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Her name was Megan. We’d been best friends since high school, and now even in college. I loved her, you know? I loved the way she would touch my shoulder when she was making a point. I loved the way that she cuddled up against me when it was cold outside. All of the time, she was so close – close enough for me to smell her hair, to touch her cheek – but yet she was so far from me. She was smart, one of the most brilliant and hardworking minds I’d ever known. She helped me with my biology homework, my math homework, and pretty much anything requiring numbers. I wasn’t dumb, but I was more at home with a word processor than I was a calculator.

My fantasies distracted me. I’d be trying to find the derivative and suddenly I’d think about her pussy. I’d never seen it. Was it shaved? Trimmed? I didn’t know if she even masturbated. I’d sit there in silence, not daring to look at her for fear my face would give me away. She’d bring me back, thinking I was just tired or thinking about the problem, but running her hand down my back. My whole body would erupt in goose bumps. I’d want more but I couldn’t touch her.

Those study sessions sometimes went really late, and she’d stay the night in the dorm with me. I was an RA, and had the room to myself so I never had to worry about a roommate. She’d slip her bra off without removing her t-shirt, and I’d secretly wish I could run my fingers up her sides, feeling her spine the soft flesh under her arms, finally letting my palms press against her breasts. I’d lift her t-shirt over her head, and start my mouth at the hollow of her neck, licking and sucking my way south until I could suck her nipple, worshiping it.

I wanted her. Oh god, how I wanted her. I knew I could make her feel like no other woman had ever felt before.

My dorm bed was small, small enough that she was fine with curling up against me, her ass grinding against my crotch. I tried to remain chaste, keeping my arm under her head and my hand on her shoulder. Usually then I would let my mind wander, and I’d fall asleep to sensual dreams of endless pleasure.

On this particular night, however, I couldn’t sleep. I wanted her so bad my entire body ached. It took every ounce of willpower I possessed to keep my hands to myself. I lay there, sure that she was asleep, wondering if I could get away with laying a hand over her supple breast. My fingers twitched, I was so indecisive. I settled with gripping her arm tighter. I could smell her. She never wore perfume, but she had used some gardenia lotion on her arms and legs before bed and it smelled perfect on her. I moved my head closer to hers, trying to get as close as I could without stifling her in her sleep.

Suddenly, she broke free of my grasp. My whole body sank. She’d figured it out. But instead of climbing out of bed like I thought she would, she turned over and ran her hand down my cheek.

“What bursa escort took you so long, Kate?” Her was soft and pliant. Oh how I loved that voice, that mind, everything about her. And then she did the unthinkable.

She gripped her fingers in my hair and pulled me close – close enough that I could taste her sweet breath. She started with my eyebrows, softly kissing each one. Then she kissed my nose, sucking in the tip of it slightly. I couldn’t take it anymore. I moved her on top of me, and then I kissed her. I tried to take in as much of her as I could, our mouths open wide and tongues exploring. I moved her legs apart with my knee, and then pushed my knee against her pussy. She ground against me, gasping. I reached for her again, kissing, licking, sucking her jaw, her skin smooth under my tongue.

“Kate,” she said between whimpers. “Kate, please, oh god Kate, please.” I moved her underneath me, my face hovering over hers, withdrawing my touch. She sighed and tried to rise her body to mine, desperate for some sort of contact with me. I smirked a little. She had tortured me for so long, it was time to return the favor.

I pressed my hands against her arms, over her head. She struggled against me, groaning, moaning. Again, I moved my knee between her legs, letting her grind her pussy on my leg. I looked up, looking for something to tie her hands to the headboard. I found a scarf, started to tie her hands to my headboard. She struggled a little, looking alarmed.

“What are you doing, Kate?” I looked down at her, grinning.

“Do you trust me?” I asked, my mouth following that question with a soft nip to her neck. “I want you to feel everything I have to offer, Megan, but I can’t have you getting distracted by me.”

She chuckled as I finished securing her hands. “Arrogant, aren’t we?” Her voice was playful, daring me to tease her. She attempted to kiss me, but I moved my head out of the way. She let out a sigh of disappointment. “You’re not going to make this easy, are you?”

“You didn’t make it easy for me either, you tease.” I finally let my hands graze her breasts over her tshirt. I groaned when I realized that I’d forgotten to take off her shirt before I tied her up. I’d have to untie her, remove her shirt, and then retie her. Way to kill the mood, Kate, way to kill it.

She laughed when she realized what I was thinking. “You are a smooth character, you know.” I gave her a look. “You tied me up on the first date, something a lot of girls wouldn’t agree to, and then you forgot to give yourself access. For all you know, I could be getting bored. ”

“I always have an answer, Megan.” I ripped the shirt right off of her, and in the same move covered her mouth with mine, pressing down, grinding against her. Just like in my dreams, I licked my way down to her breasts, stopping just above her nipples. She groaned my name. I escort bursa took her right nipple in my mouth, tonguing it softly. Carefully, I pressed my lips around her nipple, flicking the tip with my tongue. I reached up with my other hand, and rubbed her left nipple between my fingers. She gasped and groaned and twisted underneath me – she was so responsive! I switched breasts, mirroring the treatments, keeping my leg between her own so she would have something to grind against.

“Kate, it’s not enough.” She was desperate, wanting, needing, writhing. “Just do something!”

I stopped, looking down at her eyes. She cried out in frustration. “I’m going to explode!”

Grinning, I ran my finger over her lips. “That’s the idea, Megan.”

I had enticed her for as long as was fair. I knew that feeling, that pleasure that was also torture. I had held her captive long enough.

I started at her breasts, again licking and sucking. I loved it. I couldn’t get enough. She was so big and full, and they fit my hand perfectly. I tore myself away from them, promising myself that wasn’t the last time I would get to play with her breasts. I licked and kissed my way south, stopping to dip my tongue in her belly button. Her abs flexed underneath me, tensing. I stopped and watched her body shake. She was breathing harder now, stomach rising and falling with every gasping breath. Finally, I was met with her panties – plain cotton ones, albeit an attractive shade of lavender. Looking up for permission, and receiving it with a nod of Megan’s head, I peeled them off. Unshaved! My hours of wondering were at an end. She was unshaved, but clearly trimmed and kept neat. It was my turn to moan. The delicious site below me set all of my senses on edge. This is what I’ve been waiting for, for so long. She was so wet; a small pool of her juice had soaked a bit of the sheet beneath her. “We’ll have to fix that,” I mused aloud.

She wouldn’t know what hit her. I dove straight for her clit, already at attention from all of our play. I lapped at it hard, not wanting to miss a drop. She tasted wonderful, sweet and musty. She tasted human, so real and there. I’d been with girls who didn’t really taste like anything – they were like fairies, gossamer and fleeting. Megan was present, tangible. I could taste her, feel her, and my mind reeled from the sensory overload.

Her legs closed around my head, gripping them. She ground her pussy against my face, gasping and moaning.

“Kate, oh god, oh god Kate if you stop I swear to god… oh god. Please!” She cried out. I was sure my hall mates would hear her. Not that I cared much.

I took her clit between my lips, sucking gently. I reached beneath me and began to flick my own clit in time with the strokes of my own tongue on Megan’s clit. My lower half began to tense, my toes curled. I backed off, I wanted to come with her. bursa escort bayan

“Fuck, Kate, FUCK!” She was really into it now. Her hips thrust as hard as she could, bumping my nose. One finger on my own clit, I moved the other arm up to stick a finger into her sopping-wet hole. One finger curled upwards, our lovemaking completely in tune. As soon as I found her spot, she cried out – so loud and so high I thought I had hurt her for a moment. I sped up the pace – my finger on my clit, other hand pumping in and out, my tongue working hard.

“Kate, oh babe. OH GOD. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!” She exploded as I brought her over the edge. I pumped my finger in and out faster as her walls closed around them. I ignored my own needs for the moment, and kept sucking on her clit as she thrashed above me. The entire bed shook. I kept at it.

“Ah, Kate. Ohhh lord. Kate, please stop.” I stopped immediately, knowing full well the consequences of ignoring that plea. I sat up a little bit, feeling her juice all over my face. It was my turn to shake with need – I had gotten close but I hadn’t made it at the same time as Megan, deeming her pleasure more important than my own.

Megan looked up at me. “Did you…?” she questioned. I shook my head no, and then leaned down to kiss her on the mouth. She stopped me. “Oh no, Kate, you’re not going to get away with that until you untie me.” I reached up and slid the knot out of place, and she immediately gripped her fingers in my hair and pulled me down. I pressed my palms against her breasts, as she slid her tongue into my mouth again.

“Let me help you,” she requested, lifting my own shirt above my head. I stopped her, and stared at her eyes again. That would never get old.

“Megan, don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with… I know you’re… not experienced.”

She kissed me again. “I want you so bad right now. It doesn’t matter.”

She had me support myself with my elbows, while she ministered to my breasts. Her tongue – so soft! – alternated equally between sucking, licking, and a little biting. I could have come from that alone, but she raised her own knee to allow me to grind against her. I recognized that trick from earlier – she was a fast learner. I whimpered, pressing myself against her, just letting myself feel her tongue and her body beneath me.

“Megan,” I whispered. “I’m so hot right now, oh god.”

She ran her hands up my ribs, unable to speak as her mouth was full of my breasts.

“Megan, I’m close, oh fuck!” My limbs started shaking. I could barely support my weight. Suddenly, she reached down and ran one finger up my slit, over the panties. Such a quick learner, I thought – that thought didn’t last long, because soon I was lost in fireworks.

My arms gave out, I couldn’t hold myself anymore. I collapsed on her, shaking, moaning. Lights flashed in front of my eyes. Everything tensed and loosened at the same time.

I blacked out.

When I awoke, I was curled up in her arms, covered in sweat and juices. I kissed her softly on the mouth.

“Any regrets?” I asked her.

“Never,” she replied.

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