Jeong Park’s First Frosh Ball Ch. 02

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Jeong Park’s First Frosh Ball Ch 02 – Chuckie’s in Love, sort-of

Continued from Chapter One

* * * * * *

The jet-black Viper ACR’s massive 8.4-liter V-10 engine growled as Erik changed down, pulling up smoothly outside Suzanne and Annie’s house. Suzanne struggled to slide off Annie’s lap and out, after which Annie peeled herself off Chuck’s lap. They’d been packed like sardines in the single front passenger seat. Chuck glanced across at Erik, raised an eyebrow.

“Thanks for dinner Erik. That was wonderful, do you guys want to come in for a coffee?” Annie leaned into the car and smiled brightly, asking before Suzanne could stop her.

Erik shrugged, grinned knowingly at Chuck. “Yeah, that’d be great Annie.”

Suzanne gave Annie a dirty look as the guys climbed out and followed them up the walkway to the front door. Annie gave her a “what?” face back.

“Mom? Dad? Anyone home?” Annie called out as they walked inside. Silence.

Behind the girls, Erik and Chuck grinned at each other. Erik didn’t wait. He took Suzanne’s hand, smiling at her when she glanced at him. She blushed, glancing sideways at Annie and Chuck. Chuck winked.

Annie laughed. “Hey, it’s not like I don’t know what you get up to sis.”

Erik gave Annie a smile that made her blush. Suzanne’s blush went from pink to red. Her feet took her up the stairs with Erik, up the stairs and straight into her bedroom.

“Like the restaurant, Suzy?” Erik was already unbuttoning her top. Didn’t hurt to be nice to the bitch seeing as he intended to keep on fucking her for a while longer. A bird in the hand was a lot better than jerking off. And he’d been thinking of that gook bitch again. That Jeong girl. Fuck! Just thinking about those perky tits of hers had him rock hard.

Suzanne’s hands were working at his belt, undoing it, unzipping his jeans as her skirt dropped to her ankles. “Yeah, it was really nice,” she said, sinking to her knees, the better to ease his jeans and then his boxers over his feet and off. His rigid cock bounced against her face as his boxers came down.

“Open wide and suck on this for dessert, babe.” Erik’s hands guided her head with one hand and his cock with ther other.

“Mmmpphhhh.” Suzanne opened wide.

* * * * * *

“Open wide and suck on this for dessert babe…”

Erik’s voice floated down the stairs. So okay, Erik hadn’t bothered shutting Suzy’s bedroom door before he got started. Frigging typical. Chuck glanced at Annie, saw her cheeks taking on a pinkish tinge. He grinned at her.

“Let’s go somewhere where we can’t hear them.” He almost winced as a steady thumping began from upstairs. Man, Erik was fast. And he was really giving it hard to Suzy. Again. The bastard was going to scare Annie off.

Annie giggled, surprising him. “They ARE noisy aren’t they?” She took his hand. “But hey, I don’t mind, I got used to her and Erik a while ago. Let’s go over here.” She walked into their family room, Chuck following. When she took a seat on the couch, still holding his hand, he sat next to her.

Chuck grinned. This was way easier than he’d been expecting. “Okay.”

Annie eyed him expectantly. “Ahh, are you going to kiss me or do I have to ask you,” she said, her eyes dropping just a little shyly. She blushed. She’d never asked anyone to kiss her before. Not that she’d had much of a chance. Suzanne had snaffled Dave and he’d been the first guy she’d been interested in who’d been interested in her. She hadn’t really forgiven Suzanne for that. Although this afternoon, finding Erik and Chuck as well as Dave with Suzanne, that’d been almost enough for her to forgive Suzanne. Dave hadn’t looked happy when he left. Served him right for letting Suzanne steal him, he should have stayed with her, she wouldn’t have let something like that happen. God, Suzanne was such a slut. Her and Erik were really going at it. Just listening to them upstairs was getting her hot.

Chuck wasn’t slow. Not more than a few seconds after they sat down his arms were around Annie, she found herself on her back on the couch, Chuck beside her, their lips were locked together, his tongue already sliding into her eagerly opened mouth. Above them the steady thumping continued. Annie wriggled around, enjoying feeling Chuck pressing against her. She could feel how hard he was too. It’d been pressing against her butt as she sat on his lap in the front seat, but she hadn’t been able to do much about it. Now she could. God, he kissed really well, she was really enjoying this. She kissed him back even more enthusiastically while she reached down with one hand to feel that hard bulge through his jeans. When she touched him there, he groaned into her mouth.

Annie sucked on his tongue as her hand touched him, feeling a little frisson of enjoyment at knowing that the hard bulge she could feel inside his jeans had been busy fucking her older sister a couple of hours earlier. Suzanne seemed to enjoy it. She certainly sounded like Betturkey she was enjoying what she was doing with Erik upstairs. Her moans and cries were getting louder and louder. God, Suzanne really was such a slut. Three guys.

It was almost embarrassing having Suzanne as an older sister. Dave and Erik and Chuck. She moaned excitedly into Chuck’s mouth as his lips crushed down on hers. God that hard bulge felt so big. So long and hard. She rubbed it gently, enjoying his sudden gasp, the way his body stiffened when she did that to him. Touching him like that and kissing him and listening to Suzanne, she was so hot and wet. She wondered what it would feel like to do what Suzanne was doing. It must be good for Suzanne to want to do it so many times.

Chuck’s mouth lifted from hers for a moment. “I hope you don’t have a boyfriend.”

Annie almost giggled. “No, Suzanne stole the last guy that was interested.”

“Dave?” Chuck raised an eyebrow, diverted for a second. He forgot himself. “That fucking dick-wad?”

“Yeah.” Annie still felt a little bitter about that one. “That fucking dick-wad.” Suzanne had enough guys chasing her. Why’d she stolen the one guy that was keen on Annie that she’d liked? But hey, the description fitted Dave to a T. She smiled at Chuck. “You interested in filling the vacancy?” She hoped she didn’t sound too eager. She wanted to sound funny. And Chuck seemed like a nice guy, good looking as well. He’d been fun over dinner at the restaurant tonight. She liked him. Even if he had been fucking her older sister. But hey, guys. Everyone knew they’d screw anything on two legs given half a chance.

Chuck looked into her eyes, smiling. Sometimes those cherries just dropped off the tree right into your mouth. And right now, he wasn’t interested in sharing this particular cherry with Erik. He wanted her all to himself. Sloppy seconds was fine with hot little bitches like Suzanne or those other girls that Erik scored with. Erik got his kicks from sharing them round. Chuck didn’t mind that. With Erik’s bitches. But for himself?

The more he considered it, the more he thought this was one little hottie he’d prefer to keep to himself. Fuck Erik, he scored enough of his own. This one was interested in him, not Erik. And the more he looked into those sparkling green eyes, the more he wanted her for himself and himself alone.

“Yeah, if the position’s still open.” Jesus, he realized he was serious. Fuck! He was. Those green eyes widened, looking up at him, considering him. He waited, heart pounding, feeling a suspense he hadn’t felt in a couple of years. Not since he was at High School.

“I don’t share with anyone. At all. Ever. I don’t like sharing guys with my sister. Or anyone else.” Annie was emphatic about that. No way. “If you want to date me, no fucking around on me.” She blushed at being so explicit, but hey, she knew what he’d been doing with Suzanne when she got home. “I don’t care what you did before me, okay?”

Chuck smiled. “Okay.”

“Seriously?” Annie’s heart was pounding. “Just like that?”

Chuck kissed her lips, a light brush of his lips against hers as his eyes looked down into hers. “Just like that.”

“You mean it?”

“Yeah.” Chuck blinked, realizing that fuck, he did mean it. He really did. He was totally hooked by this blonde-haired green-eyed hottie. He hadn’t felt like this since he was sixteen. “Yeah, I mean it.” He could hear his own conviction.

So could Annie. She smiled. Yeah! Chuck was hers. Not only did she like him, she’d stolen him away from Suzanne, for whatever that was worth. She could hear Suzanne and Erik upstairs. Suzanne was moaning loudly, her bed was creaking and thumping on the floor. Whatever Erik was doing to her, she was obviously enjoying. Chuck’s mouth closing on hers brought her attention back to what she was doing. Being kissed by Chuck. Passionately kissed. A passion she was intent on returning.

His hand cupped one of her breasts through her clothing, holding her, feeling good. She liked his hand on her there, so assertive, so possessive. She wasn’t so sure when his hand slid under her back, unzipped her dress, unhooked her bra with a casual ease that spoke of experience, sliding one shoulder of her dress down and her bra up to expose one of her breasts. Hiss mouth lifted from hers, he smiled down at her, he looked at her naked and exposed breast, the white of her skin accentuating the swollen pink of her rubbery hard nipple.

Annie blushed. She continued to blush as his mouth closed on hers again, as his hand cupped her naked breast. Her heart leapt at that touch, the first male touch her breast had ever felt.

“Aaaahhhhhhh.” She sighed into his mouth, her back arching a little. Wanting his hand there now, enjoying the touch of his hand on her naked skin, her nipple. Enjoying the gentle way he caressed her, the way his thumb brushed across her nipple again and again. Enjoying it even more when his mouth lifted from her lips and closed Betturkey Giriş on her breast instead, licking her skin, licking her nipple, sucking lightly on her nipple so that she shuddered and moaned softly.

When his hand eased the rest of her dress down and her bra up, exposing both of her breasts she made no objection, just as she made no objection when his mouth latched onto one breast while his hand caressed the other. It felt good, so good, and Chuck, she found herself liking him even more. She wasn’t so sure when his hand abruptly moved down to slide under her dress to stroke her inner thighs. She wasn’t sure at all. Wasn’t this a little fast? It wasn’t as if she knew him or anything. But the touch of his fingers on her thighs made her shiver, made her breath faster, made her legs part. And then he wasn’t stroking her inner thighs, he was teasing her through her panties so that she sobbed for breath.

“Uhhh…” Annie gasped, “Ohhhhhh.” Oh god, his hand, his touch. Her legs fell apart as his finger teased her, brushing her through her panties. Instead of stopping him, her hand rested on his, feeling his muscles move as he caressed her there, feeling her own sudden flood wetness in response. Oh god! Oh yes. His hand was moving up, his fingers slipping under the top of her panties. She knew what he was intending to do. She knew and her heart pounded wildly. Should she stop him? Should she? His fingers eased downwards. Still she made no move to stop him, feeling his fingertips brushing her pubic hair. Annie shivered, arching her back as his mouth sucked hard at one breast, her other hand holding his head against her, feeling the ripples of pleasure from her breast echoed where his fingers were about to touch her.

Her body jolted convulsively as his fingers slipped down to touch her where she’d feared and anticipated he would. His fingers. She could feel his fingers touching her, one finger slipping inwards between her labia where she was so hot and wet and slippery, his other fingers touching her, parting her. She shivered as that probing fingertip teased, explored, found her.

“Uuughhhhh.” Annie gasped as she felt his fingertip push inwards, feeling herself open to him. His finger slid easily into her, slid up inside her and she could feel it. Feel his finger probing upwards, within her, she could feel herself where he had entered her, his finger gently sliding across her labia so that she shivered again, her leg muscles weak, her knees falling apart. He raised his mouth from her breast, his eyes looked into hers and then he was kissing her as his finger moved gently inside her.

“Ooohhhhh.” Annie sighed into Chuck’s mouth, her taut body relaxing, softening, accepting his touch, accepting what he was doing to her, feeling her own excitement rising. Her mouth opened wide to him, accepting his tongue just as she was accepting his finger. Now she wasn’t thinking about stopping him at all, she was welcoming everything he was doing to her. In the back of her mind, she was contemplating doing with Chuck what she could still hear Suzanne and Erik doing upstairs. Chuck’s hand inside her panties felt so good, his finger inside her was making her hips jerk upwards.

Annie found herself wanting more.

Chuck smiled, wondering whether to remove her panties now or wait until next time. Fuck yeah, this was going great. Annie was hot and she was eager and she was as wet as her older sister had been and her little cunt was a hell of a lot tighter. Maybe she wasn’t going to be easy like her older sister but hey, there was a first time for everything and she certainly acted like she wanted more. Maybe he should go ahead and remove her panties and fuck her now, on her parent’s couch. God knows he wanted to fuck her, but then again, not with Erik around.

They heard the garage door grinding open.

“Oh shit! My parents,” Annie squealed, abruptly sitting up.

“Fuck!” Chuck cursed as he whipped his hand out from inside Annie’s panties.

Annie’s hands fumbled at her bra, hurriedly fastening it, found her shoulder straps, pulled her dress back up, hastily re-zipping the back. “Oh shit! Suzy,” she gasped, “quick, tell Suzy and Erik.”

Chuck dashed across the hallway to the bottom of the stairs.

* * * * * *

“Shit! My parents…” Suzanne groaned, hearing the garage door, not wanting to stop, heels kicking at the ceiling, her hands clutching at Erik’s butt as he humped her hard. She knew she was close. Another few seconds… Just another few seconds… that was all she needed… “Finish … in me … I want it … I want it…”

“Better get your ass downstairs buddy, her parents are here,” Chuck called up the stairs.

“Coming,” Erik answered them both, thrusting himself deep into Suzanne and cumming hard. Suzanne arched beneath him, eyes wide, straining beneath him as she felt the semen burst from Erik’s cock and once more jet out within her. Yes! Yes! Ohhhh yeees she was there!

“Ohhhhh … uugghhhhh Betturkey Güncel Giriş … ooohhhhh.” She did her best to stifle her moans, sinking her teeth into Erik’s shoulder to muffle the noises she was trying not to make as she bucked up against Erik, her orgasm taking her fast and hard as Erik spurted into her. Jesus jesus jesus it was so good and she just wanted to lie there but her parents … oh god she had to move and Erik was still cumming inside her and she could hear the garage door closing now.

“Uuughhhhh.” She felt him spurt inside her one last time and then he was pulling out of her, rolling off her.

“Fuck … oh fuck where’s my panties … oh fuck…”. She was off the bed almost as fast as Erik, frantically pulling her clothes on. Bra, t-shirt, in the end she slipped her jeans on without worrying about the panties she couldn’t find.

With the benefit of long experience, Erik was completely dressed before Suzanne had even reached for her jeans. Dressed and bolting down the stairs. Annie looked relieved when he appeared to take a seat in the family room. She pushed a coffee mug into his hand, had another one ready for Suzanne as she cannoned down the stairs, panting hard.

When their parents walked in the door, the two girls were sitting decorously on one of the couches drinking coffee while the two guys sat in armchairs.

“Hi Mom, hi Dad, this is Chuck, this is Erik. These are our parents.” Annie did the introductions. Suzanne was still trying to get her breath back. Erik and Chuck stood, the epitome of good manners, shaking hands.

“Pleased to meet you boys, call me Max,” the girls’ Dad smiled at them.

“Jenny,” their Mom said with a smile. She was the spitting image of her daughters. With her clear complexion, she could have been their older sister. “So you’re this Erik we’ve heard so much about?”

“Erik and Chuck just took us out for dinner Dad,” Annie smiled. “We went to Dundee’s.”

“Nice,” Max said approvingly. “Nothing better than a good steak.” He glanced at Suzanne. “I thought that other young man of yours was taking you to that rabbit food place tonight.”

“Ahh, I decided to go out with Erik instead.” Suzanne blushed.

“Well, we didn’t mean to intrude, if you’ll excuse us we better get going,” Erik smiled before anyone could say anything else.

“Sure, sure, nice to meet you boys,” Max smiled, “the girls can see you out.”

“Bye now,” Jenny gave them both a smile. Erik heard her inhale as he walked past her towards the door, caught her eyes following him. He gave her a smile, smiled harder as she blushed. Okay, it looked like Suzanne was a chip of the old block. Now if Annie was as well. His smile grew broader as he stepped outside, Suzanne following him, Chuck and Annie not too far behind.

Outside, Suzanne sagged against garage door. “Shit!” she gasped. “Oh shit.”

Erik laughed, took her in his arms. “Relax babe.” He gave her a quick kiss. Nuzzled her ear. “I’ll come round tomorrow afternoon, okay. What time do you get home?”

“No classes tomorrow afternoon,” Suzanne breathed, “I’ll be home by two.”

“See you then,”

“Just you?”

“Just me, babe.” Erik grinned down at her. “Don’t wear any panties, okay.”

Suzanne blushed. She said nothing but he knew she wouldn’t. When Erik left her, Chuck and Annie were talking down by Erik’s car. Annie walked back up smiling as the guys climbed into the car. She waved once as they pulled away.

“Chuck’s really nice,” Annie said. “We’re going out on a date this Friday.” She looked sideways at Suzanne. She wanted to make sure her sister knew Chuck was hers. It’d been pretty clear that Suzanne had been doing it with Chuck and with Dave. And with Erik, obviously.

It was kind of gross thinking about that. Gross, but actually a little bit exciting too. She’d known Suzanne was a bit wild. When Erik had been round before it’d been obvious what they got up to. And the gossip about that party. She really wanted to ask about that party and what had happened. But no, it was better not to ask.

Suzanne looked back at her. She seemed a little pale and shaken. Well, it had been close. Suzanne shook her head. “Chuck, yeah, that’s nice Annie, I never met him before tonight.”

Annie’s eyes widened. Considering what he’d so obviously been doing with Suzanne upstairs, that seemed a little … slutty … of her big sister. She didn’t like to think about Suzanne like that even though it’d been more than obvious tis afternoon. As for Chuck? Everyone knew guys were like that.

Suzanne shrugged wearily. She felt exhausted. Almost, she felt defeated by what had happened this afternoon. She’d really liked Dave. But Erik? She’d thought she could put him aside, but when he turned up at her door like that, the old attraction she’d felt for him had just flamed back into life instantaneously, consuming her. She knew exactly how a moth felt fluttering around the flame, drawn to the radiance until … pzzzttt … she was consumed. For a moment she wanted to hug her little sister, hug her and be hugged back.

“So you’re not interested in him?” Annie’s words broke her mood. Her butt hurt where Chuck had fucked her. She wasn’t going to tell Annie that. Let her find out for herself.

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