Lisa and the Nude Model

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Thanks to all for the terrific feedback on my first two stories! This is another true story as told to me by a good friend of mine, Lisa. Lisa e-mailed me a few days ago after seeing my last story on-line, and she asked me if I would help her write a story about her “most incredible sexual experience”. I told her that I would write the story IF she swore that it was completely factual. As most of you know by now, erotic “fiction” doesn’t turn me on like the real thing. Lisa certified her story by mentioning another mutual friend whom she claimed would validate her facts. Our friend, Tonya, not only confirmed all of the story details, but she even added some information that Lisa had forgotten about. Without further delay, here is Lisa’s (and Tonya’s!) sexy story….

Lisa was minoring in art attending our local university. She had registered for a class called Figure Drawing 532. It was an advanced class for serious art students only, and there were about 10 people in the class – half women and half men. The syllabus noted that week 3 would have them sketching the human figure. The first model was to be female, and week 4 would introduce the male form. Lisa anxiously awaited week 4! Finally, week 4 came. The female model had been a wonderful experience – she was an attractive college student with large breasts and a classic figure. But, Lisa couldn’t wait to see Greg, the nude male model. She had heard whispers in week 1 that Greg was unbelievable – apparently he had worked as a model during the previous semester. Lisa was introduced to Greg as he walked in the classroom and took his place under the lights on the modelling platform. He WAS unbelievably good looking! He was about six-foot-two with blond hair, green eyes and an awesome body. He was wearing a short terry cloth robe, and his muscular legs were long and sexy. Lisa’s professor introduced Greg and gave the class some instruction concerning the lighting, his positioning, etc. Greg was to be featured standing upright while turned slightly to the left. His arms were slightly extended in front of him holding onto a column which ran through the modelling platform. While the professor was talking, Greg calmly took his place on the platform and loosened his robe belt. As soon as he opened the front of his robe, an audible gasp could be heard among the class. Greg was incredible! The first thing Lisa noticed was his all over tan. Then her eyes naturally moved south to gaze upon Greg’s magnificent physical endowment. Lisa was in awe. Greg was fantastically well-hung as well as totally gorgeous! Lisa slowly came to her senses as her professor’s voice began to cut through her consciousness with the last bit of his instructions. When she came back to reality she noticed that everyone around her had picked up their pencils and had begun to sketch. Lisa picked up her pencil, but she was too enraptured with Greg’s god-like looks to do much of anything. She looked up at the platform once again to see Greg standing perfectly still as his tanned muscles begged for the attention of Lisa’s pencil. Lisa did some quick figuring in her head and estimated Greg’s penis to be about seven or eight inches long completely flaccid. His penis was tan with thick veins ending in a plump over-sized head that looked too big for her hungry mouth. Lisa felt herself on fire, and she could sense that her face was flushed and her hands unsteady. She closed her eyes, took a couple of deep breaths and began to draw.

She did fine until she made her way to Greg’s sexy cock. She swore that it had grown a little during the past hour. The shaft looked a bit swollen and the head appeared to be even bigger than before. She started to draw hoping to keep her portrayal of Greg realistic and within proportion, but this proved to be quite a task! At then end of the two hour session, Lisa and her classmates began to gather up their supplies as Greg stretched himself lazily under the intense glow of the stage lights. Lisa cautiously spied Greg as he walked off the platform to gather his robe – his amazing penis bobbed heavily against his thighs as he moved out of her line of sight. Lisa walked to the ladies room in a daze – two hours of looking at Greg had left her light headed and sexually energized. As she opened the large door to the ladies room, she heard excited voices from within. As she turned the corner into the main part Gaziantep Üniversitesi Escort of the bathroom, she saw two girls from her class excitedly talking about “him”. Lisa went into a stall and swung the door shut as she eavesdropped on their conversation. She heard one of the girls exclaim, “Can you believe how huge it was?!” The other girl eagerly answered, “I have NEVER seen anything so large on ANY of my boyfriends!”
The girls left by time Lisa washed her hands. As she ran a comb through her long brown hair, she suddenly remembered that she was to meet her friend, Nicole, in the Student Activity Centre across campus. She and Nicole were going to work out for an hour before going home. She looked at her watch and hurried on her way.

Nicole was waiting for Lisa in the locker room of the Workout Room. Lisa gave her a detailed account of her incredible art class experience. Nicole was very interested but somewhat sceptical. Lisa swore her story was true. The girls worked out for an hour, the whole time Lisa was thinking of one thing – Greg in the nude. After their workout, Lisa and Nicole showered and decided to use the suana in the locker room. The room sauna was empty, so the girls stretched out on the soft wood benches. Lisa put a cup of water on the sauna rocks and enjoyed the intense steam. Nicole lasted only a couple of minutes. She told Lisa that she was sorry, but she was meeting her boyfriend at 10. The sauna clock read 9:25. Lisa was disappointed – the activity center closed at 9:45. Nicole left Lisa alone to enjoy the steam alone. Lisa closed her eyes with her back against the wall. She thought of Greg.

Lisa was startled as the door to the sauna swung open. A very attractive woman entered with a large white towel loosely draped over her tanned body. She had short dark brown hair and perfect teeth. She introduced herself as Amy, and sat down across from Lisa. Lisa said hello, and the two small talked for a few minutes. At 9:35 Lisa stood up to leave saying goodbye to Amy. Amy smiled and asked her if she was leaving because she wanted to or because the place was closing. Lisa told her that she only had ten minutes to shower again and dress. Amy told her to relax – her boyfriend ran the workout room and locker areas, and he and Amy often stayed late to enjoy the sauna together. Lisa was a bit surprised, but she sat back down remarking that she would enjoy staying a little while longer. Amy laughed and commented that she hoped Lisa didn’t mind sharing the sauna with her boyfriend and herself. Lisa sleepily answered that she was okay with Amy’s boyfriend as long as he was okay with her. Amy declared that there would not be a problem whatsoever.

At about 9:55 Lisa heard a quiet knock on the sauna door. Amy held her towel up and leaned over to push the door open. The door swung open and Amy’s boyfriend hopped up into the sauna in a cloud of steam. He hesitated when he saw Lisa. Lisa looked at him in utter amazement – Amy’s boyfriend was none other than Greg the nude model! Lisa sat upright and must have looked alarmed. Greg sat down and asked her if it was okay for him to share their sauna. Lisa stuttered that she was fine with it if he was. There was a moment of awkward silence before Amy asked Greg how class went. Greg rolled his eyes and said that it was a very long two hours, but he only had to do it twice a week, thank God. Lisa was staring at him and growing more and more uncomfortable. Amy intoduced Greg to Lisa after apologizing for not having done so earlier. Greg extended his hand, and Lisa shook it gingerly. She became aware of the glistening sweat on his hairless chest, and she noticed how loose his towel was sitting on his lap. Amy then informed Lisa that Greg was a nude model at the school, and wasn’t that funny. Lisa gulped and responded with a nod. She then got up her nerve and told Greg that she was a student in the class he was in earlier that evening. Greg looked amused, and Amy giggled. Amy then asked Lisa if Greg was a good model. Lisa relaxed a little and confessed that he was indeed a very good model. Amy then shocked Lisa by asking her if she thought Greg was “impressive” in the nude. Lisa wasn’t sure what to say, but she boldly stated that she was extremely impressed with Greg. Greg looked a little sheepish, but he didn’t say a word. Amy scooted next to Greg on the bench and loosened his towel a little more with her hand while loosening her own towel until it fell to expose her perky breasts. She told Lisa that they usually sat in the sauna nude, and she asked if Lisa would be offended if they did so now. Lisa was getting flushed again, but she instictively replied that she was fine with whatever they wanted to do. Amy smiled her brilliant smile, and casually threw her towel to the side. Lisa noticed her very fit body and well manicured bikini line. Amy playfully reached over and grabbed Greg’s towel ripping it off of his lap with a quick tug. Lisa was caught off guard seeing Greg naked again. This time, however, Greg’s penis was hanging over the edge of the wooden bench swinging softly between his well-toned thighs. Lisa was motionless as she watched Greg’s magnificent length proudly extend several inches past the bottom lip of the bench. It looked obscenely long and plump. Salty perspiration was dripping from the enlarged head, and Greg just sat there with eyes closed in all his glory. Amy was not happy with him just being naked – she laughingly told Lisa that he was really incredible “fluffed up a bit”. She sensuously took Greg’s penis in her small right hand and stroked his length a couple of times. Greg offered no resistance and remained motionless. As his penis grew, it got longer, fatter and redder. In a matter of seconds Greg’s erection pointed straight up at the ceiling as hard as iron. Amy could not get her tiny fist around the big shaft, but she wasn’t done yet. Lisa sat transfixed as Amy lowered her naked body to the lower bench and took a position between Greg’s parted legs. She began to nibble on Greg’s staggering flesh while tickling his low-hanging balls with the tips of her fingers. Lisa couldn’t stand it any longer. She breathlessly asked Amy if she wanted any help. Amy turned to her while tonguing Greg’s cock and gave her a wink. Lisa discarded her towel, and Greg opened his eyes in wonder. Lisa is extremely well-built – she has almost no body fat due to her workouts, and her breasts are naturally large and firm. Amy moved over to her left so Lisa could fit in to share Greg with her. Lisa first looked at Greg’s cock with some anxiety. She asked herself if she could handle someone his size. Her last boyfriend (who is now her husband!) was only about five skinny inches. She made up her mind at that point to try, so she opened her mouth and kissed the salty tip of Greg’s penis. The taste and texture sent her into orbit. Now she was ready!

While Amy sucked carefully on Greg’s clean shaven balls, Lisa decided to go for broke and took as much of Greg into her mouth as she could. She managed to squeeze about half of him in, and she told herself not to try to take too much. She closed her eyes and began to roll her tongue around the shaft while slightly bobbing her head up and down. Greg must have liked her technique – he ran his fingers through her hair which sent a shiver dwon her spine. Lisa continued her blowjob for several minutes. Amy eventually held Greg’s cock at the base and guided it slowly out from between Lisa’s red lips. Lisa reluctantly released the object of her desire. Amy now engulfed Greg taking in a little more than Lisa had. Lisa sat back and watched her greedily suck cock. Amy didn’t mess around – she noisily bathed Greg’s shaft with her saliva while running her fist up and down the enormous length in front of her. Amy gave head for only a short time, and then stood up and turned away towards Greg and Lisa. Lisa watched with fascination as Amy reached behind her and held Greg’s swaying erection still. She then began to squat down over his penis. Lisa watched as Amy’s dripping pussy glistened with her juices as the lips hung open slightly waiting for Greg. Lisa held her breath as Amy lowered her pussy onto the tip of Greg’s penis oh-so-slowly. The giant head spread Amy’s swollen lips apart and began to disappear inside. Amy’s eyes were closed, and her facial expressin was one of pure ecstacy. Lisa looked on as inch after inch of Greg’s manhood slid up and into Amy’s wetness. Soon Amy was practically sitting on Greg’s lap. Almost all of him was somehow inside this small women. Amy began a rhythmic up and down motion. Greg straightened his legs and held on to her hips. He looked like he was in heaven! This slow motion sex went on for several minutes with Amy whimpering the whole time. At one point she looked over her shoulder directly at Lisa and exclaimed that she was “so unbelievably filled up”. A minute later, Greg effortlessly lifted Amy off his lap. Amy’s pussy closed up as Greg came completely out of her. Amy turned back around and reached out for Lisa’s hand. Lisa took Amy’s hand, and stood up knowing what she was in for. Without a word, Amy spun Lisa around and gripped her shoulder blades between her moist fingers. Lisa looked back to see Greg’s monstrous erection sticking up at her ass. Lisa swallowed hard and gave in to the downward pressure of Amy’s grasp.

Lisa felt the huge head of Greg’s cock press on her almost hairless pussy lips. She then exprerienced a sensation she had never known – her pussy lips were being wedged open further and further by something warm and soft. Greg’s cock head was now nestled snuggly inside of her. Lisa pushed her butt down a little further and this incredible feeling of being filled up swept through her lower body. Greg was now sliding into her inch by inch. She could feel his rigid length going deeper and deeper, but she steadily continued to settle down onto Greg’s lap. Finally, Lisa could feel Greg’s penis putting pressure on something that didn’t feel right. She knew that she had almost taken all of him, but she would have to be careful not to let his largeness hurt her. She flexed her legs slightly lifting herself up and then down again savoring the feeling of Greg sliding in and out of her wet sex. Somehow Greg’s swelling cock was making contact with her clitoris, and Lisa found this intensely pleasurable. The friction of Greg’s cock on her clit was making Lisa light headed. She knew that shortly she would explode with her first orgasm in ages. As Greg continued to give her the greatest sex of her life, Lisa gave in totally. The next thing she knew she got a chill down her spine, her hair stood on end and she was coming. The sensation was the most intense feeling of pleasure she had ever known. It seemed as if a bolt of ligthning was sizzling through her body. She could feel her pussy expand and contract, and Greg could feel it, too. Just as her orgasm was in full swing, Lisa, Amy and Greg were startled as the door to the sauna flew open! Standing there was Lisa’s friend Tonya, who also worked at the university gym. Amy invited Tonya in, and Lisa quickly figured out that Tonya had been expected all along. Tonya discarded her towel, and sat down next to Amy. Greg took his time withdrawing from Lisa, and the absence of his cock made Lisa feel strangely empty.

Greg wasted no time in pleasing Tonya. He invited her to stand up, and she did with her hands resting on the wall in front of her. Greg repositioned himself directly behind her. Lisa noticed how perfect Tonya’s ass looked through the steam. It was round but firm, and her hairy pussy was wide open already and awaiting its inevitable fate. Greg took his sweet time. He began by teasing Tonya’s pussy with the engorged head rubbing the fat, sticky flesh all around those pink, moist lips. Tonya was very vocal – she was panting and moaning, and it was turning Lisa on. Greg ended his torture by pushing just the head of his cock into Tonya’s pussy. Tonya was stretched to the max already! He continued to feed her his hard flesh until he was about half way in. Tonya was now tossing her head from side to side and whimpering like a puppy. Greg began to move in and out of her driving her mad. Tonya must have felt really good, because suddenly Greg quickened his pace and began to breathe heavily. Amy and Lisa moved into position on either side of Tonya’s ass, their faces inches from Greg’s glistening shaft. Greg grunted and pulled out. Lisa was first to his cock. She wrapped her lips around the swollen head and sucked as Greg’s pulsing penis began to pump its salty spray into the back of her throat. Amy grabbed the spewing penis and placed it between her lips. She savored the last couple of waves of sperm. Lisa was overwhelmed by the salty, but sweet, taste of Greg’s come. Amy was used to it, and licked her lips with satisfaction. Tonya sat down to recover from the thorough fucking Greg had just given her. The four of them sat in the sauna a while longer enjoying the moment. Lisa was the first to leave. She asked if they could somehow do it all again. Amy said they would be there the following week, but they weren’t. Lisa never say Amy or Greg again. Tonya and her continue to enjoy their secret together to this day!

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