When his phone buzzed, Paul was working on a design for McCormick and Garrison.“This is Paul.”“Paul, this is Deena, from the bakery.  We heard a horrible crash.  When we investigated, a car slid into the flower shop.  We didn’t see – ”Paul ended the call, grabbed his coat and keys, and headed for the flower shop.  When he arrived, it was total destruction.  The car had slid into the shop sideways.  Try as he might, he could not get around the vehicle. Paul saw the ambulance standing by and the cop was in standing by his car.  He did not look happy.  Then Paul saw the guy in the back seat.  He was ripped, period.  Paul gaziantep olgun escort tried to get into the shop.  There was no way.“CLAUDIA!  CLAUDIA!  WHERE ARE YOU, BABY?  ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?  CLAUDIA TALK TO ME!”Paul went to the delivery door.  It was unlocked so Paul was able to get into the back of the shop.  The counter had been shoved against the flower cooler, with one of the corners crushing the motor.   He heard a faint sobbing from under the counter.“Claudia, are you under there?  Claudia, are you there?”“Yes, Paul.  Come get me out.  I can’t gaziantep oral yapan escort push the counter away.  I just need a little more room to get out.”Paul pushed and pulled at the counter.  Finally, he was able to move the counter enough to free Claudia.  She emerged holding a broken tulip.  She fell into his arms sobbing uncontrollably.“MY SHOP!  WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SHOP?  WHAT SON OF A BITCH DID THIS?  I’LL BREAK HIS FUCKING NECK.”Paul and Claudia went to the front of the shop.  She looked at the medic and cop standing by the cop’s car. gaziantep otele gelen escort Just about this time, her Mother and Dad arrived. Claudia threw down the flower and headed for the cop car.“YOU’RE THE SON OF A BITCH THAT DESTROYED MY SHOP.  YOU ASSHOLE, YOU KILLED EVERY ONE OF MY PLANTS, MY BABIES.  GET OUT HERE SO I CAN WIPE THE STREET UP WITH YOUR FACE.”Claudia was screaming, kicking, and pounding on the police car.  She was sobbing uncontrollably.  Paul went over to try to comfort her, he was hugging her.“Claudia, it will be okay.  We can make this work.  Mr. Garrison’s offer is still open.  We can open in the city.”“I DON’T WANT A FUCKING CITY SHOP!  I WANT MY SHOP, IT’S MINE.  I BUILT IT FROM SEVEN LITTLE PLANTS.  IT’S MY SHOP.”                  Claudia collapsed from Paul’s arms to the asphalt.  She landed face down sobbing and pounding her fist on the pavement.  Paul knelt next to her and rolled her into his arms.  She buried her face in his shoulder, her arms wrapped loosely around his neck.

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