My body needed attention. I looked forward to my massage all week. Every inch ached. Today, my pussy ached, too. I have been alone for a while. Never a shortage of men, but I am taking a break. Nothing like a good break from the men – too much emotional stress. I am focusing on myself this year.

I have never had had a lesbian relationship before. However, the thought of having sex with a woman sounds great. I think I need to experience this at least once in my lifetime.

I began to fantasize the first thing when I woke up. I wondered what my massage therapist today would look like? I imagined a hot voluptuous woman with strong hands spreading my ass apart, rubbing my buttocks. My pussy was slippery – when I walked, I could feel a huge gush of wetness dripping down my thigh. The horniness was incredible. I was determined that today my massage would result in a happy ending.

I love the spa I go to. The environment is sensual. The dark colors on the wall, the muted lighting, the soundproof rooms with spa music piping through the sound system. It’s perfect. I could stay all day.

When I walked in, the receptionist smiled. The general waiting room was empty. She confirmed my appointment for today and said Mandy will be out to get me shortly. I sat on the brown leather sofa and just sinked in. Ahh. It was great. The anticipation of a massage was increasing.

Mandy opened the door. Wow! Finally, a massage therapist that turned me on instantly. She brought me to the changing room. I removed my clothes and put on the soft robe and spa sandals. As I passed the mirror in the dimly lit room, I opened my robe again. Damn, I looked good. My tits are huge. My nipples are always erect. My pussy is smooth and shaven. My clit can be seen from across the room – it’s so swollen. Feeling a bit risqué, I stuck my finger in my pussy right there in the middle of the public dressing room. No one was there, but the sensation of getting caught was a turn on. I pulled out my finger bursa escort and licked the juice – mmmm…I tasted so good. I closed the robe again, leaving it loose with my cleavage exposed. I went out and sat in the small dark waiting area – no one was around. I opened my robe enough to expose one large nipple on “accident.”

Mandy entered the room and immediately saw my breast. She smiled and asked me to follow her. The room smelled great. The peppermint and lavender was a turn-on to me. It was dark, but I could see Mandy had a great body. She asked me about the areas that needed attention today. Although I wanted to tell her my pussy needed attention, I told her my lower back and thighs were sore. I was secretly hoping if she spent a long time massaging those areas, she would get the hint.

Usually the therapists ask you to lie on the table after they leave the room. However, for some reason, Mandy said she would like to help me get on the table, and offered to help me with my robe. My back to her, I opened the tie. She pulled the sheet down from the heated massage table, then took my robe down from my shoulders. Never before has a massage therapist taken my robe in that way. What a turn on.

I crawled on the table – nude. My tits jiggled and needed to be adjusted before I felt comfortable lying on my belly. Mandy pulled the sheet up over my hips, but left my back and arms exposed. She jumped right into the back massage. She then did each shoulder and arm wonderfully. She pulled the sheet over my back after it was done and exposed my right leg. After a thorough rub down of the right leg, she repeated the motions on the left side.

She asked if I was warm enough because she wanted to remove the sheet to on the hips and lower back. Of course, remove the sheet. And there I was completely naked on the massage table. I felt so comfortable. And I could feel the chemistry between us. It increased as soon as her hands were on my buttocks. She pulled the large muscles up and bursa escort bayan out and you could actually hear my wet pussy opening up when she did this; over and over again. I took advantage of the opportunity and spread my legs further.

Mandy focused on the left buttock. Both hands worked it and got dangerously close to my pussy and anus. She moved to the right – same thing. Her hands brushed my swollen pussy mound. A moan slipped out – a sign to her that I really need this. One more time, her fingers touched my pussy. Finally, a massage therapist that might deliver what I really need – an orgasm.

Mandy told me it was time to turn over. Usually, at this time, I am completely covered. This time, I am naked without a sheet. I turned over and my tits flung around – feeling bigger than ever. My pussy is bald and pink. I left my legs open, inviting Mandy inside.

She didn’t offer to cover me again. She said I looked hot and asked me if I felt as hot as I looked. Her hands were already on my breasts rubbing oil into them to get them moving. She pinched my nipples at the same time. Oh my god – harder, harder! Her hands slid down to my abdomen as she walked down toward my hips.

She surprised me when she took the fragrant oil and poured it over my mound. The feeling of the dripping oil between my legs was enough to make me cum. It dripped right into my asshole.

Her hands spread my legs further and she pulled me down to the end of the table – sort of like the gynecologist table. She pulled up a small stool and sat at the foot of the table – strange. Is this a gyno exam?

Her fingers explored the outside mounds and massaged my clit. She asked if I would like an internal massage – of course I would I said.

Just then, she slid one finger inside my pussy. The finger stretched and massaged the inner walls. Next, her second and third fingers found their way inside my pussy. I could feel her middle finger finding my g-spot.

She would not stop escort bursa rubbing my g-spot. I could feel the urge to piss, I think that is what she was waiting for. The pressure was so great on my g-spot. The moisture was intense. I swear I have the wettest pussy on earth – almost freakish. The slimy juice was oozing out. And now, she was trying to get me to squirt.

I have never squirted before. I have always been skeptical. That’s not female ejaculate – its piss! Isn’t it? Now, here’s my chance to see for myself. As long as she doesn’t stop.

She slid in her pinky and then her thumb. Yes, her whole hand was inside me, and her middle finger was going back and forth on my g-spot. She pushed up so firmly and I let out a heavy moan. I felt something I have never felt before. I could feel my pussy getting ready to explode – literally. I knew I was going to squirt and I didn’t care.

When the juices started to flow, Mandy giggled. She said she loves it! I could feel the warm liquid and when I looked down, I could see it squirting above and around her hand. My legs shook, my whole body shook.

Mandy pulled her hand out and one final stream of my liquid shot into the air. Her hand was covered in my pussy slime. She pressed it back down against my pussy as if to calm the trembling muscles.

My hour was up. She rolled her chair up to my chest. She put my nipple in her mouth and sucked it. She said that weekly massages are very therapeutic and recommended I come back every week. She suggested that there are so many techniques that can be used that it would never be the same boring massage.

She left me alone on the table. I sat up and my heavy tits swang. When I jumped off the table, I saw the damage. A huge wet spot right in the middle of the table. I laughed to myself. I didn’t care. I put my robe on and wandered out to the dressing room. It was crowded now. I dropped my robe and the one younger customer checked me out. Fully satisfied, I just kept walking to the showers. I left the curtain open a bit – enough for her to see me rubbing soap all over my tits and pussy. Another fantasy began – and I closed my eyes as this young woman walked up to the shower and looked inside…

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