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I am bored at home; My fiancee is frequently flying because of work and I, though I had a very good job and we lived in a swanky apartment in downtown New York, it wasn’t enough to keep the itch in. I decided to hit the clubs tonight after calling some of my good girlfriends. Being mixed asian and british has it’s positive points. I am blessed with good features from both mom and dad. Leggy, slightly busty than your average asian (I measured a satisfying 36C), tan skin (always getting the death stare on the beach from pasty caucasian girls – i don’t have to try hard to get a gorgeous tan, I was born with it), dark brown hair, and a nice curvy but athlete body shape. Blame that on the fiancee who enjoys marathons and me tagging along with him.

Nevertheless, I was dressed for attention tonight. My fiancee is a good, kind and loving man. But, he has his kinks that is quite fascinating. H enjoys seeing me with another man with or without him. As long as I tell him all about it and ensuring my pussy does not have the aftermath (weird eh? most men love the sloppy seconds, he don’t!). Funny too, is that I only had one other man on my bed with him moons back and felt quite uncomfortable with the arrangement. Who wouldn’t be? I didn’t want to be labelled a slut, a floozy or a skunk. I much prefer to just have intercourse with my man. Nevertheless, keeping my good loving man happy is a priority. His good friend was very happy too (after all, he has always wanted to bang me before getting married. Bless him, he is married now!)

I had on a short clinging dress that fall short below my pert ass cheeks. My fit and curvy ass can rival Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian. Not a slight sag nor cellulite (My mom said it was due to the Spanish blood in the family). As I checked out my side profile on the mirror, I felt a slight tingling near my pussy. I know what that signals; my body is telling me she needs to be fucked and be fucked hard tonight. I smiled and slapped on some light cosmetics before putting on my slingbacks and left the house in glee. In the lift, I dropped a text to my beau “Hi baby, I am out to party with the girls. I may or may not be naughty tonight. I hope you are saving your load for me and not messing about with other girls. Haha, love you!” – I know my man will never mess with other girls, it’s not in him to do so, but he do not mind me being done by another man. Weird!

The lift door open to 2 men I recognised as my downstairs neighbours. Good-looking guys, perhaps around my age or slightly older. We nodded and said hello.

I felt a strange sensation and heat around my face. How can I get caught wearing like a high-class tramp/attention-seeking whore with my engagement ring glistening on my left hand. I was so closed to calling the whole gig off and crawl back into bed.

“Hey, you’re the lady who lives in the penthouse above with your man who is a gym freak right? I am David. Nice to meet you. We frequently bump into your man in the gym.” David, a very attractive man held out his hands to me, with a gorgeous smile plastered sincerely on his face.

“Hi! I’m Liz. Yes, we live in the penthouse. My fiancée, he is a gym-freak, haha. Guess all men needs some kind of ego boost. Looking good is of priority. I have been tortured into running countless marathons and fitness regime with him when I rather be stuffing myself with good old breakfast with sausages you know!” I was mortified when I said “sausages” – My mind was racing and chiding me for saying such lewd things! Why oh whyyyyyy..!

Dave smiled and introduced his friend “This is Chad” (I shook hands with an equally good-looking man. Probably Italian in his blood as he looks a little dark and broody. “Getting fit for a lady like you is good! No one likes a saggy thing in New York! Hahaha..! You’re all dressed up. Night out with the man?”

“Oh, Marc is travelling for business. He frequently travels the world to secure deals and that. At this hour, I am typically in the office too but decided to head out instead. Some girlfriends of mine are out to party too, so might as well hit the clubs together. Where are you all going?” I caught a whiff of arousal (maybe mine?) and some aftershave lingering in the air. My nipples started to harden and I trembled inside. Oh my, I actually wanted to do both of them.

“Aww. Well Avrupalı porno he will be back soon right? Chad and I are off to 5ive. We are not regulars there but some blokes are out so we decided to hit the joint and party up the weekend.”

“Well, what do you know? We are heading to 5ive too! Maybe we can go together, well, if you want. Not imposing anything here, haha” I laughed.

“I am driving Liz. Why don’t you ride with us?” Chad said and gave me his goofy grin.

“Sounds great boys. Thanks for this.”


Chad unlocked his sexy Audi R8 and I squeezed in with David at the back. I hate two-doors car. How impractical. We passed through traffics as David, Chad and I laughed, talked and groove to party songs blaring on his stereo. To be honest, I am very attracted to both of them but David seems to take the cake. He has a nice kind face and some really soft and delicious looking lips that kept me hypnotised. He flirted a fair bit with me as well, with some light touches on my bare thighs, or small brush on my shoulders. I caught a slightly flare in his eyes, a desire that needs to be quenched. Ever so subtle, I bent forward to pick up my phone that dropped on the floors of the car and revealed to David my deep cleavage. A sharp intake of breath from David, I heard. I smiled ruefully and pretended to brush my cleavage and breasts when I sat straight up. In actuality, I was rubbing my palms sensuously over my breasts to further harden my nipples so he’ll notice how much I want him too.

“Oh I am so ditzy sometimes (brush breasts) – Dropping my phone cause my palms are sweaty. Hey Chad, the aircondition back here is cold. I have some bodily reaction to this mate!” I laughed and pretended that my nipples are poking, so I covered them.

At the red traffic Chad turned. “What bodily reaction? Show me!” I giggled and said No but David said “Mate, she meant her nipples are hardened. Its true though, its cold here.” We all burst into laughter’s as Chad drove off when the light turned green.

We arrived at 5ive much to the delight of my girlfriends. We had a table for ourselves (my girlfriend Aurielle, a Japanese-Brazilian is sleeping with the Club owner so we are very fortunate to have had a good table with constant flow of alcohol). Chad and David waved me off as they sat with their boys by the bar and chugging down beers. I secretly look at them when I can, to avoid getting caught. My, their friends are equally good-looking and from the amount of girls going up to them and flirting with them, I daresay, they are an attractive bunch.

“Oi Liz. Who were the 2 boys you came here with? Bloody hell, they got my pussy going yummy! Introduce!” said Aurielle.

“Hahha, you’re such a bitch. You are sleeping with the man who provide us this table and free flow of alcohol, whatever you want. And you want a share of them? Skank!”

“Oh whatever Liz. Whatever it is, those two boys has been throwing you looks. They are not affected by the throngs of scantily-clad girls trying to chat them up. I think they rather be with you. It’s not as if Marc minds right?” Aurielle knows Marc and I very well and our sexual arrangement.

“You bitch! Hahaha. Maybe.. Let me go to the ladies first” I excused myself and made my way to the ladies. It’s true. I think they want me as much as I want them. But how do I positioned it to them without making me seem like a downright hoe? I was walking into a low-lighted pathway when my wrists was pulled back.

“Arhh! What the…!”

“Hey Liz, it’s David. Shhhh”

I was held back to his front with his arms wrapped around my breast area. My dress hiked up and I was sure my arse was for all to see. Not that anyone can see, but my arse was right on his bulge and I meant bulge. A massive bulge that is growing and hot. He let me go after a while and I turned to face him.

“Hey David. That’s a little um.. scary. What’s up?” I asked him. It’s low-lighted and he has pulled me further into a small room (I am sure its utility room behind the curtains) and here I am, breathing heavily, my chest heaving and I am tugging my dress to cover my bits.

“I just wanted to um…” and he pulled me to him and kissed me right on my lips, tongues dancing across my lips. His hands trailed down my back and rested Video porno on my ass, before he caressed it and ‘lifted’ it. He pulled me further into him and pulled me back.

“Sorry Liz. I am so sorry. I am so attracted to you since we bumped into one another in the lift. I just wanted to kiss you and devour you. But you showed not much interest in me nor Chad. I just wanted to see if you are… in either one of us. But if you are not, I understand that. I mean, YOU are engaged with a good bloke and all. Damn, this is embarrassing.” David stuttered but still looking at me right in the eye, his hands resting on my back.

“Oh. Oh David. That’s nice of you. I am surprised. Wow..” I wanted to hit myself hard when that came out of my mouth. “I mean, yes, I am attracted to you. I am attracted to Chad as well. But I am very much into you and I have craved for your touch since we sat at the back of Chad’s car.” I said quietly.

“So what does this mean? Who do you want?” David looked at me, his kind eyes concerned.

“David – There’s something you need to know. Marc and I, we have a special arrangement. Marc loves me being intimate with another man or men. It’s his kink and I am happy to play along. I don’t love anyone but him and he, I. Argh, what I am trying to say is, I want you and Chad. And maybe that other guy in dark shirt and short spikey hair.”

“Oh my god Liz. Ross? Wait a minute. You want to do all 3 of us? Are you kidding me?” David asked.

“No. I am not. I would love to. Look, don’t judge me. I am not a slut or whatever. Marc loves knowing that his fiancée is doing stuff like this. And I, I am fine with it as I am sure as hell attracted to you three, you the most David”.

David took one look at me and pulled back to him. Another lip-crushing moment as his hands trailed down my neck and down to my breasts. He tugged the dress down and exposed my supple breasts and hardened nipples and licked them. His tongue caressed my nipples and tugged at it as I moan and felt myself getting wetter and wetter. I am a sucker for having my breasts being touched. I can instantly cum. I was at the brink of cumming when David stopped.

“Let’s go back to our place.” He pulled me with him. Aurielle and the girls saw us emerging from the pathway to the toilet and catcalled. I shouted “Bitches!” and laughed as Aurielle shouted ” I knew it!” before she collapsed on some man and snogged him hard. Must be the club owner she’s banging.

David went up to Chad and Ross and whispered to them that made their eyebrow shot up and looking at me in disbelief. I was introduced to Ross briefly before we ushered outself out of the club and quickly into Chad’s R8.

I was sitting next to David as Chad drove and Ross sat next to him. It was an awkward silence for a while til I said “Look, David, Chad, Ross. Dont judge me. Let’s have fun. I am on the pill and I am clean from medical records. I am not sure about you 3. But the point is, let’s have fun. I want all 3 of you.”

Ross cleared his throat and said “You are a desirable person Liz. I cannot imagine this happening to all of us tonight. It has never happened before by the way.”

Chad pulled up into the carpark and we went up the lift to their apartment. Thank god for personal and private lifts (no snooping neighbours!) in our building. The sexual tension was building and evident. The arousal was seen on their bulge and I had a glaze over my eyes.

“Would you like some water? Wine? Champagne?” David offered. I followed him into the kitchen and looked through the fridge when David hugged me from behind, thrusting his hard bulge on my ass. I felt the big bulge and looked back and laughed. “Easy tiger. Let me get a drink first.” He laughed and pat my ass as I gulped down Perrier.

Chad put on some jazz and sat on the sofa, looking up at me expectantly. Dang it, Liz. You have 3 virile men looking up to you and here you are, like a frigid virgin. Get it on, I scolded myself.

“Why don’t three of you sit down? I’ll put on a mini show for you 3.”

Turning the music louder, I gyrate and peeled my dress of my skin, leaving my lingerie on. Nothing but classy French lace bra and thongs. Gyrating and moving my hips to the men, I was in my zone. I wanted to peel off my bra and thongs when David said “Liz, get on your knees. We want you to suck our hard cocks”

I obeyed him and went on my knees, looking up to 3 gorgeous man, jacking off their cocks. Maybe it’s me but the smell of arousal is turning me on. I had 3 hard standing cocks at me and using my mouths and hands, I took turn blowing them. It spurred me on as I heard them moaning and groaning under my deft fingers and hot wet mouth.

David push me slowly to my back and pulled my thong aside. He lowered his lips to my cunt and licked my pussy lips. Chad straddled me and titfuck me. Ross pushed his cock into my mouth. I was in an oasis of bliss. So much was happening, so many feelings, so many touches.

Chad put me on all fours and pushed his cock into my mouth as Ross licked my cunt from behind. Someone passed him a butt plug and that was slowly pushed into my asshole after much lubricant. David was at the side and fondling, biting and pulling my nipples. I was groaning and moaning in ecstasy. I felt my wetness trailing down my thighs, dripping on to the floor.

“Liz, who do you want first?” David asked. Obviously he wanted me and I couldn’t agree more. I turned to my back and spread my legs. David held his hard cock in his hand and pushed it into my cunt. Chad and Ross were at my left and right side and pushed their cocks into my mouth.

David played with my clit as he thrust his cock deep into me. He knew he has hit on my G-spot as I creamed around his cock. I locked eyes with him and matched pace by pace with him. Ross pulled me off him and got me on fours and entered from behind. David offered his cock to my lips and I hungrily devoured it, tasting both of us as he grabbed my breasts and fondled it lovingly. Ross removed the butt plug as he plunged into my cunt. He has a shorter but thicker cock and that filled me up tightly around my cunt. I felt a slight pain as he moved in and out but my natural lubricant made it easier to move.

I was ready to be penetrated in all holes as I asked Chad to slide under me. I wanted David to be in my ass so he positioned behind me and Ross cleaned his cock in my mouth. Chad slowly entered me as his lips fixed on my breasts, giving them loving attention. David then slowly pushed this thick cockhead into my asshole.

I winced in pain for a bit but he managed to push his cock in balls deep. I had all 3 men in me and I felt utterly full and airtight. They pulled and pushed their cock in and out of me in sync and I was just squirting and creaming on their cocks.

Later, they changed position and put me on my back atop Ross. The delicious ordeal continued. I had all holes filled, my breasts were getting caressed all the time and my clit was furiously rubbed so I can squirt more.

There wasn’t any insult, dirty talks. Just pure loving and sexual intensity between us 4. Finally, the boys couldn’t take it anymore and came in all holes they were in. It was a long moment before they released me. I had cum trailing down my asshole, cunt and on my tits. David slowly brought me up to my feet and made our way to the tub in the toilet. He put on warm water in the tub and squeezed a couple of droplets of lavender essential oil and told me to soak well.

He closed the door, leaving me in privacy. I was very exhausted and ecstatic about my first gangbang. What a sensation. After awhile, I drifted off to sleep.

I was quietly awoken by Ross. “Liz, you okay? We are all worried.”

Yawn, “hey, I actually fall asleep. I am good. What about you three? I should get clean.”

“Great to hear – well clean up – David and Chad’s in the kitchen fixing supper. God knows we need some. Liz, you’re amazing.”

He took my hand and planted a kiss on the back of my palm and left me in the tub.

“Hello Princess…. Supper?” My tummy growled at the smell of the food. Chad and David was cooking up a storm at 2 in the morning. Chad handed me a bathrobe to put on as I came near to the kitchen. Not shy around the boys anymore, I removed the towel and put on the bathrobe. Obviously the boys caught sight of my figure and gasped.

“I just don’t know how to say this but you have such a beautiful figure Liz. Thank you for tonight.” David said as I sat down at the dining table. Everyone looked satisfied and tired. We quietly munched away supper prepared by them and had small talks and giggles.

Done with my food, I looked up to them and said “So, what’s next?” and showed them a sly smile as I silently pined for my fiancee, Marc. He’s love this story definitely.

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