My Erotic Education – A Journal 10

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My gifts that I had purchased from Mr. Levitz were a resounding success with my uncle and Will. One of the gifts, though, had unforeseen consequences that caused me no end of unsettlement for a few days.

I believe my uncle was unused to being given presents, so strong were his feelings. He praised the Venetian glass set and insisted that it top the sideboard in the dining room. The bronze dancing faun he placed on his desk, saying that he would think of me every time his gaze rested upon it. He also agreed that it bore an uncanny resemblance to Will.

Fashionable homes at the time had what was termed a “Moorish corner”, a repository for the exotic. My rug was immediately placed there beneath my uncle’s favorite chair. He swanned about modeling the Japanese kimono and proclaimed it his favorite item of clothing. The fez also found a home in the Moorish corner, to be worn while my uncle indulged in his bubble pipe.

Will insisted upon modeling the short Japanese coat we had bought him and when he found where the length hit him, he stripped off his clothing in the front hall and donned the coat. The length was such that several inches of his flaccid penis dangled below the hem and in the back, the bottoms of his full buttocks were exposed to view. My uncle said that it was the gilding on the lily.

“Let me know the next time that handsome carriage driver will be calling” Will said. “I’d like to answer his knock dressed like this.”

“And perhaps you’d also like to be locked in the pantry whenever someone calls.” my uncle said.

The painting of the nude man wrestling with the stallion was placed in a position of honor on our bedroom wall. My uncle often remarked that the figure reminded him of someone whom he couldn’t place.

But it was Will’s other gift that caused a rift in the household.

Two days after my shopping spree, Daniel rang the front bell. He had taken to running errands for Mr. Steinberg so I suspected what his mission was. Philip answered the door and was confronted by Daniel cradling a large pasteboard box that was almost bigger than him.

“I got a package for Master Will.” he said.

My uncle, Will and I were sitting in the parlor and overheard, so we all strode to the door.

“For you from Mr. Steinberg.” Daniel said, handing the large parcel to Will.

“I haven’t ordered any new clothing for you.” my uncle said, mystified. He handed some coins to Daniel who took off running back to the tailor shop.

Will placed the parcel on the floor and cut the strings with his penknife. When he lifted the lid he found inside the green suit that I had selected for him.

“How very odd.” my uncle said. “Is there a card?”

There was, indeed, tucked into the front of the jacket. Will withdrew it from its envelope, read it and looked at us with an amazed expression.

“It reads ‘From Your Admirer’.” he told us.

My uncle snapped, “Let me see that.” and grabbed the missive from his hand.

Will lifted the suit and then hurried into the front parlor where he divested himself of his outer garments and donned the new suit. When he strolled out for our review, he was a stunning picture.

The suit was perfectly cut to enhance Will’s body and the color highlighted his pale complexion and flaming hair and green eyes. I think he had never looked more attractive.

He looked at himself in the long pier mirror and said, “So, I have an admirer who sends me gifts. He certainly knows how to make me look my best. Probably he’s seen me coming and going and has developed a secret passion for me. He must be wealthy to afford such an extravagant gift. I wonder who he could be.”

My uncle, still puzzling over the card, thrust it toward Will and asked, “Who is this?”

“I don’t know.” Will said. “But, if I were you, I’d be on my best behavior from now on. A gentleman who can afford such a fancy gift is probably more than capable of luring me away to become his consort.”

All color drained from my uncle’s face and he merely said, “Excuse me.” and mounted the stairs.

“I think I pushed it a bit too far, that time.” Will said.

“I think you did, indeed.” Philip replied.

Knowing that I could solve the mystery I followed my uncle upstairs.

“I must speak with you for a moment.” I told him.

He was donning his overcoat and gloves and he replied, “I have urgent business to take care of. We may converse on my return.” He swept past me and descended the staircase.

As he donned his hat Will asked, “Shall I accompany you?”

“I don’t find that necessary.” my uncle replied.

“Then shall I go and summon a carriage?” Will asked.

“I’m perfectly capable of doing that for myself.” my uncle stated. “I should probably become used to doing everything for myself.”

With that, he opened the door and hurried down the steps to the street.

“Lordy, I’ve never seen him so annoyed before.” Will said.

I looked guiltily at Philip, who said, “Perhaps he’ll be in better spirits when he returns.”

Will mersin escort spent the rest of the afternoon lurking near the front door and a few hours later we heard a carriage stop in front of our house. We all rushed to the window and watched as my uncle alighted, then stood engaged in conversation with the driver for at least a quarter of an hour.

The driver was a muscular young man of the Black Irish sort, coal black curly hair that shimmered in the sun and pale blue eyes set in a milk white complexion. He was strikingly handsome and even as he sat it was apparent that he had a well sculpted and attractive body. Will, I could tell, was simmering with resentment that my uncle lavished so much attention on the driver.

When their conversation finally concluded my uncle turned and mounted the steps to the front door.

“And who was that you were jawing with?” Will asked, meeting him in the hallway.

“Oh, hello Will.” my uncle replied in a very offhand manner. “That was Edgar, a driver from the stable. Such an attractive young man and charming, to boot. He’s obviously educated and ambitious. With the right patronage, I predict that young man will go far.”

Will’s eyes narrowed to slits and he asked in a strangled voice, “Is there anything you require?”

“Oh, no, run along. I just want to sit here and reminisce about my trip.” my uncle said with a vague smile.

Will, the picture of fury, stomped from the room.

“Uncle, was that kind?” I asked.

“Don’t question me!” he snapped, then recovered himself. “Please forgive me, I’ve had a trying day.” he said.

“Uncle, I was the sender of the suit.” I told him. “I had no desire to create disharmony.”

“I know that.” my uncle said. “Where did you think I had gone? I flew to Mr. Steinberg’s and demanded to know who Will’s admirer was. He confessed that the card was his own inspiration and that he hadn’t thought to cause upheaval. It was an innocent mistake.”

“But Will is still upset.” I said.

“A hardy dose of his own medicine shouldn’t be more than the fair Will can bear.” he replied with a smile.

A few minutes later Will came into the room and said, “I have to run a quick errand, I’ll return shortly.”

He left and my uncle sat in the parlor with a slight smile.

Will returned about a quarter hour later, looking triumphant.

“I just had a conversation with Micah about your new friend Edgar.” he told my uncle. “Micah said that he is an opportunist who’s well known for his flattering attention to his customers, all in hopes of material gain. He also said that he’s a well known slut and that it wouldn’t be surprising if he had a nasty woman’s disease.”

“It might be worth taking the chance to be on intimate terms with such a fetching and accommodating young man.” my uncle replied, at which Will swiveled on his heel and stomped back into the kitchen.

Will sulked the remainder of the day and evening and at bedtime he insisted that instead of his usual spot between my uncle and Philip he be allowed to sleep next to me on the far edge of the bed, a mattress expanse between my uncle and himself. He spent the night turning and thrashing to the extent that the next morning I felt thoroughly pummeled.

After a breakfast notable only for its gloominess, my uncle, Philip and I were once more seated in the parlor while Will isolated himself in the kitchen. At mid-morning the bell rang again and poor Will stomped to the door to answer.

Daniel once more stood outside, this time with a different burden.

“These are for you.” he said as he handed Will a bouquet of carnations and a heart shaped pasteboard box of chocolates.

“Who sent them?” Will asked.

“I don’t know, I never saw him before.” Daniel replied.

By now the three of us were also standing in the entry hall and my uncle handed Daniel some coins and sent him on his way.

“Carnations, what pedestrian taste.” my uncle commented. He took the box of chocolates from Will, opened it and selected one and bit into it.

“Phew, factory made and stale besides.” he said with a grimace. He handed the box back to Will who, looking miserable, slunk back into the kitchen.

I looked at my uncle and he said, “Just trust me. And not a word to Will.”

A short while later my uncle came down from upstairs dressed for the outdoors.

“Are we going somewhere?” Will asked as he came into the hall.

“I am.” my uncle replied. “I have business to attend to and I’ve already arranged for Edgar to pick me up. I’m sure that you can find enough to keep yourself busy in my absence.”

He departed and Will watched him climb into Edgar’s carriage, the picture of abject misery. Then, with heavy feet, he retired to the kitchen once more.

My uncle was only gone for about an hour when Philip and I heard the carriage once more stop out front. My uncle climbed the stairs and entered the entry hall. In his arms he carried an enormous bundle of flowers, examples of every type available and in his hand he clutched a beribboned box of fine chocolates.

“Will, someone is here to see you.” I called out.

Will shuffled into the room until he saw my uncle still standing in the hallway. My uncle came forward until he stood before him and said, “This is how a gentleman woos his beloved because once he owns your heart, nothing is too good for him.”

He handed the flowers and chocolates to Will who stood looking downward with brimming eyes.

“Will you help me to arrange them in water?” Will asked in a small voice.

He led my uncle into the kitchen and closed the door and immediately I heard alarming sounds that indicated some sort of scuffle.

“Do you think we should go in and separate them?” I asked Philip.

Looking over his book at me he replied, “I don’t believe that is the sound of them fighting, rather the opposite.”

A few minutes later, my uncle with clothing and hair askew led Will by the hand into the hallway. Will’s face and cheeks were red and moist looking and his eyes glowed.

“I believe we shall be busy the rest of the afternoon.” my uncle said, leading Will upstairs.

Neither of them made an appearance the rest of the day and finally at three o’clock Philip said, “I suppose I should start dinner. I don’t think Will’s assistance will be available today.”

“I’ll assist.” I said. “Just tell me what you need me to do.”

That afternoon in the kitchen was a revelation. I had had no idea of the amount of sheer labor it took to produce a meal. It seemed endless.

“You do this every day, for every meal?” I asked Philip.

“Breakfast is usually easier because not much is required and lunch is often taken out or skipped all together. But, yes, this is what it requires.”

“How do the two of you manage while taking care of your other responsibilities? And especially when we might all be out for the day.”

“It isn’t easy.” Philip replied.

Later, when the meal was finally prepared and ready to serve, I went upstairs and knocked upon the bedroom door and informed my uncle and Will.

“We’ll be there in a moment” my uncle called back and I descended to the dining room.

Will arrived first, his clothing in disarray and his usually immaculate hair standing up in witch’s brooms. I believe he was wearing only one boot. He sat down at the table in a place with no setting and sat staring into space, wide eyed and oblivious.

My uncle, by contrast, slunk into the room much as I surmise a big cat would after it had just made a kill. He sat at the table with a self satisfied grin and beamed at each of us. I hurried to move a place setting in front of Will and sat back down and observed him. His vacant expression resembled someone who had witnessed some natural disaster.

“Whatever did you do to him?” I whispered to my uncle.

“Everything.” he replied with a grin. “Repeatedly.”

Philip served each of us and then we all sat and looked at Will who seemed at a loss as to what to do next.

“Eat, Will, you’re hungry.” my uncle said to him and he slowly roused and began to eat. He sat throughout the meal moving like an automaton while we observed him.

“Whatever you did, I want you to teach me.” Philip said, to which my uncle smirked.

When we had finished eating, my uncle rose and grasped Will’s hand.

“I’m afraid that you’ll have to do without Will’s help clearing up, also.” he said as he led him back upstairs. “I have something I really must show him.”

When Philip and I retired late that evening, both my uncle and Will were sleeping the sleep of the dead and didn’t even rouse when we joined them on the bed.

The next morning, Will was another person entirely. He rose early and we were wakened by him bringing in a tray with breakfast for one.

“I made you a special breakfast, my darling.” he said to my uncle and then kissed him on the top of his head. He made sure that my uncle was comfortable and then virtually floated out of the room.

My uncle began to eat as Philip and I sat and stared at him.

Finally he looked up at us and said, “Don’t worry, he’ll be back to his usual cantankerous self in a day or two and then we’ll all be sorry. ”

* * * * * *

After the turmoil had subsided in the household I again broached the subject of self defense with Philip.

“I am still waiting for an introduction to your friend who teaches fisticuffs.” I told him.

My uncle, overhearing the exchange said, “Whatever are you talking about?”

“I have a friend who owns a gym and I foolishly told your nephew about him.” Philip said. “He insists, even after I’ve explained to him that it is a Negro gym, that I introduce him there in view of being trained. You really must tell him that it just is not done.”

“It has been my experience in the short time that I’ve known my nephew that what the gods don’t tumble into his lap he obtains by the use of persistence, wearing away at objections like water dripping on stone. Introduce him to your friend and let the cards fall as they may. At least you won’t be bothered by any more of his nagging.”

“Yes, and I’m very good at nagging.” I said.

“Very well, but be it upon you if you wind up insulted and the reason for all around discomfort.” Philip replied.

The next morning Micah arrived and we boarded his carriage. He was looking particularly handsome and he chuckled when he noticed that I had suddenly developed a mound of swollen flesh in my trousers.

“I know just the remedy for that inflammation.” he said.

“And I assure you that I will soon put myself in your healing hands.” I replied.

Philip, still peeved at our mission, didn’t deign to acknowledge either of us.

Micah drove us through the town and we soon entered a district that was as different as possible from the environs we had just left. The buildings were older and poorly maintained and there was nary a pale face to be seen in the crowd.

“As you see, this is hardly what you are used to.” Philip said.

“And obviously you are unaware of the squalor I lived in until my uncle rescued me.” I replied. “I feel perfectly at home.”

I was aware that I was receiving covert looks from passersby, probably wondering who I was and what my business might be. Even so, the looks were not unfriendly.

Micah pulled up in front of the address Philip had given him, but Philip was reluctant to dismount.

“Shall we proceed?” I asked Philip.

With less than good grace he led me to a double doorway in one of the buildings and entered, leaving me to follow. Inside, there was a wide double staircase which he had already half way ascended. Once I had scaled the stairs I entered a huge room, what I would imagine to be the size of a ballroom. In the center there was a raised platform with ropes surrounding it on all four sides. Inside of it, two men were sparring. At various other locations in the room there were men exercising with barbells or exercising on the many mats that littered the floor. Once again, I was aware that I was an object of curiosity.

Philip had crossed the vast space and stood waiting for me by an open doorway. Before I had met up with him, he stepped inside.

Entering, I discovered that it was an office with a desk in the center and chairs lining the walls. Behind the desk sat one of the most imposing men I had ever encountered.

He appeared to be in late middle age but his body was a solid mass of muscle, no fat or sagging tissue anywhere visible. His upper arms looked to be the size of my thighs and his massive chest displayed its development even through the fabric of his shirt.

He was of a singular coloration, his skin a warm bronze color that had an interior glow of redness. I noticed that even though he was so massively developed, his hands were long fingered and fine, similar to a musician’s or artist’s.

I looked up to his face and saw that he was contemplating me as I was him.

His face was of the fierce, sharp featured type that I now know indicates a North African lineage. His arched nose and perfectly formed lips were brazenly beautiful. But it was his eyes that one couldn’t stop looking at. They were almond shaped and the color of old amber, a shade I’ve never seen again. A light seemed to radiate from them and I felt the way a luckless gazelle must feel staring into the eyes of a lion about to attack it.

Philip introduced him, saying, “This is my good friend Mathias Good.”

I stepped forward and proffered my hand as I told him my own name. His handclasp seemed reluctant but incredibly firm.

“Philip has told me that you are the best trainer in the town.” I said. “I was wondering if it might be possible for you to teach me at least the rudiments of self defense.”

He didn’t reply immediately, allowing me time to gaze around me. On the walls I noticed posters advertising past bouts between boxers though none seemed to be sporting the name of Mathias Good.

Directly behind him was a large board that specified charges for services.

“I might be able to assist you.” Mr. Good finally said. “For a fee of $15 a month.”

I looked over his head to where the board hung. One line specified “Deluxe Membership With All Privileges-$5 Per Month”. Even that seemed a heady price but the price he had quoted me was outrageous.

Keeping my annoyance in check I merely replied, “Thank you for your time. We have some other business to attend to.”

I had swiveled on my heel and was heading for the door when I heard him say, “Wait a moment.”

I turned back to look at him and he asked, “What is it you want here?”

“I was hoping to learn to defend myself.” I replied. “Philip mentioned in passing that you are the best person he knows of to teach me that and I’ve discovered that Philip is rarely, if ever, wrong. Thank you for seeing me.”

I turned to go once more when he said “Don’t rush off. I needed to know your motives.”

I turned around again, mystified.

“My motives would seem fairly limited.” I said. “And I am able to read a signboard, so perhaps it is your motive we should investigate.”

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