I am taking a night class at the local college. My boss told me I had to take it or he would have to let me go. I hated the idea at first but when I found out who the teacher was going to be that all went away. Sarah lived just a couple of doors down when I was younger. She was friends with my older sister Jill, so I would get a chance to see her when she came to hang out with her. She was the first girl I remember being aroused by, but as far I could tell she never paid attention to me. The crush did not last long because she moved away when I was fifteen years old. It has been about eight years since I last set eyes on her.

When Sarah walked in the classroom I noticed that she has aged very well. Sarah is now 34 years old, her hair is much shorter than I remember but it looked very nice on her. She has put on a little weight but I must admit I like that. I like the look and the feel of curves on a woman. I watched Sarah the whole time she talked to the class and I am not sure I remember a thing she said. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Sarah had on a tight blue sweater that hugged the curves Ankara travesti of her full breasts very nicely, a black skirt that was just above her knees and black stockings and heels that made her legs look very shapely.

I wondered if she would even remember me. She did not act like she had any idea who I was. I must admit I was a little bummed out. Class had ended and I was about to walk out when I heard someone call my name. I looked over and Sarah had a big smile on her face and called me over. Sarah gave me a big hug. The smell of her perfume drove me wild. I felt large breasts press against me and I was in heaven. I am not sure if she felt the bulge in my pants growing but I have not been that turned on in a long time.

We talked for what seemed like hours. I found out she is recently divorced with two kids and is working two jobs to pay the bills. I asked if she is dating anyone but she told me she does not have the time for a relationship right now. I think she knew I was interested in her. I would even say that she was teasing me a bit. It was getting late and I guess it Konya travesti was time to walk her out to her car. I gave her a hug and she got in her suv. I was thinking the night was going to end like that but she put down her window and asked what I had planned for that night.

I went over to her suv and leaned on her door. As we talked some more I could smell her perfume. I was once again turned on like I could not believe. As we talked my eyes kept going to her legs and black stockings that looked so good. When Sarah got in her skirt must have lifted some because I was seeing a lot more leg than I saw before. My eyes were on Sarah’s legs when I felt her hand grab mine. I looked in her eyes as she guided by hand down to her leg. She had a big smile on her face when she told me that she could tell I wanted to touch her. My fingers softly touched her silky stockings. Sarah let out a soft moan and said she loves the feel if my fingers on her.

My hand now slid between her thighs. Sarah’s head fell back and her legs opened to let my fingers in. I slid my hand up a little higher and found İzmir travesti the bare skin at the top of her stockings. I rubbed the soft skin and now smelled the aroma of her perfume mixed with her sweet smell of her rapidly moistening pussy. She was letting out soft moans and it only took one from Sarah’s sexy full lips, “higher”. My fingers slid up and onto her damp panties. She slid down in her seat and opened her legs as far as she could. I could see her lacy black thong and could feel the soft lace that covered her shaved pussy. Not a word was spoken but I knew I needed to feel her swollen pussy in my fingers so I slid the thong to the side and my fingers slid easily in her. Her back arched and she came as I slid two fingers in and out of her. I could feel the warm wet liquid cover my fingers and I loved it. The feel of her, the smell from her sex and the fact that I just made my crush cum was more than I could handle and I came in my pants. She grabbed my hand and told me she cannot take it anymore. Her pussy was very sensitive after she came.

I looked in her eyes and told her it was a fantasy come true. Sarah told me that she love the way I looked at her and that she just to have me touch her. I leaned in the window and gave her a long soft kiss. I told her that I would love to touch her any time she wants. I am hoping that I get that chance very soon.

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