Love Me a Waitress Ch. 02

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Big Ass

I came in for breakfast the next day around ten. Fran was her usual self. “So, what is it for you today?? Omelet?? French toast?? Kick in the ass??”

“I see you are your usual cheery self this morning. Hubby pee in your corn flakes??” Fran just smiled as she walked away. She came back a few minutes later with my usual chocolate milk. “No DRIP coffee this morning?? I hear the DRIP coffee is really good here.”

“I’ll show you drip,” said Fran with a glare.

“You don’t have to. I’ve already seen it.”

Fran gave me the eye.

I continued, unfazed. “So you’re coming over later??” Fran shook her head. I gave my order and she was off. We had the usual give and take during the time I was there. When she brought my check, I said to her, “Pay up front, or just leave the money on the dresser??”

“You can’t afford me,” she said starting to walk away.

“I dunno. A $5 tip worked yesterday.”

Fran bopped me on the head.

I called after her, “Remember what happened yesterday when you did that.”

“I’d like to see you try it again.” I lingered over my breakfast a little longer. The next time she walked past, I grabbed her ass, hanging on a little longer than the day before. She turned toward me, looking at me over her glasses.

“I’ll see you around 2:30,” I said as I started toward the cash register.

About 2:40 I heard a car pull up. I didn’t even go to the door; Fran just came right in, pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard. I picked her up as I had the previous day, carrying her into the house. Unlike the day before, we didn’t even try for the bedroom. I plopped her down on the sofa and we started pawing at each other, and both of us were naked in minutes. Fran stroked me while I fingered her pussy, which didn’t need a lot of priming. We were soon ready, Fran taking the lead by climbing atop me. She took my cock in her hand, rubbed the head around her opening, getting it slick to ease its entry. Once she had me in place, I moved my hips to make contact with her clit. Fran smiled and shuddered as she felt the friction against her, then sat down on me firmly, impaling herself on my bulging cock.

Fran let out a whimper as I hit bottom, poking the entrance to her womb. I held her hips to me, rocking her so I could keep the base of my cock in contact with her clit. Sixty seconds later, her hips shook and she let out a moan. I let go of her hips, and she started pounding her pussy onto my cock.

“I’m going to fuck your nuts off,” said Fran in a hoarse whisper.

“Not before I flood your little blonde cunt with more sperm than it’s ever had,” I said. Fran started really pounding into me, and I met her thrust for thrust, as best I could from my position underneath her. She kissed me hard, her tongue tangling with mine, as if trying to pull it right out of my mouth. It didn’t take five minutes and I could feel my come rising. I slowed my pace and took Fran’s hips, slowing her down. I changed position slightly, getting the shaft of my cock to drag over her clit. A couple of strokes and her pussy juiced all over me. I pushed in deep, making her yelp.

“Dammit, you’re going to split me open,” she said breathlessly.

“And now I’m going to drown you,” I said, poking the head of my cock into her cervix, letting go a long blast of come, then another.

Fran let out a long moan, then “Fuck!!” as my spewing semen set her off again. I blasted about nine big wads of sperm into her, feeling it fill and overflow her as I held her tight to me. When I was done, she collapsed onto my chest, breathing heavily as she came off her massive orgasm. Once she regained her breath, she kissed me again, this time a much softer, sensuous kiss.

“Thanks. I needed that,” she said, still not completely recovered.

“Hard day at the office??” I teased.

“You have no idea,” she said.

“I probably do. I worked in restaurants. I know how people get, both staff and customers.”

Fran looked at me. “How come you never told me this??”

“You never asked. We were always ragging on each other so hard, it never came up. I’ve done your job. I get it better than most people. Why do you think I always tip so well??”

Fran thought a moment. “Yeah, you are one of the better tippers to come in there. I always thought you were just trying to get into my pants.”

“Looks like it worked,” I said, smiling at her.

“Maybe I wanted to get in your pants,” said Fran with a smile.

“Yeah, but only because I tip well.”

“Asshole,” said Fran, laughing. I looked at her a moment. “Don’t get any ideas. You’re not going there.”

I laughed. We stayed joined for a good fifteen minutes, my cock staying hard inside Fran despite having just spent itself. I told her of my first job, like a lot of kids, in a McDonald’s near me while I was in college, then about my four years as an assistant manager in a northeastern regional chain of casual restaurants, working in several locations. Finally I slipped out of her, gaziantep escort bayan reklamları though she stayed on my lap for a while as we told war stories about people we worked with, customer follies, and other aspects of the industry. We stayed together for about 45 minutes talking, Fran smiling every now and then as she felt my come dripping from her pussy, tickling her thighs. We came away from our encounter with a whole new appreciation for each other.

The result was that though Fran and I continued our usual taunting when I came in to eat several times every week, she would often come over after work to release some pressure. While a lot of the time this involved frenzied sex, there were also many times it was more paced, and sometimes she’d come over and we’d just talk.

The first time we had a more relaxed encounter was something of a surprise. We’d had eight or ten sessions by that time, all of them pretty intense, raw sex. So I was surprised when Fran came in and just hugged me, melting into my chest. I put my arms around her and held her, kissing the top of her blonde head.

“Hard day??”

“I don’t know how I stand that place sometimes. The kitchen kept screwing things up all day. Then about an hour before closing time, they got this guy’s order wrong twice and he flipped out on me. It was all I could do not to pop the son of a bitch.”

“Yeah, I remember those days. Don’t miss them. Come on, let me get you a beer and you can tell me about it.” I got us both beers and we went into the living room, Fran sitting on my right. She told me how the whole day was a mess, capped off by the situation before closing. When she finished, I leaned over to kiss her, softly and sweetly. She returned my kiss, just as sweetly taking my face gently in her hand. It was a different side to Fran I had not seen. We looked at each other a moment, then shared a longer, soulful kiss. As we pulled away from it, Fran pulled her shirt off, then mine. We kissed again. I reached over and undid her front clasp bra, releasing her B cup tits. They were soft with a little hang, not unexpected on someone 60 plus-she later told me she is 63-but quite attractive. I kissed her, gently squeezing her tits as we kissed. I broke the kiss, then kissed down her neck, stopping to nibble and swirl my tongue as I went, making her squirm. I got down to her left breast, slowly taking it in my mouth, making the nipple stand up. I sucked on it gently til I felt Fran moan softly, and a shudder signaling a mini orgasm. I looked up and she smiled. I moved over to the right breast, sucking most of it into my mouth, teasing the nipple with my tongue, finally pulling away, gently tugging the nipple with my teeth. Fran again let out a soft moan, quivering as another small orgasm ran through her. I moved up to kiss her again as the jolt of electricity wore off. She laughed.

“That was sweet. Who knew you could make love??”

“Stick with me. You’ll find out a lot of things I can do. It ain’t all ‘wham, bam'”

Fran laughed again, then leaned over to kiss me. “I like ‘wham, bam.'”

“Me, too, but slow and easy is good too,” I said, taking her hands, pulling her to me for a soft kiss. I kept kissing, moving down past her tits to her jeans. I unbuttoned them and pulled down the zipper. I kissed down Fran’s belly as I unzipped, finally reaching the top of her blonde curls. I nuzzled gently, kissing her bush. I lifted her hips, sliding her jeans down to reveal the full blonde patch that was framing her spreading pussy.

“Serving it up hot, I see,” I said as I pulled her jeans the rest of the way off.

“It’s always steaming, baby,” said Fran.

“Good. I like steamed clams,” I said, looking up at Fran.

“They don’t get any steamier than this one,” she said, pushing her twat into my face. I took the hint and licked up and around her outer lips, playing my tongue in the blonde hair surrounding them, just grazing her clit as I worked around. Fran let out a quick moan when she felt the short jolt. “Damn, you’re such a tease.”

“All the better to heat you up,” I said, resuming my attention to Fran’s oral pleasure. I smiled, wondering how many guys she’d teased over the years, and now was getting payback. I licked closer, now on her inner lips, sucking each side, just missing her clit, then finally giving her a flat tongue up the middle, licking deep into her before swirling my tongue over her clit.

Fran, who had been trying to push her pussy onto my tongue, screamed when I rolled it over her clit, shoving her now juicing cunt into my face, thrusting at me as she came. I let go of her, holding her hips as her orgasm washed over her. When she started to come off it, I kissed back up her body, ending in a long, deep kiss when I reached her lips.

While I hovered over Fran as we kissed, she rubbed the front of my shorts, lingering on the pronounced bulge. She then undid my them and pulled them down, releasing gaziantep escort resimleri my cock, which she then stroked slowly. She looked up at me, her face a mix of desire and affection. “Make love to me,” she said softly.

“I thought you’d never ask,” I said in a quiet voice. I lowered myself to Fran’s gaping twat, her hand guiding me to her. She held up when the head of my cock reached her opening, playing it around her labia and clit til she let out a soft moan. She then let go of me, and I pushed in, not stopping til I could feel my head hit her cervix, my balls resting on her little round ass. I paused for a moment to let Fran adjust to my cock filling her void. I pulled out all the way, teased her clit again, then pushed in. This time she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me to her. She smiled. I started pumping in and out of her, Fran meeting my thrusts with her own. It was a paced, comfortable screw, not rushed at all. I leaned down to kiss Fran, a kiss she met eagerly. I felt her tits, small and soft, on my chest as we moved together. It was a very sexy feeling.

Fran spoke first. “I love the way your chest feels on my tits. All that hair is amazingly soft.”

I lifted up. Fran’s nipples were hard, something I had noticed while we were pressed together. “Your tits feel pretty good on me, too. I think those nipples are going to poke a hole in me, though, they’re so hard.”

“You’ll be OK. All that hair will protect you,” she said, running her fingers through the hair on my chest and belly. “Mmmm, I love a hairy guy. It’s so manly.”

I had been slowly moving in and out of Fran while we talked, my cock swelling as I built toward climax, though I wasn’t close yet. I pushed in deep, pulling Fran’s hips to me, my cock mashing into her womb. “I’ll show you manly,” I said, pulling up so my shaft dragged over her clit, then pushed in hard, making her squirm.

Fran smiled through her grimace. “If you keep that up, this is going to turn into another ‘wham, bam.'”

“We can’t have that now, can we??” I teased. “After all, you’re such a delicate flower.”

Fran stuck her tongue out at me. I laughed, but relaxed my pace again, though continued working my cock over her clit and pushing deep. The steady build up of tension between soon boiled over, Fran clasping her legs around me, looking up at me as her orgasm started to crest. “Oh, God…” she said, as her legs pulled tight to me. I felt her pussy heat up and flood its juices over me. I held on, pushing as deep as I could. Fran let out a long moan, then kissed me hard, her come picking up its intensity.

Fran started to come down. I was now close, my cock pulsing inside her. “Come inside me, baby. Give me all your hot, manly come.” There something about a woman begging for you to come in her that just sets a guy off, and I’m no exception. I looked down at Fran, a plaintive look in her eyes. This was different, but really hot. “Come in me. Fill me full…” I was over the line now, and started to spurt, long, lush bursts of semen that splashed into her womb, filled her, and overflowed her. I could feel my come forcing its way between my cock and her pussy walls, then leaking out around my cock, getting my balls sticky. It was a much bigger load than I thought I had in me. I kissed Fran hard as it trailed off, my cock still throbbing inside her.

We broke the kiss. “Wow. That’s a lot of come,” said Fran.

“I’m glad I don’t have to explain it to your husband,” I said.

“He’s good with it.”

I looked down at Fran. “How does he get where he’s OK with it?? Most guys would be out looking for the guy who did that to their wife, if they didn’t kill her first.”

“There’s a story there,” said Fran, a smile coming over her.

“I bet,” I said, looking down at her.

“He did, and lost.” Fran laughed at the thought, enjoying the puzzled look on my face.

“Do tell,” I said. I slowly pulled out of Fran, watching her lie on the sofa for a moment to collect herself. As she lay there, a long stream of come emerged from the gap in her labia, rolling down her ass and onto the seat.

“Damn,” she said, smiling at me as she pushed some of my load back up into her pussy. “I’ll be wet all the time with you around.”

“Mission accomplished,” I said, blowing a kiss at her.

“You’re just so proud of yourself, making me such a mess.”

“You should be proud, too, being able to get a guy to come like that at your age.”

“Are you saying I’m old??”

“Older than me. Probably older than dirt.”

Fran laughed and stuck her tongue out at me. I stood up, my cock bobbing in front of her. “Here, do something useful with that if you’re going to stick it out.” Fran gave me a look, then took my cock in her mouth, licking me clean. As she finished, she again lay back on the sofa, her legs spread to display the colossal cream pie I had given her

“Your turn,” she said, knowing what was coming gaziantep escort bayan sitesi next. I knelt in front of her, pulling her pussy to the edge of the couch. I looked up at Fran, licking my lips, and kissing her thighs. I sat up and licked my lips again. Fran was getting impatient. “Would you get on with it!!”

I smiled. “Aren’t we impatient. No wonder customers crab at you.” Fran frowned, and was about to say something when I licked straight up her pussy, gathering sperm on my tongue, and licking it all around her clit, making her yelp. I latched my tongue on her little love nub and swirled, making her quake, then got it in my lips, sticking my tongue out between them to lick over her clit and into her cunt, tasting my come and pushing her into overdrive.

“Oh, fuck,” said Fran as she wound up. I could feel her pussy pulsing on my lips, and I knew there was an earthquake about to erupt. I changed my angle, now licking her clit side to side, then swirled around it again. “Aaaahhhhhh!!” Fran cried out as her pussy flooded my face, a mix of spent semen and her own womanly secretions. I held on as she bucked and thrust, relaxing my tongue and riding her out.

When Fran relaxed, I kissed her pussy, then up through her now soaked blondeness, and up her belly to her tits, kissing each one, then her neck, then giving her a long kiss as I reached her face. When we broke, she was still out of breath. I sat up, rubbing her thighs as she finally recovered. She looked at me. “Damn. If only I could get my husband to do that.”

I took Fran’s hand, pulling her to a sitting position. “Too bad he doesn’t. I can see how you like it.”

“He doesn’t know how close he came,” said Fran with a laugh.

“Does this have something to do with the bet??”

“Yup,” said Fran, giving me a wicked smile. “Lucky for him, he quit while he was only two steps behind.”

I smiled. “This should be good!! Hold that thought.” I went to get another couple of beers, giving one to Fran. I held up my bottle. “To winning the bet.” We clinked bottles as Fran laughed. So, do tell,” I said.

“Billy and I had been married about ten years. We were still in the Chicago area. We had a finished basement with a pool table. As you would think, it was popular with our friends, and we always had someone over on the weekends, and a lot of weekdays too. My husband thought of himself as the next Minnesota Fats. He was a good player, but not that good.” Fran looked at me over her glasses. I smiled. I had a feeling where this was going.

“So, one day, Billy’s friend Ray is over, they’re knocking around on the pool table, not really playing seriously. Billy sank a three or four in a row, a couple of them not so easy, and makes a comment about what a hot shot he is. Ray says, ‘anybody can make those.’ Billy says, ‘yeah, you think you’re so good, let’s get a game on.’ Ray says, ‘OK, let’s make it interesting.’ Billy says, ‘what do you want to play for??'”

Fran took a swig of her beer. “Now, Ray had a thing for me. He was always flirting and making comments about how hot I was.”

“Can’t fault him there,” I teased Fran. “He was obviously on to something.”

Fran reached over and patted my cheek. “Flattery will get you everywhere,” she said, smiling.

“I noticed,” I said, kissing her hand.

“Anyway, Ray says, ‘If I win, I get to do Fran.’ I looked at Billy, thinking, he’s not going for this, no way. ‘What do I get if I win??’ says Billy. Ray thought a moment. ‘You can do my wife.'”

“Pretty presumptuous to offer up his wife like that,” I pointed out.

“I thought so too, especially since she wasn’t there. She wasn’t too happy when I told her.”

“I imagine not,” I laughed.

Fran continued, “So, Billy says, ‘Deal.’ I just glared at him, thinking what I was going to do if he lost. They started, Billy sank one off break, then missed, then Ray ran the table, taking Billy in two turns. He looks at me and says, ‘Ready??” Before I could get a word out, Billy says, ‘Wait, I’ll play you double or nothing.’ I gave him the evil eye, but I was ready. Ray says, ‘OK. If I win, I get her twice.’

“I looked at Ray, then at Billy. ‘I have an idea,’ I said. The guys gave me a curious look. ‘If Ray wins, he gets to fuck me. Then, honey,’ I patted Billy on the back, ‘you have to take sloppy seconds.’ The look on Ray’s face was priceless. The look on Billy’s face said ‘you bitch!!’ I looked at him, patted his ass, smiled sweetly, and said, ‘good luck, hon!!'”

“Ray looked at me, then at Billy, and said, ‘Rack ’em up!!” Billy racked up the balls, Ray broke, sank two on the break, and never looked back. Billy never had a chance.”

“How long did it take you to pay off?? I bet you weren’t too keen on that.”

“Actually, I kinda liked Ray, though I wouldn’t have gone after him. But, I thought, I’m going to teach my husband a lesson about betting he won’t forget. I was wearing this little denim shirt dress…”

“You, in a dress??” I cut her off. “I can’t picture that. Actually, I can, I bet you’d look hot. But I don’t picture you as the dress wearing type.”

Fran laughed. “Oh, yeah. I wear them sometimes, especially if I’m going out. I’ll have to do that for you some day. I have this leather mini I think you’d like.” Fran smiled at me as I contemplated her in a short leather dress.

I smiled. “I’d like that. I’m going to hold you to it.”

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