I knocked at the door to Miss Anderson’s room and called her name. I had gone there this very special Monday morning to fetch her bag. We had had a very nice breakfast, everyone being in a good mood. Miss Anderson had shown a very healthy appetite. Well, that was very understandable, I thought, after our incredible fuck at the lake in early morning.

Miss Anderson had stayed the weekend at our home in the countryside to work together with my father. But on the Sunday she had got some time off which she used to go sunbathing at the lake. It happened that I also came there to swim. It didn’t take long until Miss Anderson in her very direct way asked if I wanted to fuck. She had a tremendous body and especially her ass was impressive. So we fucked and she got so pleased and was so horny that we fucked again in the evening. And then again in the early Monday morning. She really wanted it and had been very contented as far as I could tell.

Miss Anderson opened her door and pulled me inside closing the door behind us. She hugged me pulling my arms around her. She laughed throatily when I let my hands slide down her back and grab her lovely ass cheeks. She held me close for a while letting me caress her ass before she kissed me and pushed me away.

“Better get going,” she said. “I am sure Mr. Eriksson is waiting. Pity though, it felt very nice.”

She turned around to shut her bag that lay on the bed. She leaned over and couldn’t resist teasing me by wriggling her ass. She rose smilingly and gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room. After a few moments to calm down I followed with the bag.

She was right. Father was waiting outside in the car, the engine already running. They left for work. Mother and I waved farewell.

“She is very nice, isn’t she,” mother said sweetly. “You got along well, didn’t you?” Mother smiled but was not really expecting an answer.

I had decided to stay at home for another day since I had no class at the university that day. I went to my room to take a nap. I was very happy but also tired from the pleasant events that had taken place.

I quickly went to sleep dreaming of the sexy Miss Anderson. In my dream I went through the great time she had given me. First at the lake when she very straightforward asked if I wanted to fuck and had become very pleased when I choose to take her from behind. In my dream I saw her walking around wriggling her hips showing off her tremendous ass and how she had taken position on all fours waiting for me to mount her. My body remembered clearly how she had welcomed me into her pussy and how eagerly she had met my thrusts leading to a shuddering climax.

And then there was the fabulous evening in the sunset when she matter-of-factly asked me to fuck her ass and how lovely it had felt to spurt in her ass after her expertly fucking. She had first made me lick her to orgasm squatting over my face. Then she had come riding me and only after that had impaled herself taking my cock up her ass.

Above all that I dreamt about this morning when I waited for her at the lake and she came being stark naked under her teddy robe. She wanted to fuck immediately. And what a fuck it had been with her standing up bending over the wind shield with her tremendous ass pushed up and back. I had licked her and after mounting her had shafted her to her full satisfaction. My body remembered it all and it felt lovely also in the dream.

Suddenly I woke up with a start. In my dream it came to me that I had forgotten something when we left the lake in the morning.

I hurried down to the lake. I expected no one to get there but anyhow I was very concerned. I rushed through the entrance. I startled when I saw somebody lying there and startled even more when I realized that it was mother. And she was enjoying the sun completely in the nude. She greeted me warmly.

“Hi Eric. How nice to get company. It’s a lovely day, isn’t it? The sun is so warm and feels so good on my body. You don’t mind me being in the nude, do you? You know how much I like it. You didn’t seem to mind a couple of weeks ago when Mrs. Lundin was here. Well, to start with perhaps but you got used to it quickly as I remember. And when I stood in for Miss Boman you didn’t seem to mind at all, on the contrary, you wanted to look as I recall. So you don’t have to be shy now, do you? I just love it,” she chatted on and laughed throatily.

What bothered me most was not mother’s nakedness although it affected me. No, it was the fact that she was here at our bathing place. I looked her over carefully to see if something out of the ordinary was to be seen. She smiled sweetly at me, a smile that deepened when she noticed my exploring gazes that searched not only her face but her whole body. She changed her position to lie slightly on the side propped up on one arm and with one leg raised a little over the other. She did it without haste, seemingly not concerned by my staring at her.

It struck me how marvelous she looked. Her ample breasts were pushed up and together standing out. Her full ass, thigh gaziantep grup escort bayan and hip formed a lovely curve and even more so from behind. I remembered how I had compared the bodies of her and Mrs. Lundin which mother’s voluptuous, curvy body had won clearly although Mrs. Lundin had very good assets too. It also struck me again how similar the luscious bodies of her and Miss Boman was. . . . Remember that she is your mother, I thought shamefaced.

Except for her movements to look her best I saw nothing unusual about her. I tried to look around for the missing item without it being obvious that I was searching but I couldn’t find it. It certainly wasn’t where Miss Anderson had left it. I walked around trying to look casual.

“Are you looking for something?” Mother suddenly asked very sweetly. “Maybe I have got it? Come and have a look,” she said giggling.

She lay down on the grass with her thighs loosely together. Her hand casually covered her mons. When I stood at her side she made sure to have my full attention. She took her hand away. Where her upper thighs met the open end of a condom showed. Mother took it between thumb and forefinger spreading her thighs and slowly pulled it out from her pussy. She let it swing in the air.

“I found this hanging on the wind shelter when I came down here a while ago,” she said smiling mischievously. “Could it by any chance be yours?” She asked innocently

Yes, it was my missing item. Miss Anderson had peeled it off me and hung it on the wind shelter in its full length before we jumped into the water. Giggling she had told me not to forget it but of course I had.

Mother let the condom dangle. She had put a few small pebbles into it before knotting it shut. It looked quite heavy.

“The content was still fresh when I found it. Must have been used this morning. I have had it in my pussy since then. It feels so good to have my son’s seed in my pussy together with the pebbles.” She smiled sweetly at me when she spread her thighs wide and stuffed the condom back into her pussy making sure the open end to hang out.

“I think you have a lot to tell me, haven’t you? About the nice Miss Anderson, I mean.” She laughed throatily. “I want to hear it all. But not here and now. I have a great idea. Let’s go to the cove on the island. I haven’t been there for years. We can talk there and have a good time. Your father will be late this evening so there will be plenty of time for all you no doubt has to tell me.” She looked at me smilingly.

“Go get the boat ready, I will get some lunch. See you in fifteen minutes.” She rose and hesitated slightly and then put on only a shirt should she meet someone, not very likely but anyway. She walked away with rolling hips, the shirt hardly covering her bouncing ass.

Well, except for being chocked that mother had found out, I liked the idea to go to the island. I baled out the boat, filled the gas tank and laid out the cushions. Mother was back just as I was ready. She came on the path carrying a basket. The shirt was fully open and pushed to the sides. The front of her body was naked and her ample breasts bounced very nicely. She looked very much like Miss Boman I thought and instantly got a hard on remembering her.

Mother put the basket in the boat leaning over pushing her ass up in the air. She took the shirt off and climbed on board stark naked and sat down in the stern facing me. The condom was still in place, I noticed, the open end hanging out from her pussy. She smiled when she noticed my stare and hard cock but said nothing.

When we had shored on the island and secured the boat mother took a stroll around the little cove. Again she looked very much like Miss Boman and it was lovely to watch her nude, voluptuous body. She knew how to move for her breasts and ass to swing and bounce nicely. She stopped now and then to look at things and stayed a long time at the boulder. She leaned against it arms outstretched. She stroked over the soft moss on top. She stepped up on the flat stones, feet wide apart. She bent over, softly rubbing her breasts in the moss. She wriggled her ass as if inviting a lover to come and spear her. Moistness glistened on the puffy lips of her dark pink pussy.

She came back beaming and hugged me. Then she wanted to swim and the water was really nice and warm. Mother didn’t allow me to wear my swim trunks. “I want to see all of my handsome son,” she said giggling.

Afterwards mother lay down and asked me to sit at her side and tell about Miss Anderson. I was happy to get that opportunity. She still filled my senses and I was proud and wanted to talk about it.

I started to tell, a little uncertain at first.

“Wait a minute,” mother suddenly said. “Come and lie in my lap. Well, I mean put your head in my lap. I think it will be easier for you that way and it’s so nice to have you close.”

I moved and hesitantly put my head on her belly, lying square to her. She wriggled around a little to get us comfortable güneyşehir escort bayan pushing my head further down until her pubic mons was against my neck. She put her hand on my chest. “Now tell me. Tell me everything,” she said.

I relaxed and felt very comfortable in her lap. I started to tell how I had walked into the bathing place after my mushroom expedition. How I was taken aback by finding Miss Anderson lying there stark naked. She had urged me to take a swim without my trunks and had joined me in the water being very playful. I had admired her naked body when she showed off standing on the jetty above me and how she had asked me straight up if I wanted to fuck her. I had caressed her body when she wanted to neck and made her come under my tongue.

Then she had asked me how I wanted to fuck and I had chosen to take her from behind. Miss Anderson had very much appreciated my choice and had suggested to be taken standing on all fours. And I told how hot and active she had been when I shafted her and how strongly she had climaxed crying out loudly.

Mother had started to shiver already when I told her about my licking Miss Anderson to orgasm and how much she had liked it. Mother’s ass shuddered and bounced up and down when I told the rest. I felt heat and moistness from her pussy and her pubic mons heaved under my head. Mother moaned softly all the time but when she cried out I stopped telling. I was erect but somehow it didn’t bother me at all. It felt only natural when telling my juicy story.

When mother had calmed down she urged me to go on. In my telling I had come to the evening on the hill when Miss Anderson was determined already when we left home that we should fuck and had prepared for it not wearing any panties. Miss Anderson had pushed me down on the bench to lie flat on my back and had then straddled my face to get licked to orgasm.

After what was a very satisfying climax to tell from the cries coming from Miss Anderson she had sat down on my stomach to rest. Out of the blue she had asked if I wanted to fuck her ass since I had admired it so much. Of course I had wanted it.

A spasm had rippled through mother’s body when I told about how Miss Anderson had straddled me to get licked. Now her body trembled.

I went on telling recalling how mother’s friend Mrs. Lundin had hesitated to let me take her in the ass when she realized the fatness of my cock. But since she already had promised she had let me in and afterwards been proud of her success. Miss Anderson hadn’t hesitated at all. On the contrary. She had said that the fatness of my cock was what made her choose because the challenge would add to her pleasure. But she was careful with her preparations. As a start she risked to take my naked cock into her pussy for a quick ride to another pleasant orgasm for herself but telling me to make sure not to come. And her determination showed when she produced a jar with some sticky content which she applied on both of us. At this point in the story mother’s ass heaved under me pressing my neck harder against her mons. After these preliminaries Miss Anderson had impaled herself carefully easing my cock into her ass. I told how great it had felt when she step by step had taken all of me into her narrow ass canal and started to fuck. It had felt even greater when she rode us to a most pleasant ending and how great it was to spurt into her ass hearing her long lasting, high pitch cry.

Mother couldn’t hold back any longer. She cried out several times and her ass bounced making the back of my head bang against her uplifted mons. Eventually she calmed down and moved around to get us comfortable again.

“Go on, tell me the rest. You do it so well. What about this morning. I want to hear it all,” she panted.

So I told how I had gone down to the lake early to wait. Miss Anderson had come a little later eager to fuck, already being naked under her teddy robe. She had almost at once taken position leaning against the wind shield wanting to be speared from behind again. But I had started by giving her a good licking until she cried out. Only then did I mount her forcing my cock into her waiting pussy. We had had a very good fuck ending in her great cry of satisfaction while I filled the condom buried deep inside her shivering pussy. I ended the story by telling how Miss Anderson had peeled the condom off me and hung it on the plank telling me not to forget it.

“Oh my goodness, she is a horny woman that’s for sure. And so very skilful and determined. Well, your father says that she is very good in her work too.” Mother said, panting hard. “You really like her ass, don’t you? Well, she has a gorgeous ass I must admit and knows how to show it.”

Mother lay quiet for a while looking over my body and caressing my chest. She smiled slightly when my cock throbbed. She spread her legs further and moved her ass up and down a few times making my head to slide further down and rest directly over her moist pussy.

“Oh I am so proud of you. Miss Anderson islahiye escort bayan is a very demanding woman who knows what she wants. A man won’t get a second chance if he didn’t meet her expectations the first time. And you were promoted to take her up her ass already the second time. She must have been very pleased. Well, I know she was. Her body language told me everything there was to know already when she came back after your first encounter and then again when you had been to the hill. And her body really beamed this morning. Yes, you should be very proud of yourself. I certainly am.”

Mother shook me off her and rose. She took a little walk around the cove. “What about some lunch,” she said when she came back and knelt to unpack her basket. We ate in silence. Mother seemed occupied in her thoughts but had a good appetite.

“Well, she gave you a wonderful time Miss Anderson, didn’t she?” Mother suddenly said when she had finished eating. “It was a lovely story and you told it so well. She is hot, isn’t she? Letting you take her in both holes. You liked entering the filthy hole, didn’t you? Just like your father does. I can’t understand why you men like that when we women have our wonderful pussy which we can use in so many ways to give our men pleasure. Well, that’s the way it is, I guess. You always lust for what you don’t get, don’t you? . . .” She got quiet.

“Tell me, do you like to lick a woman’s pussy? You have told me that you have brought all your women to orgasm licking their pussies and not only once with each woman but several times and often without being asked. Mrs. Lundin and . . . well, also Miss Boman told me that you are very good at it. So, I mean do you really like it or are you just doing it to service and please?”

She was looking intently at me while talking with her hand in her lap.

“Oh, well, I haven’t thought about that really. But yes, I think I really like it. I like when the woman gets more and more excited until she reach the climax. I like to feel the heat and moistness in the pussy, I like the sour-sweet taste and the texture. I like to hear the screams of ecstasy. Yes, when thinking about it in such terms I think I really like it as such but I also like to service and please.”

“Oh, you phrase it so well. Yes, it really sounds that you like licking pussy. You should know that your liking adds much to the pleasure of your woman. We notice a lot you know, especially if one fakes. Your true addiction to licking pussy makes them come easily. . . .Oh I do wish . . .” Mother got quiet, smiled inwardly and played with a tuft of her pussy hair. She was lost in thoughts, her body relaxed. Eventually her body straightened and she looked at me.

“Would you like to lick a pussy? . . . Oh that was a silly question. Of course you want to, you have just told me . . . I mean, would you like to lick one here and now, on this island? . . . I want to . . . uh, I am willing . . . well yes, I will lend you my pussy if you want to do it. . . .It will be all right I think as long as you regard it as anyone’s pussy. . . You can regard it as being the pussy of Miss Boman or of Mrs. Lundin or Miss Anderson. . . . Would you want to do that?” Mother tried to sound calm but her voice trembled.

I hesitated only a short while. If mother said it was all right it had to be, I thought. Like when she jacked me off pretending to be Miss Boman a couple of weeks ago. And the thought of licking a pussy again turned me on.

“Oh, well . . . yes, I really like licking pussy. Yes, I would like to do it very much if you say that it’s all right,” I said, waiting for her assurance.

“Oh yes, I am convinced that it’s all right as long as in your mind you are licking one of the women you already have enjoyed.” Mother said mildly but with excitement in her voice. She again got turned inwards but the muscles in her upper thighs rippled nervously.

“Well, go ahead then. My pussy is ready to pretend being one of your lovely women’s and so is the rest of my body. It’s all yours. Please, be my guest.” Mother whispered hoarsely and lay down on the grass spreading her legs. Her body suddenly got limp.

I moved to kneel between her spread legs. Her body transformed in my mind and suddenly it was the luscious body of Miss Boman lying in front of me just like she had done that remarkable Sunday. I began to fondle her body starting with her belly and moving upwards to her ample breasts. Her nipples tautened under my pinching fingers. Her body wriggled under my hands and she moaned.

I leaned forward to kiss her breasts and suck on her taut nipples. I hesitated for a second wondering if licking pussy included licking and kissing the rest of the body. But I remembered that my good teachers had wanted it to be a part of the pussy licking. And mother had said that all of her body was at my disposal. So I leaned further down and went to work.

Her heavy breasts and taut nipples were lovely. After quite a long time of that I moved south to her belly button and let my tongue circle around in wider and wider circles until it touched her pubic hair. I got more focused and licked downwards to find the slit. The heat and fragrance from the pussy guided me. Her ass heaved when I reached her clit and she started to moan. After some flicking over it I went further down her slit to find the pussy entrance. Her body got stiff and her pelvis lifted when my tongue probed her pussy hole. Her ass bounced up and down.

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