Tourist Fun in Wine Country

The B&B in Napa had come highly recommended by our friends Meryl and Mitch, who said to be sure to have someone named Kathryn show us the sauna. When we checked into the large, Craftsman style house, and were met by a striking brunette.

Five foot 8 with light tan skin and wide eyes, she wore a slate gray shirt and a khaki green skirt that highlighted her figure. A full head of pure black hair draped around her face before cascading over her ample bosom. She rested her hand lightly on my upper arm, “Welcome. My name is Kathryn, and I’m the innkeeper.” She checked our names in the reservation database. “I see you were recommended by Meryl and Mitch. Would you like the same visitor package that they made us of?

I blinked at Jan, who shrugged. “Sure. Whatever they had…”

“Very good,” Kathryn smiled and began unbuttoning her blouse. “If there is anything you need,” she removed her shirt revealing a black lace bra over large, dark nipples, “Anything at all,” she was lowering the zipper at the side of her skirt. “Please do not hesitate to ask.” Her skirt came off. Her panties were matching black lace barely covering a thick patch of black pubic hair.

“Excuse me…” I began, but Jan cut me off as she lifted her shirt over her head.

“Thank you for having such a welcoming policy. May I kiss you?”

“Of course.” Kathryn openly admired Jan’s breasts encased in a blue satin bra. “While all touching is encouraged as part of the “Swinger” package, it is considered courteous to ask.”

Jan put a hand behind Kathryn’s neck and pulled her into a kiss. Kathryn’s hand reached for the clasp of Jan’s bra, breaking the kiss long enough to ask, “May I?”

“Only if I may return the favor,” Jan replied.

Both women had their bras undone in seconds, and were rubbing their nipples together amidst deep sighs and occasional gasps.

I could only stare, my dick growing in my pants.

“Let me show you around the place,” Kathryn took Jan’s hand.

“No, wait,” Jan stopped and began opening her blue jeans, peeling them away to show blue satin that matched her bra as it encased her round butt and cupped her pubis. “I’d feel awkward with you having such a lovely pussy while I was in rough denim.”

Both women looked at me, expectantly.

I pulled my pants off, over my shoes. My black boxer briefs displayed a barely restrained bulge.

“He’s quite nice, isn’t he?”

Jan put her arm around Kathryn’s narrow waist. “Wait until he’s fully erect.”

“I’m positively dripping with expectation.”

I followed the women as they sauntered around the lower level of the house, showing off the living room, sitting room, kitchen and a large dining room with seating for 12! No one else seemed to be visiting the B&B that day. Kathryn stopped in front of two dark wooden doors. “And this, is the playroom.” She pulled open the double doors. The heady smell of sex poured over us as we gazed at as many as five couples on thick pads on the floor. They were men and women, youngish and oldsters, different colors and body types. All with one thing in common: sex. All were licking or sucking or fucking or being fucked, and several combinations of thereof. “This was Meryl’s favorite room.”

“Of course, it was,” Jan marveled.

“I think there were days when Mitch went on our excursions by himself. Although, with the Swinger package, you need never be alone.”

“And now, upstairs,” Kathryn began climbing the polished wooden staircase.

Jan took hold of my solid cock. “And now, upstairs,” as she followed Kathryn’s swaying butt. Jan nudged me, tilting her head toward Kathryn as she mouthed “Say something.”

I coughed. “I must say, Kathryn, you have a spectacular ass,” Jan looked at me, aghast but Kathryn smiled as if I had paid her the highest compliment.

“Why, thank you. If you’d like to explore inside it” she slowed to let us get close “Please just ask.”

At the top of the stairs, Kathryn stopped and turned to us. From four steps down, her pussy was at eye level. “Your room is the first on the right,” She pointed with an elegant index finger whose fingernail was significantly shorter than the others on that hand. I quickly glanced to her other hand, noticing the same distinction, but with the middle finger trimmed short, while all the others had long nails, perfectly manicured to a sharp point.

“There is brochure in the room describing each of our accommodations and excursions. Everything is included in the price except wine, food purchases and tips.”

She stepped aside, letting us climb to her level. Her smile could turn my knees to liquid and my cock to solid.

“Here is your key card. And once more, since it is your first time, let me repeat,” she slid her hand into her panties, where it was clear that she was inserting her fingers into her pussy. She gasped, then brought the fingers out, covered in her juices. “If there is any way I can make your stay more pleasant,” she wiped her cunt juice under escort gaziantep bayan numaraları Jan’s nose, “please do not hesitate to ask.” She smeared her fingers under my nose and I quickly caught them in my mouth, locking eyes, as I sucked and licked them clean. “Anything at all,” she finished with a sigh.

She rubbed the large bulge in my crotch before she stepped away, “I’ll have someone bring up your luggage. Would you prefer Armand or Agila?”

“Armand,” I said.

“Agila,” Jan said at the same instant.

We both smiled and chuckled. Jan turned to Kathryn, “Whomever you would recommend.”

“Of course,” and she stepped past us on her way downstairs.

I unlocked the room as quickly as possible. The minute we were inside, I grabbed Jan, kissing her fiercely as my cock pressed against her stomach. “What the hell is going on?”

She dropped our clothes in the middle of the floor before grabbing my cock and tugging it with long, fast jerks.

“I should have known Meryl would recommend a swingers’ resort. Kathryn thinks we’ll like the same ‘sharing’ high jinks as those two perverts.”

I chuckled, “And the problem is?”

“I am so goddam horny right now I can’t think straight!” Jan shoved me onto the bed, burying her face between my knees. She sucked me hard and deep before lifting her head. “Kathryn wants to fuck you. You got that, right?”

“Ya think?” I rested my hand in her hair, guiding her up and down my pulsing cock.

“And you want to fuck her, don’t you, Lover?”

“Absolutely! And you? What will you do while Kathryn and I are indulging our lust?”

“I will be going back and forth, licking your assholes.” She paused in her assault on my cock. “Or maybe Armond will be worth giving a tumble.”

I was humping her face, faster and deeper. “And don’t forget, Meryl and Mitch specifically recommended the sauna … fuck yes, Jan. I’m going to cum.”

Jan doubled her efforts, abandoning the conversation long enough to deep throat my cock, making me fill her throat with cum. I pumped uncontrollably, shooting stream after stream into her mouth.

Jan swallowed with a satisfied groan.

I cradled her face, lifting until she sat on my lap, her soaked panties squishing onto my thighs.

“That looks like the excursion brochure, there,” I nodded my head toward the nightstand.

When Jan leaned over to pick it up, I slid two fingers under her panties and into her dripping pussy.

“Ooo, yes Lover.”

She pressed back on my fingers, pushing them deep as I unfolded my thumb across her clit.

Jan began to read aloud.

“In-room dress code and personal access is established and enforced by the assigned occupants.”

She smirked, “Personal access?”

“Who gets access to whom and how often?”

“And how messy,” she smiled dreamily.

“In-house playroom facility. All occupants and their guests age 21 and over are welcome. Please enter and exit through the unisex locker room. See posted dress code for appropriate individual attire.”

“Dress code? Was anybody in that room dressed?”

Jan squinted, “I just remember seeing lots of tits, cocks, clits, and asses.”

“Sounds like our kind of place.”

“Private Wine Tour for Lovers. Now we’re talking,” Jan wiggled her hips on my fingers. “Escape for a day in the wine country on this exclusive winery tour, with all tasting fees included! Your private group tour visits three estate wineries, beginning with Castello Degli Innamorati. Your personal concierge will help you discover the intimate winemaking process. Enjoy the Napa Valley regions of Yountville, St. Helena, and Rutherford.”

“Intimate process? Do we get to watch the winemakers fucking?”

Jan smiled, then groaned when my fingers sped up their internal massage. “Well, there’s this. NOTICE: For health and safety reasons, no nudity is allowed in manufacturing area. Appropriate robes and masks will be provided. Complete nudity and access is allowed, and encouraged, in the tasting area.”

“This really is a fuck-as-you-go resort.”

“Starting with your magical fingers, Lover.”

I rubbed her clit in quick, tiny circles.

“Hot air balloon ride. Hm, we may have to do this. Aw, fuck, Lover. So nice. Um…In compliance with county laws and statutes, no nudity is allowed below 1000 feet. Complete nudity and access is allowed and encouraged above 1000 feet at the discretion of the pilot.”

“Can we request a pilot with no discretion?”

“It doesn’t say. Faster Lover. Finger me faster.”

She scanned down the pages. “Ah, here’s the sauna. The intimate sauna experience takes place in a reused and renovated wine barrel. Sauna can be reserved as either a private or shared booking. Nudity and full access is allowed, based on booking status.”

“Hm. Full access.”

“That means pegging your sexy ass while surrounded by stream.”

“Did you bring the double dildo?”

“Of course, though I’m sure escort bayan gaziantep reklamları Kathryn has something we could borrow, if necessary.”

“She may only let us borrow half of it, while she keeps control of the rest.”

Jan’s breath was coming in short gasps as she continued reading. “Open Air Wine Trolley Tour with Lunch. Now that sounds fun.”

“Fresh air around my balls. A stiff breeze up your…”

“No nudity is allowed while on board the open-air trolley. Nudity and complete access is allowed and encouraged in tasting rooms and outdoor picnic areas.”

“Party poopers.”

“Speaking of poop, Lover,” she rocked forward, sharing a view of her tight anus. I slipped one finger from her well-lubed cunt, then pressed it into her asshole.

“FUCK YES. Keep going!” She looked at the next item and laughed around her lusty groans.

“How appropriate. Horseback riding tour. No nudity allowed at any time during horseback riding tour.

“That’s probably so the horses don’t get a superiority complex.”

“Not around you, my big-dicked … FUCK YES! OH GOD I’M … SO GOOD!”

Her cunt squirted around my hand and across the bed as she humped me quick and hard. Soon, she started to relax.

“That’s everything. Where do you want to start?”

Before I could answer, there was a soft knock on the door. Without thinking, I moved Jan off my lap and stood to open the door.

A small, dark-skinned Asian woman stood behind a luggage cart with our bags on it. In keeping with the theme of the resort, she was completely nude.

“Hello. My name is Agila,” she started pushing the cart into our room. “Milady Kathryn said I should make you feel…” her voice trailed off as she saw Jan, sitting on the bed, smiling, her large alabaster tits riding high and proud, her legs spread in a lewd display of her dripping cunt. “… welcome,” she finished her sentence, politely taking her eyes from Jan, only to find my big cock, hard and glistening.

Once the cart was out of the way, I got a good look at Agila. A petite five feet tall, her hair was black and straight, long enough to part as it flowed down her square shoulders and over her large, tan breasts. Her nipples were dark brown and quickly puckering as she watched me stroke my cock. Her hands drifted to the small tuft of smooth, straight hair at the front of her labia, fingers spreading as she touched herself.

Jan stood close beside her, putting a hand on her tight, tan ass.

“Suck it, Agila. He won’t mind. And I will lick your cunt while you do it.”

Agila’s head whipped toward Jan, a luscious smile on her face, her almond eyes wide with desire. Jan gave her a soft tongue kiss. Agila’s eyes grew wider still as she plumbed Jan’s mouth.

“I taste…”

“It’s his cum. He filled my mouth just a few minutes ago.”

Agila looked back at my cock, throbbing to its full size. “And he’s already hard again,” she marveled.

“Do you want your cunt licked, Agila? Or should we ask him to put that big cock in your tiny pussy?”

By way of an answer the Asian woman knelt down, then crawled toward my dick. “Lick me,” she spoke to Jan while mesmerized by the bobbing cock in my hand. She presented her dark brown backside to Jan’s appreciative gaze. “Suck my clit while I suck your man’s cock. Finger fuck my cunt while your man fucks my face.”

I tilted my cock down, pointing it at her intense expression, “Hello Agila. May I fuck your mouth?”

Her eyebrows slopped upward, as if the question was obvious. “It is what I live for. It is why I took this job.” She cradled my shaft in her small hands. Her English was clipped but perfect. “I love to be used. Make me your slut, both of you, and I will make your dreams come true as well.”

Jan was pulling off her sticky panties, “That’s all I need to hear,” Spectacularly naked, Jan got on all fours, crawling up behind Agila. Her nose against the other woman’s pussy, she paused to inhale her unique fragrance before licking the dark brown lips.

Agila sighed as she slipped her mouth over my cock. “You’re so big, sir. With her on my clit I will cum soon. Fill me with your seed.” She started rocking forward and back, pushing me deeper into her throat as she pressed her clit to Jan’s mouth.

“You taste exquisite,” Jan cooed. I saw her bring up one hand, inserting two fingers into the tight orifice. Agila moaned and sucked me harder.

I felt her tongue circling the swollen head of my cock. Then her fingers were stroking my balls. I threaded my fingers in her smooth dark hair, pulling her head tight against my stomach, pushing my long, thick shaft to the back of her throat. I heard her breath in, her nose buried in my thick pubic hair, “Oh fuck,” she sighed. Tightening her fingers around my balls, the other hand grabbed my rod, pumping in rhythm with her mouth.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed Jan lift her head. I watched as she smiled at me, her face glistening gaziantep escort kız telefonları with Agila’s pussy juice. She raised her hand to show me two fingers, pressed together, then added a third before lowering them into Agila’s cunt.

The small woman grunted, then cried, “Yes, madam! Fuck me hard.”

She humped onto Jan’s hand with deep fast jerks, her tongue lathing my entire shaft as she clucked her throat on my head. I grabbed her hair with both hands, matching her speed as I fucked her face. “I’m going to cum Agila. Your mouth is…FUCK YES AGILA DON’T’ STOP!”

I slammed my cock far into her mouth, shooting load after load of cum down her throat. Agila screamed around the mouthful of dick, her body convulsing. I heard Jan gulp and saw cunt juice splash around her face and down her tits. “GIVE ME YOUR CUM, YOU TINY SLUT!” Jan shouted, feeding Agila’s fantasy as she pounded her fingers into the tight cunt.

I pumped into her, again and again. “Still cumming,” I managed to groan.

“Agila, don’t’ swallow!” Jan commanded. “Bring his cum to me!” She took another long drink from Agila’s cunt before sitting up on her thighs. She grabbed the smaller woman, yanking her around, but there was no concern that Agila would not obey. Her mouth sealed shut, her eyes wide with lust, she kept grunting “Um hm. Um hm. Um hm.”

I noticed Jan’s mouth was also tightly closed. Her hand was at her pussy, frigging herself wildly, as Agila knelt in front of her. Her small tan hands took Jan’s alabaster face on either side and pulled her into a kiss. Her eyes grew wider as she realized she was not the only one with a load to share. The two women traded mouths full of cum, mine and Agila’s. Jan’s hands gripped Agila’s light brown tits, mauling and tugging the dark nipples. Agila groaned, cum pouring from her mouth, running down Jan’s face an onto both sets of breasts.

I was still jerking my cock, managing to fire more sperm onto the floor as I watched this incredible consummation.

As the women calmed and parted, I quickly knelt between them, kissing Jan deeply, then Agila, saying, “Oh Agila, you are such a wonderful slut.”

She wriggled with delight at the genuine compliment. “If I have pleased you, sir,” then to Jan, “madam, then I am content.” The smell of our shared sex was making me hard again and I began licking their tits and sucking their nipples, enjoying the taste of mingled cum and sweat.

Jan held me to her breast, caressing my hair as I felt Agila’s fingers sneaking between my ass cheeks. “How long will you be with us?” Agila asked quietly.

Jan kissed her, soft and gentle, “Only until Tuesday.”

Agila nodded, “And you will want to partake in all the excursions? Fucking the other guests?”

“Isn’t that what you will be doing?” I asked, kissing the top of her head.

“My instructions come from Milady Kathryn, but how I implement those instructions is up to me. I was told to make you feel welcome. I hope I have done that.”

Jan kissed her again, gently caressing her dark brown nipples. “You have done that and more. You are a very good slut.”

Agila noticed the brochure, all-but-forgotten on the bedspread. “Have you decided how you want to spend your day. It’s probably too late for the hot air balloon or any of the organized wine tours.”

“A friend recommended the sauna.”

Agila’s face brightened. “The sauna is wonderful. I love getting sweaty and slippery. May I join you, so I can give myself to sir?” She glanced longingly at my half-hard cock. “Your cum tastes wonderful, but I want that big cock in my cunt.”

Jan smiled, taking my dick in one hand while cupping Agila’s pussy with the other. “Sister, I know what you mean. I’m a slut for my man’s cock as well.” She squeezed me, eliciting a few drops of per-cum, which Agila quickly bent to lick away. Jan laughed, “Yes, you are my Sister Slut from now on!”

“Sister Slut,” Agila repeated, grinning as she licking Jan’s tits.

“Agila,” I decided to be the practical one, “How do we book the sauna?”

Agila struggled to get into professional mode as Jan caressed her brown nipples. “You can use the website, or call the desk, oh my…” she put a hand to Jan’s head at her tit. “Or, since your room is so close, we can just walk there and see if it’s in use.”

“Will we need robes?”

Agila shook her head, “The resort hallways are considered private and not subject to the pruderies of the outside world. Or, as Milady Kathryn likes to say, naked is always better.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Jan gave Agila’s tit one last nibble before putting her arms around both of us.

I opened the door and lifted my chin, proud to be in the company of these two sexy women, “To Oz?”

Jan leaned toward Agila, “Sex makes him quote movies, and movie quotes make him hard.”

Agila laughed, shouting, “To Oz!”

We strutted together down the hall, my cock taking the lead.

As promised the sauna was a large wine barrel, perhaps eight feet around, just a few steps out a side door and into a courtyard garden. One end had two small benches mounted on either side of a thick, glass door, frosted opaque on the lower three-quarters but clear at the top. Not far away, a young couple was locked in a 69 on a patch of thick grass. Hearing the door, the woman looked up at us, giving a finger wave before diving back onto the very respectable cock. Jan waved back, “I am really starting to like this place.”

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