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With one look, you had me against the wall. You weren’t very far away from me before, but now… Your scent, it invades my body in a powerful rush… Your eyes, they see through me yet seem somehow filled with me… Your body, I can feel it though we’re not touching…

Your hands find their way to my arms, instantly pinning me to the wall I’m already backed up against. My breath catches as your stubbly cheek gently, brushes my jawline. Your rough, calloused hands dig deeper into my arms as your body responds to mine. I don’t want this, but how can I resist? You’re all over me, overpowering me, arousing me, and burning me with every touch and movement…

“Are you really about to take me without my permission?” I ask you with no alarm in my voice.

Your eyes bore into mine with a heat that almost makes me want to blink and shy away. Your jaw is hard and your expression is like that of a wild animal. The charge rushing back and forth between us becomes measurable and it gives the air a certain electric taste. I try to push you away but my efforts are wasted against the brick wall of your body. Why won’t you speak? Say something!, I shout in my mind. Your head cocks to the side ever so slightly as you lean so close to my face that I feel your breath against my chin.

“Yes, you know I am,” your lips whisper against my lips. I can’t help it as my lips part.

You wait no longer to dive into my mouth with yours… Your tongue swirls around my mouth, tasting every part of it intentionally. Your lips massage my own as I follow your rhythm tasting you right back. I can taste the tobacco on your breath while also the tangy flavor that completely belongs to you. I long to touch you but you keep just out of my reach, frustrating me even more… My head fogs up as I fall deeper into the arousal you’re building in me. I almost miss your hands loosening around my arms. I want to move so badly… But I don’t, not yet at least.

You take your time kissing my mouth before you move down to my neck… I left my hair down, I knew it would be bothersome to you. For days you have dropping hints, whispering things in my ear, and trying to sneak into bed with me. So I confronted you which only brought us here… Oh, I didn’t think it would lead to this. I really didn’t. You snap me back into the moment as your teeth sink into the flesh and meat of my shoulder. I withhold the the moan you so wish to drag out of me, knowing that this, too will just piss you off more. I do so like it when you’re pissed off.

Your arms drop as you pull away with dark, enraged eyes. I can see your member pressing hard against your jeans as you turn to face me. I don’t know why, but I want to comfort you after just teasing you, but I still don’t dare move. By the looks of your stance and the dark expression you wear, I can’t be certain of what you’re capable of. The energy in the room is a heady mixture of arousal, anger, fear, and thick tension.

“What are you waiting for?” I ask you with gusto. Your head snaps up wearing an almost demonic smile that stretches from ear to ear. The sight rocks me to my very core.

“That,” you say simply.

Before I realize what just happened, you charge towards me, scoop me up, and throw me on to the bed with enough force to land on top me. You pin my arms underneath me giving you the freedom to rummage around in the bed end drawer. You smile at me as you hold up the pair of silver handcuffs that only come off with a key. My expression must be funny xslot because you have to stifle a laugh.

I wasn’t fighting before, but the sight of the cuffs made my nerve falter. I tried to wriggle and twist, but you knew that would make your job easier. I finally get an arm free long enough for you to snag and latch my wrist. I try for a hail mary as I reach for your rock solid shaft with my free hand. The moment my fingers touch your appendage, you jerk against me. Your guard slips as a deep moan rises out of your chest. Just when I think I’m going to win, your hand strikes my wrist, clenching around it tightly. I buck underneath you but it only makes you smile. Finally, the battle ends as you flip me so easily with one swift move, only then do you cuff both of my hands behind my back.

You give me no time to get to comfortable as you yank me up to my feet. You turn me around and bend me over the bed. I still have shorts and a tank top on, but I feel naked as your member presses against the space between my legs. I remain quiet, not responding vocally to your advances. My body betrays me as my folds become wet and my clitoris starts to throb. You read my mind as your heavy hand traces down, splitting me as you head towards that wet place only fabric deep. Your strong fingers merely rub from the outside stirring my arousal and my adrenaline ever further.

I bite my lip hard, forcing my mouth to stay closed. You want to hear me moan your name so badly, I can feel it radiating out of you. With force, you pull down my shorts making me fall into the bed. I pop my lip between my teeth on the way, I know because I taste blood. I look at you over my shoulder blankly just letting you know what you did. You surprise me as you lean in and lick the droplet of blood off of my lip slowly as if you’re savoring the taste, only then sucking it into your mouth viciously. I lose it as I suck in a sharp breath and a moan follows my exhalation. Your body physically relaxes against mine as you release my lip and gently put your weight over my body.

You tuck my hair behind my ear and lean in to whisper, “Thank you.”

I stare at you in disbelief because my body has never been so painfully aroused in all of my life, or my past lives. Not to mention the buttery color your eyes have turned as you gaze upon me full of admiration. How can an overweight, scrub like me, turn you on so much? I don’t dare ask that question out loud. I want you to show me, take me to a place that we can never turn back from. I need you inside of me right then.

I bite my lip momentarily forgetting that I had just popped it, making me moan out again. Your hands run down the length of my back as I arch my ass up towards you. Then, to my utter shock and delight, you drop to your knees to mash your tongue into my backdoor hole causing me to gasp in glutton abandon. Your hands grasp my butt cheeks harshly pulling them apart so your tongue has more access to my naughty, dirty little hole.

“Fuck,” I breathe out as my arousal intensifies. My pussy becomes so achingly wet that I fear I’m going to climax any second. You’re deep in my hole with your greedy tongue and I can feel your boner becoming more and more constrained. “Fuck me,” I finally mewl out. Your tongue doesn’t relent. Instead your fingers find their way into my pussy, rubbing and massaging my wet passage. I moan and start to writhe, loving the way the cuffs are digging into my wrists. It’s so hot, considering who you are to me. xslot Giriş I don’t think about that as you back away from my ass. I feel your fingers exit me too soon making me pout out of frustration.

“I want to feel you cum with my dick, little girl.” You growl in my ear. A chill runs down my back and I nearly beg, but remember the game we’re playing. I want you to take me, punish me, and deliver me to heights never felt with any one else. We both know you can and it excites me. I twist to see you unfastening your pants and unsurprisingly find that you’re not wearing anything underneath them. My pussy convulses, sending that throbbing ache back into my swollen clit. I want this so bad that I’m frightened by it. I don’t think about that either. I live in the moment instead.

“Are you ready for this?” You ask me in that dark, dominant tone. All I can do is nod my head with eyes wide in apprehension.

“Say it,” you command me, “out loud. I want to hear your slutty little mouth say the words.”

I oblige, in the only way I can as wanton as I am. “I am ready for you to punish my pussy with your mean cock.”

My words enrage the sex demon within you as your eyes turn from butter to coal with a quickness. Without warning or further delay, you ram your cock into me down to the hilt. I feel so full, so fast that I scream out my orgasm. You’re moaning and panting already. You haven’t even moved yet and I can feel the first jettison of man milk against the back wall of my vagina. Somehow, that makes me even more wet as my orgasm pumps around your still hard cock. I want you to use me up until we’re both so gone that we can’t move. Gone are any trepidation’s from before. I want this, I have wanted this for far too long.

You start to move and I feel everything… The way your dick strokes my inside walls, the digging of your fingers into my ass, the grinding of the bed sheets against my tank top, and the wet, hot liquid of my juices as you pumped in and out, over and over into my slut hole. You were playing with me, only giving me enough to frustrate me further. I couldn’t take it anymore…

“Harder, please!” I begged through my moans of pleasure. You were all too happy to oblige. Your hands moved to my love handles, my very luscious love handles, then your hips started grinding hard and intentionally into mine. I feel you, every inch of you as we become one. One of your hands starts rubbing my ass lovingly, but I know what you want. So I twist up in my cuffed position to look you right in the eye.

“Do it, I like it when it hurts,” I say in a voice that surely doesn’t belong to the woman I was this morning. Some submissive, pain slut with sex as a chromosome has taken the place of my former, meek yet nerdy self. I almost blush as you start teasing me with your sensual rubbing. I keen to feel the sting I know your palm can deliver.

“Please,” I finally beg. I hear you chuckle an evil sound yet so exciting to my ears. I know it’s coming. The pounding of your cock rocks my insides and just as I’m about to bust my nut, you crash down hard over my right cheek. It explodes with delicious pain and my second orgasm jets through my occupied pussy.

“Fuck, yes!” I scream out, not caring that your mother lives upstairs. You’re grunting as you try not to cum with me. I can imagine what kind of control that must take. To physically block your body’s natural reaction. I want you to though. Inside of me… Again. I mentally shame myself xslot Güncel Giriş for even thinking about that right now. So, I force myself back into the moment. You help me with that.

“I want your pretty little asshole, too.” You tell me as you pull out leaving me feeling empty too quickly. My muscles don’t know what to do as they spasm and twitch from the few minutes of hard, rough fucking. I think you’re about to shove your meaty rod in my back door, but instead, you kneel before me again and begin to slather your tongue languidly in circles around the outside ring of that hole.

It feels… Strange at first, then soothingly good. Your tongue starts to flick harder and I swear it’s going to make me cum again. I’m moaning, loudly, unashamed, and freely. You like it as you bury your face in my ass. Then your greedy tongue moves into my cum drizzled slit and when your tongue presses on my swollen clit, I buck out another climax.

You’re smiling. I feel it as you lap up my juices that have undoubtedly mixed with yours. I wonder idly if it tastes good or if you’re just that self absorbed. Forcing myself to stay in the moment isn’t as hard with your tongue doing that twisty-turn that you seem adept at. I don’t want you to stop but you do and then I feel your body move away for only a moment. Then I feel the cool salve hit my backdoor causing me to jolt as your fingers make their way into my naughty hole again. I tense only because I know you’re about to put your fat cock in there and because of that you lay a few spankings over my already tender behind. I can’t help the moan building because yet again, my body is at war with my mind.

You flip my body so quickly it almost frightens me but then we’re face to face again and I notice behind the sex demon in your eyes in that same admiration.

“What?” I ask you full of curiosity.

Your eyes close and open slowly before you answer me not with words but the softest of kisses. I melt into that kiss because for the first time in a very long time, I don’t feel lonely. You use that time to line up your weapon and just as I’m distracted, you ram your cock deep into my ass. It’s too much, too filling, and so fast that I have no control of the painful noise that leaves my body. You move and I swear you’ll pull my rectum out with your generous meat. I start to adjust before you pound my ass in missionary. One of your hands is fucking my other hole making my insides feel the fullest they have ever felt. It feels like falling apart and coming together in the same instance. I’m going to die is my only thought as my orgasm nears. The dragging feeling in the ass added to the slurpy wetness of your fingers massaging my vaginal walls causing me to burst, damn near squirt as you find your climax deep in my asshole. It’s an odd feeling as your hot cum fills in what was empty before. I don’t know how I survived it, but I did. You take your time exiting me and once you do, you rummage around for the keys to my cuffs.

I sit up and find that I feel somehow changed but I know I’m the same. I drink you in hoping to understand some of what just happened. It wasn’t love making, but it wasn’t just an empty fuck. I want to believe that this only the beginning, I actually need to know.

“When can we do this again?”

Your eyes lock with mine and I can see the same hope that I’m wanting to be real, but if there’s anything your son taught me it’s that hope is futile. Yes, you were once my father in law before your son jumped off that building. With his death we came closer. I watched you watching me greave all the while planning this encounter, I’m sure. We needed this and we will again.

“Later,” is all you say before my cuffs come off and you climb into bed with me to just hold me.

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