My Friend Sophia

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I am here for three reasons, first to share stories with others. Next to read stories from others and enjoy them. Last to improve my writing and expression skills. I know I am not perfect however, I have the heart and courage to attempt and I never hide who I am. If you wish to be one of those people who are “Anonymous” and always seem to have something negative to say you are wasting your time. If you see that I have made some gross error be human, be cool about it and send me a tip or suggestion. I have too much confidence and loves for myself to let what you may say influence me to stop writing.


My friend Sophia was not like most girls, she was a sexy big girl that had style and enchanting looks. She was 5ft 7in, 195lbs but she hid her weight well. Her breasts were huge and everyman would notice them. Once while we were talking she told me she was a 40G, I tried to keep my mouth shut but I was shocked. Her medium length auburn hair with its precise highlights, accented her gorgeous face. She was always perfectly made up and her electrifying smile was so white it could light up a room. Her lips were full and had that fresh pucker look to them. Her brown eyes were the only average thing on her body. Even her hips and ass would make most men and women stare. She had a walk that was seductive and so graceful, it seemed like she was walking in slow motion, and was gliding through the air. Perhaps it was the size 11 feet that she had but her shoes were very the only plane and basic part of her wardrobe.

Sophia and I had become close friends in college, she was a Native American and proud of it. Sophia would often participate in minority school events and was always willing to educate people on her Native American culture. For two years we were friends and I never knew her other side, her wild side. I had never approached her sexually and I had never asked her on a date. She was that cool friend that all the guys knew but no one dated. She would often give the guys advice on dating and things like that. She was just very cool.

It was close to my birthday and she asked me what I wanted. I had to think about this for a second because part of me wants to be nasty but the other part of me remembered this was Sophia. I told her that she could cook something for me and serve it to me in her Native Clothes. She asked me if that was what I truly wanted, it was like she was attempting to influence me to say something else. Her eyes had that look to them she was up to something. Before I could respond she said that I could say what was on my mind, that we were cool friends. With that I told her I had a fantasy, a very sexual one. I was shocked because she did not flinch she just looked at me and listened to every word that I was about to say.

I explained to her that I wanted to watch a women take on four or five men at once. I told her that I wanted to film it so I could always look back on it when I was alone and horny. I then went on to explain that it would be the perfect gift and I would cherish the woman that would give this memory to me. She looked at me and what she said next took my breath away and left me speechless. Confidently she spoke, adana escort “I do not fuck black guys, all of the guys would have to wear protection, and none of the guys could be from the college.”

She went on to explain, “I am not a racist I just did not like dark skinned men.” I was ok with that but it seemed odd coming from a Native American who had brown skin herself.

I was excited, asking “When she would be free to perform for me, and make this video?”

Her answer was clear, “On your birthday,” and with one smooth motion she kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “Discretion is a must,” and winked. I could not believe this I was on cloud 9 all day, this had to be a joke but what if she was serious. My birthday was three days away and I had some work to do. I knew where I could get the guys to participate in the film, the local Marine Corps base I had been stationed there so I knew where all the guys would be on this Tuesday night. I went to the old squad bay and the duty at the desk was an old fiend of mine Cpl. Styles.

He was a smooth GQ type white boy from south FL, he was average height 5ft 10in around 185lbs with a blond flat top. He was please to see me and asked me what I was doing back. After hugs and pleasantries I asked if he knew Friday was my birthday. He was shocked and asked if I had plans, or would I come back and hang out with some of the old crew. I told him that I had some plans but I needed some help to make things work. He looked at me inquisitively and asked what type of plans. I told him about Sophia and what she wanted to give me. He had a devilish grin on his face and told me he had just the crew of guys. A few of the names he mentioned I recognized Sgt. Smith a white boy born in Holland but raised in Jamaica, his skinny ass loved to run. He was often teased about his accent, he was 6ft even only 165lbs but he was lean and tough. Cpl. Patrick a tough Irish street boy from Boston. He was proud to be Irish and Catholic, he had crosses and Irish tattoos all over his little body. He was the fighter out of the crew, the shit talker, the one guy who always started a problem. He was not tall perhaps only 5ft 5in or 6in and at 138lbs he would often brag about his high school wrestling day even at age 23.

He also reminded me that the Crown brothers were still on base. They would be perfect, twins that were both physical specimens. They both had the exact same first name and middle initials so we nicknamed them CB1 and CB2 for Crown brother 1 and 2. They were both huge 6ft 5in 260lbs and built like warriors. They lived in the gym and were both contestants in the in the state strongman contest. There were two things you could not find on their bodies, hair and fat, every part of them was solid rip muscle and clean shaved. Sophia would like the crew and this seemed to easy, everything was falling in place.

I set up the reservation for the room and then returned to my college apartment. The next few days were hard for me in more ways than one I was excited. I made sure that I had all of the essential, the camera, tapes, batteries, flavored condoms and all the KY a woman could need. I had called Sophia and told her afyon escort I would pick her up for dinner at 5:30 PM and we would start our night.

Like clock work I was on time and she looked stunning. She wore a pair blue jeans that showed off her long legs, her curvy hips and round ass. High heal black boots and a white cashmere low cut V neck sweater that fit her like a glove and just enough jewelry to make you notice. She grabbed her black mid length leather coat and was ready to go.

We had to travel 90 miles to get to the hotel so I decided to stop and get some dinner before we started our long night. It was at this dinner that I started to learn about my friend Sophia. She was a freak, a closet nymphomaniac, she loved sex and was very experienced. She confided in me over dinner that she had sucked off two professors, three security officers, and one basketball coach this semester. She then went on to explain that she preferred anal sex over regular sex because she wanted to preserve her pussy for her husband. That was not even the entire hardcore conversation, I found that out while eating the salad and breed sticks.

I knew that this night would turn out great, the guys were at the room, I was full and she was ready. She never asked about the guys at all she just wanted sex. She was ready I could see her squeezing her thighs tightly together as we drove. At last we were there and as we walked up to the room I watched her sexy walk up the stairs and I had to grab her ass. She looked back smiled winked and blew me a kiss as she kept walking.

As we opened the door I could see all the guys in the room watching the game but all eyes were glued to Sophia as she walked in the room. I introduced her to all the guys and she seemed happy. The next thing I knew Sophia took command, “I am in control, and here are the 3 rules, wear a condom at all times. Next do not call me a whore or a bitch, I hate those words. And, if you want anal you must be less than 9 inches and not too thick.”

With that it was on I set up the camera and they were ready. Cpl. Patrick was first to take his clothes off and moved in for the kill. He kissed her as the others watched and quickly he had most of her clothes off. When he opened her bra all of us had to stare, they were amazing huge but amazing. Her breast had a firmness to them and her nipples were like the Hershey Kisses candy. She was in great shape for a big girl no stretch marks and a flat toned stomach. When her pants came off and revealed her neatly trimmed pussy the boys all reacted. Everyone started to take off their clothes and Cpl. Patrick had wasted no time. He had put on his condom and was ready to plunge into Sophia with every inch of Irish dick he had. He was not impressive but he worked Sophia the best he could. Pinning her legs over his shoulders and grinding against her as he explored her pussy. She sounded so sexy as she moaned. I was turned on watching, and then the Crown brothers walked over to her face and placed two thick 8 inch cocks in her face. Sophia was smooth and started suck each one commenting on the flavors of the condoms.

This was hot Sophia was taking on three guys alternating alanya escort on the 2 Crown brothers while little Cpl. Patrick fucked her pussy, and I had it all on tape, and I was enjoying every moment. Next Sgt Smith got involved, he came over to the pile of bodies and started to stroke himself and put his cock in the mix. Sophia had no problem sucking him too, and it was about that time for Cpl. Patrick, he moaned and groaned as his pace quickened, he was exploding in Sophia and she was turned on by it. CB1 told her to get on top of him, Sophia did and she took her time guiding his thick long cherry flavored dick into her. I could see her eyes open wider as he opened her up, but she soon had consumed him and had started to ride him like a pro. Watching her breast bounce had me about ready to explode myself, but Cb2 walked behind her and smacked her on the ass. We all knew what that meant she slowed down so that he could start to work his banana flavored dick in her ass, he was thick and Sophia did not protest. He was not gentle and it did not take long for him to have a good portion of his dick in her ass.

You could tell that the brothers had done this to a woman before they moved in unison with each other. It was to rhythmic not to have been practiced. Sophia was loving it she had a few orgasms back to back. Every one was having fun except for Styles he had not made a move he only watched as CB1 and CB2 enjoyed this big round sexy Native American woman. Smith was ready to cum, and I recorded her every suck and lick. She had sucked the condom right off of his dick. Then she smiled for the camera and between moans and powerful thrust from the Crown brothers explained that strawberry was her favorite flavor.

Sophia was great she looked great on camera and she was not shy. She was all into it and as the Crown brother started to cum she was pleased to cumm one more time herself. This was an amazing site Sophia sandwiched between the Crown brothers. They were exhausted and then Styles boldly said my turn. He walked over to Sophia and pulled her away from the brothers and laid her on her back. He started to kiss and lick each nipple. He then kissed and licked his way down to her navel. Next he was between her legs and Sophia opened them up wide for him. His tongue worked her over. He looked up at the camera and joking said fat juicy pussy, my favorite. We all got a laugh out of this but he was licking her pussy for what seemed like an hour all the guys were starting to get mad they wanted seconds and Styles was still between her legs licking.

Then he stood up and removed his pants and exposed the largest dick out of the five guys. Sophia was shocked at first to see a 12 inch cock, but knew she was not going to say no to him after all the licking he had done. He starts to slide in her and we could see that he was working her over. Sophia was panting and begging for him to give it to her. The next thing we knew he was done, he was quick and Sophia was disappointed but as soon as Styles got off of her the others swarmed her. All of them took turns on her for the next 4 hours and 2 video tapes, they fucked Sophia senseless. Sophia loved it and was exhausted she showered and then kissed each guy good bye. She slept the entire drive home and never said a word about this night. We remained friends over the next few years but time and distance got the best of our friendship, but that tape reminds me of one of the best nights I ever had.

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