June and Elena Ch. 02

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The telephone rang and its shrill ring broke the silence in the house. June, mother of two, had started to vacuum her living room when she found herself deeply distracted by the events of the other night. The interruption bounced her back to reality and quickly picked up the receiver thinking it was her husband—- but this wasn’t his familiar voice.

“Hi… I wondered if you have looked at the package yet?” Elena whispered.

“Elena, why are you calling me?” asked June. “This is so wrong.”

“Just open your front door. I sent you something.”

The warm afternoon air was stifling when June opened the heavy wooden door. Nobody was standing outside but on the bristle mat was a large letter sized package marked with June’s name. June reluctantly picked up the package and took it inside noting how quiet the streets were empty for that time of day. How had Elena delivered the package without alerting her?

She walked back to the living room and as she approached the sofa, her mind wandered back to her naughty thoughts. Why was she thinking of women so much now? She didn’t want to live with them, but watching them made her so aroused. Even a trip to the local mall had her reeling over a beautiful black girl or the young woman at the cake shop. Their smiles, their moves just distracted her so much. If she were honest with herself she’d admit that their bodies made her excited just like being with Elena. The black girl’s beautiful full breasts or the cake girl’s slim figure caused her to visit the mall more than once in the last few days.

“Is this from you?” June asked.

“Just open it.” Elena ordered quietly from the other end of the phone.

June put the handset down and ripped the seal off antalya escort the package. Inside, several large photos had been packed in amongst red flower petals—-the summer fragrance filling the room.

“Do you see them?” asked Elena.

“Yes. Petals and photos.” Responded June.

“Beautiful and erotic, aren’t they?”

June carefully sifted through them. Each photo was of a sexy female model in different stages of undress. They were very beautiful portraits of the girls and each was posed in a provocative manner with little or no clothing at all. Some wore lingerie, some preferred to show their bottoms but most of all, their eyes were fixed on June’s. They touched their breasts, stroked their skin, pushed their pussies forward eager to get June’s attention.

“I-I-I don’t know what to think.” Stammered June under the influence of Elena’s seductive phone voice.

“Well, I suggest you sit down on your sofa then.”

“How do you know where I am?” June looked up and guessed that Elena was close to the house and quite likely hidden in the small forest at the back of their home. It was a cramped area with little room in between each tree but it did afford much privacy except for someone who might spend the time to force their way through.

“I can see everything you do.”

A flash of white from within the wood revealed Elena’s position. Probably from the surface of binoculars.

“Now sit down.”

June was a good woman and capable of standing her ground in an argument, her husband would agree to that point, but when Elena spoke, June’s resolve melted. She wasn’t attracted to the younger woman but deep inside she couldn’t disobey.

“Look at the photos artvin escort again”, Elena ordered.

All the younger girls reached out to June with open mouths, seductive eyes and coy smiles. They had exotic names but somehow June only noticed their poses. Their long legs reached up to their trimmed pussies and their breasts stood firm with erect nipples. Each pose seem to be so alive as if June were there watching the girl play with her own body. She flicked back and forth between the girls and imagined their mouths sucking on their fingers while their legs would be wide apart showing their pussies. It was only when June gasped that she felt how dry her mouth had become in all the excitement and moistened her lips with a slow lick.

“That’s right. Now lick them more. Just like you’d lick their pussies.” said Elena.

“Why do you make me do this? You know I can’t do this.”

“Shut up girl! And just do what I say!” ordered Elena.

June squeezed her legs to control her wetness but she could not stop a strong tingling returning as she looked at each photo.

Elena was unrelenting about her domination over June. For each one, a piece of clothing had to be removed and June had to admit why the girl was beautiful and repeat words that described her.

“She is a beautiful red head, a nice bottom, sexy hips …with firm full breasts …. and lick-able pussy. Hmmm. I want her now. I can see she likes to kiss. I’d like to push her against the wall and kiss her deeply. Her nipples are so sexy. I want to suck them.” Elena relished her control over the woman.

When June reached the french blonde girl posed in golden sunlight amongst reeds, she needed little prompting and described her a beylikdüzü escort ‘very lick-able’. June pulled aside her bra and squeezed her breasts and pulled on her taut nipples again. She rubbed herself much harder than before and felt so ‘dirty’. Elena smiled as she watched June rub her pussy in front of the open window for anyone to see.

“She’s so young. So innocent. I shall give her a ride in my car. Place my hand on her legs, her thigh. I want to touch her skin. She has such soft skin. I want to kiss her body all over. She says,”No”, but I want her. I push myself on her like you did with me. I put my lips to her mouth and force a kiss with her deeply while I play with her breasts. She struggles and pretends to not like it, but I know she’ll let me do whatever I want. Her nipples are so hard in my fingers as I squeeze them. I lean down and suck on them. Mmmm. They feel so hard in my mouth as I flick and suck each one.”

As June’s hands stroked her clit, she pushed a finger inside her pussy. With each stroke inside herself, her climax was growing in strength. Each girl gave June a shiver as she accepted that each photo’s eroticism had made her horny and was about to climax.

“I’m a naughty little girl”, she said “and I want to see more of them. Kiss their soft skin and kiss their beautiful lips.” June murmured as she fingers explored her own body. She shuddered and collapsed as her orgasms flowed through her body and lifted her to a beautiful state. She arched her back until her mind cleared.

Elena drank from her water bottle and swallowed the cool refreshing liquid before returning to see June open her legs wide in an outrageous show of exhibitionism. Her fingers toyed with her clit again and tugged at her taut nipples.

“Now what if I was there with my strap on?” delighted Elena.

“No, No, no please don’t…” whimpered June.

Each time she protested June rubbed her pussy more. June pretended to say no but yielded to the sexy younger woman again.

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