Based on my life: Names and places have been changed to protect privacy. Yes this stuff is all true, I cant imagine trying to make up crap like this!

My first boyfriend had very fair skin. Where I could stay in the sun for hours and turn a dark brown, poor Ken despite the sunscreen would turn into Lobster Boy before my eyes. Twenty four hours into what was supposed to be our Wild Senior year of high school spring break instead of playing beach volley ball in one of the tiny bikinis Id brought, I was in a dirty Key West hospital, rubbing cream over my boyfriends burnt and blistered skin.

My mother, in her infinite wisdom had decided that instead of taking my friends and I to Key West herself would send my 20 something step brother and cousin to look after us. As irresponsible as that sounds my friend Lisa’s family was vacationing in the condo next to ours. I’m sure my mother thought that her friends and neighbors Lisa’s parents would keep an eye on us. Although she was far from mother of the year, my mother did know about real estate. The “condo’s” that my family and our neighbors had bought were actual pieces of Florida paradise. They were two identical, oceanfront, four bedroom, 3 bath, cottages separated by an incredible shared lagoon style pool. Yes, my mother knew real estate. She didn’t know that Lisa’s father had been, and still technically was my first lover. For most of my relationship with my friend’s father, I was still madly in love with my first boyfriend Ken. I couldn’t help myself with him. I never really told him no, but then again, I hadn’t exactly told him yes either.

It was well into day three of my vacation when Ken and I finally got back from the hospital. I gave some drugs to poor extra crispy Ken and he was finally able to rest comfortably, but it was more like a comma than rest. No one was at the condo. I found myself abandoned by my family and friends for the temptation of the boats and beach parties. I was bored and found myself drinking several very strong margaritas from the mix left over from the previous night’s festivities. Festivities which I’d of course missed! Fairly drunk and a bit sleepy decided to get some sun. I dozed off floating on a raft, in the pool listening to the sound of the ocean that sprawled out endlessly in front of me.

I opened my eyes. Through my pink sunglasses lens I saw him. He was sitting in a deck chair in his bathing suit watching me. My body was frozen in excitement but tingly still from the margaritas. I couldn’t seem to move. He looked so handsome in that blazing hot late afternoon sunlight. His lightly tanned skin glowing, reflecting from the sun. I felt myself smiling at him. My mind screamed at me. “What are you doing Lola!” it said. “Don’t look at him like that.. no stop it! You love Ken! Your gonna go to hell!” My body and the rest of my brain thanks to the drinks ignored this voice. I was smiling at him.

I slid off the raft and into the water. I waded toward the steps of the pool and slowly got out. He didn’t say a word. He just smiled back watching me. His eyes scanning my body top to bottom. It was like he was memorizing me. Looking at my body, noting its changes, since he’d last seen it. I took off my sunglasses and set them on the table. He stood up, and walked toward the door of their condo.

I could hear the television through the closed glass doors of our condo. A vision of my poor crispy comatose Ken ran through my head. “I should be in there with him” I thought. “I should walk away right now and lock myself in that condo with the man I adore”.

The sliding glass door of the other condo opened. I turned and looked at him. He looked at me. Goddamn, he was so sexy. I didn’t think anymore. I walked to the door and slowly stepped inside. He followed me in, sliding the door shut. Compared to the sweltering heat outdoors the air conditioning in that condo was like arctic heaven.

He locked the door, smiling at me. My nipples were hard as rocks from the air conditioning and the anticipation of his touch.

“We don’t have to hurry…” he whispered coming toward me. I shuddered at the sound of his voice. “They went to her parents house..”

I shook my head. I didn’t care. I didn’t want to hear why, or where his wonderful kind sweet wife was. I didn’t want to know why we could do the terrible things we were about to do. I loved his wife. I had wished countless times that she were my mother. I adored her! To this day I still do. I loved his daughter. She was then, and still is, one of my best friends! Our families had been intertwined for as long as I could recall. At that moment my mind raced, thinking of the past. All the times I’d eaten diner at their house. The millions of times his wife had been kind to me, when my own mother had neglected me. All these thoughts came to a halt when he pulled me close.

He kissed me. He’d been the first man I’d ever kissed. The only other had been Ken. Lisa’s father kissed me hungrily. As always I felt like he was devouring gaziantep bayan escortları me like he was a starving man, pawing my body roughly, bruising my lips with his kisses.

The guilt that I had felt before when he touched me wasn’t as prevalent now. Maybe it was the heat, or the drinks? I didn’t care. I hadn’t been fucked since the last time we’d been together on New Years. I wanted him. I loved my boyfriend. The good catholic boy he was very pleased with the active sex life we had, although it was all oral. Ken was sure I was a virgin like him. In fact, everyone was sure I was. Everyone except for Lisa’s father, who’d been fucking me every chance he could for almost a year. By that spring break, it had been three months since the last time we’d been together. All the protest that I had had in our previous encounters was gone. I wanted him. I wanted him so badly.

He smacked my ass hard making me burst out in giddy laughter. “Goddamn” he laughed “Have you been drinking?” I backed towards the door grinning playfully. “Hmm bad girl” he laughed. He grabbed me pushing me forward toward the master bedroom “Get in there!” he said playfully. I slowly walked toward the door turning around beckoning him with my hands. He watched me, standing there breathing calmly. My eyes roamed his body again. His cock was hard in his swim shorts it making an odd bulge. I watched his chest as he walked toward me. The faint muscles in his stomach moved with each step. “Your so sexy Lola” he said biting his lip.

I laid back on the edge of the bed supporting myself with my elbows. I smiled devilishly “Shhh..! Don’t wake my boyfriend!” I whispered. “Damn I’m such a bitch” I thought to myself.

“Have you let him fuck you yet?” Lisa’s father asked. He nodded in the direction of the condo, where my sweet Ken was still passed out. I shook my head no. “Patient guy” he laughed. He slid his hand up my thigh, over my stomach, making me shiver. He slowly kissed me and caressed my skin making me shake.

“I didn’t think you could look anymore like a woman.” he whispered. He pulled my bathing suit top off exposing my white breasts. “I was wrong.” he said, cupping my breasts in his tan hands pushing them together, squeezing them.

To my dismay in the months since he’d first fucked me my body had filled out more. My breast had grown much larger than they’d once been. The small B cups my breasts had been were now D’s.

I reached down rubbing his cock through his swim shorts. He groaned biting gently into my breast. “Please..” I whispered. My hand slipped into the waistband of his swim shorts grabbing his hard cock, squeezing it. He groaned in pleasure. He stood up, pulling his swim shorts off. I marveled at his cock as it sprang out in attention.

He hungrily kissed and licked my stomach, pulling my bathing suit bottoms down. He sucked and bit my nipples, still fondling me. My body was on fire. He ran his tongue down my stomach, past my navel. My breathing growing heavier the further south he went. Finally his lips hit my labia. I whimpered in pleasure biting my tongue to keep from crying out. He hummed quietly with excitement, like he always did.

He put his hands under my hips, holding my ass in his hands. He began to lick and tease my pussy at a torturously slow pace. His tongue ran up and down my pussy lips never using it to relieve the furious ache of my clit. Finally he pushed me apart with his fingers and sucked and licked me furiously. I screamed. I couldn’t help it, it was too intense. His eyes jumped up from my stomach, to my face. Seeing the pleasure I was in he grinned and continued eat my sopping wet pussy. Our eyes met as I began to cum hard on his mouth. I gasped and writhed in pleasure, my legs wrapped around his shoulders. He never let up on his work between my legs extending my orgasm to incredible heights. Finally, still shaking in pleasure, I pulled him up to me by his hair kissing him.

“I love feeling your little cunt cum in my mouth” he whispered, as I kissed his neck. I shook in pleasure his dirty words sending my body into sexual overdrive. I grinned sliding out from under him pushing to my side. He laid on the bed on his back. I was quickly positioned between his legs my mouth immediately on his cock. He cried out in surprise and pleasure. I giggled and slowly pulled his cock from my mouth. I had to tease him a bit. I slowly licked the length of his shaft with my broad flat tongue watching his reaction as I did. I kissed the head of his cock, ever so slowly my mouth wet and hot, and my lips stroking the sensitive curve of his organ. “Hmmm… Lola..” He moaned grabbing my head forcing his cock into my mouth even deeper. I sucked the length of him down my throat quickly. The deep throat action made his entire body clench in delight. I wasn’t done tormenting him. My mouth left his shaft and I began to lick and suck his balls. I gently massaged each one in my mouth with my tongue gaziantep eskort bayan as I stroked his hard cock. I could feel his heart beating as I moved my hand up and down his cock. He was breathing heavy, grunting sinful words, and thrusting his hips forward, pushing himself deeper into my throat. I sucked and swallowed him greedily. My hands running up and down his thighs, exploring his body. He yanked my head up by my hair roughly. He looked at me. I licked my lips wantonly. He was breathing heavily. His eyes were glassy. His gaze drifted down my neck, to my breasts, that were crushed against the bed. He smiled wickedly and sat up quickly. Using my hair her pulled me to him. I slid my hands over his smooth skin, which was slick with perspiration. He kissed me, biting my lip making me moan in his mouth.

“Lay back” he commanded guiding me back onto the bed.

I lay on my back waiting eagerly for his next move. He straddled my stomach his cock pointing straight at me throbbing and hard. He stroked the sides of my breasts flicking my nipples with his thumbs. I looked up at him quizzically but he responded before I could speak “I’m gonna fuck your nice big tits honey” he murmured. I shivered, He leaned over me licking the flesh in between my breasts wetting it.

I groaned in delight as he put his cock in between my breasts, crushing them against it. His cock was pulsing as he squeezed my breasts tightly around it. I replaced his hands with mine on my breasts. He began to thrust back and forth in between my large mounds. He moaned in pleasure. His eyes starring intensely at his cock, as it went in and out of the tunnel my breasts created.

I was amazed by the intense pleasure of this act. It felt incredible. I licked and sucked the head of his cock as he thrust it toward my mouth. He gasped hoarsely “I like this..” he groaned fucking my tits even faster. I nodded in response my mouth still taking his thrusting cock. “Damn your body is so hot! It makes me crazy!” He kept fucking my breasts, reaching down and pinching my hard nipples. The pain and pleasure, made my body begin to shake in ecstasy. My pussy was tingling with excitement, dripping with arousal. I let out a muted cry of pleasure. He grinned again looking down at me “Hmm you like this too huh little girl?”

“Ugh huh..” I managed to reply.

He stopped thrusting and reached behind his slipping a finger in between my labia “Ready for my cock in you?”

“Yes!” I cried out softly.

“Shh.. you’ll wake Ken” he whispered leaning over and kissing me.

I frowned. I was annoyed, by the fleeting feeling of guilt that quickly passed over me. He slid down my body aligning himself with my pussy.

“Ohh your so wet” he groaned rubbing the head of his cock up and down my slit. He kissed me softly sucking my lip still tormenting me with the head of his cock.

I shook in anticipation. “Please” I whispered.

He smiled at me. “You’re so beautiful” he murmured, his eyes scanning my face. I looked down at his chest. His body was hovering over mine, but joined at the hips. He slowly pushed his cock into me. My arms wrapped around him. I cried out. My hips pushed up toward him. Again, my body was forced to accommodate his size.

I moaned into his chest. My body was shaking hard. He pulled out and thrust into me again much harder. This time the head of his cock bottomed out against my cervix and he groaned in pleasure.

“Damn” he said slowly retreating from within me and plunging back in. My muscles twitched in pleasure as my legs clamped around his hips. I grabbed his ass pushing him deeper into me. I moaned, kissing his neck and chest.

“God you feel so good Lola.” He whispered, licking my neck. I moaned softly in pleasure pushing my hips up against him. He kissed my mouth harder, our tongues caressing violently. His hands left the mattress and traveled to my breast. He licked and bit at them roughly. His hands massaging and squeezing making me shiver. Our eyes once again met briefly “Like this?” he said nodding.

“Yes” I gasped.

He began thrusting into me harder. “I want you to come on my cock little girl!” He panted looking at me. I shivered in pleasure. His voice in my ear, quickly sending thrills through me. He began to pound into me harder making me gasp. Pleasure made my eyes water, and faux tears ran down my cheeks. I grabbed his ass harder. His hips pounding into me viscously.

“Oh” I cried out

“You love it!” He whispered into my ear. “Say it Lo..” I felt the nerves in my body firing. “Come on little girl!” I knew I was about to cum my body quaked.

I moaned.

“Fucking say it!” He said, thrusting himself deeper into me.

“Yes!” I whimpered, trying to gain control over my body. It didn’t work. My body was out of control. I began to spasm. I jerked forward burying my face into his shoulder. I screamed loudly in pleasure as I came. He slammed into me gaziantep bayan eskort harder fucking me through my orgasm. Plunging in and out of my little hole as it squeezed, and convulsed around him. He growled in ecstasy. His face buried in my hair.

I collapsed back into the bed. He slowed his thrusts allowing my body to rest briefly. We where both covered in sweat. I was still shaking from my orgasm.

He kissed me deeply. “Jesus Christ!” He gasped. “When you fucking cum its like.. like a vice or something on my dick..” I blushed. He kissed me. “You’re going to be one amazing woman,” he whispered.

As he spoke, he started moving in and out of me slowly. I whimpered in pleasure. The sensations almost too much for my young body to take.

He grabbed me tightly rolling us over. Suddenly I was on top of him. I smiled and on shaky trunk muscles slowly sat up. His cock slid deeper into my body. We both groaned. I slowly started to rock my hips causing friction on his cock that was now even deeper in me. His hands went to my breasts, as I began to slide my body up and down his cock. Moving as much as my body would allow. My hands covered his as he massaged my tender breasts. He was grunting and groaning in pleasure. I was moaning softly with each movement. It was incredible. He began thrusting his hips up into me. I worked my body on his cock, moving and grinding against him.

I loved fucking him. My eyes opened. I looked down on my friend’s father. It was man who’d picked us up from girl scouts and taken us to the movies. This was the same man who’s cock was deep in me, whose hands were all over me. This man, the man whose voice had silenced a thousand giggly sleepovers. My mind raced. A man who was lifting me up and down on his cock making me cry out in pleasure and pain. He was all the same man.

He cried out hoarsely. Grabbing my neck, pulling my face down, he kissed me deeply. His hands roamed my body.

“God girl,” he moaned. He grabbed my hips slamming my body harder onto his throbbing cock. I panted in pleasure. My pussy began to tighten around his cock again. Both our bodies were vibrating with pleasure. He squeezed my ass hard as he began to cum. My body exploded in ecstasy and I came again. I felt his cock jerk and spasm within me as he came.

I could feel his cum sliding around in me as I slowly walked across the patio from his condo. I felt guilt return. I could feel his eyes watching me through the windows of the bedroom. You couldn’t see in them very well but I knew he was watching me. Still lying there in the bed, we’d just sinned in.

The sun was setting. It was a beautiful night. I caught my reflection in the window. I looked guilty. “Slut, whore, jezebel!” my mind screamed. “Adulteress, sinner, harlot! You are going to hell! You enjoyed that!” I felt tears begin to form in my eyes.

I heard a noise from my condo. Without thinking, I dove into the pool. I surfaced hoping the chemicals would wash away any evidence of my trespasses.

Ken stumbled out of the condo door. I smiled at him weakly. He was still pretty out of it and covered in antibiotic cream. “Miss me?” he laughed groggily.

I climbed out of the pool at the same time collapsed into one of the chairs. Dripping wet still I sat down with him.

“Yeah” I smiled. He grabbed my waist pulling me closer to him.

“I know you’re mad at me.” He whispered, slipping his hand into my bathing suit bottoms. I gasped and shook violently in fear and arousal. His other hand reached up slipping under my top caressing my breast. Careful not to lean back on his sun burnt body, I sat their frozen. He kissed the back of my neck.

“I promise when this heals up, I will make it up to you.” He whispered slipping his finger into my pussy. I moaned softly. “Hmmm” he whispered. “Your all hot and wet already.”

I was breathless. I couldn’t speak, I was writhing in pleasure as he finger fucked me, but at the same time, I was paralyzed with fear. I knew Lisa’s father could still be watching. Ken’s fingers began to move faster hitting my clit repeatedly. I was shaking in his arms. He pulled at my breast with his other hand.

“God your so hot baby…” he whispered in my ear.

“Honey no wait not here we cant..” I panted as he pawed at my body “Your burns honey.. I.. I.. don’t want to hurt you!” I could feel his cock hard against my ass.

“My dick hurts worse…” he whispered in my ear. I moaned in excitement. I stood up and climbed between his knees.

I momentarily forgetting all the guilt about what I’d done with my friends father. At that moment, it was just Ken and I again. My mouth on his cock, sucking gently careful not to touch his burnt skin. My wet lips moved up and down over his cock.

“Suck that cock baby..” he moaned. He suddenly cried loudly and began to cum in my mouth. Although I was surprised, I still managed to swallow his cum, gulping it down my throat hard. I jerked my head up quickly smiling at him. He grinned at me happily. Then his eyes traveled behind me, his red skin blanched in white.

I turned around quickly. There he was standing there in the doorway of his condo. I became nauseous with shame and fear.

“Come on Lo” Ken said standing up grabbing my arm. “That fucking pervert isn’t ruining our fun this time..” He murmured ushering me to the door.

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