Lust on the Church Mission

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There was a Christian Missionary Group that had as a member a young blonde girl only just turn 20 years old, named Kristi. She was a thin and small girl, a little more than 1.6 meters tall and weighing 43 kilograms. She had smooth white skin and her silky hair done up in a ponytail and she wore a pretty white blouse that was buttoned up to hide her tiny, budding breasts and her plaid skirt hung to her knees, covering her thin but muscular legs. She wore black shoes and knee-high white socks and looked like the innocent, unspoiled Christian girl she was. All smiles and blue eyes, she was very friendly and a bit shy.

Her parents had let her go with her Church on a mission to India during the summer, to allow her to meet people of other cultures and to spread the word of her God to them. Soon, Kristi found herself in a thriving, crowded city, surrounded by many exotic sights and smells, looking in wonder at the exciting splendor of India. Being curious, the young girl wandered away from the safety of her group and soon found herself lost down the many alleyways between the tall buildings. Even as the midday sun heated the humid air, making the teenager’s skin shimmer with sweat, she found it hard to see in the dim light of the dirty alley because of the tall buildings pressing in as well as the clothes and blankets that hung haphazardly on lines in the passage.

Pushing through a damp pair of trousers, Kristi yelped in surprise as she stumbled over a figure lying in the muck at her feet. Rolling over onto her backside and sitting up, she blinked and began apologizing to the elderly man whom she had awakened from his sleep. The old man’s skin was dark and worn with the years, but the bright eyes that twinkled from under his thick grey eyebrows were alert and clear. As Kristi stammered her words in English, the fat old man sat up, adjusting the worn, faded turban on his head and uttered soothing words in his low, deep voice. Not understanding his language, but nonetheless calmed by his manner, the young girl smiled at him. Seeing better in the dim light, she could see that he had been living a hard life; his clothes were torn and dirty, barely covering his blotchy and scabby brown skin. Even though he seemed poor, his belly was huge as was his chest, arms and legs; he must have weighed at least 160 kilograms if a gram! Looking about, the girl soon discovered why; this alley was the back of a restaurant and the ground was littered with old food containers that her new friend had been eating from. From the looks of the dead end area, this was his “home”. Looking back at her companion, she appreciated that he must have been living all alone and forgotten here, a fat old man with no one to love or befriend him.

Feeling a rush of Christian love, Kristi got up on her knees and leaned in, hugging her gentle friend. As his large, fat arms enveloped her, she felt her thin body sink into his. As the teen attempted to break the innocent embrace, she became alarmed as the large man held her tightly, keeping her tiny body pressed into his belly and chest. Her face was scratched by the wiry white beard that rubbed her tender cheek and his sour body odor and earthy stench made her head swim.

Strong arms moved the helpless girl back as the grizzled old man stared into her eyes now, seeing the panic rising in them. His toothless smile and dancing eyes showed no malice or anger, only kindness tinged with a playful intent. Somehow, Kristi knew that even though she couldn’t understand the words he was saying, the way he said them let her know that she wasn’t in any real danger. However, that reverie was shattered as his powerful, wrinkled old hands slid up her thighs under her skirt, cupping her perfect, taut asscheeks. Squeaking a yelp of surprise, the girl tensed those ass muscles as his meaty hands massaged them, appreciating the smoothness and full roundness in his grip. Swallowing hard, altyazılı seks Kristi stared down into the laughing eyes of the old man as she became alarmed at how her body responded to his touch. A strange clenching filled her groin and she felt as if she were going to pee on herself. The sensation was at once uncomfortable and exciting as she felt a weirdly pleasant sensation wash over her belly, sweeping up into her chest, making her tiny breasts ache. The girl opened her mouth and began breathing heavily; it was at that moment that the elderly man rose his head up and kissed the youth, his rancid breath filling her sweet mouth with his crusty tongue that dove into her wetness.

Jerking her body against his, sputtering at his invading kiss, Kristi only managed to wriggle her thin body harder against his own large frame. In her attempt to fight free of his grip, it only served to rub her own excited form onto his sweaty, dirty flesh. After a few moments of panicked thrashing, the girls’ mind became awash in the feeling that were being stirred from within her for the first time. Now her body melted onto his as his thick hands kneaded her asscheeks and dug further between her legs, making her puffy pussy lips rub together so delightfully. Over the desperate intake of breath from her and the old man’s nostrils as they kissed, Kristi could swear she could hear the wet squelchy sound of her pussy being ground and manipulated by him. Rubbing the hard nubs of her nipples through her thin blouse onto his wet, bare chest, Kristi moaned into his now-electric mouth, feeling herself spiraling down into a sea of lust and need. His touch, his smell, his look…everything about this filthy, nasty, fat old man made the pale young girl feel alive and excited.

Breaking their kiss, the old man had a sexier, darker look in his eyes as he slid the youth easily down his ragged body. When her face was near his hairy crotch, he undid the wraps of his filthy underwear. The stench was incredible, making Kristi turn an even paler shade of white. The odor from his unwashed groin was like wet garbage, but she momentarily forgot that when she saw the half-hard throbbing brown meat that was rising like a cobra from the gray patch of hair down there. Her eyes were fastened to the site of it as his dick rose, expanding, thickening with each moment. As the entranced youth placed a trembling hand on it, it twitched and grew more. Grinning up over his rotund belly, Kristi smiled at her new lover, her first lover, as she took the hot meat in tiny hand. Feeling it in her grip, it must have been at least 7 or 8 centimeters around the base and easily 23 centimeters long. Staring at the tip like a child staring at a delicious desert, Kristi squeezed the now firm cock and gasped as a tiny pearl of liquid appeared at the tip. Leaning her face close in, the youth sniffed it; despite the sweaty odor of his crotch, she could tell it was different; an odd smell she couldn’t quite describe.

Almost instinctively, the girl flicked her tongue out and swept the thick droplet off of the pulsing brown cock and into her mouth. The saltiness was incredible! She looked wide-eyed and surprised back up at the elderly man, whose eyes were half-closed as he groaned in pleasure. The thick, heady taste stayed on her tongue as it slid down her throat. Swallowing, Kristi was amazed at the flavor; so pungent and so unique from anything she had ever tasted before. Looking back down at the throbbing meat in her grasp, the teenage girl opened her mouth and sucked the tip in hungrily. Swirling her tongue on the velvety tip, she marveled at how wonderful a cock felt on her tongue, how smooth and slick it got. She was rewarded with more pre-cum oozing from the end, coaxed out (she quickly found) by her sucking and kissing on it. Her small hands were now moving on their own as they slid up and down his shaft, anal porno slowly jacking the grizzled old rod while the youth worked her blonde head over the knobby end.

Kristi’s pussy was driving her crazy as she sucked his cock, becoming itchy and hot. She twisted her legs together on the filthy ally floor, wishing for something she didn’t know she needed to fill the aching void, to scratch the infernal itching she felt deep inside her. All she knew was that the more she licked and slobbered on this old smelly dick, the hornier she became and she wasn’t the only one.

Taking in a deep breath that swelled the old man’s belly even more, the vagrant took the blonde by the hair and dragged her forcibly up his body again. Eyes half-closed and panting heavily, Kristi giggled as she was drawn close again to the hairy, wrinkled old face. This time she dove in, kissing and licking his dirty skin, cleaning his face and neck of the months of filth that had accumulated there, letting her tender wet lips show her love for him. She hissed a sharp intake of air as his hands easily ripped her white cotton panties, now thoroughly soaked, from her hot ass.

Bringing them up to their face, they shared the silky fabric in their kisses, tasting Kristi’s buttery, salty juices. Leaving the fabric in her mouth to suck on, the elderly man levered her ass higher, pausing only to tear open her blouse and flimsy training bra to display the tiny, flat chest and rock-hard nipples. Greedily sucking on them, Kristi squirmed and ground her crotch against the throbbing hot dick rubbing against her labia a his wiry beard scratched and teased her nipples. She was so wet and worked into a froth of frustration that when his thick glans nuzzled against her sweet pussy lips, seeking entrance, she moaned like a cheap street whore instead of the innocent Christian white girl she had been. Nearly crying with need, Kristi begged him in English to fuck her, barely understanding what the word meant.

The old fat man sucked hard on a tender nipple as he pulled her skinny hips down, forcing his thick meat into the impossibly tight hole of his young friend. The teen’s face twisted into a grimace of pain as she felt the sharp tearing of her hymen, but at the same time a feeling of incredible wetness and pressure was building up inside her lower belly. As the man carefully eased out and re-entered her, taking time to allow her tiny body to adjust to becoming a woman, he finally wedged his cock into the 20 year old’s cunt. They just froze like that for a few moments, her thin frame hunched over onto is fat round stomach as he kissed and licked her tiny breasts, her pretty face buried in the matted gray hair on his head, the old man’s turban knocked off and laying in the dim, hot alley. After a few moments of relishing the insane tightness gripping his cock, the fat man began raising and lowering the skinny girl on his crotch, causing the friction of his meat to slide in and out of the wetness of her hole.

Sitting upright, Kristi’s lips quivered as she began to moan, feeling the incredible sensation of such fullness moving inside her. Looking down at the beautiful, glowing face of the wrinkled old man, Kristi leaned in and kissed him deeply, tasting the nasty old flavors of his toothless mouth. She was in love (for the moment) with this fat, disgusting old man who smelled of garbage and made her hot, twisting body feel like a thousand volts of electricity were running though it.

Swept up into the increasing pleasure, Kristi boldly sat up, pulling hard on her own tender nipples, rubbing her budding breasts in her hands, rubbing her belly as she began gyrating and twisting her hips on his, fucking him back as he had been fucking her. Then the moment came: his thick fingers moved down and brushed over her clit! It was as if she had been hit with a hammer; as his thick, calloused thumb brazzers porno began strumming and rubbing on that blood-engorged nub, her thin legs clenched onto this thick flabby ones and she slammed her pert ass down hard, jamming as much cock as she could up inside of her. Her eyes were wild, fixed on his as her mouth flew open, a soundless scream of absolute pleasure croaking out. Her body shook and shook and shook, cumming hard as the teen flooded his nasty cock with her own juices, saved up for 20 long years. She gushed her orgasm in waves, each building again and again like she was climbing to a higher level of pleasure with each one. She began to laugh and cry as she came, kissing and licking the grunting, sweating face of the elderly man beneath her.

Suddenly, his eyes flew open as well and she became a little alarmed and very aroused by the fire she saw in them. Gone was the sweet face of her portly lover, replaced by the savage mask of a man. His powerful hands dug bruises into her thin hips as he pulled her far up on his cock, until the very tip was just inside her, then he slammed her down onto himself, knocking the air from her. She bounced and squeaked as she was no longer in control of her body, it was just a plaything to him as her blonde hair flew up and around, her arms flailing as he pounded his thick cock into her slick channel. Bellowing like an old bull, he bucked his fat legs up one last time, jarring her pelvis as he slammed her down to meet him, cumming deep inside her. Kristi groaned at the newest feeling; jets of thick, scalding hot liquid filled her inside. She could instantly feel his rigid cock becoming even more slippery (if that were possible) inside her. She could feel the wonderful, sensual pressure of his thick manly juices pulse into her, pushing into her once-virgin womb. Kristi shuddered with goosebumps in the Indian heat as her body throbbed with pleasure, filled with the cum of a man.

Returning from his savage, feral nature to his normal, kindly old self, the old man pulled Kristi back onto him, petting and stroking her silky blonde hair as he murmured gentle words in his language to her. They lay there in the alleyway, soaked in sweat and cum as she rested atop him, taking strength from his giant form while his once-raging cock now softened and slipped from her wet pussy. Sighing contentedly, Kristi had one last thing she wanted to do for her fat lover, to show her appreciation and Christian love to him. Smiling impishly to him, she slid down and took his wet, sticky cock in her hands and began to lick it clean, carefully running her pink tongue over every surface, slurping up and swallowing their combined salty juices. She inhaled deeply, trying to impress onto her nasal membranes the sickly yet sexy stench of his unwashed crotch that was the author of all of her pleasures. Dipping down, her tongue found his gray-haired nutsack; it too was wet and frothy with her cream and she dutifully rolled each thick ball in her mouth until he was slick and clean. The flecks of dead skin and pasty goo she dug out of the folds of fat down there were bitter and harsh, but combined with his semen and her cunt juice, they went down her throat easily.

Kristi had secretly hoped that her tongue would revive his aged cock, but it seems the old man had spent himself for the day. By the time she rose from his flabby legs, he had fallen asleep in the garbage on which he lay, snoring peacefully and smiling. Grinning at her sweet lover, Kristi found her discarded clothes and tied the ripped top together as best she could, smoothing her skirt back down over her sore asscheeks. Finding her tiny purse, the girl didn’t hesitate to take all of the 25000 Rupees her father had given her and tucked it in his turban, which she placed back on his gray head. Giving him one last kiss, Kristi made her way back up the alley, hearing the calls of her Christian Group shouting her name, looking for her. Feeling the wet squish of cum leaking from her freshly-opened pussy, Kristi knew that she was definitely going to like her Missionary Work here in India and that the men and women she was sent by God to help were going to get a lot more than Bibles from her.

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