It was a habit in the office that everyone would go out alone to stroll in the sunshine. We couldn’t go to lunch together, because people had to cover the phones. So I would ride the elevator down and wander.

It gives you time to think about life and family, husband, state of your marriage, sex life, etc., but on this particular day I was thinking about finding a store with air conditioning to escape from the August heat.

So after finishing my bologna sandwich, I decided to wander to a jewelry shop I’d never noticed before. As I entered the door, I felt the cool air and heard mellow jazz saxophone music. From the back room, came a tall, strikingly beautiful black woman who stood behind the glass counter. I was impressed that a black woman could own or at least manage this store.

She was tall with a large “afro” fluffed up hairstyle, and instantly reminded me of Pam Greer, a famous actress. She was very curvy with big hips and breasts. She was also very graceful with a long neck and full lips, and touch of liner and mascara on her eyes. She said “Feel free to look around. Let me know if you have any questions.”

I told her, “Just looking,” but there were only 5 display cases to look into. Nothing had prices, but I found several pieces that looked quite expensive.

I saw something I liked and didn’t look too expensive. I asked her if I could see the gold chain with two ruby hearts. She said, “Of course. You know that’s my name, Ruby, as a matter of fact.” Unexpectedly, rather than reaching into the glass case to get the display chain, she pulled down slightly the neckline of her halter blouse to show me the identical chain that was around her neck.

She told me that it cost $200 and I could pay half today and come back next paycheck with the balance. She raised her arms and elbows up in a provocative way. My eyes went alternately between the gold chain, her silky mocha skin and her blouse which accentuated her large breasts. I smiled from embarrassment. She must have noticed what I was looking at, and returned the smile. “Would you like to touch?’ she asked.

I stammered and bursa escort awkwardly asked, “The chain?” Left in the air was my implied admission that I was ogling her body. I was unnerved, but also surprised at myself to have stared intently at any woman, and especially in this encounter with a total stranger.

She held her pose and I slowly put my hand against her tan skin and touched the ruby pendant. Then she said, “Let’s try it on you.” She walked around the counter and stood right before me. Next, she unclasped the necklace from her neck and pressed her breasts against mine, and reached behind my neck to clasp it on me. I felt an electricity flow into my body when she leaned against me like that, and my breathing became hurried. Where the pendant dangled, she brushed the fabric on my blouse, as if to un-wrinkle it, and asked if I wanted to see in the mirror.

As I saw the ruby and gold chain against my image in the mirror, I noticed her by my side and she touched my shoulder and leaned into me.

She said, “This is a special piece designed by a woman for women. It’s lesbian jewelry.”

Her words shocked me so much that I jerked my hand away, and she said, “It’s alright, I saw you staring at my titties. I know you were.” I returned a sheepish look.

“You want to feel ’em, don’t you?” And after looking into my astonished eyes, she reached up to the back of her halter blouse, and released the top and displayed her upper chest to me.

I was flabbergasted at her boldness, but oh my, she had quite an astonishing body, and I could only stare at her womanly glory. Shock and arousal kept me completely stilled, as I watched her take one of her nipples in between her thumb and finger and squeeze and pull it. I was amazed as it grew and couldn’t break my stare until I looked glanced back at her face to see that she knew I was captivated by what she was doing.

She stepped around in front of me, still topless, and went to reverse the open sign, pull the shade down on the door and lock the door. She turned around and placed the back off her hand against my blouse and rubbed bursa escort bayan where my nipples were. Soon they were swelling from the brief stimulation. Emboldened by my acceptance of her touch she placed my hands on her nipples and I was caressing and pinching her with obvious. Her breasts were heavy in my hand and her large nipples gave a strangely exhilarate sensation to touch them in this way.

After several minutes of this mutual stimulation, she slid her hand and reached under my skirt and started rubbing my crotch. The pleasure was already intense, and I was filled with lust, and powerless to refuse whatever she attempted. I gulped for air as my arousal grew. Before lunch today, I was a normal married woman and now I am shameless. Liberation!

She told me to remove my shoes, stockings and panties and sit down in “the throne,” and pointed to a large oak chair that looked like a shoeshine chair. She stared into my eyes and announced, “I am going to eat your pussy out!” She bent down to kneel in front off me and spread my legs and mashed her mouth against my vagina.

She nibbled and licked and everything became so moist, I couldn’t tell what was her saliva or leaking from me. Writhing with pleasure, I couldn’t stay still. I was making little whining noises and gasps. My drooling juices ran all over the wooden chair and on the inside of my skirt.

She reached up and opened a button on my blouse and slid her hand up under my bra and pinched hard on one of my nipples.

I ground my crotch into her face. She slid up from my pussy lips and up to my clitoris, where she sucked hard in rhythmic pressure. After a couple minutes of this, I was bucking into an orgasm. I haven’t ever come that hard. And I immediately felt remorse for cheating on my husband and the great joy I experienced. That feeling gave way to acceptance. No one had ever done that to me, and I felt great to be on the receiving end.

I asked her if I could reciprocate, and she said, “No, go home and give your husband a great evening of pleasure. Go down on him with all the gusto you can muster, as I have escort bursa just done for you. Just be ready to come back next week on the easy payment plan, and I will let your lesbian education continue.”

I looked at the clock and realized that it was past time to be back for lunch. I paid her $100 and told her I’d be back in two weeks with the rest of the money. I scurried to the office building and rode the elevator a little worried that my body smelled of sweat and sex. I hurried back to my desk and tried to look as busy as I could although, I was rather unable to concentrate the rest of that day, and for several days after. At lunch, I wandered past the shop, but the closed sign was on the door, and I even knocked once.

I returned in 2 weeks, on my next payday Friday. The shop was all lit up inside, with no jazz music, and no Ruby. Instead there was an older couple. I told her I owed her $100, and she said that there was no balance due on my purchase. I had paid in full. Perplexed, I asked if she was the owner, and what happened to Ruby.

“Oh Ruby is my cousin, so she went back to Chicago. She watches the store every summer for 2 weeks while we go on our church retreat.

“My husband bought this jewelry store after years of saving up from his shoeshine stand in the train station.” I looked over at the chair where I knew I drooled my sexual juices, and felt flushed.

“I don’t know how Ruby does it, selling out of season merchandise, Valentine’s Day jewelry past the season, but we only carry beautiful pieces. She likes to sell all the pieces with rubies in them. And bless her for keeping the shop while we get our chance to rest and rejuvenate.”

It was all very confusing to digest, and I was a little dazed. As I walked back to my office I felt naive for the strange misconceptions and for missing Ruby. I was also wondering where I would ever find a woman to explore my new desires.

When I got back to the office I noticed a co-worker, Wendy, who had only been at the office a few weeks. My eye went to a gold chain and a pair of ruby hearts.

I asked her where she got it. I showed her mine and told her I bought it from Ruby down the street. She flashed a knowing smile and asked if we could try to coordinate lunchtimes or go out for Happy Hour sometime.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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