The rest of the day went by pretty well, and by pretty well I mean pretty fucking great! I spent my time pretending to watch TV, but being distracted by my mom walking around the house naked. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her great ass. She was a shapely woman, considering she was rather tall. She was about my height at 5’9″, and her breasts were a very full C-cup at the least, her hips about as wide. She had a fairly good tan, although I never saw her sunbathing.

I always thought she had a very regal appearance, with her long brown hair and rather prominent features. Of course, knowing what we had just done made it all the more exciting that she appeared so proper. About an hour after we had sex, she suddenly kneeled between my legs. She flashed me a smile.

“I thought I saw an erection,” she said unconvincingly.

“Yeah,” I said sarcastically.

After my last two orgasms, I wasn’t sure if I could get it up. She reached for my flaccid six inches and gently caressed it. I wished I could move around better, but the cast on my leg prevented me from any other position but sitting. However, my mom’s magic fingers did the trick, and I felt my member inflating.

“Damn, it’s so big,” she said. “I can’t believe an injury would make it grow like this.”

“The doctor said it had something to do with the tissue that expands during an erection. I didn’t really understand it, but it doesn’t seem to be shrinking back down any.”

Without saying anything she dropped her head down and started sucking me. I leaned my head back and sighed. It was different from the last time she had sucked me, I had been in a fair amount of pain. It was the first blowjob I ever had, but I hadn’t been able to enjoy it. Now I could relax and enjoy the sensations.

The first thing I felt was warmth. I didn’t think the sensation of heat could turn me on, but with her it did. Then came wet contact, as her tongue slid all around the head of my penis and then up and down my shaft. On top of all that was my mom’s hot breath. When she started to suck me more firmly, the sensations became a single feeling of suction. She couldn’t fit very much of me in her mouth, so she wrapped her hand around the bottom half of my eleven inches and gently tugged.

The double stimulation felt very good. Then I felt her crotch touch my foot. She gently rubbed her vagina against it, knowing she couldn’t do anything to my injured legs. She ground her cunt into my foot that wasn’t in a cast, her pubic hair tickling me. She used her free hand to lightly play with my testicles, overwhelming my brain with stimulation. After a few minutes of intense sucking, I felt the pleasure begin to build until my balls tingled.

“Do you want to swallow it?” I asked her.

My mom looked up at me and smiled, not stopping her ministrations on my dick. I guess that was a “yes”. I tried to hold out for a few moments longer, letting my orgasm build up. After only a few seconds, I let out a groan and enjoyed the feeling of semen rising through my shaft. As I felt my ejaculation begin, I thrust into my mom’s mouth and tried to spurt as hard as I could.

When the first jet released from the tip, I knew it struck the back of my mom’s throat with more force than she was expecting. But she didn’t gag, instead she tried to get as much of me as possible into her mouth. I was surprised at how much I came, in spite of two consecutive orgasms not long ago. My mom was still sucking me after I finished ejaculating. She licked me all over and gently sucked me until I began to soften. She swallowed everything and licked her lips clean, then got up and kissed me before walking off.

“My god, you’re good at that,” I said, enjoying the vision of her ass as she walked away.

I didn’t have any more erections the rest of the day. Mom still remained in the nude, and I wasn’t complaining. She gave me a sponge bath that night. I couldn’t get my cast wet, and standing was very difficult, so she had me sit on a stool in the bathtub while she cleaned me with a washrag. She didn’t seem to give any special attention to my crotch, and I had to admit I was fairly exhausted sexually from the day’s activities.

“Mom,” I said after a while. “Would you be mad if the nurse still came by?”

The question surprised her a bit. “What do you mean?”

“It’s great having you take care of me, but you have to go to work tomorrow. I don’t know if I could get off with my left hand. It just doesn’t work the same.”

“If you want the nurse to come by, then that’s fine.”

“You wouldn’t feel bad?”

She bursa otele gelen escort smiled. “Why would I feel bad? My son needs attention, and if I can’t give it to him then of course I would want someone else to.”

I was trying to justify having Stephanie visit me. I really didn’t think I could jack off with my left hand, maybe some guys could but not me. So it wasn’t entirely selfish, but I was kind of enjoying the thought of seeing her again. And I would need some help even with normal things.

“How would she get off work to come see you in the middle of the day?” mom asked.

“She said the doctor owes her for doing this, and he would pretty much let her do her own thing when it comes to me.”

“I won’t be home until five, and if I can fuck you before I leave, you might be able to get by with her visiting you in the afternoon, since she’ll probably only be able to come by once a day.”

I couldn’t help but smile as my mom said “fuck”. She dried me off and led me to her bedroom. She had a king size bed, and a very soft mattress. She helped me get in and after turning off the lights joined me.

I could only lay on my back, and my mom wrapped her arms around my waist and laid her head on my stomach. Her naked body felt great against me, her breasts pressed against my hip. She gently stroked my body until I fell asleep.

The next morning her alarm went off at seven o’clock. She stretched and ran her hand down my front before getting up. She went to the bathroom for a few minutes, and I just laid there remembering she said we were going to fuck before she went to work. Thinking about it gave me an erection. I didn’t think anything of it, but she didn’t come back for a few minutes.

I started to get a little worried, so when she returned, I pulled the covers back and revealed my erection. It seemed even bigger as it stood straight up. She climbed into the bed and hovered over me. She kissed me for a moment, and then lowered herself onto me. My dick slid right up into her, surprising me that she was this wet already. She very slowly took my entire length, afterwards bending forward so that her breasts were hanging above my face. I instinctively fondled them, making her breathing heavier. She rocked back and forth, her hips manipulating my penis quite pleasantly. She started groaning as she began a humping motion. Her hips would lift off of me and then slam back down again. Her cunt was making slurping noises as her pace increased. I couldn’t do much but try to match her thrusts. Her hair hanging down in my face turned me on, as well as the expression on her face.

Her groans became grunts, more animalistic than I had heard from her so far. She held onto my shoulders as she became more focused on our joining and nothing else. After a few minutes of nice strong humping, she began to convulse and had an especially strong orgasm. I was a little surprised by how much it overtook her, and her twitching body and contorted face sent me over the edge. My body tightened and my dick exploded inside of my mom’s vagina. I blasted her walls with my semen, pouring everything I could into her.

She leaned her head back and let out a long breath. She smiled down at me, her body glistening slightly.

“That was great,” she said, squeezing her vaginal muscles around my penis. “I have to take a shower, and then I’ll call the doctor about having the nurse come by.”

I was a bit drained from fucking, but mom seemed energized by it. She hopped off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom.

After she kissed me goodbye, I sat in front of the TV and patiently passed the time. Mom had talked to the nurse on the phone, and said she would be coming by later in the afternoon. I wasn’t too worried about getting hard anytime soon, but I could still be prone to involuntary erections like the doctor said I would be. And then I would be in pain just like yesterday.

I was watching cable for a while, when I came to the pay channels. We usually didn’t subscribe to any of them, since mom was supporting us by herself. She had a good job, we weren’t poor by any means. But we usually watched what we spent. However, I found that we did get one of the pay channels in, and to my delight it was the Playboy channel.

It could have been a mistake, but then I saw a note on the coffee table next to the remote. It was from mom, telling me she ordered a new channel, and that she thought I would like it. She also warned me to keep my dick in check. I guess I probably shouldn’t even be watching escort bayan it, but I couldn’t help myself. I sat back comfortably with a soda in one hand and watched two shapely ladies engage in lesbian sex.

Before I knew it, there was a knock on the door. I glanced to the clock, and to my surprise it was four o’clock. I couldn’t believe it was so late already, and thankfully I hadn’t had any pain even though I did get an erection a few times.

The door opened and in walked Stephanie.

“Hello?” she called out.

“In here,” I called back.

Stephanie walked into the TV room and smiled.

“Hey,” she said cheerily. She leaned down next to me and kissed me on the cheek. “How are you doing?”

“Just fine,” I beamed. “Thanks for coming by.”

“Sorry I’m so late.” She took off her jacket and set her things on the coffee table. “Have you been hurting any?”

“Yesterday I had a little scare, but we took care of it.”

Stephanie smiled devilishly. “We?”

I blushed. “Yeah, my mom.”

She really seemed to get off on that. She looked up to the TV where a three-way was taking place.

“Are you trying to hurt yourself?” she said.

“I haven’t had any pain today, even when I’m hard.”

“No? Well, maybe you don’t need me after all.”

She lifted my gown to reveal my twitching erection, anticipating her touch.

“Or maybe you do.”

Before she reached for it, I stopped her.

“Wait, Stephanie.”

She broke her gaze from my crotch and looked me in the eyes.

“I want to know exactly where you stand on all of this.”

She didn’t understand. “What do you mean?”

“Are you just doing this to help me, or are you doing this for yourself too?”

She shrugged. “Maybe both, does that bother you?”

“No way. But, maybe we should have an understanding about this if we’re going to keep doing this.”

Stephanie started to get what I was talking about. She smiled.

“So, you want to know if I’m going to fuck you or not?”

Her words caught me off guard. I guess that was what I was eventually getting at, I just wasn’t so forward.

“No, I…I didn’t mean that exactly. I mean, do you want to? If you don’t, then I won’t feel bad. I just didn’t know-“

She put her finger to my mouth. “Handjob first, then we’ll see what happens.”

Good enough for me. She started to reach for the bottle of lube in her purse, and then stopped. Instead, she kneeled between my legs, grabbed my dick, and spit heavily onto it. That was a little more intimate than I expected.

“I like the feel better than lube,” she said, answering my unasked question.

She went to work, her hand working wonders. She pulled and tugged, her hand sliding up and down and all around. Her other hand alternated from my testicles to my head, her expertise at stimulating the male organ amazing me.

“You’re really good at this,” I gasped.

“I’ve done a lot sexually,” she said.

“Would you…tell me about them while you do that?”

She smiled wickedly, her hands increasing their manipulation of my genitals.

“I’ve done it all,” she said. “Everything you can think of.”

“Anal?” I asked.

“Of course,” she said without missing a stroke. “Lots of times. Though I doubt I could fit you in my ass.”

I proudly flexed my dick in her grasp.

“Threesomes?” I continued.

She nodded. “Only with other women. I’ve never had two guys before.”

The mental picture was very arousing. Suddenly, the image of Stephanie and my mom fucking me came into my head. And I couldn’t get it out.

“Do you…fuck them?”

“Would you like that?” she asked, teasing me.

I nodded. “What do you do with them?”

Stephanie broke away and retrieved something from her purse. I couldn’t see what it was at first, but then she came back to my penis with a latex glove on one hand.

“I like to lick their bodies,” she said nastily. “I like to eat out their snatches.”

I shivered, her words almost driving me to the edge. Her gloved hand moved under my testicles and began exploring unfamiliar territory. It felt funny as her finger began exploring my asshole. First she circled it, and then rubbed it.

“R-really?” I asked, mesmerized by her touch.

She laughed. “Only sometimes, mostly I like being watched.”

I didn’t say anything more as she probed her finger into my anus. She spit upon it, and inserted it into me. I didn’t know if it was because she was a nurse, but she knew exactly where to stroke. She found mudanya escort my prostate very quickly, and gripped my shaft firmly as her finger began working its magic. It was a very odd feeling, but my orgasm approached at an amazing speed.

Before my orgasm even hit, I felt a spurt of semen spew out of my cock. I hadn’t warned her, and it hit Stephanie right in the forehead. As I began my orgasm, another rope of semen crossed over her face from her chin to her eye. I was worried that she might be mad about it, but she continued jacking me off, letting my semen ejaculate onto her.

After I was finished, her smock was covered in semen, partly from her dripping face. She smiled, removing the latex glove.

“I almost forgot how much you cum.”

“I’m sorry, I should have told you when I was going to cum.”

She lifted her shirt over her head, now sitting topless before me. She seemed completely comfortable with her breasts on display to me. They were a nice C-cup, like my mom’s but not quite as large. They were, however, a bit more firm and upturned. She dropped the shirt on the floor and went back to fondling my dick.

“God, you’re still hard,” she said, a hint of lust in her voice.

“Can I tell you something?” I asked abruptly.

She looked up at me. “Sure.”

“I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but before this goes any further I need you to know. I fucked my mom.”

She froze, a slightly surprised expression on her face. I wasn’t sure if she would be turned off by that, or maybe even disgusted. She looked down for a moment, and then back up.

“You mean I sucked your mom’s pussy juice?” she smiled.

I breathed a sigh of relief. “You’re okay with that?”

She laughed, resuming her fondling of my penis. “How did you convince her to do it?”

“She was jacking me off, and I couldn’t cum because I was in pain and she felt bad for me.”

“So she fucked you? Wow, you’re mom’s horny.”

“Yeah,” I chuckled. “We’ve done it three times, not including the times she’s sucked me off.”

Stephanie stood up and leaned her face close to mine. We were maybe an inch apart.

“Do you think she’d mind if we fucked?”

I swallowed. “I don’t think so.”

Stephanie removed the rest of her clothes, revealing a very tight body. She must work out often.

“Do you have condoms?” I asked.

She laughed. “I don’t think they make condoms big enough for you.”

I was a bit confused. Surely she didn’t want me to cum inside of her.

“I guess I could pull out,” I said.

“Don’t even think about it,” she replied. “I want to feel you cum me. Don’t worry, I have it under control.”

I assumed she was referring to birth control. She pulled my gown over my head so I was naked, and she sat on my lap. Her cunt was trimmed more neatly than my mom’s. It was really sexy, and so was the rest of her.

She slid herself down onto me, my dick burying itself in her. She gasped as my size stretched her. A woman as experienced as her surely got a lot of cock, but she had never had anything as big as me. She couldn’t take it all, and I bottomed out with an inch left to go.

“Oh my god, it’s so fucking big!” she said.

She began to ride me, moving faster than my mom had. She was a bit more energetic than my mom too. Her butt bounced up and down while she braced her legs on either side of me. She did this for a while, my hands finding her breasts. When I squeezed them, Stephanie gasped.

After a good few minutes of fucking, I felt her hot breath in my ear.

“How is it for you?” she breathed softly.

“So good,” I grunted.

“Don’t look back,” she said between thrusts. “But your mom is watching us.”

I froze, scared that my mom really was watching us from the other room. Stephanie, however, really got off knowing my mom was there, and her eyes and teeth clenched shut. She began to groan in a long, sustained cry and almost violently came. Her hips bucked and twitched, her vagina clenching around my shaft in spasms. I couldn’t hold back, even knowing my mom was watching us, and I thrust myself as deep into Stephanie as I could. I cried out in release as my semen erupted into her. It was the most powerful orgasm I had experienced thus far. Even after it was over, I was tingling all over. Stephanie held me tightly to her body, her vagina contracting every few seconds as her orgasm faded.

I finally turned my head to see my mother, standing in the doorway. She didn’t move or say anything. Stephanie lifted her head just enough to glance at her, and then her eyes dropped back down to me and she smiled.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt anything,” my mom finally said. She walked into the room, her face not angry but intrigued. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?”

I didn’t know what to say. This was going to get interesting…

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