I was allowed to sleep in late the next morning. Probably so there was time to get the medical room set up for the day’s events. When Annie came in to get me up it was past noon. I was allowed a couple sips of water but that was all. My nipples and crotch were sore and that was to be expected. I couldn’t see my sissy clit pulled back snugly and permanently between my legs. Annie helped me into the shower and stripped and climbed in with me. After washing each other’s body. I was allowed to kneel and lick her beautiful pussy as the warm water cascaded over us. While hugging before stepping out she whispered to me how much prettier I looked now and how she could hardly wait to play with my new breasts soon.

She dressed me in a lace black and red night gown that barely reached my thighs, a pair of feathery open toe mules and nothing else. I was led to the exam room where the doctors were waiting for me. Dr. Atkins had me standing while he examined my chest again, using a marking pen to outline where his work would be done. He explained the procedure thoroughly to me and said that Dr. Dane would be handling the anesthesia and assisting him. Miss Maddy had told me that Dr. Atkins was known to be one of the best “breast Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort men” in the city and that I was in very good hands.

The Dr. also explained he would be placing the implants from the side through my armpit so no scars wouldn’t show after healing. He said what the healing time should be and what I should expect. I was informed that I would spend at least 2 days in bed and bandaged and he would leave some pain medication with my owners. When he was done he went to wash up as I was placed on the exam table and secured as Dr. Dane started an IV drip in my arm. I counted backwards from 100 and didn’t get too far before waking up in my bed with a throbbing pain in my chest, neck, face and and crotch.

As I awoke Annie and Maddy were sitting beside my bed. Annie told me not to talk, removed the seemingly ever present headphones, and fed some ice chips. Miss Maddy asked if I was in pain and I nodded yes. She released a bit of liquid from a separate tube into my IV feed and the pain started to subside. I saw what looked like two mountains on my chest and could not see past them.

“We will show you a video of the operation when you are more awake Brenda, but I want you to know it was a huge success. After finishing with your new breasts, Dr. Atkins did a bit of a tracheal and vocal chord shave. Your voice should be a bit higher in tone when you can speak again but please try not to until tomorrow at least. Annie and I can’t wait to hear it either.” Maddy informed me.

“We also decided to fix your nose a little, not too much but he did thin it out a bit. Finally he tucked your sissy eggs up into their sockets and stretched your scrotum up and over your sissy clit and made it look like outer labia lips like we discussed previously. I’m sure that as your brain capacity has faded a bit since this whole adventure started and you may not remember that discussion. But, for a few days you are not to try to rub your clitty, and after you are up and about again you could wear your panty girdles with a nice thick soft maxi pad inside for comfort.”

Thanks to the painkillers I was drifting back to sleep and felt them each kiss me on the cheek as they left. Late the next afternoon I finally saw the video. It wasn’t that exciting I thought. Glad I slept through it.

The following morning I awoke to Dr. Atkins voice. “Well sissy its time to take your bandages off and get a shaping bra on you, he told me. After first removing the IV set-up, he unwrapped my chest and I saw 2 pretty and perfect D-cup breasts stretching up from my chest. “Be gentle, but you can touch them if you like.” I reached up and felt my breasts for the first time. The first touch was electric and felt like it touched a chord all the way to my sissy clitty.

I let out a soft shriek and everyone laughed at my new higher pitched voice. I couldn’t believe it myself.

“Oh My” I cried out, “is that really my voice? I sounded like a little girl. “I love it!” said Maddy it’s a perfect bimbo voice for Brenda. Dr. Atkins has done some wonderful things for you because he is a friend of mine. But I think as a bonus for him he will have full use of your mouth and pussy whenever he wants for at least the next 2 years. That’s fair don’t you think?”

And in my new sissy bimbo voice I squeaked, “Oh yes Mistress, I love his pretty cock.”

Miss Annie then fitted an industrial looking support bra on me and got me out of bed. She said I needed to get my legs moving again and get some food in my belly. The others quietly left and Annie assisted me in eating and I went to rest a bit. After all we did have a big party coming up and I need to get my strength back. Annie said she and Maddy could hardly wait to get their mouths on my new breasts.

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