Hairy Kiri

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Toshiro had lived all his life in Osaka. He had a petite wife and two children. He was no past 40 and was working in a large conglomerate in marketing. He was satisfied with life but he had one big yearning. He had a fetish for bushy underarms. His wife kept her underarms shaved and her pubic bush trimmed but he never got around to telling his wife that she should allow her underarms to grow. She was always dutiful and took care of all his needs but his dream of licking and sucking a woman’s bushy underarms which he had since he was a child was unfulfilled and he wondered if he would ever get the chance to put his head and lick the bushy armpits of a hairy woman or at least see the unshaven armpits of a woman Most Japanese women who wear sleeveless dresses keep their underarms shaven and he had not yet seen the full grown bush in a woman’s underarms.

He had bought the porno magazine, which featured the bushy armpits of Madonna and had jerked off many times thinking of the hairy armpits of the pop star. How he wished his wife would allow her armpits to grow and fill up with the thick luxuriant hair, which he had seen in Madonna’s bushy armpits. He had read in books that most Europeans had bushy armpits and definitely all Italians like Madonna never shaved their underarms.

Toshiro often dreamed that he was in Venice or Milan and surrounded by a bevy of Italian beauties with bushy armpit hair, which he would always caress. While wanking he fantasized about fucking their bushy armpits and many times filling his cum in their underarms. He was looking forward to his Italian collaborators coming to Osaka and maybe ask them to share some experiences with him.

The following week. John and his wife Nikki turned up to stay at his house for the week. John was the head of the Italian operations and he hoped that he could get an invitation to attend the forthcoming annual marketing conference at Rome and he knew it was his last chance of fulfilling his childhood dreams of cuming in a woman’s hairy armpits. He just knew he had to make a favorable impression on john.

His wife Sumiko too was very excited when I told her about the imminent arrival of John and Nikki and his assistant Tom. We seldom have houseguests and she busied herself with preparations. Sumiko was dressed in a Kimono and we greeted them at the door. Nikki was a bombshell. She was dynamite. Busty and packing an hourglass figure I was dying to find out if she had long bushy hair in her hairy underarms. Would it be soft, silky and abundant or would it be coarse and dark. I hoped it would be jet-black and bushy as I felt my sizeable cock filling up my trousers. I hoped no one would look as I bowed to greet them in the traditional Japanese way my head looked down at her crotch. Was she hairy down here as well? Would her pubic bush run from her navel down to her ass crack would it grow thick and down her inner thighs. These thoughts were swimming in my mind and I was sure I had to see the nude body of the sexy Nikki. We immediately served sake and snacks and I made sure that john and Nikki had enough to drink. . Hours passed quickly, and it was time to go to bed but neither Tom nor Nikki were making any move. In my obsession with Nikki I didn’t notice that John was wooing my dear wife. Sumiko was flattered by all the attention she was receiving as John especially showered her with compliments about her good looks and gracious hospitality.

I then hatched an idea and asked Nikki if she wanted to have a bath in our large bathtub hoping that I would get a glimpse of her armpits. My excitement grew, as I was sure that her underarms would be bushy or at least I hoped they Starzbet would long luxuriant hair curling out of her armpits. She certainly had very thick eyebrows and I was sure that I could feel the pungent smell which as wafting from her armpits. I knew I was imagining all these things but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep till I could see her uncovered shoulders and her armpits.

Surprisingly John encouraged her in fact asked me to accompany Nikki to ensure that she spent at least an hour in the bath and that I should massage her neck and back as she had had a long and arduous journey, which she was not, used too. He in fact ordered me to take care of her. I couldn’t believe it as we moved to the bathroom. The sunken tub is very spacious and can hold up to five people easily and here I was almost ready to explode as this fecund woman trailed me to the bathroom. Nikki asked me to stay and I was looking a little foolish in my suit as I handed her a kimono. She did not take it and started removing her top. It was my moment of truth. Would this Italian beauty show me her bushy armpits or would I be disappointed again. Her back was towards as raised her dress over her head and as she turned around my legs began to buckle and my head started to explode. Before me stood a hirsute goddess. Thick jet-black bushy armpits spilled out of her bushy armpits.

I was ready to die or at least cum. I am sure she could have noticed the tent in front of my crotch as I took in eyeful of her armpit thatches. It was a luxuriant carpet of dark hair growing in masses in her untrimmed wild underarms. I longed to taste the armpit jungle but I had to play it cool. She then handed me some lotion as she stepped into the bath. I could see her hairy pubic nest but I hardly glanced at them raptured as I was by the raven hair in the thickest blackest armpit hair I could imagine. All the years of masturbation thinking about hairy underarms kept coming back into my mind. I had dreamt of what I would do when I saw the hairy armpits of a woman but I was not prepared for this though I had spent years rehearsing it. I knew I had to put my swollen prick into my hirsute goddess even if I were to be sacked from my job. I had to feel the armpit jungle on my exposed foreskin and I wanted to wet her armpit hair with cum before the night was out.

I moved behind Nikki, scrubbing her back with a soap-soaked towel. I soon discarded it and kneaded her back muscles gathering the courage to feel her hairy armpits. Suddenly she let out a low groan and stretched herself out on the tub and rested her arms back and asked me to rub her arms. As I felt her forearms I was only inches away from the exposed tufts of hair in her unshaven armpits.

I struggled uncomfortably and she asked to take off my clothes and join her in the tub. In a second I was stripped and she looked in amazement at my erection. “Wow” she said, “You are so huge”. I said, “I am turned on by your amazingly hairy underarms”. The words slipped out so fast that I was afraid she would take offense instead she looked at her heavy pelt in her underarms and said “we never shave our underarms, how come you are so turned on. Come here feel the hair in my armpits. I didn’t need a second invitation as for the first time I felt the long silky hair of her underarms. I marveled at the profuse growth and the blackness of her armpit forest as I lowered my head for the first time and felt the sweaty pungent aroma of her armpit forest. I took in the intoxicating rich tangy taste and it was better than in any of my dreams as I felt the long luxuriant jet-black hair in her hairy armpits.

I was ready to cum. Starzbet Giriş I couldn’t help myself as my nose dived into her armpit hedges and I started to yell as I uncontrollably came in the tub. I felt ashamed but I did not take my mouth away which as glued to her slightly wet and perspiring underarms. My cock was not so easily going to let me down. Though it had exploded it was committing hara-kiri it was still semi hard and as she touched my cock it sprang to attention.

I told Nikki that I would get some towels as I climbed out of the tub. As I opened the door I was shocked to see what was happening down.

Sumiko was on her knees and completely nude with Tom’s cock near her face, which was flushed with excitement. His monster 11-inch cock in the air. It appeared that she was jacking him off as she stared at the huge dick, which was obviously the biggest one she had ever seen. Suddenly I noticed John also standing in front of her and as she unzipped him her mouth dropped opened to see his massive tool. Tom’s large cock was now sticking straight out several inches and Sumiko then reached up and began to stoke it. After several pumps, she started to lick the large head. Tom’s eyes rolled back in pleasure as she slid her tongue down the shaft causing Tom to moan with deep pleasure. As she worked her lips and tongue up the shaft, starting at the balls, I could see pre-cum forming on the tip. She had never done this to me

My wife’s are tits are so big and John started playing with her nipples. The sight enchanted me though I wanted to go back to my hairy goddess. I wanted to fuck Nikki under her hairy armpits but the sight of my wife with the two hunks riveted me. John first got the left tit, I think because it was slightly bigger then the other one. He was holding it with two hands and licking and sucking the nipple like hell, then did the same thing for the other one, and continued with both by squeezing the big and soft tits for a while. My wife was breathing very fast not only because her nipples were sucked and her big tits were played, but also because they were exposed to a men except me for the fist time in her life.

She sat down and pulled him again to stand in front of her. She waved Tom away taking out his erect cock from her mouth and motioned to John and started to pull back and forth the foreskin to open and close the head, I saw that to have an uncircumcised cock gave her this kind of playing chance that she could not have with me. Then it was the turn of the balls, which were also twice bigger than mine, she held them, squeezed them and caressed them for a long time. Then she pulled the cock’s head out of the skin and started kissing it first. Soon she shoved it into her mouth; I saw her red lipstick on somebody else’s cock. Then she took one of his big balls into her mouth and sucked it for a while. His cock was now growing bigger as was mine. Suddenly she turned to Tom asked me to bring his cock to her so to compare them together.

She holds both their monster cocks simultaneously, she could cover John’s cock completely with one hand but half thickness of his cock was not covered. She looked at them together from front, and sides, and tasted both cocks one after another in her mouth. She started to stroke his hard cock and I could see she was enjoying it just as much as John. I knew she was reaching a magnificent orgasm She now guided Tom’s hard cock into her cunt. He was huge! He fucked her hard and long and. He came in her with a huge load.

I could it take it no longer I went back to my beloved Nikki. Her eyes were closed and her arms were tucked under her head the long Starzbet Güncel Giriş bushy hair spilling out of her unshaven armpits. I bent down and sucked her nipples for a few minutes making her very aroused and then put my hand into her armpit jungle. I was surprised to see that her bushy armpit hair was longer than my fingers and copiously filled her armpits almost 12 inches from her breasts upwards in a tufty curve. I spread her legs and looked intently at her bushy cunt! It was all red and open and there was a lot of wetness around her lips. Her huge magnificent bush was wet probably from perspiration but it could have been cum. I lifted her legs, still wide apart on either side of the bathtub and leant down and kissed her bushy cunt lips and licked her clit.

She hadn’t expected it either and she let out a little scream and came again. I could see the immense hair from her underarms and I marveled at the sight of her hirsute body. I then stepped forward as my erect dick touched Nikki’s hairy triangle but didn’t enter her yet. I rubbed my cock against her cunt lips and thick crisp hair on her mons veneris as Nikki was shuddering with passion. I then pushed at the hairy triangle at the hidden entrance at the junction of her hairy thighs and pushed my swollen dick and entered her open and hairy cunt and gradually pushed harder and soon the whole 10″ were inside her and I began pumping into her at a fast rate.

She thrashed her legs about I knew she wanted to wrap them around miss waist and pull me deep into her I continued to fuck her hard and her arms were still tucked under her head as I inhaled the exciting aroma and put my tongue into her armpit forest. The long tufty hair in her armpits was matted with water and maybe perspiration but it tasted like honey to me. The crisp hair was worth munching as I shot a huge load into her. I was still hard and I got out of the tub and went towards where her head was resting under her arms eying the heavy pelt of hair in her furry armpits. She turned her head around so that I could push my wet monster cock into her mouth as she took it into her mouth willingly and began sucking me hard.

She kept sucking but I wanted her to turn around and put it into her asshole. I wanted to feel all her orifices and culminate by fucking her armpits. She willingly and I pushed gently and although the head just entered her II didn’t push any more waiting for her hairy asshole to adjust to my exposed dong. I he pushed right into her asshole and felt the bristly hair on her asshole against my swollen dick I began to push my long cock into her and I fucked her hairy asshole with increasing speed. She screamed again and began Cumming every minute or so and I felt I was going to cum too.

I pulled myself out and put my engorged prick into the heavy pelt in her furry underarms. “I want to fuck your armpit jungle darling,” I screamed. I was past caring if John could hear as I guided my dick into the long silky hair in her exposed underarms. The hair in her armpits was so long that soon my monster dick was hidden in the immense jungle in her right armpits. She playfully clamped her hand down as my aching cock drove wildly into her untrimmed armpit forest. I knew I would soon explode but I needed to feel the hair in her other armpit too as I moved to the other side and put my wet cock into her soaking hairy armpits. Her armpit hair seemed a little thicker as it quickly disappeared from view. I was amazed at the growth in her armpits and I wondered if there could be a more hairy woman. I had truly fallen in love with this hirsute woman as I came in torrents in her bushy armpits.

Had I committed hara-kiri (or was it hairy kiri) or would my job be secure would I be able to go to Rome for my fuck feast with other hairy women. My time had come and I knew downstairs if Sumiko had pleased them enough no one could stop me from being on that trip to Rome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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