shower.

“Fuck me good.. Oh my… Jeez… Yessss…” Via panted out her whispering words.

I felt myself reach the boiling point of climax, but I needed to last a bit longer, to give her what my son didn’t pleased her with… A well deserved, mindblowing orgasm.

I let a finger slide down the crack of her ass to see if I could send her over the edge in a bit dirtier way, I felt her puckered hole at the tip of my finger and as I pounded her pussy, grinded her clit on my pelvis, I pushed a finger up her tiny ass, only a knuckle deep but as I figured, it would do the trick.

Via’s body convulsed as her orgasmic bliss made her spasm in my arms, I kept on pounding her contracting pussy closer to my own ejaculation then I wished for to be. I tried to contact her mind by words and acts but no response beside her quivering shaking body in my arms as another climaxing wave of ecstasy ruptured within her teenage body.

I needed to pull out fast and by that I meant right away, not to blow my potent seed inside her fertile and probably unprotected womb, but her grip was stronger than I expected. I tried to get out, but as I felt it was too late. I pushed myself as deep as I could get inside her pulsating pussy, squeezing and massaging a huge load of cum out of my aching balls.

“Oh my fucking G… Oh yeah!… Daddy cum, I can feel your creamy spurts flood my womb” Veronica said in a husky, week voice.

Her young spent body collapsing in my arms, in heavy breath, I feel my cum still geyser its cascading spurts deep inside her amazing cum draining pussy.

Fucking hell what if I get her pregnant, how will I explain that to my wife and to my son? And what about her calling me daddy as I orgasmed inside of her, my thoughts tumbled and my head was spinning making my mind dizzy, It was all so confusing. But I have to confess, her young teen pussy was truly addictive. I have fucked her pussy twice now and I would do it again, as often as she would let me get inside her panties, to let me a mid aged man penetrate her sweet youthful body could only be explained as a gift from above.

I let her orgasm subside before I pulled my limp cock out of her gooey cum-drenched, slightly clenching hole. I washed her clean and when she was able to stand week legged, without falling down on the tiled floor. I dried her flawless pale skin off with a fluffy cotton towel, taking care of my precious girl. Seeing the glow of blissful satisfaction in her pretty face, knowing it was because of me and my cock she got completely gratified.

Veronica could barely walk back to my son’s room, I watched her go leaning to one side with a hand on the wall for support. I couldn’t take my eye’s of her swaying ass, I really want to get my hands on that peachy butt of hers. To feel he sphincter muscle grip my cock while my finger is fondling her pussy and clit.

Later that week…

I had to go on a full week business trip, starting with a kick off meeting on the weekend, to end on Friday. I planned to stay put the next weekend too, I needed a brake from the family life, the daily routine and to sort my dazzled mind. The very same mind of mine that lingered on Via’s cum drenched fertile womb, making it hard to focus on work. Did I get her pregnant or is she on the pill, I didn’t have a chance to ask her the important question that repeatedly circled my thoughts.

The cheap but still quite nice hotel wasn’t the best location Alanya Manken Escort to sort things out, to noisy and the late night clubbing outside made it nearly impossible to get a good night sleep. I was so tired at the end of the week, I decided to get another room in another hotel for my recovery days. I checked out and took a cab to a nicer hotel close to a big city park, asking for a quiet room facing the backside and the park.

The bellboy left with a generous tip in his pocket, leaving me in a fancy fairly sized although single bedded room. Everything I needed for this relaxing weekend was in my reach, the restaurant downstairs had room-service for an extra cost. I didn’t feel to walk downstairs and mingle with the golfer guests, so I called their room-service to order a big fresh meal even tho it was only midday I wanted to stay in my room for the entire remaining of this day.

I was lying ontop of my bed covers, I had nodded off for a quick rest before my lunch arrived. The waitress entered the room looking as beautiful as a model, young and with curly reddish blond hair. I actually mistook her for Veronica at first but as I properly saw her face I knew it wasn’t her. Leaving me sad and disappointed she exited my room, her equally voluptuous body as Via set my mind on our last fuck in the shower, and her sexy ass swaying on her way back to my son’s room.

I remembered how much I wanted to push my cock in her tiny butt-hole and the thought got me as hard as I usual get by thinking of my son’s hot girlfriend. I didn’t feel like jerking off to my thoughts of Veronica, I instead wanted her to come to my hotel, for her to enter my room in a cute girly sun-dress, maybe a bit shorter and a lot sexier than a girly dress. Naughty, aroused and pantieless, ready for a dirty anal penetration.

I had to call her cellphone immediately, I let my dinner delay to find out if Via was able to come over or not.

“Hi Bob!” her clear crisp voice set my mind on fire as I lusted for her body even more.

“Hi…” I replied… “What are you up to today?” I continued to ask anxious to hear her answer.

“Nothing actually… done with my weekly chores at home, Dad and mom is out dining. So if you want to have phone sex right now? … would suite me just fine.” a short pause. “I’m so damn horny, I have been thinking all week long about when you fucked my burning hot pussy to climax in the steamy shower and how your cum flooded my insides in those wonderful gushing spurts.” she added.

“Oh… Are you… safe?” I was struggling to express myself…

I took a deep breath and asked her my need to know question. “Do you take birth control pills?”

“No…” Veronica’s answer left me pale faced by fear of me impregnating her teenage body.

“I snatched a case of them, day after pills, from mom. She doesn’t want me to fuck without a rubber you know. She tells me it’s not safe to get my pussy full of possibly contaminated cum, leaving me with venereal disease, but I trust you and your cum to be as pure as it comes.

I felt the sudden weight on my chest fall off and shatter on the floor by her relieving words, and feeling kind of proud to be the only man she trusted to drench her pussy in creamy old spunk.

“Grate… You really had me worrying… wondering if..” I said in an eased tone.

“I’m not stupid to get myself knocked up the very first time I let a man dump his potent load of seed inside my womb, I want you to do it plenty more times until I’ll let you knock me up.” Via said.

Surprised by her breeding request some future day made my cock harder than ever, and I needed to ask her if she was able to get her cute ass to my hotel and available for me to fuck. But I didn’t want to scare her off by plainly ask her to let me fuck her butt, I needed to go slow and earn her trust before do any anal penetration. A tiny finger in her ass, as I did in the shower, is a whole different thing then pushing a long hard and girthed cock inside her rectum.

“I want your cute naked butt in my hotel room!” I said in a demanding tone.

“Oh.. You do really want me Bob… Don’t you?” she teased me off.

“You know that I want you as much as you want me… or should I say, as much as you want my big hard cock in you horny teen pussy.” I quickly replied.

“I do need a good fuck… but your son is a lot close nearby then you… and his cock is nearly as hard, yet not as huge as yours but big enough to get a girl off.” Veronica said, as I wondered if she was trying to get me jealous.

“Then go ahead and let him blow his load in you quivering pussy, leaving you as unsatisfied as last time.” I said, not feeling a bit jealous of her fucking my less sexually skilled son.

“You know how to please a girl, that’s a fact I need to consider. But if I go now I might get unaroused on the long boring way over, what to do about that fact Mr.” her teasing voice lingered in my mind, a hint of a Alanya Anal Escort promise of what to come.

“Call a cab, I’ll pay you back, twice the cost, I’ll promise to make the ride over worth the effort. If you still need a calm voice to guide you to my hotel room, just call me and I’ll keep you hot and wet all the way if you want.” I said in an almost pleading tone luring her to me.

The slightly more than a hour drive from her home to my hotel went smooth, her call was almost instant from her getting inside the cab. Her whispering voice sounded horny and ready for action any minute, I kept my voice deep and lusting as I teased her by sexily appealing and arousing words.

I told her to dress in a short summer dress and I told her not to wear any panties, I spoke in a tender voice, how I put my hands on her body. How I gently pinched her left breast nipple then the other making her pretend as if it was my hand on her body and not her own.

I heard her softly moan in delight by my seductive voice telling her how to do and what to do as she did it, a finger sliding ontop of her dress. Tracing the slit between her swelled labia up to the engorged bud, her fingertip touching her clit in a tiny circular motion just for a few seconds at each time. I didn’t want her to finish off miles away, with me sitting in my room, a hard cock tenting my pants as I was trying my best to keep her hot and ready for the nasty sex I had planned in my mind.

The journey in the cab was reaching its destination and I heard her breathy voice hot and feverish, lusting for sexual pleasure. I didn’t want the driver to take advantage of this moment and fuck her in the back of his cab, I knew my slick voice had made her crazy with desire for relieve and I wanted to be the one giving it to her. To enjoy the built up expectation I had put in her mind. I asked her to take a few deep breaths before she even spoke to the driver yet paid him off.

Her call never ended as she knocked on my door, I opened and looked at this utterly sexually aroused girl, her blushing face visibly hot glowing in pure craving lust. I couldn’t believe how she got out of the cab and inside my hotel room without getting fucked, that’s how horny she looked and now this super horny teen was all mine to relish.

“Please come inside and I will make the ride over worth the effort.” I sad and showed her in my hotel room and locked the door behind her.

Veronica kneeled on the floor at my feet eager to free my cock from inside my tenting pants, the stiff member sprung out swaying from one side to the other and back. Her warm wet mouth surrounded the head and her lips sucked my cock deep down her narrow throat, stretching wide around my throbbing dick as her lips shut close tightly around its hilt, keeping me inside as deep as I could go with her hands on my ass cheeks holding my hip stuck to her face.

I know she loved the taste of cum in her mouth but not now I had other plans for where I wanted to ejaculate my sperm. I had a one week pent up load of cum awaiting for her, I want to shoot it up her ass letting her feel my powerful spurts flood her anus.

Her head moving back and forth in long cock in mouth sliding movements, her throat as tight and pleasurable as always. I needed more of her then simply feed her hungry mouth with cum, I slid my cock out of her hard sucking lips. Her eyes burning with desire as I placed my hands on her legs below the hem of her dress. I slid my palms up on her thighs pushing the flower patterned fabric above her hips baring her soaking wet pubic mounds, my finger tracing the slippery slit to her swelled pea sized clit. I moved my fingertip in tiny circles on and around her sensitive bud, reminding my words when she had to do it on her own in the cab earlier.

Veronica moaned in pleasure by my gentle touch, her hips gyrating onto my hand as I fingered her clit and her pussy. I watched her getting close to a climaxing peak and I needed to feel her orgasm around my cock.

I got seated in an instant lifting her body onto mine, her legs spread wide as she straddled my lap and my big bloated cock slid easily inside her sopping wet teen pussy. I met her downward movement with a pounding upward thrust, making her body bounce on my lap. Via lowered herself once again and I slammed my cock up and inside of her again, she never landed in my lap as I pounded her pussy each time as hard as the last thrust. Veronica’s body started to convulse in orgasmic spasms, I let her feel my cock impale her pussy completely as she finally rested in my lap. I held her down in a strong grip on her hips, my cock feeling every pulsating contraction of her climaxing pussy tightly wrapped around my big member.

Via’s orgasm slowly subsided and I pulled my erected cock out of her pussy, I let her feel the tip of my head slide down onto her tiny puckered hole, I pressed it softly on her butt-hole letting her know where I wanted to enter. My hands left her hips as I reached for her inner thighs caressing her teasing her, touching her pussy mound fingering her slit, her clit and her pussy. Veronica is still sitting ontop of my cock, my throbbing head pushing at her puckered hole. My hands on her sex teasing and pleasing her erotically, keeping her on a high arousal level.

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