(A ‘Frank’, elderly ladies man story)

For four years almost every time I traves the side streets to gain entry to the main road there is a plump lady who waves to me. Her house is on the corner and she is either sitting on her porch, feeding the birds or hand watering her garden, from early in the morning to mid afternoon. Always the same smile and wave, if she was elderly I could accept this as being normal, but this lady is in her late thirties early forties and not the type of activity one expects at her age.

Always the same print dress, and wearing thongs. I have never seen a car parked in her driveway or seen her actually speak to anyone. She was a pleasant looking lady, so there had to be some story attached and I suddenly made up my mind I was going to find out.

So to-day I slowed down as I got to her house she waved and I stopped. I waved her over and she came to the passenger’s window.

“For years now I have been passing and you always wave, I think that is such a friendly gesture and I just wanted to tell you.”

“I only wish more of our neighbours would even wave back, but I notice people around here very much keep to themselves.”

“Yes, I agree with you there, I notice you never have any visitors, I never see any cars parked in your driveway, surely you have some friends?”

“I have my birds and plants. If I have them I’m happy.”

“Maybe I can call round and see you some day, I hate to see people lonely.”

“Won’t your wife mind, you are married aren’t you?”

“Sorry was, we separated on mutual terms just before you bought this house, I knew the old lady who had it before you. It was her that planted the soldiers, well that is what I call them, there used to be small trees in those beds with the soldier flowers a carpet at the base. I was sorry she passed away.”

“I too was married, I killed my last husband. I thought I’d better tell you, for you are sure to find out. I was in prison before I came here. My mother bought this house for me. She comes to see me at times but she comes by bus that is why you never see any cars outside. I suppose you want to call off the offer of coming round, now you know I am a killer, which is what the courts call me. I did eight long years for that bastard, I am glad he is dead,” she said and was about to turn away.

“Look Frank is my name and I still mean it. Want me to call round?”

“Violet, nice to meet you Frank, you can call round any time. As you know I’m always at home,” she said giving me a wave as I moved away.

God she sounded a real hard woman, I wonder if she really was as hard as she made out. I noticed she had no make-up on and her skin looked really fresh and smooth. But God her dress sense held a lot to be expected. But a murderer, I wonder how many of the neighbours knew that. I wish I could have gotten her surname I would have checked her story out.

All day at work she kept coming to mind and the fact she killed her husband, but she did give me a clue. She said she served eight years and she has been in the house for four. So all I have to do is look for a woman named Violet who killed her husband at least twelve years ago.

That year there was only six and sure as hell there was Violet Martindale at the top. It wasn’t as bad as I first imagined, she had killed her husband in self defence when he was attacking her after returning from the pub. This seemed to be a hobby of James Martindale, using his wife Violet as a punch bag. She said in her defence that he attacked her and she grabbed a knife and drove it through his heart after taunting her to do it. The prosecution put up a case that she had told a friend she was going to kill him and lay in wait until he came home, then she stabbed him. They admitted that it was a documented fact that the police had been called out many times over her husband James kicking shit out of her. Anyway she was given eight years without parole.

I think I would have done the same if I was her. Some women have to put up with a lot with these types of men, who won’t say boo to a man, but act tough with women.

Now I know the recorded facts, I made up my mind I would call on her. At least show her someone cares and try and make her feel welcome.

That evening after I had my meal, I drove round and parked in her driveway. At least I was going to be open about it, as I am sure someone in the street will have taken note who was visiting Violet, but then maybe like I had, they had no idea what her name was.

After numerous bolts could be heard shooting she opened the door, but I could see two chains only allowing the door to be opened slightly.

“Oh it’s you Frank, so you decided to call anyway. Please wait,” she said and the door closed again.

Seconds later she held it open for me to enter. Her furnishings may have been spartan but they were clean and neat, everything sparkled.

“Since I said I would call, I thought I would just as well start this evening, I hope Ankara travesti I didn’t catch you off guard or take you from something important,” I said, knowing women like to watch soapies.

“No I was just watching some rubbish on TV. It’s not as nice as speaking with someone though. Can I get you a tea or coffee, sorry I have no alcoholic drinks,” she said, now a fit flustered.

“What ever you are having, white with one sugar,” I replied.

“Won’t be a minute, please take a seat.”

She disappeared through the door, I heard cups and saucers coming together then her footsteps receding, then a door close. Two minutes later the door open and then, “Just coming.”

Then she came into the room carrying two cups which contained coffee. She had changed out of the dress she always seemed to wear and was dressed in a slim fitting light woollen dress, which really emphasised her bust and hips.

“My I really like your dress, it changes you completely Violet, very nice indeed,” I remarked.

You would think I had granted her, her greatest wish, she just beamed and a real happy smile came onto her already smiling face, “Thank you, Frank for the complement.”

We started talking on many subjects I avoided any mention of her past. This talking was just establishing common ground. At least we had one thing in common, we both loved playing Cribbage. So out came the board and a pack of cards and we spent the next two hours playing.

During the conversation she was surprised to learn that the woman she saw in my vehicle from time to time was my ex-wife. She couldn’t understand that we were still friends and she often called to see if I was alright and we even went out together.

“Why did you divorce her then?” Violet asked.

“We were just not compatible, we are still very good friends though.”

“I just can’t understand it, all the women who I have met hate their ex-husbands. Usually they beat them or womanised, but the one thing that was common throughout they were miss-treated.”

“Violet I have never hit a woman and I doubt I ever will. I see no reason why force is needed to make a point, and that is on both sides. A woman who throws a tantrum and throws things around, has lost it. The man and woman should keep calm, sit down and talk it over, just like my ex and I done. If they can’t resolve the problem then walk away, no need for yelling and shouting that gets you anywhere, except a headache.”

“Heaven’s abide, you are a real cool one, but I see your point.”

As I left I could see her hesitate about kissing me good-bye but I put out my hand and thanked her when she shook my hand.

“Can you come round to-morrow afternoon, or do you work Saturdays?”

“Yea Violet that would be nice.”

“My mum is coming round and I would like you to meet her. Also I would like to see you myself,” she said still holding onto my hand. I just pulled her towards me and kissed her on the cheek.

“I want to see you again too,” I said and then left. I don’t know why but I was expecting a murderer to appear different, but she wasn’t any different from anyone else. In fact I found her quite nice. The only thing she had was a distorted outlook on male-female relationships. She thinks all women get hit by their male partners.

She never said what time to call round, I didn’t have her telephone number and I could see no Martindale listed, well not in this area. At four I called at her home and she let me in, this time dressed in a different dress, also she was wearing make-up. I got a smile and a quick peck on the cheek as we moved into her lounge area.

Sitting on the edge of an easy chair with her hands interlocked was an older version of Violet. Her dress must have been long for it covered her shoes as she sat and came up to her neck the sleeves were three-quarter length. Around her neck were two gold chains, one with a large crucifix and the other with a tear-drop pearl suspended in a gold circle with shinny stones glistening. Her makeup was heavy and her lips were really well coated with lipstick. It was no amateurish affair but well done with her eyebrows plucked evenly and coloured in. Her hair with just a touch of grey was wavy and shoulder length. In fact a very nice looking woman, sitting all prim and proper like.

“So you are Frank, Violet has been telling me about you. All good I may tell you too,” she said with a very pleasant purring voice.

“Frank my mother Hazel, as you can hear I told her that you came round last night to see me.”

“My Violet isn’t a bad woman Frank, she just needs another chance. She wouldn’t have got it where I live and she wanted to live on her own, so I bought her this home here with some money I won anyway. She has been through more in her life than she deserves. Now I have to leave to catch my bus, I don’t like being out after dark.”

“Don’t go just yet, I’ll drive you home, if you will let me,” I volunteered.

“Will you, that would Konya travesti be wonderful, but I have to be back before The Bill comes on, I don’t miss an episode.”

She told me where she lived and I worked out I could get her there in half an hour easy. So the three of us chatted and drank numerous cups of coffee until seven.

“I would like to go now, it’s been wonderful seeing someone making friends with Violet, thank you Frank,” Hazel said as she stood up.

“Frank, I would like you to stay and have supper with me. I’ll prepare it whilst you take mum home,” Violet asked.

“See, she’s getting clucky Frank,” Hazel said smiling.

I took Hazel home and made sure she was in her home safely and as I left she gave me a kiss full on the lips. “Be nice to her Frank, She needs a break.” I gave her a kiss back and she put her arms around my neck and pressed her mouth hard against mine and I tasted her lipstick and smelt her perfume and got as hard as a rock. God she was an old woman and here was I necking her just inside her front door. Not only had that she asked me to be nice to her daughter, but kissing me with passion.

“Hazel, I will be nice to Violet, I have no intention of doing anything else,” I said as our cheeks were close.

“Come and see me sometime, I like you too. No need Violet knowing anything about it,” she said with her body pressed hard against me.

I drove back to Violets really amazed at what had happened and wondering just how I was going to handle this. I truly liked Violet and would like our relationship to become deeper, but could I deceive her and call on her mother as well. I had never been in this situation before. It sounded great but when one really looked at it, it was like walking in a mine-field, one wrong word could ruin everything.

When I got back to Violets she sensed there was something wrong and asked me, “Did my mother try it on with you?” I was shocked by the way she came straight out with it.

“As a matter of fact she did and I was wondering how to handle it. I truly want our relationship to get deeper and this threw a spanner right into the works,” I said looking at her.

She just stood there and smiled, “At least you told me straight out. I know my mother Frank. If you hadn’t mentioned anything or denied it, I’m sorry our friendship would be over. So thank you for being honest with me,” she said coming over and just put her lips gently against mine and walked away back into the kitchen.

I walked behind her, “What the hell am I to do Violet, God she is your mother?” I said.

“I leave that to you Frank, I hardly know you, maybe you are turned on by older women,” she said but I knew she was crying.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and turned her around, “No way Violet, I told you didn’t I, so don’t go thinking weird things. I really like you, I told you that earlier.”

She threw her arms around my neck, “I’m a good bit older than you Frank but I feel you are just what I need. I don’t seem to have mixed with normal people and I need someone to show me how I should live that way. Teach me Frank, just be my friend.”

“Just a friend Violet? Maybe a bit more than that, someday,” I asked.

“Yes, there could be possibilities but I’m not jumping into any relationship without really getting to know the man, never again.”

“Fair enough, so we will be friends then, I would like to take you out to-morrow night, want to go, maybe a drive, or a movie?”

“Take me to a movie, a romantic one and hold my hand. You know I have never been to a movie and held a man’s hand. Usually I’m fending off their groping, which spoils the whole movie.”

“I’ll promise not to grope then during the movie, maybe afterwards,” I added.

“I’d be thinking you were queer if you didn’t at least try,” she came back.

I left after the meal and headed straight for Hazel’s house. She gave a big smile when she opened the door when she saw me standing there on her porch.

“I hoped you would come round. I suppose you told her I had chatted you up.”

“Yea, she seemed to accept it as inevitable.”

“That’s OK we arranged it to see if you would tell her, but for heavens sake, don’t say you came back or we both will be in her bad books. Now where were we when you left? I think I had my arms like this, she said putting them around my neck. “Or was this about to happen,” she took one arm away took my hand and placed it up tight against her panty clad mons under her dress. “Would that be about right Frank,” she said.

I played along with her, “Yes that could be about right, but woman, I thought you would have taken off your panties before now,” I said.

“I knew there was something I had to do,” she said hitching up the sides of her dress and then pulling down her panties. Now I had my hand on her naked mons and a finger buried into her slit. “Yes that’s right, not bad for an old girl am I Frank?”

“You can say that again, though İzmir travesti I’ve never been with an old woman before.”

“Frank we fuck the same as a young woman, now let’s see what you have,” she said now rubbing her hand up my hard cock. “Holy Christ what have you in your trousers Frank, surely this isn’t all you, it can’t be.”

“Sorry, Hazel it is all ten inches of it.”

“Heaven’s don’t be sorry son that’s a blessing for me. You and Violet haven’t, have you?”

“No we haven’t.”

“God when she finds out she will be some happy woman.”

“Hazel, I want my relationship with Violet to continue. I don’t want you messing it up. I know you are concerned about her, but so am I. Say or do anything to upset that relationship and you and I are finished. This is one time you have to say nothing to Violet, you act just as my future mother-in-law would and be good friends.”

“I didn’t realise you felt that way about her. I will say nothing, but you will visit me won’t you?”

“No longer coming home by bus I’ll bring you home, then we take it from there. You can tape your program and watch it later for if I leave later I can stay here. If you come home early like to-night then I will go back to Violet.”

“Wow, every Saturday night will just do me real fine Frank. You can stay all night if you want.”

“I’ll do that Hazel, but you won’t be walking far on Sundays.”

“I’ll get to church even if I have to crawl to give thanks for a big cock at long last.”

“Why at long last?”

“I’ve always dreamed of meeting a man with a big cock, oh what a way to go”

“I don’t want to stand here and get a knee-trembler, let’s go to your bed and do it right.”

“Couldn’t have put it better myself. I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for hall-way antics. I nice bed and two naked bodies is the only way to go. Come on Frank don’t hang about,” she said grabbing my hand and into her bedroom where her long dress just seemed to fly over her head and land on the chair, the only thing she had on under that article was her bra which went in the same direction. I only had a glimpse as she got under the bedding but her breasts were definitely not saggy as I have seen in some photographs of old women.

She took my cock easier than any woman I had been with. In fact my size was one of the reasons my marriage broke up. Terry said it was far too big for her and it gave her pain every time we fucked, so that stopped very early into our marriage. Now I had a woman who relishes my cock and hasn’t stopped laying praise on how it feels.

“Frank no way am I going to do anything which will stop me enjoying such a lovely cock.”

She was lying beneath me with her legs high and wide, she was holding onto the back of her knees raising her hips in order that I could get maximum penetration. It seemed impossible that a cock three inches wide would have ever gone into her cunt but glancing down I saw it completely in to the end. And what a feeling it was, so warm and moist as I moved in and out of that love passage.

I couldn’t help but take a breast in each hand and work the nipples with my thumbs. Hazel had her head thrown back and her mouth open as I plunged deep into her body, bringing sighs and grunts from her mouth. Then I spent my load into her and she lowered her head and opened her eyes.

“Frank! Frank you have done wonders for me tonight; I was on cloud nine that was for sure. Oh this will make my Violet happy; I know it will, she is just like me so I know.”

Half an hour later she was sitting over my hips with my cock buried up inside of her, never have I had a woman who was so enthralled with my cock. It was like a God to her, the way she talked to it when I was flaccid and now it wasn’t me she was talking to but my cock. I was just the bit attached to it.

She went to early mass with her cunt filled with my spunk; it must have been really full for we had fucked four times. The last fuck had been ten minutes before she left the house to walk the one hundred yards to her chapel.

I left for home at the same time and went straight to bed completely pole-axed. Sleep wasn’t to be mine, at ten o’clock I was wakened by a loud banging on my door. When I got there Violet was standing on my porch.

“I’m sorry for waking you, but I just had to see you,” she said.

“Can I just have a quick shower and I will be right with you, Can you make us a coffee, you will find everything in the kitchen.”

I quickly had a shave and a shower and returned still dressed in my dressing gown, now a lot fresher. I noticed that Violet was dressed in the dress she changed into the first night I called round.

“I see you are wearing the dress I like, you really look gorgeous Violet.”

“I hope what I’m going to say won’t make you feel bad about me. Take me to bed Frank. I want you too make love to me. Now, not later but now, I realise that I have loved you for a long time even though we never talked I kept a lookout for you and made sure I was outside as you passed.”

“Well Violet I’m ready for bed, you had better get out of those clothes, but make sure you don’t damage that dress, for it’s my favourite.”

Now I know all about the lady who lives on the corner.

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