Meet Me At The Ferris Wheel

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This was only their second date and the local county fair had came to town. She was so excited to get a call from him the night before asking if she would like to go on a date there and she very kindly agreed. She was a middle aged woman, who was just getting over a bad divorce. She never had any children, but he on the other hand did. He was a very stern man in his early forties and been married years before. He had never been married again, probably because he was so stubborn. He was to pick her up at six o’clock and he would drive his truck.

She was a very attractive female, curvy, tan, and blonde. Everything you could possibly want in a woman. He was a very handsome man:tall, salt and pepper hair, and he was a cowboy. This really turned her on and made her want him everytime she saw him but she knew she had to keep her composure. When he knocked on the door, she was wearing a short blue jean skirt, a halter top shirt which showed off her nice shoulders and sandles. He was wearing blue jeans, a cowboy hat, button up shirt, and his belt buckle. She could feel herself already getting wet but put on a smile and headed out the door.

He opened the Escort bayan door to his white truck and when she stepped up into it, she made sure he noticed she was wearing no panties. He looked quickly and got a quick glimpse of her tan, newly shaven pussy and it made his penis erect at that very moment. They both stared at each other in silence for a few seconds, with her grinning at him, until he finally closed the door and got into the truck.

On the way down, they had casual conversation about life, future plans, and also goals they wanted to achieve. She wanted a farm with animals, especially horses. He wanted a wife that cooks everyday. She loved that he had a great sense of humor and he loved her smile. The sexual chemistry between them was building and no touching had even occured yet. Finally, they arrived at the fair and he came to open her door and help her out of the truck. She made sure to flash him again, but this time she also bent over when she got out to show what kind of tits she had. He seemed to liked the view because she noticed the bulge sticking out in his jeans and this made her shaved pussy that much more wet.

He Bayan escort paid for them to get in and they spot the ferris wheel. He asked her would she like to ride it and she said that was her favorite ride. They both got into the ride, and the door shut. She looked over at him and kissed him. She placed her hand on his cheek and whispered in his ear to take his hand and feel her pussy. At first, he didn’t move. So, as they passionately kissed while the ride was moving, she took his hand and placed it between her legs. Then, she moved his fingers between her pussy lips. He thought in his mind how soft her pussy felt to his hands. He was taking his finger and slowly moving it in circles, like the ferris wheel was going, around her clit. He felt how wet she was becoming and this was making his cock become as hard as it could get. She unzipped his pants to give it some relief, but it wasnt enough.

He whispered to her that he wanted her to take him in her mouth, all eight inches. She was happy to do so. She started at the head, and slowly sucked on it as if it was a popsicle. He was still fingering her and at this time she was dripping Escort all over the seat. She then licked up and down the shaft as if it was a sucker, the last one she would ever get in her lifetime. She then put his dick all in her mouth. He let out a sigh of relief. He looked down at her and told her how good it felt and placed his hand on top of her head. She was sucking his dick like she had never sucked a cock before. She would go fast, then right when he would get ready to cum, she would stop and slow down. She deep throated him, which he loved and would press down on the back of her head. Then, she took her tongue and licked the head of his dick, sucked it hard, and then deep throated him for the last time til he came all in her mouth. She loved the way he tasted. As he shot the warm cum into her, she almost came herself. He stuck another finger in her, which made three, and kept thrusting them in and out like a dick. Finally, she had all she could take. Her pussy quivered with excitement and she came and moaned.

Finally, the ride came to an end and they both exited. The two both enjoyed the rest of the fair, enjoying the food, riding more rides, and then it got late and was time to go home. He took her home and as he walked her up to her door he asked if she had a good time? She kissed him and told him yes. He said maybe they can go out again soon, and she said we will and meet on the ferris wheel.

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