It was early morning and Jean Gordon was puttering around her kitchen making breakfast for three. There were romantic ballads playing in the background. She was in an up mood as she recalled the events of the past 24 hours. Her body felt soft and used following intense intimate contact with two desirable people. A widow, she had recovered from the despair of losing a good husband too early in life to living out long suppressed erotic fantasies.

While not wealthy she had the funds to live comfortably and to enjoy life to the full. She had organized an afternoon ladies bridge club that had morphed into a tight group of woman roughly her age and more interested in sex than bridge. A chance encounter with a young college student delivering pizza’s had evolved into a regular dalliance with him and ultimately to her sharing him with her sex deprived bridge club partners. He was a complete sex hound but was as much interested in pleasing and satisfying a woman as he was in gaining his own enjoyment.

She had experienced her first taste of group sex overnight, a threesome with young Jim and one of her bridge club partners Jennifer. Jennifer was a tiny lady and at age 45 the youngest of the group. The threesome had included Jean’s first sex with a woman and had been a wonderful experience. It had all been completely unplanned except for young Jim’s scheduled encounter with Jennifer. Neither she nor Jennifer had been previously intimate with another woman but soon became anxious to explore the unknown. Their play had cranked the young man up to another level.

Jim had begged to sleep overnight with them and despite preferring to focus her attention on sex with Jennifer, Jean had allowed him to stay watch and play some more. Jean had left the other two sleeping in bed this morning needing to clear her head but her thoughts returned again and again to the sex filled night just past.

Jennifer sat on a padded stool in the bathroom combing her hair. Her thoughts were more complex than those of her friend Jean. It had taken her weeks to gain the courage to meet the young stud for sex. She had finally relented but only after Jean had agreed to join her in a threesome.

During the preparation for Jim’s arrival, the mounting eroticism had encouraged she and Jean to kiss and touch. Her pussy clenched as she recalled Jean’s teasing fingers tentatively exploring her clit and pussy lips. She was highly aroused by the time Jim arrived and had enthusiastically participated in three-way sex with Jim fucking each of them in turn.

Young Jim had been magnificent; she had thoroughly enjoyed the feel of him inside of her and the wild look of desire in his eyes as he had feasted on her body. Orgasms had come easily and any reluctance or uncertainty had evaporated with his first touch.

Following the first round of sex, featuring Jim and each of the women, they had spent some time in Jean’s hot tub. She and Jean had turned their attention to each other, leaving Jim to gawk at the two of them kissing and feeling each other in the tub. Jean had suggested that Jim leave them for the night to return in the morning for an early breakfast. But he was totally enthralled watching the ladies tempt each other and pleaded to stay. Jennifer supported his plea and between them they convinced Jean it would be exciting to have an audience.

The women dried and powdered each other, giggling and laughing at their own discomfiture, but became more quiet and subdued as they moved to the bed. They stood naked for a while embracing and kissing before lying side by side on the bed. Jennifer shuddered as she recalled Jean’s naked breasts rubbing on hers, and the electric shock of her bush against her own shaved mound. They took turns raising their knees between each other’s legs to rub on a pussy.

Jean had seized the initiative and moved into a dominant position leaning over Jennifer to cup her tits and kiss her. She worked her way down Jennifer’s body, sucking her nipples, licking her belly and ultimately moving between her spread legs to go down on her.

Jennifer allowed her mind and body to sink into the abyss of quiet lust and passion as Jean commenced to lick and suck her pussy. She almost got off when Jean closed her lips around the tip of her clit. She was content for all of this to lead where it may, and ready to surrender in any way Jean might choose.

Jean pulled up along Jennifer’s body until her big tits rubbed on her face and mouth. Jennifer responded by rolling Jean to her back and kissing and sucking her nipples and tits. Jean applied pressure on her shoulders to force her down until Jennifer’s mouth was hovering over her pussy. “Jenny, I’m dying baby, kiss it, I’ll go mad if you don’t.”

She thrust her hips upward as jigolo escort gaziantep Jennifer hesitatingly flicked her tongue on her engorged clit. Jean pulled her head tight as she jammed her pussy against Jennifer’s flattened tongue. Her hips rotated and her legs spread as she drifted toward an orgasm. She suddenly pushed Jennifer away and struggled to sit up, “On your back Jenny, we have to do this.”

While very aroused, Jennifer had no idea what they “had to do,” but allowed herself to be positioned as Jean turned to stretch out facing her legs first, and proceeded to slide her body up along between Jenny’s legs with the obvious intent of conjoining at the ‘Y’ and rubbing pussies.

Initially the feeling of Jean’s wet pussy seeking to locate hers was more a curiosity than pleasure, but soon the need to feel it on hers totally consumed Jennifer as their pussies suddenly locked. At some point they achieved ‘nirvana’ and Jennifer took over, reversing their positions and rising over Jean, clutching her upper leg to her tits and rubbing her pussy violently on Jean’s as they both enjoyed a wild throbbing orgasm. They had totally forgotten about Jim sitting to one side of the bed and drinking it all in.

That was the part of the memory that had made Jennifer uncertain about her feelings this following morning. She had fantasized in the past about erotic attraction to some particular woman, but had never seriously followed up with action or even imagined what it would entail. Now she wondered what this all meant about her and her sexuality.

Jim awakened with the realization that he was alone in bed. His expectation had been to wake up with a woman, or in this case two, in order to experience early morning sex. It had been the whole purpose of his plea to sleep with them. Despite a full diet of sex both at home with his girlfriend and with Mrs. Gordon and her lady friends; he had never had the opportunity to wake up with a woman beside him. His early morning hard-ons had only been relieved by hand. And he had a full one this morning.

He had been screwing Mrs. Gordon and members of her bridge club for months now, and felt very lucky for the pleasure enjoyed. It filled a void in a busy life of college, sports and part time work. No need to chase sex with ladies of his own age while permitting him to stay relatively ‘true’ to his long time girl back home. However, the more sex he got to enjoy, the more he wanted. And he wanted some this morning. His cock was so hard it almost hurt. He had just pulled on a tee shirt and shorts when he heard a sound in the bathroom. Some one was going to be fucked.

Jennifer’s conjecture was interrupted as Jim appeared in the mirror over her shoulder, bending to kiss the back of her neck as he whispered “Good morning Jennifer.” She smiled up at him as his hands slipped down her front to push the white robe off of her shoulders and down to her waist exposing her tiny tits. Her nipples stiffened and jutted out like two small fingers. She sucked in her breath as he gently rolled and twisted them.

“Oh Jim, we’re under orders to wait until after breakfast to have sex,” Jennifer moaned, her eyes closing as the memories of him first entering her coursed through her mind.

“Are we?” Jim said, “but surely we can play a little.” He lifted her up allowing the loose robe to tumble to the floor. He pulled her naked body against him as his tongue parted her lips and slipped into her mouth. He set her on the top of the vanity counter and forced his body in between her legs.

Jennifer admired the beautiful young rippling body under the light clothing and succumbed to the desire to surrender to a man whose eyes spoke volumes of his need for her. How can you not want a man who desires you so intensely? She loosened his belt and un-zippered his fly to expose a bulging pair of shorts. “Oh God,” she murmured as she rubbed his shaft before sliding her hand down under the waistband to pull his cock out.

“I guess we could play a little,” she moaned. “You have the most beautiful big cock.” The cock was rock hard, bent upward and to one side in its stiffness. The knob was purple with blood and seemed ready to explode, a little pre-cum seeping from the pee hole. Jim pushed his shorts down as she continued to stroke his shaft before pulling her ass closer to the edge of the vanity top.

“And you know this how?” he said kissing her softly, “Have you seen a lot of cocks?” Said with a teasing grin.

“Quite a few yes, I was a bad girl before I married. Dated a lot of guys and they all got lucky. And I did see one even bigger than yours.” She hastened to add, “Just saw it, didn’t fuck it.” Why had she told him that in the first place?

He gaziantep lezbiyen escort bayan moved more closely, his knob rubbing her inner thighs and dangerously close to her spread pussy lips. “Explain please,” he kissed her again, “you have to tell me how you saw it but didn’t fuck it.”

Jennifer closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she slid her hand back and forth slowly along his hot burning shaft. She fondled his big balls and allowed her mind to drift back almost 25 years to an event that she had often recalled as her sex life dried up during marriage.

She was highly aroused now and decided to expand on her hurried response. “It was at a party with my three closest girlfriends just before my marriage, just the four of us at my best friend’s home. We were all in a pool sipping wine when a young Jamaican male stripper appeared and began to dance and strip.

We had seen a lot of male strippers during “Ladies Nights” at our favorite hangout. Like many women there we had fantasized about bringing one home and obviously my friends had followed through on our drunken thoughts.

We all moved to the edge of the pool as he stripped naked except for a nylon sheath covering his cock. He sat down on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water and we all gasped as his big long sheathed cock dangled down between his legs.

We were giggling and laughing, making snide remarks about what we would like to do with it when he said, ‘Why not have the bride-to-be take the sock off.’ I shook my head but my friends pushed me closer to him and demanded that I do it.”

Jennifer peered into Jim’s eyes now to see if she had gone too far. This was turning him on; his eyes were dull and lusty. She stroked him more quickly and his knob was getting wet as it brushed her red gash of a slit. He wet his finger and began to toy with her clit.

She continued, “He was getting hard, the shaft straightening as I was pushed closer to him. He untied the tie band holding it in place and said, ‘C’mon baby pull it off, then feel it.’ I downed my wine and handed the glass to a friend and reached out to touch it. I tried to tug the sock off without really touching his cock, but it was wet and I had to use both hands to roll it off. By the time it was off, he was massively hard and as I released it, it popped up along his belly. All was quiet, the other girls speechless and waiting for me to make another move.”

Jenny suddenly realized that Jim had pushed his knob into her pussy and that she still had the shaft clenched in her hand. “Oh God,” she groaned, “I promised Jean, we can’t do this.” But she made no move to pull back or to push him away. She knew that he would take her right there and she was counting on it.

Jim began to screw her with half of his cock, sliding it back and forth slowly. The feel of her tight pussy encasing his cock had reduced the ache somewhat and he loved to tease. He smiled at her, although his eyes burned into hers with a warning of what was to come, her little tits bounced as he moved in and out. She raised her hands to his shoulders as he moved closer. He kissed her, her tongue slid in between his teeth and his gums. So fucking hot. His burning hands slipped behind her to clasp her ass cheeks. He withdrew until his knob was rubbing in her lips, and then he pulled her forward while jamming his cock into her.

From her, “Oh Jim.” From him, “Ah fuck, need this, need this pussy.”

He stood there and screwed her slowly, her hands pulling on his hips, his hands holding her ass. “So tell me, what happened next?”

“Oh God, can’t think now.” She closed her eyes; bit her lower lip as she felt him slowly slide it in and out. “He wanted me to play with it, stroke it, I don’t know, probably wanted me to suck it. It was crazy; I would have let him screw me if we had been alone. But with my friends looking over my shoulders I just hand stroked him, although I wanted to do more.”

“You mean like suck it?” moaned Jim.

“Yes, I guess. But the other girls came close and we all took turns feeling his cock. One girl, Adrienne, she had big tits, put it between them and he slid it up and down while she clamped her tits over it. His eyes were wild, staring at me even when the other girls were playing with his cock.

His eyes told me what he wanted; his lips silently mouthed ‘I want to fuck you’. I was certainly not thinking about my wedding night with my boyfriend. He slipped into the pool, eyes only for me, and pulled me close. I could feel his monster cock against my belly and hip. He whispered in my ear, ‘come to my hotel tonight, you want this, I can tell’. I pulled away from him and the other girls closed around him. gaziantep escort masaj salonları That was it, but I can still recall every second.”

Jim had lost it now, he was hunched forward still clutching her ass as his powerful hips continued to drive his cock in and out. She readjusted her body on the counter top, and leaned back braced on her hands and watched his cock sling easily back and forth in her pussy, “fuck me with your big cock Jim, cream me right here.” The vanity rocked and bounced, combined with the squishy sound of his cock returning again and again into her wet cunt. They almost tumbled to the floor as Jim rammed his cock deep and Jennifer flopped like a fish on a spear as they got off together in a cacophony of grunts and groans.

They stood panting for minutes, lost in themselves; only to hear “How often do I have to call for breakfast. It’s getting cold.” They twisted as one to see Jean standing in the doorway with arms clenched over her breasts, albeit with a smile on her face. “Finish it Jim, we all love those last strokes.” Jim responded by continuing to fuck Jennifer who was leaning back supported by her hands and with her head braced against the mirror, her legs clamped behind her young lover’s butt. She released him and he pulled his still hard shaft out of her pussy and turned as Jean approached them.

Jean let her gown tumble open to expose her naked breasts and pussy as she reached out for the two of them. Moving up to them, she kissed Jenny first, then with lips parted and tongue tip showing she applied a passionate kiss on Jim’s waiting lips. He turned fully towards her and circled one arm behind her back and grasped one dangling grapefruit sized tit with the other hand.

“You have great tits Mrs. Gordon,” he said breathing hard, “have I ever mentioned that?”

Jean jammed her hips tight to his, trapping his still stiff cock against her belly. She pulled her mouth free to say, “Yes you have my love, twelve times.”

“Twelve times?” Jim responded quizzically.

“Yes, every time you fucked me. How soon they forget.”

“Each time is a first with you Mrs. Gordon. I think that I am going to have thirteen sometime soon.”

Jean pulled back and gazed into his eyes, “I can guarantee that. And right now is not too soon.” She tucked his cock between her legs and slipped her pussy back and forth along the slimy shaft. Jenny, forgotten by the both of her partners, stumbled to her feet and slipped into the shower.

Jim lifted Jean up until her tits were at his mouth, sucked the nipples before lowering her body until his cock worked its way into her waiting pussy as she hooked her legs behind him. He backed her against the doorway and stroked her as they kissed.

“Not here baby,” Jean groaned, “take me to bed.”

Jim duck-walked her across the room still buried in her. He laid her back and pushed her across the bed sideways until she was fully on and pushed up to his knees. He bent over her, kissed her lips and tits while fucking her slowly.

“That’s the hardest cock I have ever felt,” Jean smiled up at him, “Is that special for me?”

“I think of you every morning when I wake up with one like this. But you have never let me sleep with you to use it on you.”

“You can sleep with me anytime you want baby. Just bring that monster with you. But now, lick me like you did last night, I have thought of little else but that, it was so beautiful.”

He quickly pushed her legs wide and kissed his way down her inner thigh, pausing and teasing her with his hot breath taunting her trembling pussy lips. “You bastard Jim, enough already.” He dove down quickly, running his rolled tongue from the back of her slit to the top in one long lick. Jean’s hips drove up as she screamed in pleasure. He continued to lick and suck her until she was obviously close to orgasm.

He got back to his knees and lifted her legs up over his shoulders, moved up over her until he was sinking his cock straight down into her. “I love to fuck you Mrs. Gordon,” he said with gritted teeth as he mindlessly jammed it in and out of her.

She totally surrendered to him, her arms tossed sideways in abandon, her tits flopping side to side and her eyes closed. She mumbled out, “Call me Jean.”

Jennifer appeared in the doorway of the bathroom, combing her hair once again as she watched her good friend being pounded on the bed. She marveled at Jim’s long athletic body, each sinew visible with the physical strain of concentrating every effort into driving his long hard cock in and out of Jean. Her own pussy pinched tight with the memory of him in her just minutes before.

Jean’s legs tumbled off of Jim’s shoulders and he collapsed down on top of her as their bodies trembled after the powerful release. They lay a while, Jim pulling his cock out and then allowing it to sink back into her, as if reluctant to leave the soft sanctuary of her garden.

Jennifer was hungry. She bent over the two of them, kissed Jim’s shoulder and neck and then applied a soft lip brush to Jean’s closed eyes. “I’ll warm up breakfast, you two have a quick shower. I think we have more to do later.”

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