Let me start off by telling you all that this is a true story and happened about 3 years ago when I was 18 years old.

From a very young age I had always found older women very sexy and were usually the centre of my fantasies during my daily masturbating sessions. It wasn’t just any type of older women, it was always my teachers at high school.

At school, I never had any problems finding girlfriends, in fact I was kind of a ladies man, something I was quite proud of. During high school I screwed a lot of girls, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy my needs, I needed to fuck a teacher.

This teacher that I lusted after was called Mrs. Stern, my economics teacher. She was in her late forties, stood about 5’6 tall, slightly over weight, not particular good looking, but she had the most amazing breasts I had ever seen. I knew the first time I saw those breasts that I had to have them wrapped around my young cock.

Every time that I had a lesson with her, I would always go to class a couple minutes earlier, knowing that she would be there waiting at her desk. “Good morning Mrs. Stern, you’re looking well today.” I would always tell her that she looked well, nothing more, didn’t want to sound inappropriate. She would smile and thank me for my comment, returning my compliment by telling me “you’re real sweetie,” as she would put it. This wasn’t the usual student-teacher relationship, but I think it excited her as much as it did me and continued almost every time we saw each other.

On 1 occasion, I had just finished lunch gaziantep bayan escort numaraları earlier than usual and thought that it would be a good idea to go to the library to start on 1 of my many overdue assignments, when I heard what sounded like someone crying coming from Mrs. Stern’s office.

The door was slightly open, I could see the woman of my desires sitting by the window, her back facing me, unaware of my presence. I looked around to make sure no one else was around, then gentle knocked on the door and entered without being asked, closing the door shut behind me. “Alex, what are you doing in here?.” Her voice was filled with shock and anger at the same time. “I heard you crying from the hallway and came to see what had happened, sorry if I startled you.” This time she just looked down at the floor, still with tears filling up in her eyes.

Moving closer to her, I reached into my pocket searching for a tissue to give to this sweet teacher of mine, wanting to wipe away her tears and the pain that was showing on her face. As she took the tissue she told me that it was not right me being there, alone with her with the door closed. While she was talking, as I stood over her, I couldn’t help but stare down at her blouse, a couple of the buttons unfastened allowing me to get the best view of those monster breasts. A bulge was starting to show in my trousers, so I decided to get out of this situation now before things started to get too sticky. gaziantep escort bayan reklamları “I’ll leave you alone now Mrs. Stern, see you tomorrow in lesson.”

“Thank you Alex for your kindness.”

When I went home that night I couldn’t get Mrs. Stern out of my mind, thinking about me and her in that office together all alone made me want her even more. I had to fuck her soon and decided that I would make my big move on her tomorrow.

The next day, I arrived at Mrs. Sterns class more excited than ever, knowing that this was going to be the day I got to finally fuck my teacher.

Walking into class, I was greeted with a welcoming smile from behind her desk. she was sitting there looking very inviting, wearing a tight fitted sweater, holding her firm breasts in place, making them look even bigger than I thought could be possible.

After the class had ended, I waited till everybody had left and went up to Mrs. Sterns desk to ask her if she could help me with a piece of work. “Come to my office after school and I’ll help you out with anything your having problems with.” My cock began twitching at the thought of a little after hours tutoring. “Ok, thanks Mrs. Stern, see you later.”

When school had finished, I waited 30 minutes, making sure less people would be around, then went to Mrs. Sterns office. Knocking on the door, this time waiting for an answer. “Come in.” As I entered she told me to close the door and lock it shut. I did gaziantep escort kız telefonları as she asked and waited for the next words to come from her kissable mouth. “I want to speak to you about what happened yesterday when you saw me crying.” She told me that she trusted me and needed to tell someone. The fact that she was gonna tell me a secret made me feel kinda special and turned on at the same time.

“2 days ago during lunch time, I was in my office marking some papers and realised that I had left some important papers at my home. With still quite some time before the next lesson, I decided to rush home and find them. When I arrived, in the driveway was my husbands car, which I thought was strange.” It was obvious were she was going with this story, she caught her husband fucking some twenty year old girl on the dining room floor.

She began to sob again, and I thought that this is my chance to make a move on her.

I began to walk towards her and put my arms around her, holding her tight to me. She responded to this by wrapping her arms around me and resting her head on my shoulder. Her hair felt so soft brushing against my face, the sweet smell of her making me take a deep breath.

We stayed in this position for a couple of minutes, my hands roaming down her back, stopping just above her ass. I whispered in her hear, telling her that her husband was a bastard and that he was crazy to cheat on her. “your too sweet Alex.”

“I mean every word of it Mrs. Stern, I think you are a very sexy woman.” With that said I leaned forward and pressed my lips gentle against hers. At first she tried to resist, saying that it was wrong, but she was fighting a losing battle and began responding, letting her mouth take control of the situation. Her tongue entered my mouth, probing deep inside as my hand found itself rubbing against her soft, round ass.

I was beginning to get more aroused, when there was a knock at the door…

to be continued…

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