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A small, curvaceous brunette leaned on the door frame of a hot workshop, the only light coming from the sun flooding in through the doorway and one small window, her shadow cast onto the floor in front of her. Her eyes locked onto something on the far side of the space. She took in what had to be her favorite sight. Watching the movement of a figure, bright flashes of blue glowing around it, hot metal creating a warm red glow, small metal streams falling to the ground like miniature fireworks.

The figure in well-worn suede leather sleeves that buttoned at the shoulders. Sleeves hiding tanned, well defined, toned arms. Traveling down to leather gloves, equally worn and marred by the pelting of small metal beads. They hid strong hands, slightly calloused, bearing the scars of hands that knew hard work. Suddenly, the small brunettes trance was interrupted when the work stopped.

The figure sat up turning to the doorway, looking toward the door she caught a glimpse of a silhouette. Lifting the helmet protecting her face she smiled revealing dimples that had the power to make the brunettes knees weak. She stood, removing the helmet and ran her hands through her short dark hair. Her eyes fixed on the shadow, looking up and down, her heartbeat picking up its pace. What a sight. The small flare of fabric just above the knees, she knew that was her favorite skirt, the curves of the figure were bursa escort accentuated by the back lighting. Those legs, irresistible, especially in the heels she was wearing. Long locks of curls fluttered in the wind as a breeze passed through the doorway.

The dark figure moved from the doorway toward the leather clad woman. The enigma took one of the gloved hands and pulled at the leather, a hand revealed itself. Slowly pulling the other glove off, the way the freed hands fell to the sides of their owner stretching and balling up, it was like loosing the hands of a criminal from their chains. The long haired woman watched the chest opposite her rise quickly the outgoing breath came with a small growl. The primal sound made her tremble; her green eyes widened feeling the intense desire emanating from her iron maiden. She continued her undressing, moving up to the broad shoulders, pulling at a leather strap, unsnapping a button, moving to the other side of the body repeating the movement. As the sleeves fell under their own weight, the brunette ran her hands down the toned arms, appreciating the colors and lines of the tattoos that adorned them.

Watching the smaller woman’s beautiful needy eyes roam her body sent fire coursing through the muscular woman’s veins, the heat traveled directly between her legs. Attempting to further entice the hungry green eyed woman, she grabbed at bursa escort bayan the bottom of her threadbare Joan Jett shirt, pulling it over her head and dropping it on the ground leaving her torso bare except for the metal ring in her nipple.

The sight of the half-naked woman before her made her bite her lip. She closed the remaining distance between them, looking up into the honey colored eyes she pleaded with her own, she could see the lust growing in the honey eyes. Suddenly she felt herself firmly pressed against the taller woman, the two hands grasping her ass moved their way up and around to the front of her body. She closed her eyes as she felt her blazer slowly being unbuttoned and prepared herself for what she desperately wanted.

The short haired woman rarely rushed through undressing the other woman; she relished seeing the pale skin of her lover covered in goosebumps as her clothes slid off. She pulled the jacket down the small woman’s arms. A black lace bra, the last thing separating her from the voluptuous breasts she craved. Catching the scent of the sweet perfume the busty woman was wearing drove her crazy. Running her fingertips from hips up ribs to erect nipples, stopping to make a circle over each, then a gentle pinch, hearing a small moan escape her lover. Rough hands moved to the clasp of the offending bra quickly discarding it. In a swift motion she escort bursa pressed her lips against the full red lips before her and grabbed the hem of the skirt, pulling it up, her hands moving to the brunette’s ass, lifting her onto her hips. Pleasantly surprised to find the woman not wearing any panties drove the tattooed woman crazy.

Wrapping her legs around the lean woman she pushed her wet pussy against a tight stomach, she began rocking her body until she felt a cold sensation on her ass. A metal workbench. Before she could object the hands on her nipples and the thrusting hips between her legs made her moan. “Fuck it” she said lost in her desire. Lips attached themselves to her nipples sucking, a tongue flicked at them, teeth grazed and bit. A rush went through her; her slick pussy couldn’t press hard enough against the hips she was riding. “Fuck me.” She begged. The hands on her chest pushed her back onto the table, her body being pulled to the edge, her legs lifted over the muscular shoulders. With a crash she felt the strong hips connect again thrusting into her, the hands on her hips pulling her into each thrust. The table rocked, her chest bouncing in rhythm, the heavy breathing and groans from the butch woman above her made her eyes roll back in her head and her hips bucking uncontrollably. With another thrust she felt the heat between her legs reach its peak, clinging to the table’s edge over her head, back arched she rode out the wave surging through her body.

The white light of ecstasy fading, she looked toward the woman at the edge of the table. The grin on the butch woman’s face said it all. They were nowhere near done.

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