“I swear he is cheating on me, always has an excuse to go out of town for business, and he never pays any attention to me anymore. I feel like I need to make an appointment with Thom just to spend any time with him or even to have sex” Carlie said crying to her best friend Leslie on the phone.

“Can you believe,” he says he has a conference on Halloween weekend so now we can’t go to your party? I will be stuck home “AGAIN”, all by myself. Another party missed because he “has” to work. “Get this”, Thom says that they are “supposed” to wear a costume Saturday night for the meet and greet following the conference. I have never heard of a costume party at a conference, “does he really think I’m a fool?”

Carlie, “I don’t think Thom’s cheating on you. He loves you too much. I think you are over thinking too much. I see the way Thom looks at you, there is no way he would do something like that.” You just need to talk to him Leslie said.

“So what are you going to do” Leslie asked? I have a plan and I’m going to find out “once and for all” if he is cheating on me or not. “So help me” if he is cheating on me I am going to lose my shit on him, he won’t know what hit him. I think I would “go batshit crazy.”

“So” what are you going to do Leslie asked?

I am going to make reservations at the same hotel they are staying at. I will just check in the middle of the night so nobody will see me. I will stay in my room until Saturday night, dress up and go to the party unnoticed, then I will cheek out Sunday while they are in the conference. Then I can be back home when he gets here and act like nothing ever happened. I swear if he is cheating I will “go batshit crazy” on him when he gets home.

I “don’t understand” how you are going to find out if he is cheating or not Leslie said.

So “here is my plan,” well you know, Thom is a big “Darth Vader geek” and that’s what his costume was going to be for your party. I did tell you that we “weren’t going to make it to your party” this year. Sorry, Carlie said.

I will “mark” his costume somehow so that I will know it’s him and “not someone else.” I mean “how many Darth Vader costumes will there be?” Damn “Star War geeks,” Leslie said laughing. I will wear the red formal dress that he hasn’t seen me in. The one that shows a lot of skin and gets a mask to cover my face, so he doesn’t know it’s me.

What happens if you get Thom back to your room then what. Well, guess we will be having sex with the masks on I guess. I “don’t want him to know” it’s me until he gets home and I make him pay for what he’s done. And just how is he “suppose to go down south,” Leslie asked laughing?

He should be able to lift the mask up a little and still do “the deed” and put it back on while he fucks me Carlie said.

I “think” you have thought too much into this. I think this is a “big mistake, I don’t think you should do this” Leslie said.

I “don’t know” how else to find out if he is “cheating on me” or not. “Do you” have another idea, because I am “all ears if you do?” Even if I was to follow him, there would be no way to see into the room once they were behind the door. “Unless” I watched him kiss her beforehand then I would be “shit out of luck.”

Look I don’t like having to do this, but I have no other way to “prove anything” unless I hire a Private Investigator to follow him. I need to confirm if Thom is “cheating on me or not.”

“No,” Leslie said, but “I know” Thom “loves you.” I “don’t think he would do something like that” to you. I think he is just “working really hard and is getting off track” is all. I think you should try talking to him.

“I have tried, lord knows I have tried, he just tells me that I’m being silly that he is working hard, and he’s not paying enough attention to me,” she said.

Ok, but I just want you to note that I think this is “a very bad idea and it’s going to backfire” on you Leslie said.

“Duly noted”, Carlie said.

So “when” do you leave and “what” are you going to wear for a costume? Leslie asked.

I “leave” Friday night. It’s only about a two-hour drive there, so I figured I would check in around midnight. Thom “should be in bed by then,” Carlie said. As for my dress, remember that Red one that’s low cut in the front, slit three quarters up my front and hung real low in the back Carlie said.

Oh, yea, the one “you thought showed too much skin and you didn’t think Thom would like” it Leslie said.

“Yep, that’s the dress I am going to wear.” Thom has “never seen it.” I put it in the back in the bag and hung it in the back of my closet. “Guess we will find out if he likes it or not,” Carlie said.

Yea, “that dress.

He would have loved you in that dress, I don’t think it showed too much Leslie said.

I just have to go to “pick up” a mask to wear with it before I leave. I will put my hair up and with the right mask, he won’t know it’s me. “This will work, I’m sure of it, besides I don’t have any other choice,” Carlie said.

Friday afternoon rolled Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort around and Thom kissed his wife “goodbye.”

I “don’t understand why” you have to “always be” the one going to these things. “Can’t they send someone else, why do you always have to be you?”

They “always send the best person to go and right now that’s me.” You “would think you would be happy that they trust me to make these decisions?” he asked his wife.

“I will make it up to you when I get back,” as he kissed his wife goodbye. “Don’t be mad at me?” he said as he headed for the door.

“Fine, I hope you have a good time at your Halloween party while I’m sitting home alone for another party we will miss together.”

“Oh, sweetheart,” I forgot Leslie’s party was this weekend honey, “I’m so sorry he said. We will do something when I get back. I promise”, he said as he walked out the door.

She waited until he pulled out the driveway, then she headed for their room to get her things ready. “Once and for all”, she was going “to confirm if he was really there for a conference or if he was meeting someone. Or maybe he was going to the conference but was meeting someone there. One way or another “I have to put this to rest.”

Carlie called Leslie as she was pulling out of her driveway around ten o’clock Friday night. Just wanted to tell you I “was leaving.” Should only take me about two hours to get there. “Once” I check in I’ll text you Carlie said.

Carley, “I still think this is a”very bad idea.” Please “be careful,” Leslie said.

“It will be ok.” Just if anyone asks why we are not at your party tell them Thom had to go away on business and I’m feeling sick. Everything will be fine Carlie said. “This is just something I have to do. I hope you understand” Carlie said to Leslie.

“What” are you going to do if Thom calls you at night Leslie said? Oh, he called me three hours ago, saying he was tired. Had a few things to look over for tomorrow, and then he was going to bed early. So I “should be” fine. I have actually “already checked in” on my phone. So all I’ll need to do is grab the key and go straight to my room. I will call you tomorrow Carlie said.

Just as Carlie expected it was midnight when she pulled into the hotel. She had already stopped at the store and got her drinks and something to eat for tomorrow, so she didn’t have to leave her room until time for the party.

Carlie asked the girl at the desk what time the costume party was for tomorrow night and the girl told her the party started at eight o’clock. Quickly getting her room key, confirmed what time the party started and headed to her room before anyone saw her.

She made sure she wore jeans, long sleeve shirt with a baseball cap, and she pulled her hair up in the baseball cap just in case she ran into anyone. “Luckily” the only person she saw was the girl that gave her the room key.

Once in her room, she hung up her dress to keep it wrinkle-free and sent a quick text to Leslie letting her know she made it ok undetected.

Carlie: Hey I have checked in and in my room till tomorrow night. I didn’t see anyone, but the girl that gave me my key.

Leslie: How are you going to eat if you can’t leave the room {smiley frown emoji}

Carlie: I stopped at a store next to the hotel and got food and drinks for the day. “It will all be good.” I will call you in the morning.

Leslie: sleep tight. Just want to remind you “I still think this is a bad idea.”

Carlie: “Duly noted”, just remember Thom is “away on business, and I am sick” if anyone asks.

Leslie: “Got it”, just “be careful.”

She laid down to find something on TV and the next thing she knew her cell phone was ringing. When she “realized it was morning,” she knew it was Thom calling when she heard the Star Wars music ringtone she set for him. “Such a geek,” she thought as she answered the phone.

“Oh, I’m sorry”, Thom said, I “didn’t mean to wake you, sweetheart.” I just wanted to “say good morning and I love you” before I head to the conference.

“I love you too”, she said. “I hope” you have a “good trip,” she said yawning.

“Go back to sleep sweetheart,” Thom told her and I will be home “before you know it.” “I will call you” later after the conference is over for the day and then he hung up.

“Jerk,” Carlie said as she rolled over and went back to sleep as there was nothing else for her to do until later that night. Not like she could “leave” the room or anything till tonight.

She woke back up about nine thirty to her phone ringing “again.” “What is it with people this morning.” She grabbed her phone to see that it was Leslie calling her. Good morning Carlie said in her “sleepy voice.”

“Are you just waking up?” Leslie asked.

“Technically no, I was up at seven this morning when Thom called to tell me good morning and that he loved me.”

Carlie, “I think you should come home. It’s not too late to change your mind, I have a bad feeling about this. What if Thom comes home early and you aren’t home.” Then what are you going to tell him?” Leslie asked Carlie.

I will just tell him ” I went for a drive and lost track of time.” Then I would head home if that happens, but it won’t. If not, I am doing this Carlie said. “I just have to know.”

I’ll text you again “before I go down.” “I’ll send you” pictures of what I look like so you can tell me if he will recognize me.

Come on, Thom is your husband, “don’t you think he would recognize you” Carlie said to her best friend.

“No,” because he won’t think I am going to be here and besides once I’m all done up with the mask on, he won’t be able to even tell it’s me. “Trust me,” she said. “Whatever,” I have to start getting things ready for tonight.

Later Leslie said and hung up.

What is it with everyone “hanging up on me” today, it”s “getting pretty old quick” she said to herself.

About five o’clock her phone rang with Thom calling. She answered the phone just as happy as she could be under the circumstances, and asked him how his day went.

Not “too bad,” he said, I got a few possible new contracts, but “won’t find out tomorrow for sure if they are a go”. So I guess “all in all” it was a good day Thom said. “How was your day sweetheart,” he asked?

It was “ok,” she said, my stomach is feeling a little off today, so I might just “stay home” tonight and “not go” to Leslie’s party. It will be a shame to miss it she said.

“Oh, honey, I am so sorry you aren’t feeling good and don’t want to “go. I feel so bad now not being home to take care of you.”

It’s “ok,” I’m sure it’s probably just a twenty-four-hour bug or “something.” “I’m sure I will be all better tomorrow” when you “get home.” Have a “good time at your Halloween party” she said to her husband said. I think I’m going to go and “lay down,” I will “talk to you tomorrow,” she said and then “hung up.”

Six thirty rolled around and Carlie got in the shower to start to “get ready” for her hopefully not entrapment. “God, I don’t know what I will do if he hits on me, comes back to my room and sleeps with me.” I will be “devastated,” but I just can’t say anything until he gets home tomorrow night. That is all there is I “can do” Carlie said to herself feeling like she could cry again.

“No going back now”, Carlie said to herself.

She got out of the shower, dried off, put her hair up in a decorative bun, and put on her makeup. She put on her lotion that Thom “always loved”, then put on her red guarder and stocking on, and then stepped into her dress. She walked in front of the mirror. Looked at her self and thought damn she looked good. “There is no way Thom will ever know it’s her.”

She took a couple of pictures and then put the mask on and took a few more, so she could send them to Leslie. Damn, I should have done this Friday before I left just to make sure this will work. What if it backfires she thought. Well, it’s a “little too late now” she said to herself.

Carlie: What do you think and then she sent pictures sent with and without the mask on.

Leslie: “OMG”….you look freaking “awesome” in that dress Thom “would have” loved it if you had worn it that night.

Carlie: Do you “think” Thom will be able to tell it’s me with the mask on

Leslie: “No”, I don’t think he will. The mask covers more of your face more then I thought it would. That dress though, every man will be after you tonight. {smiley face emjie}

Carlie: Well, I am only “after” one Darth Vader tonight. I will text you later tonight or in the morning. “Let’s hope” that I’m not calling you crying.

Leslie: I “don’t think he will fall” for your entrapment. So, “I think” you will be coming home a “happy woman.”

Carlie: Let’s “hope” so and “be careful.”

About eight thirty, she headed down to the party. Every guy I walk pasts stops and stares at her. I can’t “believe” I am doing this. What if he “comes” back to my room and then I am going to have to fuck him. I will be “heartbroken” Carlie thought to herself.

As she walks in the crowded room she starts looking and only finds one Darth Vader costume. She walks around the room acting like she isn’t looking for someone. Carlie tries her best to avoid having to talk to anyone. “Still shocked” she is doing this. “Please don’t let me go home heartbroken,” she says to herself.

She finds Darth Vader over at the bar. She walks over and asks for a glass of wine trying not to bring any more attention to herself. She sees he is watching every move she makes. She grabs her wine and moves over to one of the high top tables and just looks around, but she is still able to see Darth Vader.

“Before she knows it,” he is on the move heading “directly for her.”

Well “hello gorgeous, are you here with anyone he asks”.

“No, I am all by myself.” How about you she asked?

Would you care to “join me?” he asked. I “hate” going to these things “alone,”e Darth Vader said.

Yea, “me too,” Carlie said. I just usually show up for about an hour and leave she said.

She noticed the “black X” she had marked on his mask, so she “knew” it was his mask. I mean really what are the chances someone else shows up as Darth Vader with that same mark?

Do you have a room here in the hotel he asked? Carlie “thought she was going to die” right there. Yes, I have a room how, about you.

Yea I have one, but I am sharing it with a co-worker. Do you want to “go back” to your room he asked?

“Ok”, let me grab another drink then we can head up there she said. “Don’t cry Carlie, don’t cry.”

Carlie walked back over to the bar and Darth Vader followed.

He was not going to lose sight of her. Afraid someone else will grab her up. Do you “want” to do a shot before we “go up to my room?”

Ok is all he said.

“Two shots’ of Jack Daniels Black Carlie said to the bartender.

My “favorite” Darth said.

Carlie just lets out a gasp of air. She just can’t believe this is happening. That is Thom” drink.

They left the bar and went to her room. Darth took the keycard from her and said here “let me” get that for you. He opened the door and held it open so she could walk in. “Wow,” this room is way nicer than ours is he said. We just have two beds and a little table in our room he said.

Well, it was a “last minute” booking and the only room they had. I had “no choice” if I wanted to stay here in this hotel she said to him.

So what is your name he asked?

Cinderella she said.

He just laughed and said no really “what’s your name,” he said.

“Tonight” it’s Cinderella and “you are” Darth Vader she said. She said “no names. I am only in town for the weekend.”

Ok if that is “what you want.”

“It is,” she said.

“Kinky” Darth said as he took a step towards her.

Every step he took towards her, she took one step back. That was until she felt the bed and could go no further.

“Nervous?”, he asked.

Just “a little”, I have never “done this before”, she said. It just hasn’t been “my thing”.

Why tonight? he asked.

“Lonely” I guess she said. She fell back on the bed with nowhere else to go.

“If” you want to talk a few minutes we can do that and “just talk.” I don’t want” you, nervous sweetheart,” he said.

“Oh, god”, that is what Thom always calls me. “Sweetheart,” god what “am I going to do,” she thought. “No,” I will be ok she said as she stood up.

“I can do this,” she thought as she took a few steps away from the bed, stepped out of her shoes, and unzipped her dress allowing it to fall and puddle on the floor. Standing “practically necked” in front of him in nothing but her matching lace bra and panties.

She so wanted to “call him” out on it and make him take his mask off she could “beat the crap out” of him, but she didn’t. She “hoped” he wouldn’t go through with it in the end, but if he did she has no choice to go through it too.

He walked over to her, grabbed her by the waist, and pulled her close. “You are so beautiful,” he said. “I can’t believe someone hasn’t snatched you up.”

“No,” I just haven’t found the right man, so I guess I am “all yours” tonight she said.

He walked her back till she felt the bed, then he pushed her back falling on the bed so she was laying down and started to remove his mask.

“No, No, you can’t remove your mask, you have to leave it on,” she said.

Then “how am I suppose to taste that pussy of yours?” He ran his fingers along her lips and said you are “so wet.” I am going to “slide into you so easy when I fuck you.”

She just laughed and said you can lift it up enough for you to do the dead and when you lift your head back up you, you have to put the mask back down. “No real identities tonight,” she said.

“Oh, what a kinky woman you are,” he said.

“No, no,” just how am I suppose to have Darth Vader “fuck me” if you don’t “have the mask on.”

“Ok, Ok, I get it,” he said, a “Star Wars junkie” I see.

“No,” Just Darth Vader has “always turned me on,” she said.

He dropped to his knees and lifted the mask to the top of his head as he took one slow lick up her sex. He slowly began licking up and down her folds, as he takes his fingers and spreads her lips open to lick all of her pussy. Over and over he licks and sucks her pussy.

She could see the top of his hair was black just like Thom’s was. He was the same height and build as Thom also she thought.

“Oh, god,” she moaned.

“Are you relaxed now?” Cinderella he asked.

“God yes, don’t stop”, she moaned.

He just laughed and continued licking her pussy. He slides one finger in and slowly started finger fucking her. You are “so tight sweetheart,” he said. I “can’t wait to put my dick in you, it’s going to feel so good.”

“Oh, god”, he called me “sweetheart” again. She “thought” she was going to start crying right there, but she couldn’t. She had to see this all the way through.

A little sure of your self-aren’t you, she said. I am “very confident”, he said. You will be “screaming my name” when I’m “done with you,” he said.

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