The club is packed tight with dancing women, grinding on men, showing skin in very revealing places. Strobe lights streak across the crowd, trying their very best to blind me, heavy metal music pulses all around, mimicking my heartbeat. I’ve lost my friends somewhere, I cant find my way back to the bar where I last saw them, and besides they’re probably in a bathroom stall, getting high anyway. I don’t really care either way. It’s cool to explore this place on my own, I’ve always wanted to come here, just never had the opportunity. I was worried I wouldn’t look the part in my pale pink dress dotted with skulls, a corset clasp across my cleavage, fishnet tights and converses, cute ears perched in my blonde hair. But looking around I see there are other pastel goths here and I don’t feel as out of place as I thought I would.

I push my way through the tangle of bodies, eyes drawn to another bar at the back of the room. There are stools placed in intervals along the bar, girls perched upon them, flirting with barmen as they order drinks. I make it to the bar and order a beer. Then I stand and watch the dancers all around me, their bodies sweating, skirts lifted up and flashing asses and boobs. I’m getting hot watching one couple practically fucking on the dance floor, the guys hand very obviously in her underwear, her hips grinding against him. I look away, a little embarrassed at my aroused reaction to the public erotica.

Turning away from them I spot another girl. She’s by herself, dancing to the music, slow and sensually, stroking her neck, winding her hips. Her hair is long and black, interspersed with pale blue and lilac streaks. Her gothic style make up is neatly done, long lashes, black cat eye liner, dark red lips, parted slightly. Simple yet attractive. I find myself drawn to her and she catches my eye and winks. I scan down her body, the black latex dress with straps across her bosomy chest, the suspenders, that dangle teasingly over her thighs, the stockings that stop just above the knee, the biker boots with chains and buckles adorning them. I cant take my eyes off of her. I have a sudden urge to join her. She catches me watching her and I look away, not understanding why I cant stop staring. I feel a hot flush creep over my cheeks. I take another sip of beer, just for something to do. Then, out of the corner of my eye, as i stoically try and avoid looking at this stranger, I spot her walking towards me.

She mimes having a cigarette and motions for me to follow her. I take a deep breath and down my beer and then follow eve gelen escort her out of the door to our left and into the smoking area. It’s busy out here too but we squeeze through to the wall at the back and I stand nervously beside her. She sparks up a cigarette, and inhales deeply, holding her head back and breathes out the smoke. I feel a sudden chill as I see her watching me intently. Her eyes rove over my body, in much the same manner as I did inside.

“I like your dress” she says. Her voice is sultry and she reaches out a hand and hooks a finger under my dress strap, tugging it slightly. I shiver at her contact.

“Thanks. I like yours too” I manage to say, without stuttering for once. My eyes are looking at her chest, pale skin, her bust almost spilling out the top. I feel the flush again and quickly look away. I can feel her eyes on me, appraising me. She chuckles throatily.

“You can look if you want, I kinda like it” she winks at me and I blush fiercely. I try and focus of the other people around me but somehow they’re all blurred compared to the girl next to me. “My name is Breanna by the way. I figured if you’re gonna stare at me we might as well be on a first name basis” she says, taking another drag of her cigarette.

“I’m Evalee” I smile at her and rub the tops of my bare arms against the chill. I wish I’d brought my jacket with me. Rookie mistake I guess.

“Oh God, you’re cold! Hey, come here” Breanna wraps her arm around my waist. My heart rate speeds up and I gasp, almost inaudibly. She’s the same height as me I notice. Her fingers trace a pattern on my hip and I find myself staring into her hazel eyes, flecked with green. Then she says, in a half whisper “your eyes are so pretty, I love blue eyes, and I feel like I could get lost in yours.” It’s like she can read my mind. She makes me nervous. but I cant help it, I want her. My head drifts towards her, I’m looking at her lips and thinking of how badly I’d love to kiss them. I don’t know whats come over me but I find myself liking this feeling.

“Do you wanna go somewhere with me? My place is just round the corner” she mutters huskily. I nod as she nuzzles my neck. She grins and takes my hand, pulling me towards the rope separating the club from the street. I momentarily think about my friends, how they’re gonna kill me but then I forget all about them as Breanna looks back over her shoulder, eyes twinkling, a seductive smile playing on those lips.

We walk briskly for about ten minutes, until istanbul eskort bayan we come to an old Victorian style house, set into four apartments. Breanna walks up the path to the door and unhooks a key from a bracelet that I didn’t notice before. She unlocks the door and pulls me inside. It’s a little bit dark and before my eyes have adjusted to the gloom Breanna spins me round and pins me to the wall next to a flight of stairs. She starts kissing my neck, pinning my arms above my head. I feel her teeth nip my shoulder, I’m gasping, goosebumps rising all over my skin and they’re not from the cold I’m sure. Her hands snake down my arms and over my chest, cupping my boobs, travelling down further, lifting the thin material of my dress until its up around my waist. Then she shoves my fishnets down, revealing my black thongs. Her hands grasp my ass, tracing the line of the thong in between my ass cheeks. I cant breathe I’m so turned on! Breanna stops and I kick my converses off, yanking the rest of my tights off too.

She pulls me up the stairs to a door, painted black. She unlocks this door and we tumble through, kissing savagely, as though we were trying to absorb each other. I see a room with dark purple walls, soft furry rugs, candles everywhere. As rooms go, it’s pretty sexy. Breanna leads me to the rugs and sets me down on the chaise that I didn’t spot before.

I watch as she removes her boots, one by one, kicking them away. Then she rolls her stockings down, her leg up on the chaise next to me. I see all the way between her legs, she’s not wearing any underwear and she is VERY wet. I have an urge to taste her and I move my head closer to her pussy. She smells so sweet. I flick my tongue across her clitoris and I hear her sharp intake of breath. I do it again, twirling my tongue and licking up and down through her labia. Her hands intertwine in my hair as she bucks and moans in response to my tongue. I test her pussy with two fingers and slip in easily. I finger her as I lick and she groans again in pleasure. I speed up my fingers and I taste her come. I feel so wet in my thongs and I cant wait to take them off. I place little licks all over her pussy, clearing her come. Then I move back and lick my lips. Her eyes are closed in pleasure and I feel good that I did that to her. I’m also astonished at my bravery and brazenness, I’ve never been with a girl before. I don’t know where this has all come from.

“Okay your turn Evalee.” Breanna makes me lay back on the chaise and lifts my hips. She pulls my rezidans escort thongs down and pushes my dress up. She breathes in deep the scent of my pussy and gently rubs my clit with her thumbs. Small circular motions, barely touching me. It feels so nice. I’m getting wetter all the time. She then slips two fingers inside me and bends down and licks my clit, her tongue continuing what her thumb had started. She licks and fingers me until I moan and buck against her hand. I come into her mouth and she kisses my inner thigh. I make to stand up but she holds me down.

“Oh no I’m not done with you yet.” She throws back a blanket next to me on the chaise, revealing a variety of dildos and vibrators. My breath catches in my throat and I’m horny all over again. “Choose one” Breanna insists. I look at each one and then choose a large glass dildo. Breanna picks it up and places the tip in to my mouth. I suck on it briefly and then she strokes it up and down my pussy. She pushes it in finally and fucks me slowly, hitting my G-spot and twisting it slightly as she pulls it back out. She repeats the action over and over again. I play with my clit and she watches, occasionally licking the places where the dildo enters me.

I watch her take a second dildo, a long, pink, fleshy one and she sits next to me, still dildo fucking me. She pushes her dildo inside herself and I hold onto it, fucking her at the same time. We are both moaning, wet and sweaty, watching ourselves fucking the other. We come again, together this time. She pulls the dildos out of us at the same moment, kisses me quickly and pulls me to a standing position. She drags my dress off me and it tumbles to the floor. Then she motions for me to lay down on the rugs. I oblige and wait to see what happens next. Breanna stands over me and nudges my legs apart. She crouches down, her pussy hovering over mine. Then she makes contact, swiping her clit across mine. She lays half on top of me, rubbing our pussies together, our breathing hard and ragged, concentrating on the sensation of our kissing clits. We reach climax at the same time, coming hard and Breanna collapses on top of me, and shoves her fingers inside me. I push own inside her too, feeling her throbbing pussy on my hand. We lay like this for a while, feeling our breathing slow and our hearts match on beat.

“That was good” I say quietly. “I’ve never been with a girl before tonight, I don’t know where it came from”.

“I would never have guessed you were a sapphic virgin Evalee, the way you went straight in to lick me out like that, it was new to me, I’m used to giving it up to others first. Thank you” Breanna replies, kissing my shoulder. I can smell our sex in the air, still feel our fingers inside each others pussies. I feel happily tired, and I know she is too. Sleep comes, finding us still wrapped in each other.

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