Erotic Terrorist

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Many years ago after graduating from college, I was working in an office in Tokyo and I had a long work trip. There were two men I was attracted to on the trip. I was so horny for both of them that I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to fuck more, so I flirted with both of them. I would go back and forth between them, spending half a workday with one of them and then meeting the other for dinner afterwards, and then drinks with the other one, and finally a nightcap with the other again before leaving each of them hard and horny at the end of the night. I was such a slutty tease! They called me an ??????? , an “erotic terrorist.”

I would find every excuse to bend over provocatively in my office wear, knowing my skirts would pull tightly around my ass and my conservative jacket would ride up my back and show off my ass. I made sure to wear my tight form fitting pant suit so that they could see how the fabric hugged my crotch and the crack of my ass when I squatted down or bent over.

It was so fun to be wanted by two men at the same time, and I could tell that both of them could hardly wait to fuck me.

Finally, as the trip was nearing the end, I decided to pick one of them to fuck first. I arranged to meet him at his hotel room after I had dinner with the other man, wearing my high heel black leather boots and a black suit with a white silk camisole. When I got to his room, we had a drink and then I told him to sit on the bed and started Onwin to slowly take my clothes off, dancing languidly to the music from the radio. I could see how excited he was from the tent in in his pants. After I slipped my panties off, I closed my eyes and continued touching myself all over-my breasts, my legs, my neck-slowly touching my wet pussy and sensuously tasting my fingers as if I was licking his cock.

I could hear him breathing hard now, unable to contain himself. I walked over to him, put two fingers deep inside my cunt and scooped out as much of my flowing juices as I could before feeding it to his open mouth-“???? (oishii)…” he moaned, “delicious…”

I unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out, and slowly caressed his purple shaft. It was long and hard with a big bulbous head, and I began sucking on it as if it was the sweetest lollipop.

I was so horny and wet by then, but wanted to prolong his agony. I turned around and bent over so he could see my ass close up. I reached around to pull my cheeks apart so he could see how wet and swollen I was. He moaned and began panting like an overheated dog. I slowly backed up until the tip of his cock was just parting my wet lips, and moved ever so slightly up and forth so he was just barely slipping in and out. He groaned with impatience and grabbed me by my arms, pulling me backwards and impaling me on his shaft. I yelped but immediately began riding Onwin Giriş him. I was moaning and screaming as his hard cock pumped in and out of me. He was using my arms to pull me up and down, the clap of my ass slapping his thighs filling the room. But after just five minutes he came, roaring as he shot sperm deep inside me! I guess he was too excited…!

After I put my clothes back on, his sperm still dripping from my sopping wet cunt, I went straight to the other man’s room. He was a little surprised to see me, since I had said goodnight already. But he didn’t complain when I gave him a much shorter version of the strip show I had given the first man. I just wanted to be fucked hard by then, and I had learned my lesson about not getting a man too hot before getting his cock inside me!

As I straddled his legs and began giving him a grinding lap dance, we kissed wildly and he scrambled to pull the remaining pieces of clothing off me. When I fingered myself and fed him the creamy juices that were flowing out of my sloppy pussy, I laughed wickedly when he moaned “????” just like the other man!

Little did he know that the musky flavour of my cunt was mixed with the sperm of another man!

He looked puzzled about my laughter, so I whispered in his ear that I had just been fucked by another man, and the reason I was so wet was because the semen he had shot inside me was still dripping out.

“Slut,” Onwin Güncel Giriş he hissed at me, grabbing me aggressively by the hips and throwing me on my back onto the bed. Instinctively, my legs flew open wide in a wide “V” and he immediately began pumping into me with an angry hard thrusting. His cock was longer than the other man’s, and curved upward like a thick sword so that sharp head rubbed deep inside me in secret places. Soon I was losing myself in the rhythm of his hard fucking and the convulsions of my first orgasm of the evening.

He lasted quite a bit longer than the first man, and was even able to get hard very quickly after coming. In fact, he was able to cum three times inside me that night, getting hard again each time after a short rest. After we fucked all night, I had to sneak back to my own room in the morning to take a quick shower and a change of clothes before joining the larger group for breakfast.

The second to last time he came, he said he wanted to cum on my breasts and face. He said he wanted to see my “beautiful face” covered with his sperm. I was amazed that he was still able to shoot so much semen after having cum twice already inside of my pussy. Spurt after spurt of his male seed kept splashing on my face, and I played with his cum and licked up each and every drop before sucking his soft cock to hardness again. I wanted that one last delivery of sperm inside of me to join his two earlier loads and that of the first man. I would proudly walk around the next day with four loads of semen inside of me from two different men, smiling at each of them with knowing looks throughout the day.

I guess I figured out which one to choose to spend the rest of the trip with…!

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