Houseboat Log Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: The Bridge Club Cums Aboard

As you know from the earlier chapters, I had recently met two lovely mature women Ellie and Susan, and enjoyed exploring their inner selves on my houseboat on the Gulf Coast of Florida. My name is Paul Johnson. I am the Captain and owner of the aptly christened Wet N Wild, a luxury houseboat docked in a marina on the vast Tampa Bay.

Relaxing on the boat after a morning of woodworking, and quaffing a cold one around 1 PM Friday afternoon, I got a call from Eleanor, the tall, sensual redhead who lives on Siesta Key. Ellie asked me to drop by later that afternoon for an impromptu cocktail party with a few of her close friends that she wanted me to meet. After a brief nap to recharge, I showered, shaved, dressed, and headed for her condominium complex.

Ringing the door bell, I was greeted with a hug and kiss by my hostess, Ellie. She lightly ground her pelvis into mine to let me know she was looking forward to some sexy flirting during the evening. As I entered her tastefully appointed apartment overlooking the Gulf, I was surprised to see three other very attractive women in their 50’s to 60’s looking to me expectantly with smiles on their faces. Ellie introduced me to Barbara, a cute pixie of a blonde with an hour glass figure, then Donna, a platinum blonde with a deep tan and a huge bust flowing from her low cut tank top, and last, but not least Birchenal, an exotic dark haired beauty, tall, slender, with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“Paul, this is my bridge club” Ellie explained. “We play every Friday afternoon for a few hours, have a drink or two and snacks, then head to the club where you met me a few weeks ago to drink and socialize. I casually mentioned that we had gone out together to the girls and they asked to meet you.”

Burchenal laughed, “Ellie, you were more than casual in describing Paul to us! Ha, Ha.

Paul, she described you as tall, handsome, funny, and an oral fiend as well as having a great cock!”

I blushed crimson at Birchenal’s crude, but exciting description. While I enjoy a quiet confidence about my abilities in amour, I don’t kiss and tell, nor do I brag. I looked over to Ellie and could see she was blushing too, with a tell tale smile lighting up her face.

Ellie said, “The girls and I are great friends and confide in each other, I hope that doesn’t bother you, Paul. We are all divorced, horny, intelligent women who would love to find better relationships than we have had in the past. I was lucky to meet you and wanted to share my luck with the other girls.”

My mouth hung open on those words. Was Ellie inviting the other three to join in the fun? I added to her description of her friends, “And you are all incredibly beautiful as well!”

Birchenal glided sensually to me, threw her long arms around my neck, looked into my eyes and said to me no more than three inches from my lips, “We all appreciate a man of your talents and discretion, Paul.” Then she kissed me with her full lips, opening them to let her tongue dance with mine. My cock immediately tented my slacks and pushed into her cargo shorts. I knew she could feel my arousal. This was such a surprise to me, expecting a casual cocktail party not realizing the party was to be my cock and their tails. I looked over to Ellie to get her approval. Ellie’s eyes were sparkling with lust and humor as she saw my predicament. She gave me a little nod assenting to me and the bridge club to proceed. I put my arms around Birchenal, pulling her into me tighter so she could measure me with her groin. Donna and Barbara, not to be outdone, both took turns giving me a lusty kiss and hug too, each giving my cock a sensual Ankara travesti grope as I fitted their ass cheeks to my big hands.

I walked over to Ellie, pushed her down on her couch and told her I owed her one for introducing and sharing me with these other three MILF’s. I knelt between her knees and whispered, “shall we show the girls what they have to look forward to?” This gave her the option to decline until we were in a more private setting, but I wanted to find out if she got off on being watched by her friends. Birchenal called out to Ellie to go with the flow. I unbuttoned her cargo shorts, pulled them down her long legs and started kissing up her soft thighs. Ellie sank back into the couch, lifting her ass to let me take her shorts off her. I then kissed her stomach and her pubic area, I pulled her thong aside and licked her labia slowly, and eliciting groans from Ellie and her friends. They were encouraging us, calling out to me to eat her juicy pussy and for her to cum all over my face. As I inserted two fingers into her love canal slowly, she started to buck and thrash with each stroke of my fingers. Ellie moaned to me to go deeper and harder, and I did. I fastened my lips on her clit and tweaked it with my tongue fast as I sucked it into my mouth. She thrashed until she came loudly.

Ellie pulled her shorts up and brought me a tall cold brew and explained that the ladies all wanted to take a turn with me on the Wet n Wild at my convenience, but that she wished we could continue to get to know each other as she was very interested in making our relationship grow deeper and more rewarding for both of us. Well, who was I to deny this lovely long limbed redhead with gorgeous green eyes!! If you haven’t read the earlier parts, Ellie is an elegant Jewish divorcee’ from New York gorgeous long legs, an ample 36D -26-35 figure, pale soft skin, and a sensual look to her that belies a smoldering sexual goddess.

We enjoyed the sunset as a group, drinking and laughing at my earlier discomfort with not understanding the situation. We headed to the piano bar where Ellie and I met the first time and enjoyed the music and a slow dance or two with each of these incredible women, I was the envy of the male lounge lizards that night. Two of the girls decided to hook up with guys they met that night. Ellie and Birchenal and I headed back to the Wet N Wild for a nightcap and to see what kind of naughty we could conjure up together.

We settled on board and I put some mood music on, this time settling for an old Isaac Hayes album that we danced to the girls sandwiching me to the sensual lyrics and beat of “Shaft”. The irony of this music was not lost on us. Since Ellie had already sampled my oral skills at her place, Birchenal decided it was her turn. She slid out of her shorts as she was dancing and threw her top over her head. Dressed now only in her panties and bra, she backed into me grinding her ass into my cock as we danced. I reached around in front of her and unlatched her bra, removing it, then slid her thong down her legs. She stepped out of it, then turned to me and whispered into my ear, “Lick me, Paul, do me, I am so hot for your tongue!”

I pushed Birchenal back into a leather overstuffed chair and lifted her legs onto my shoulder sliding her ass to the edge and lifting her moist pussy to my face. As I got into tonguing her slit, Ellie, now sans clothes herself, and not to be left out, climbed onto the chair and, using the overstuffed arms of the chair balanced above Birchenal’s face. She lowered herself onto her lips and yelped as Birchenal started to dart her tongue up into her hot pussy like a small cock piercing her wet vagina.

I let İstanbul travesti my tongue slide slowly over her clit, sucking lightly, tweaking it with the tip of my tongue, as my fingers found her g spot. I could tell this woman was close, she was humping my face with short sharp pelvic thrusts that threatened to punish my face.

Her dense pubic thatch of hair matched the color of her long brown tresses. Her pussy was hot and flowing just like I like it. I savored her taste, feeling her start to tense her stomach and leg muscles and close in her thighs around my ears. Birchenal screamed out her pleasure as she came,. “Ohhhhh, suck it hard dammit, I’m cummmmminnnnggggg.” She shot her nectar into my mouth, overwhelming me with a strong hard piss like surge. It wasn’t piss, but it flowed like it, down my face and all over my chest. At the same time she lost contact with Ellie as she thrashed wildly underneath her. Ellie thrust her ass back at me as I stood up and I quickly inserted my rock hard cock into her hot pussy.

“Oh Goddddddddddd,” she screamed as I bottomed out quickly in her hot canal. I was over the top at this point, just fucking into this woman from behind in a fast hard pace, just wanting to unload in her. I grasped her hips in my big hands, held her steady and fucked her hard. As Birchenal woke from her orgasmic stupor she reached up and fondled my balls as we rocked above her. She stuck a finger in my ass and that was all it took to send my rockets shooting into Ellie. I cum buckets, and as Ellie started to howl in her own orgasm, the cum spewed out of her hot pussy and dripped all over Birchenal’s face. I drove slowly back and forth in Ellie until my cock got too sensitive, pulled out and backed off the chair to survey what I had wrought with these two fabulous women.

Birchenal was smiling up at me, cum glistening from her cheeks and breasts. Ellie was rocking back and forth still savoring her last orgasm, sweat glistening from her whole body and cum still streaking down her thighs.

I cleaned up and relieved myself in the bathroom and when I returned I looked over at the two women. They were lightly touching, moving inevitably into a sixty nine embrace, casually licking and sucking each other to delightful climaxes. They happily looked over at me after relaxing and I winked my enjoyment in watching as they kissed and fondled each other after their orgasms.

The two women were in a state, the sudden sexual tryst affecting both of them in different ways. I thought it appropriate to invite them to come aboard the Wet n Wild individually or in groups in the future to enjoy the ambience of an erotic day or two on the Gulf. I smiled as I returned and we had a very nice glass of cognac and talked about the opportunities ahead. As Birchenal left I made sure to give her individual attention with my hands and a long lingering kiss after walking her to her car. I felt good about staying with Ellie for the night, believing in coming home with the girl you bring to the dance!

Even though it was only our third time together, we were settling into a good relationship, both sensually and spiritually. I felt like we would always be great friends, and hopefully more someday. I enjoyed a nice slow one on one with Ellie, getting into her again after a few hours rest. This time I took more time licking her ass, probing it with my finger and popping the head of my cock into her nether region with the aid of some lubricant.. She was tight and I worked it so that she had little discomfort before pulling out. My thought was to prepare her a little at a time, so that she anticipates more the next time. I don’t believe in butt plugs when a little tender İzmir travesti loving applied to a woman’s ass is so much more pleasurable. She enjoyed everything we did, and it fired her passions as well. We slept well after I deposited a load in her tight bubble butt. . I wrapped her in my arms and we spooned to sleep. She felt my warm cock against her ass all night.

The next morning Ellie and I woke together and cuddled. I slipped my cock in her very hot moist pussy, and slow fucked her to a great morning orgasm, rubbing her ass the whole time. She liked me kissing her neck and shoulders from behind, kneading her nipples while I sawed in and out of her sweet pussy. I could feel her body shake and squeeze my cock as she came. I continued to hold her and kiss her until we both decided it was time to get up and get going. I left her with a kiss and a promise to call her soon.

When I got back to the boat, I showered, shaved and changed. After a great turkey and avocado wrap, I started to check my email and drink a cup of coffee. On my email was a note from Susan, my interior decorator, outlining her plan and the costs to implement them. She had a good eye and listened well to my requirements, so I emailed her back to go ahead with her ideas. Susan offered to take me to a great jazz club that night and seal the deal. This was an offer I couldn’t refuse. She had in mind me sealing her deal with my cock I was certain. We danced and flirted with each other all night, our passions arising slowly, steadily until I whispered in her ear that I was either going to fuck her silly in the bathroom or back at the Wet n Wild, so take her pick. Susan knew what she wanted and told me to grab the check while she freshened her lipstick.

I drove us to the dock and we walked out onto the deck, hand in hand. She turned to me and said,

“It’s a perfect night, Paul, why don’t we do make love up here on a few cushions.” To seal the deal, she dropped a cushion to the deck from a deck lounger, knelt and proceeded to unzip my trousers and sucked my cock out of them and into her pretty mouth. Susan was a go getter type, a woman to be appreciated. She had me in her control and she knew it once she got my cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked and played with her tiny hands. She brought me to the brink several times, backing off when she felt my cock swell. We established a gentle rocking motion that matched the tiny roll of the boat. The breeze was cool, the moon bright, the sounds of the sea were all around us.

Having cum once this morning, I wasn’t having any trouble maintaining a good steady rhythm without cumming too quickly. She seemed to have a passion for a good long suck session, maybe even a cock slut. I feel like I can truly appreciate a woman of taste like that!

I found my rhythm and felt the cum rise in my balls and pulled out and sprayed her face and her cute breasts forcefully. I could see by the look in Susan’s eye and her licking the cum off her breasts and cheeks that she was a cum slut and I found out later upon inquiry that she was! What a treat I had lucked into. I truly appreciate a woman who enjoys oral sex, giving and receiving as much as I do. She was so close to orgasm herself, that a few sucks on her clit was all it took to have her hips bucking into me wildly, pussy juices squirting everywhere. I thought to myself, “Self, you have found heaven on earth.”

Susan lay back panting, and told me she wanted to be my cum queen. She promised to save her pussy for me if I would give her a cum bath when she needed it. I told her that sounded good as I didn’t want her playing the field and me worrying about her health and by linkage to my health. I told her I would limit myself to a few women whom I knew were safe, older mature women like her. We both wanted a no strings relationship with each other, but wanted to enjoy the sex whenever we had the opportunity.

Sound complicated? Well I was willing to work on refining the agreement, lol.

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