My Curvy, Sexy, Mature Neighbour Pt. 02

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you are reading this for the first time. I suggest you read “My curvy, sexy mature neighbour”, which is set 2 weeks before this second instalment.


It was Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining, curtains partly undrawn and my bedroom window was open.

A plate loaded with ripened fruits; strawberries; grapes; bananas; and cherries lay beside Veronica’s naked body. On the side table stood a tall metal ice bucket with the half drunk contents of a bottle of Prosecco. Veronica’s pink thong, that I had earlier ripped off was hanging off the bottle neck and two half full champagne glasses stood elegantly next to it. The aromas of ripened fruit, alcohol, sweat and sex would have been a pungent and intoxicating cocktail for anyone coming in from outside.

I was laying naked on my back at the bottom of my double bed with a smile on my face post intercourse after a long 2 hour sex session with Veronica. I was recalling how crazy it was that just half an hour ago I was placing the contents of that plate in between Veronica’s ass crack. Veronica would pull apart her ass cheeks, whilst I would individually place strawberries, cherries and banana slices on the rim of her ass. She would then release her bum cheeks and then clenched them and I would watch the fruit squeeze and ooze their juices or partly protrude up from her ass crack as if they were crying for help. I then devoured the sloppy delicious, sweetness from her ass crack. I guess you could call it ‘fruit salad tossing!’ Could it get more ecstatic then that I wondered? These were easy wank fantasies, not that I had any need to masturbate over the last two weeks!

I was looking at the ceiling waiting to be fed some more delicious ripe fruit again. I wondered what delight would be offered this time. Right on cue Veronica’s wrinkled curled foot hovered over my face and this time dangling by a stem in between her big and second toe was a cherry.

She lowered her foot, and I bit off the cherry, detaching it from its stem which remained wedged in between her toes, as she moved her foot away.

I turned my face across to look at Veronica lying at top of the bed completely naked. What a sight for the eyes that scene was. She wore her anklet around her right ankle, two toe rings that she wore on each foots second toe. She also wore a single gold belly chain that then split into three interlinked chains either side of her hips, sexily and tightly draped over her fleshy belly. It was a perfect decoration to her navel region and just north of her partially shaved pussy. I had brought this for Veronica to wear for our sex sessions. It was a look I found shit hot and was inspired by the super sexy, impossibly beautiful women that appeared in the Spartacus tv series where they would often adorn their bodies with jewels and chains whilst participating in orgies. It was a delight to see such adorning of a fuller, milky white, mature body!

Next Veronica chose a strawberry and wedged it in between her toes, laughing whilst attempting it. She then reached for her champagne glass, took a swig and then poured the Prosecco over the strawberry and her toes, most of which landed on my duvet.

“Oh that is so naughty Veronica, bring that Strawberry to me now!”

The sight of her leg, her cellulite thigh and foot, as it slenderly moved towards my mouth gave me an enhanced hard on.

“And next I have a softly ripened, juicy strawberry, drenched in Prosecco and coated in my sweaty toe juices!” She said in her deliberately husky voice or was it her attempt at an M&S food voice over. She immediately burst into laughter!!

“This is the height of decadence!” I said as a manly response to it.

This time her toes, with her nails painted in pink, landed by my mouth and she teasingly moved the strawberry closer inch by inch to mouth, whilst trying hard not to lose it from her toes. I used my tongue and mouth to unscoop the strawberry from in between her toes.

“Mmmmmm! These are very complementary flavours!” I said as I bit into the strawberry spitting the juices of it back onto her toes. I then continued to take in the taste of her toes, prosecco and mixed in with the partly bitten strawberry.

Oooooooo hahaha, that’s so ticklish! Ooooo! That’s lovely!” shouted Veronica.

I took my time using my lubricated tongue and lips to clean her toes and to ensure they were free of any debris before swallowing the strawberry.

So what had happened between now and the 2 weeks since our first sexual encounter to be at this point where we were eating fruit and drinking Prosecco off each other’s body parts. Well, the frequency of sex and Veronica’s and my appetite for it surprised me. The sexual compatibly that we had discovered was too good to be true. The copious amount of our combined sex juices that we released, the drenched bedsheets and the countless orgasms confirmed that this 47 year old mature would represent the height of my sexual experiences.

We would diyarbakır escort have spontaneous after work sex where we were both sweaty and unclean; her musty bumhole, her sweaty, and salty tasting feet, together with my pungent penis was no barrier, as we were both completely ravenous for one another. In contrast weekend sessions were contrived and planned, that we would spice up with champagne and fruit, thorough cleaning and shaving, selecting tantalising under garments that I had brought for Veronica to wear, including some skimpy micro g-strings, scented candles and romantically bathing with each other in my jacuzzi. The weekend was a cleaner dirty sex then the dirty dirty sex of the week. Needless to say, Veronica felt great and I felt on top of world.

We had explored each other to the limits, although I hadn’t quite got to penetrating Veronica anally apart from with the tip of my tongue. Veronica had resisted up to now, but she had indicated at the start of today’s session that she maybe “up for the cock inn her bum”. I was hoping that might be on the menu for round two today.

The subject of threesomes, sex clubs and orgies, use of seedy hotel rooms and the use of escorts had been freely discussed and very much in the viable category. What was apparent was that compromises would need to be found as she would only agree to a two female, male threesomes if I allowed her the option of two male, female threesome. Even though I considered myself happily heterosexual I could, I suppose see myself, in the heat of the moment sucking cock if it added to Veronica’s satisfaction. In the same way that I hoped Veronica could release her inhibitions out on Chrissie or an equivalent. All this happened whilst Chrissie, (not before me telling her I was fucking Veronica), had taken a trip to Germany to see her family, which was very convenient timing. For Chrissie, seeing how quickly things had advanced would come as a shock for her. i knew it would make her green with envy!

We had started creeping around, avoided using the front door entries to prevent the eyes of the street from discovering what we were up to. We reverted to using our back gardens and rear entries to gain access to each other’s homes. Veronica would often stand partly unclothed in her rear bedroom window as I approached through her garden whilst leaving her rear door ajar.

The noisy sex, her purring, her moaning, her screaming and laughter, we accentuated by conveniently leaving a window open or leaving curtains slightly undrawn. The thought of voyeurs looking / listening in was an enhanced turn on. Both me and Veronica had this natural knowing of each other’s sexual desires that went without words!

Back in the here and now and after drooling over Veronica’s toes and foot. She suddenly felt the need to move and she got her sexy voluptuous body off the bed.

“I am desperate for a wee! Sorry! It must be all that alcohol and semen.” She said. “You are excused my darling!” I said.

She trotted over butt naked towards the bathroom which was down a long corridor.

Whilst I lay, completely at ease with the world, thoughts drifting to what other rude things we could get up to. I suddenly heard the front door open from downstairs, and felt a sense of panic, “OMG is that Chrissie back early from her holiday?!” I got out of the bed opened the bedroom door slightly to understand the situation about to unfold. I heard the toilet flush and footsteps moving through the house and then up the staircase and thought, “Oh my, they are not going to avoid each other on the landing”.

Just as Chrissie got to the top of the stairs, Veronica opened the bathroom door completely oblivious and completely naked, bar the anklet, toe rings and belly chain. Chrissie froze as she witnessed her standing at the door.

Veronica gasped!

“Ohhhhhhh! You shocked me. I am so sorry!” At this point Veronica reached down and tried to use her arm to cover her breasts and her other hand to cover her pussy.

“Don’t mind me Veronica. That a nice outfit!” Chuckled Chrissie.

“Oh thank you, Steven bought this belly chain”

“Well that doesn’t surprise me.” Said Chrissie.

They both laughed awkwardly. Veronica then walked back towards my bedroom and said.

“Oh by the way welcome back to England!”

“Thanks, how did you know that? Anyway I didn’t expect to come back to see this!”

“Ooh I am sorry but we might be a little noisy in the next couple of hours!” Said Veronica.

“Oh enjoy yourselves but not too much!” Chrissie chuckled and then distinctly licked her lips. I knew exactly how Chrissie was to react. She was going to get envious and angry that she was missing out. At that point Chrissie’s eyes met mine and she saw that I had witnessed the whole encounter.

I could here her muttering “You naughty boy!” under her breath.

I could see Chrissie looking at the state of Veronica as she looked at her from behind witnessing her shapely figure and her memorable bum cheeks. The belly chain and anklet dangling beside her hips and ankle respectively made a very audible clinky sound as Veronica approached my bedroom door. Chrissie was completely red and with a mischievous grin on her face.

Veronica opened the door fully and we both embraced and french kissed in full sight of Chrissie as I fondled Veronica’s ass cheeks!

“Ooh let’s close this door, anal sex needs some privacy!” Said Veronica as loudly she could and laughed straight after. Quite the exhibitionist. It was as if she was trying to tease and to make Chrissie jealous. She was certainly hitting the right buttons. I was massively turned on by the whole situation as I knew anal sex was next on the agenda and a potential threesome with Chrissie was now a real possibility, but was on edge too. I threw caution to the wind.

We both locked into each other arms and tongues and fell onto the bed!

” Ouch!” I landed straight onto the plate of fruit and squashed all the contents of it. I pushed the plate off the bed and it dropped to the floor with a loud thud.

We both rolled around on the bed, kissing and moaning, with the palm of my hands glued to her fleshy bum cheeks. I tried to move them apart to prepare that area and enhance my access into it and used my finger to search for her bum hole. I then said to Veronica.

“Why don’t you get on your knees and I’ll go downstairs to prepare your bum hole.” “Mmmmmm!” You filthy git, yes I want your Chrissie to hear you penetrate me anally!” Oooooo!” She exclaimed!

“Well, lubrication is needed, let me get the baby oil.” I said.

“Ooo. That will be nice, but why don’t you use your saliva first to lubricate my bum that way you get to taste my anus juices and give me a taste too. Mmmmh”

“I will!” I replied. “I can’t believe that I you are letting me dig my penis into your anus. You wouldn’t believe how long I have fantasised about this moment.” I said.

Veronica was resting on all fours, with her face buried into the pillow and her gorgeous curvy ass was pointing up in the air. I positioned myself behind Veronica’s butt, as I absorbed the sexy sight of her pale white butt cheeks and browny ass crack. The beautiful aromas of her butt was also enticing. I looked underneath to catch a view of her pussy and noticed she was starting to glisten and her waist chain was dangling down off her belly.

Veronica reached down to her thighs and then pulled apart her butt cheeks allowing me access to her gorgeous brown rosy bud!

I moved my face towards her ass crack and buried it in. I spat on her bum hole and used my tongue to spread my saliva deep into Veronica’s bum hole. My tongue journeyed into realms that no tongue had ever reached before.

“Oh that’s so filthy.” She moaned. I continued to dig my tongue in and out of her sexy bum hole and up and down the rim of her ass, licking it up like it was ice cream. I was I was in total heaven.

At the same time Veronica started to rub her pink pussy, which was glistening and beginning to drip again and she was really starting to moan loudly.

After a few minutes of getting my fill of analingus, I reached for the baby oil, flicked open the lid and poured a little oil into my hand and began rubbing both of them together to lubricate my hands and fingers and warm up the oil.

I slid a finger between the crevice of her butt and slowly over her anus. I pushed it gently and then my oily finger moved past her sphincter and into her bum hole.

“How does that feel?” I asked.

“Gorgeous!” she replied. “Gentle though darling! Try another finger. Oh gently does it” With two oily fingers now inside her bum hole, I began to move them in and out slowly at first, but slowly increased the speed. I kept that going for a few minutes, drawing pleasurable reactions from Veronica. I withdrew my fingers to sniff them and licked them to taste.

“Oh you taste fantastic Veronica! Would like a taste?”

“Oh, yes please!” She said yearningly.

I moved my hand up to her face and presented my fingers that were covered with the taste of her anus and my saliva, she turned her head to devour my two fingers moving up and down the length of them.

” Mmmm that is delicious, carry on darling!!” She moaned!

After a few minutes of finger fucking Veronica said, “I think I’m ready for your cock now.”

I withdrew my fingers and positioned myself between her thighs. I held my hard cock in my hands and guided it towards her inviting rosy bud. I rubbed my cock around her anal opening and her ass crack. I poured a little more oil and onto my penis and spread some oil over her butt to give her ass a lovely gloss. I then pointed my engorged cock head at her bum hole and gently pushed forward. My cock didn’t go in easily, but with a slow and gentle insertion I buried my cock inside her extremely tight and moist bum hole.

“Ooooooo! Oawww” Veronica screamed. “Are you okay? Just try to relax and don’t worry, I will be doing most of the work. Why don’t you rub your pussy?”

“‘Just shut up and start thrusting” she shouted.

” Oh yess miss!” I replied.

With every inward and outward stroke, Veronica moaned even more loudly. Slowly I picked up speed helped by her pleasurable reactions.

I found my rhythm. The sight and sound of my penis thrusting in and out and impacting on Veronica’s ass was incredible. I watched her oily ass cheeks wobble on impact. I focussed on her belly chain and reached my hand underneath to feel her chain and wobbly belly, whilst thrusting and then caught a touch of her soaked clitoris that Veronica was now rubbing vigorously. I tasted her pussy by putting my fingers in my mouth. I was in total heaven. I continued to thrust and looked behind to catch a glimpse of the wrinkled red soles of Veronica’s sexy feet. The sight of her toe rings really ramped up my excitement!

“Oh Veronica, you sexy animal!”

“Ohhhh pound my ass Steven, just keep pounding it!”

Veronica dug her face further into her pillow, squeezing it with her right hand, whilst her left continued played with her soaked clitoris.

“Urghh!! Urghh!! Urghh!! Oh fuckk!! She started to grunt loudly to the rhythm of my thrusting. We were both soaking in sweat at this point.

“Oh God!” she exclaimed. “This is unlike anything I felt before. Stuff my ass with your cock. I am going to make myself come.”

At the point we both heard a bang on our bedroom wall next to Chrissie’s room.

“What was that?” Said Veronica. “Don’t worry” I replied. I knew that was Chrissie next door reacting to being an outsider to this excessive sexual pleasure! I attempted to ignore it, but the banging carried on as Veronica moaned louder. I tried to not let it distract me and maintained my rhythm watching my sloppy penis disappear in and out of Veronica’s crevice. The fluid coming out of her bumhole was increasingly sticky. Veronica’s hand was rubbing her pussy so quickly that I was sure she was close to coming. The sight of her juices being tossed off her pussy and her ass wobbling to my thrusting was getting me close to releasing my seed into her anal cavity.

“Comiiiiiiiinnggggggggg!! Veronica screamed and laughed. Her juices flowed like a waterfall, soaking her hand and my duvet. The sight of this sent me over the edge into an ecstasy I could no longer control and I screamed “I am coming too!!”

Out poured my semen filling Veronica’s anus, heart beating into overdrive, as we both starting gasping for breath. Sweat was dripping off both our overworked bodies.

“Wow!” We both screamed. I withdrew my penis from Veronica’s anus. The smell of her anus, from which my semen now oozed was totally intoxicating.

At that moment, we both heard footsteps approaching my bedroom and suddenly my bedroom door was pushed open. Chrissie walked wearing nothing but her bra and knickers and witnessed the sight of me withdrawing my penis from Veronica’s ass hole.

“How was your holiday Chrissie?” I said.

“Oh enough about that!! All I wanted was to come back to peace and quiet and all I get is this filthy moaning. What you guys have done is nasty and I am sure the whole street has been entertained this afternoon!”

Before I could say anything in response, Veronica interceded and suggested, “Well you are welcome to join us next time. With a body like that I certainly wouldn’t say no. Isn’t that right Steven?” Veronica shifted and turned her body round 180degrees and reached forward with her head for my cock and started sucking the semen of it right in front of Chrissie.

“Hmmmm, hmmmm!” slop, slurp, slurp! Veronica was relentless.

“Oh my god, this woman is a sex queen Chrissie. Pleasssse ( as Veronica continued drain out the semen out of my cock). I need to share her with you” I said in almost total desperation.

“Hmmmm, tomorrow evening let’s set up a couple of mattresses down stairs to give us some space, to manoeuvre around!”

Veronica looked at Chrissie, whilst slowly releasing my cock from her mouth. “Oh Chrissie we might need a few days break from all this shagging today. I can already feel my bum getting saw after Steven just sodomised it. You and Steven are more than welcome to engage in sex tomorrow. You are much younger than me and my 47 year old body will need recovery. You can discuss the nasty things we can all get up too!”

“Okay that’s a deal” Chrissie walked away looking satisfied.

“Did that just happen?”I said. “It was totally surreal. I thought you handled it well. And oh wow what a beautiful shag fest we can look forward to.”

“Remember though after this threesome with Chrissie, I get to invite another male in for my version of a threesome. That was our deal.” Veronica winked at me.

“Happy to honour that Veronica!”

We reached for each hugging and kissing sloppily. I didn’t care that I was probably tasting my own semen. Veronica ensured I dropped my inhibitions whilst in her company. She was the best thing to happen to me in years!

To be continued…

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